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7101 Vorden Parkway
South Bend, IN 46628, US

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Will NEVER buy from TireRack again. I had to return 2 tires that were never mounted. They would only accept one, claimed the other had "grease" on it. In good faith, I later purchased the 2 replacement tires for these from them to show I was willing to do business with them, still never got a refund for that $420 tire. Horrible place.

Response from Mary V., TireRack Representative
We're sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your experience with us. As we discussed prior to the return, the tire needed to be sent back to us in new condition. Unfortunately, it was returned to us with grease on the bead and inner liner of the tire. This was probably caused by the installer attempting to mount the tire with grease.

We tried to clean off the tire to sell it as new, but the grease could not be removed and would not be acceptable to sell to another customer.

It is unfortunate, but your local shop’s actions made it so the tire could not be resold.
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I ordered a pair of Michelin Pilot sports and they are really expensive tires but I got them since they really do perform well all season long. This is my first time ordering any tires from tire rack but now I know to never to but from this site again. I spent almost 300$ on two tires which I thought was worth it since I knew they would last me a very long time, perform well and come with "FREE ROAD HAZARD PROTECTION". But buyers beware do not trust their road hazard protection because shortly after receiving the tires I got a puncture in the sidewall of the tire and immediately went to a local dealership and had one of the service advisers call and verify that the tire was indeed un-repairable and needed to be replaced. So tire rack told me to order and new tire from tire rack and I would be reimbursed. After ordering the tire I was told by the Tire tech to just forward the confirmation number of the new tire order and I would be mailed a reimbursement check. BUT THIS CHECK WAS NEVER SENT. AFTER MONTHS I constantly emailed back telling them I never received a check and then they would tell me they are going to mail a new one. After many months and about 3 or four times of them telling me they would send a new one I gave up and I will NEVER order from tire rack because they basically scammed me. DONT BUY FROM THIS WEBSITE.

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Twice I ordered from them and got wheels & tires that were out of balance. The first time was just a little off, the last time they were massively out of balance... I took them to CARx and they said they were off by 1.5 to 3 ounces. Thanks to CARx my car drives smooth as butter now. I can't give 1 star because the product seems to be ok, but 2 stars seems fair considering they lie about balancing their wheels. The product seems ok but don't expect them to balance your wheels like they say they do! Factor in another $50 to have your wheels balanced...

Response from Tim J., TireRack Representative
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will follow up with our team member who worked with your wheels and tires to see where our procedures were missed. We have reached out to the purchaser to make arrangements to cover the cost of correcting our error. We appreciate your business and will continue to work to improve our service.
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I purchased 4 new studded tires with wheels at Tire Rack in
October 2018. I had them installed at a recommended installer. After using the tires for 3 weeks, the recommended
installer told me that the studs installed into the tires are to short for the tires.

I called Tire Rack told me that they cannot fix this problem
because I have used the tires, which did not show this problem until after I
used the tires. I'll never do business with Tire Rack again. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

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Ordered tires on a Friday for Tuesday delivery (Ct to Buffalo, NY) A week later - NO TIRES!
I call Tire Rack and they say: "We shipped them, not our problem. Call UPS" Really!??? Thanks a lot TR. UPS tracking has stated "Loaded on truck for delivery today" for the last 4 days including today and NOTHING! I call UPS and they dont have a clue and suggest I call shipper - tire Rack.

To anyone watching I have done business with and highly recommend SIMPLE TIRE over Tire Rack. Very smooth transactions and FAST, FREE shipping AND actually provide what they promise - A very important thing when it comes to the car you rely on know , TO GET TO WORK and minor things like that!

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I was told that I had to put my order through in order to make any changes because they weren't able to see my shopping cart at that point I proceeded to put the order through only to find out that they did not have what I needed and could not give me the size that I wanted and needed and the size and tire design that I wanted and I could not return the order unless I wanted to pay a $180 for he returned shipping fee. After trying to stop the order from UPS 3 of the 4 tires were delivered now if I want to return them I have to pay the 180 plus the shipping Now after trying to stop UPS from delivering them they deliver 3 out of the 4 tires and now I'm looking at paying between $604 between the shipping of the the tires back plus the restocking fee from tire rack worst absolute worst company out there it's a complete scam after talking to 3 other companies they should have been able look into my cart guide me answer any questions I had which they were unable to do before I gave them any money which was not the case do yourself a favor and don't use this company.

