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56 Sitejabber Success Stories

Sitejabber success stories

That clock was almost certainly a cheap fake.  It's good you got your money back but clear they wanted the review gone to continue the scam.
5 months ago
1 Best & Worst Shopping Experiences

Manipulative puppy agency

They sold a puppy with 2inches by 6inches of hair missing. Never groomed him and covered it up with lots of hair on him. Wont return calls and only received a text back. Very deceitful and cowardly.
3 days ago
5 Best & Worst Shopping Experiences

total fake site.

I was warned to late.Went on this site. These women are getting paid to have you open messages from them. Spent to much money to find that out. I am embarassed that I was that stupid.
4 days ago
3 Best & Worst Shopping Experiences

Site Jabber needs to investigate the 4 and 5 star reviews for Popzora

Your credit card co. Should reimburse you if you open a fraud file with them.
1 week ago
2 Refunds

Comfy free

I bought a couple of sweaters from that site for Christmas. They finally came and are nothing like what I ordered. I tried to go through PayPal to get a refund, but they were useless. My credit card co reimbursed me and opened a fraud...
1 week ago
4 Beauty

What is your skin care routine?

I use a gentle cleanser in the morning and I usually use moisturizer before putting on my makeup. Most important advice - Always, always wash your face in the morning! If you need oil advice, i can recommend you -...
1 week ago
1 Best & Worst Shopping Experiences

Don't Shop at Masoutis Grocery Store, Athens Greece

This store is small, crowded, poorly laid out, with abusive security. The shoppers are tripping over each other. Best to shop at the nearby Bazaar Market or the farmers market
2 weeks ago
1 Best & Worst Shopping Experiences

Beware of using Gettaroom to book you hotels and motels

Be aware that you cannot get a refund if you need to cancel your room....even months out. You receive that information on your confirmation page, again after the fact.. Also the attendant did not tell us that the second room we were...
3 weeks ago
1 Shopping Advice

Leaking batteries.

Kodak used to dominate the camera film industry. Kodak AAA and AA batteries, however, leak after a few months. Both batteries have ruined many of my gadgets.
3 weeks ago
1 Best & Worst Shopping Experiences

Bad experience

Has anyone had a complaint against and why did they change their name?
1 month ago
5 Consumer Advocacy News

Bad Experience with

Hi this is Angela I like to speak on hangouts   or skype
1 month ago
1 Refunds

Inspire Uplift

Can Site Jabber help by telling customers if a company has stopped trading. Inspire Uplift are behaving so unbelievably badly that I suspcet that they have stopped trading. I bought and paid for two products in Oct 2019 and in January...
1 month ago
1 Sitejabber Success Stories

How Do I Add a Business to Sitejabber?

Not every business is available to review on Sitejabber. How do I add a business to write a review?
1 month ago
3 Consumer Advocacy News vs

Have used upwork for years--very good service (I am the employer) there seems to be far fewer providers on
1 month ago
1 Best & Worst Shopping Experiences

Sheswish online company

AVOID AVOID AVOID. Wish I'd read their reviews - most with one stars - before ordering towelling turbans which supposedly dry hair instantly. I did receive them but the elastic which needed to be put around the button was so small...
1 month ago
1 Shopping Advice


DO NOT ORDER from Noracora!!!! They are scam....FBI and World News are involved now.
1 month ago
2 Beauty

Organic food

Spirulina may be contaminated with harmful compounds, thin your blood, and worsen autoimmune conditions. Some people may be allergic.
2 months ago
1 Shopping Advice

Tis the season

Most of you, incl. me, know that during the height of online shopping during the Christmas season, the online hackers are right behind you as I found out 2 weeks ago when I made a purchase from Nordstrom rack, (I reviewed it,) and in...
2 months ago
7 Beauty

Does anyone know of an effective home or natural treatment for acne?

Have you tried Aqueos cream for a facial wash, it comes in large 500g tubs and is quite cheap, Amazon sell it so do chemists and some supermarkets. A  lot of products for acne can actually make it worse due to the chemicals. 
2 months ago