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58 Sitejabber Success Stories

Sitejabber success stories

I can't remember a specific instance, but there have been moments where I've wanted to buy something from a website and a sitejabber review saved me from potentially losing my money or helped me find a better place to purchase...
3 months ago
4 Best & Worst Shopping Experiences


Can't trust Trustpilot, i posted a review to one of business registered in their website. After i posted it, the email robot send me email and telling me that the review was fake. They flagged it down and remove my review.
3 days ago
7 Shopping Advice


Aliexpress doesn't ask for that information. I have been a customer for over 10 years. Be careful, someone is scamming you. Never ever send ID or Paspoort or your bank info to nobody, anyone because companies, banks, and real stores...
5 days ago
3 Best & Worst Shopping Experiences

How I feel about AliExpress

I have been a customer for years. Never a problem. Good stuff and always my money back if the item doesn't come.
5 days ago
1 Best & Worst Shopping Experiences

Compy Sandals

Their service is a joke. Anyone else have trouble with this business?
1 week ago
1 Refunds

Capfin fraud

I had a loan with capfin and I asked for a settlement amount they sent it to me I made a payment at an atm amount of 11647. 50 after I made the payments they handed my account to legal e a mailed them for almost a year they refuse to...
1 week ago
1 Consumer Advocacy News


Does anyone know of a legit invention company that can help with an invention of mine?
2 weeks ago
2 Best & Worst Shopping Experiences

IHERB company

My recommendation is don't use that website, If the bad reviews outbalance the good reviews, don't use it!
1 month ago
9 Beauty

Beauty Hacks

I recommend using a white eye shadow to make the shape of your nose pop-out. What you want to do is dip your makeup brush into the white eyeshadow. Next contour the top of your nose with the eyeshadow. After that blend it. Now your nose...
1 month ago
8 Beauty

How can I achieve the youthful glowing look often seen in Asian pop culture?

I personally have some experience in Asian pop culture, but I am not really experienced. To get the glowing young skin, I recommend "Mary Kay TimeWise Age Fighting Moisturizer" It is expensive though, but it does work. I also...
1 month ago
4 Beauty

What product has helped the most to clear up your skin?

Ooo, I have a good product for your wrinkles "Mary Kay TimeWise Age Fighting Moisturizer" This product helps me have less wrinkles when I age.
1 month ago
26 Refunds

Fake reviews by fake users

Good for you! I have a personal dislike for consumeraffairs__com. I started writing reviews there in 2008. Of the 16 reviews that I wrote, only one shows up. The reason is that they charge companies to "resolve" the issue...
1 month ago
1 Refunds

Kiwi.com are cons

Kiwi is a terrible company they refuse to give me a refund for my flights i paid for 4 flights for July 2nd the flight was cancelled the airline agreed to refund me the cost of the tickets however kiwi are refusing to request a refund...
1 month ago
1 Sitejabber Success Stories

Why u remove my review about jungleraja casino

Hi i have one question why u removed my complaint about jungleraja casino from your complaint site?. Are u getting paid from them? They are cheater nd looting people money but u are hiding them thats not fair
1 month ago
1 Best & Worst Shopping Experiences

Synchrony Bank

As a consumer of certain credit cards, little did I know that Synchrony Bank was they’re main lender, nor was I aware that Sychrony Bank is in fact one of the largest scam companies ever! I found this out by contacting the BBB that in...
2 months ago
2 Refunds

Blackstone Griddle Grill Cover wrong size

You need to go on to the website and go to customer service you will find everything you need there they might have you call someone in customer service the rest should be pretty easy
2 months ago
1 Refunds

Underground Reptiles

Has anyone else purchased an animal from underground reptiles? We purchased a baby Sulcata tortoise and he died on day 3 bc they sent us a sick baby. Now they are refusing our refund. Anyone have any suggestions?
3 months ago
2 Best & Worst Shopping Experiences

Undelivered packages, cheap items looking nothing like their picture, having to get refunds.

What entity are you talking about?
3 months ago
1 Best & Worst Shopping Experiences


I ordered from this nearly three weeks ago and have still not received my order and I'm beginning to wonder if I ever will. I ordered on 24th July to be told I would recirv on August 10th ( today) but still not received them and...
3 months ago
3 Shopping Advice

Amazon shipments sabotaged during Corona pandemic

Alan B is absolutely right in that. I do sometimes buy on amazon but only items shipped from their own warehouses (which themselves are often terrible sweatshops). I also never NEVER buy food or health related things there. Also in cases...
4 months ago