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After realizing a problem occurred due to no delivery, It was discovered the order was either lost or not processed. It took numerous phone calls to have it reprocessed & finally delivered resulting in an inconvenient & intolerable delay. The new order was broken up into multiple packages instead of just one so it took even longer to get them. All the packages were finally delivered apparently by Mule. The customer service was responsive in correcting the issue & offered a compensatory website credit for the screw-up, however that was never delivered either. The experience was disappointing at best. Would have to say, Total Disaster = Yes, because I was counting on the first delivery to be on time. I had to reschedule my service appointment several times involving more phone calls because of the delays. Unfortunately, I won't be doing business with them any time in the near future.

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I Have bought tires from them before, but I just cant believe the perfect storm that happened with my tire order. I mean I guess I have never ordered tires and thought to myself It would be ok if the order came in 2 weeks, but I guess if you are in no hurry and you want to save a couple bucks its ok, I still haven't received a refund: see the email chain below.

8/16: email order shipped
8/17 I am anxiously awaiting tire, their ontrac shipping status says delivered but it was not, I call and tell them it was not and they tell me no way it will be delivered before the weekend, so I tell them to cancel the order over the phone and buy my tires else where. then the following email chain:

8/17 Katrina silk: "Please confirm receipt of your 245/40R19 GE G-MAX AS-05 tire
me: I just called and canceled the order, I did not receive them, thanks
8/20 Phone call: Your tire should be delivered today Me I asked to please cancel the order
8/29 Email Tirerack automated your order was delayed steps are being taken to correct this action
Me Please terminate the order, I have already purchased tires
8/30: Email We have filed lost package claim for the 245/40R19 GE G-MAX AS-05 tire and will reship to another address for you.
8/30 me: Please do not send the tires and I have already obtained the tires
8/30 Tirerack: can you send the invoice for the new tire you obtained so we can process the lost claim

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I've purchased tires from Tire Rack several times with satisfaction. I almost did not buy from them given a lot of poor reviews I saw on Google and Yelp. But, my last purchase in 2014 disappointed because the tires did not fulfill manufacturer mileage warranty by a significant margin. When I contacted customer service (Katrina S.), they quickly responded, expressed regret for my experience and provided terms of warranty which required proof of rotation, etc., and that tires must be worn down to 2/32nd's (new tires are 12/32nd's). So, I bought new tires (different manufacturer) through Tire Rack, but continued to run worn tires to get down to required depth. I live in CT, and in mid-November, I ran out of time and had to mount new tires to ensure I did not put me and my family at risk with worn tires on ice and/or snow.

Trouble was that I was only at 3/32nd's. I explained situation to two customer service rep's (Katrina S. again and Cathy S. - both are excellent) and they arranged for tires to be returned for adjustment to their nearest warehouse. Initially, they said manufacturer would not honor warranty because tires were not worn to 2/32nd's, and they said the the tires were not worn to 3/32nd's. I thought I was about to be disappointed. But, they went to bat for me with manufacturer , and they got me a very satisfactory refund equivalent to my expectations even though I did not buy replacement tires from that manufacturer!

So, do not believe all the negative junk you read about Tire Rack. I am a verified purchaser

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I purchased (600$) 18X8 5x114.3 ET40 ELBRUS I04 8 years ago ----- They are no longer available.

This review is more addressed to Tirerack's customer service than the product itself.
Wheels arrived with a different lug pattern(5x112 stamped on the inside of the wheel). And i never knew.
NTB (tireracks authorized installer) mounted them. Somehow I realized 8 years later. I was very upset I was driving in such UNSAFE conditions without even knowing.
So I called tirerack hoping for a discount on a next purchase, I was being laughed on...When threatening with a negative review, the agent actually challenged me to post a review. I guess I was waiting from her to acknowledge and apologize. Instead what I got was "Too Bad..."
I'm aware they are way past warranty claims,but this level of customer service is a joke.
Whats scary is that you cant trust the "specialists team".
Those lug-nuts were more than 1 mm(.040") off-centered when being screwed on the stud. Somehow that worked. To me this is dangerous. I had my wife and 2 kids in that car for long trips numerous times.
I understand the transaction was 8 years ago, and I understand nothing beyond the sales matter.... But this is a massive screw-up that tire rack's customer service chooses to ignore. This is not my only unpleasant experience.
They also advised me HR lowering springs would be a match for my 2007 camry le. I destroyed 3 sets of kyb excel g shocks EXPERIMENTING. The shocks have to be a match for the spring compression ratio. Nobody makes stiffer shocks for that car.
I just thought everybody needs to know this and double check every detail about their purchase.
From now on I will be using TireRack website for research, reviews and price match.
Sorry for ranting for too long, I'm just hoping to save some people some trouble.

