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56 Sitejabber Success Stories

Sitejabber success stories

That clock was almost certainly a cheap fake.  It's good you got your money back but clear they wanted the review gone to continue the scam.
4 months ago
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total fake site.

Thanks for the warning,  I am a 65 year old single male living in Sydney Australia and just starting to look for a female companion on line so tht is one site I will avoid,  if you know of any reputable sites please email me at...
2 days ago
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Bad experience

Has anyone had a complaint against and why did they change their name?
6 days ago
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Bad Experience with

Hi this is Angela I like to speak on hangouts   or skype
1 week ago
1 Refunds

Inspire Uplift

Can Site Jabber help by telling customers if a company has stopped trading. Inspire Uplift are behaving so unbelievably badly that I suspcet that they have stopped trading. I bought and paid for two products in Oct 2019 and in January...
2 weeks ago
1 Sitejabber Success Stories

How Do I Add a Business to Sitejabber?

Not every business is available to review on Sitejabber. How do I add a business to write a review?
2 weeks ago
3 Consumer Advocacy News vs

Have used upwork for years--very good service (I am the employer) there seems to be far fewer providers on
2 weeks ago
1 Best & Worst Shopping Experiences

Sheswish online company

AVOID AVOID AVOID. Wish I'd read their reviews - most with one stars - before ordering towelling turbans which supposedly dry hair instantly. I did receive them but the elastic which needed to be put around the button was so small...
3 weeks ago
1 Best & Worst Shopping Experiences

Site Jabber needs to investigate the 4 and 5 star reviews for Popzora

My experience with Popzora (Chinese clothing company that makes knockoff cheap clothing) is that they are a scam. Their 4 and 5 star reviews are a scam also. Notice the barrage of those high ratings after a 1 star rating is posted. They...
4 weeks ago
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DO NOT ORDER from Noracora!!!! They are scam....FBI and World News are involved now.
1 month ago
2 Beauty

Organic food

Spirulina may be contaminated with harmful compounds, thin your blood, and worsen autoimmune conditions. Some people may be allergic.
1 month ago
1 Shopping Advice

Tis the season

Most of you, incl. me, know that during the height of online shopping during the Christmas season, the online hackers are right behind you as I found out 2 weeks ago when I made a purchase from Nordstrom rack, (I reviewed it,) and in...
1 month ago
7 Beauty

Does anyone know of an effective home or natural treatment for acne?

Have you tried Aqueos cream for a facial wash, it comes in large 500g tubs and is quite cheap, Amazon sell it so do chemists and some supermarkets. A  lot of products for acne can actually make it worse due to the chemicals. 
1 month ago
3 Beauty

What are the best vegan brands right now?

Natures Baker and Trader Joe's
1 month ago
1 Sitejabber Success Stories

Is software development a good career?

If you are good at it, software development can be a great career. The pay is typically excellent, you can find employment pretty much anywhere in the world, and (to quote George H.W. Bush on the vice-presidency), it's indoor work...
1 month ago
2 Sitejabber Success Stories

Why does sitejabber allow companies to control negative reviews?

As there's fake positive reviews so is there fake negative reviews too. Sometimes a legit company/website get harassed by a more shady competitor who instead of getting false positive reviews for his own site, he bombards the...
1 month ago
2 Beauty

wedding advice

Dear Liz,  Isn't it amazing how marriages bring so much happiness, but weddings tend to bring so much stress, chaos, and family strife?! Ugh.  It was a little difficult to follow all of the characters in your story, but I believe...
2 months ago
1 Refunds

Comfy free

Have been trying to get a refund after two months WRONG dress arrived keep sending email it keeps coming back can't deliver !!!! I will never order from this company again !!!!
2 months ago
Roseann Z.
1 Consumer Advocacy News

To Michael

Michael, the latest review I wrote, I wrote under “”, but when it came on Sitejabber, it was under the Council of the Environment! Is there any way I can change the website without having to rewrite the whole thing? I...
2 months ago