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As a nurse educator, I value the material WebMD has to offer. It is a site for critical thinking and research data for my on-line students. My students find this on-line website as a means to bring to the table (discussion group) interesting, and factual data for all students to explore. There...
This site has helped me tremendously. I love the fact that you can create your own group, have your own blog and interact with individuals who are going through the weight loss.
Last year My Mom started to exercise because she wants to lose more pounds and fats. And it really works for her, and i asked her what did you used to measure your results? she replied , i just follow the instruction of WW. I said, what's WW? She said, WeightWatchers. That time i search the...
Helped me a lot when i was having trouble with weight
I have been extremely ill with CFS/M.E.Fibromyalgia which is so Idisabling and painful I am now waiting for a Total Knee Replacement I also suffer with Osteoporosis Spondilitis Occipital Neuralgia and so much more so I like to study Professionals like Dr OZ as NHS in UK is really bad when it...
He is not always right, but he does his research and present information that mainstream science often supports (albeit 10 years later). He is on the cutting edge of nutrition and fitness.
I love this site and have been ordering from them for years. They have a huge assortment of all kinds of low carb/high protein/sports nutrition foods in addition to supplements, herbs and personal care products, all at really great prices and only $5.99 for shipping in the lower 48 states. I'm a...
This site is the best way for me to lose weight because it provides very strict calorie control. I tried weight watcher but their meals were horrid.


Incredibly valuable diet management system for free. Weight loss comes down to calories in, calories out, and FitDay helps you manage all of it in an easy-to-use interface. You can even input your workouts, although my one complaint about the site is that they don't include some common...
At first was worried, but I guess what I love most is the accountability of the program. Am getting smaller, and healthier