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“Free spritual help”

Get a free Spiritual help Today!!! Are you going through any kind of spiritual attack or affliction or you want to get your ex husband or wife back? Dr. GURILARICO GURU THE GREAT is a...

“Went looking for a site on psych/depression problems...”

Went looking for a site on psych/depression problems and this came up. Found a group talking about Depression, then started using the tools to help lose weight and improve...

“Lost lbs”

With the help of some online sites like for example I have lost a lot of weight. But, what I have noticed is that it is better to...

“I love this site”

I love this site. You create a free profile. They tell you how many calories you should eat per day to reach your target weight. You can search the foods you eat on the site, to find out...

“Fantastic reading from dr oz”

I have been extremely ill with CFS/M.E.Fibromyalgia which is so Idisabling and painful I am now waiting for a Total Knee Replacement I also suffer with Osteoporosis Spondilitis Occipital...

“Eat pasta finally”

I'm Italian and love to eat pasta but don't want to keep gaining the weight that is assocaited with that kind of diet. I love the Zone fusilli pasta and eat it atleast 3 times per week...

“Low carb pancake mix, low carb sugar, low carb everything!”

Low carb pancake mix, low carb sugar, low carb everything! Not sure I believe all of their products are really low carb however they do have some hard to find products. I go elsewhere for...

“The best part is never worry about cooking while you...”

The best part is never worry about cooking while you are eating Artisan Bistro foods. I go on this diet every few months. The only issue is stopping it before I go back on vacation.


“Awesome insights for weight loss”

They are an easy to understand platform. I happened to land on this portal through a Google search result and followed their journals. They are simply awesome.

“Can choose what you want”

the prices are low, affordable for me, and lots of useful tips for workout could be found.