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Got Kumho tires from tire rack and had alignment and installation done by Rogers AR Firestone store, tire racks recommended installers. A few weeks later I had to go back in for another alignment. 5 months later and the tires are cupping and making a loud noise. The only thing Firestone or Tirerack will do is ship tires into kumho for inspection which would mean I would have to buy two more tires in the meantime. Firestone rep also said 9 out of 10 Kumho wont do anything anyway.

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I ordered snow tires and wheels online. I used my exact car make and model online and bought the size they recommends for my vehicle. They gave me the wrong sizes. THey will not fit on my car. In my attempt to get them returned for the correct size, I was informed by TireRack this was my fault - despite me putting in my specific car information and using their measurements. They told me the installer is wrong - despite my installer being a well known company and a high rated installer through TireRack. I now have to pay for the shipping to return them and wont receive my $1200 credit for my tires and wheels until they are returned. The mistake is 100% on them and my TireRack customer service representative was rude, cutting me off, and kept telling me I was wrong. I couldnt get a word in to defend myself. My installer apologized endlessly and couldn't believe how they were managing this. TireRack was refusing to contact the installer for me for assistance - again, despite TireRack working with this company a great amount with great reviews. They wouldn't even give me a direct number to have the installer call for me. Please avoid this company. Try calling a local installer again- they sometimes can order tire bands even if not listed on their website.

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I bought tires from tire rack and the very next day one of them went flat. I had to tire companies say that the tire was defective and I had to replace it and spent $114 on a new tire. The process to get reimbursed for this tire was impossible and I never was reimbursed. I wasted my money I wasted time and it was totally aggravation. They do not live up to their promises.

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Faulty tires are onky warranted if you package & ship to their location, await their review of defective tire & have another car to drive while waiting. Tire review should occur at installation location. Otherwise any $$ saved buying from tire rack is spent replacing tires 1 by 1, as they shred on the freeway. Their warranty is non existant.

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I am in the process of being ripped off by Tirerack-com. I had purchased my tires as I always do. Only this time it all went differently.
The day before my vacation I had ordered tires from tire rack, and had them shipped to my home. I then put them in my truck, and brought them to a local shop to have them put on. I have done this almost every year in the past, so wasn't expecting anything different. I paid my installation and went on my way to my 1 week vacation.
When I was filling up with gas I noticed a problem with the passenger side wheel I just bought. I took this picture of it just to be sure it would be covered by Tire Rack. After all they are covered with a no risk policy so why not buy online? I could not have been more wrong.
When I got back I called Tire Racks Customer Service, and was immediately referred to an alternate company for road hazard. This company informed me that they have nothing to do with Tire Rack and only honor the replacement fee of the tire and not shipping tax or installation.
I wasn't happy with this and called tire rack. They stated that I should have inspected the tires myself and not had the tires installed. These tires were wrapped in a protective plastic coating on arrival. They then said that the damage would only be covered for half of the price of the tire by them and would no longer be covered by road hazard.
So Tire rack blamed my installers and me for not inspecting their product. Their road hazard warranty is void and Tire Rack doesn't stand behind a tire for even one week of use regardless of miles.
So this is where I am left. With a definite no for replacing this brand new damaged tire from Tire Rack. Its a definite buyer beware situation that I didn't even think existed online anymore.

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Gavin at 14:22, Apr 20:
Hi, how can I help you today?
Amie at 14:24, Apr 20:
all of the other sites I am looking on offer free shipping. Can you match this option, when I use one of your listed installers
Gavin at 14:24, Apr 20:
Thanks for checking with us. The retailers that offer free shipping typically also charge more for the tires, which is indicative of them folding the price of shipping into the cost of the tires. We do offer road hazard for two years on all tires we well, which most of our competitors do not offer.
Amie at 14:25, Apr 20:
no actually the tires are 20$ cheaper per tire too
Amie at 14:25, Apr 20:
if you can not offer free shipping, I will use them
Gavin at 14:26, Apr 20:
If we can help in the future, keep me in mindy: 800-428-8355 extension:4693 or
Gavin at 14:26, Apr 20:
Thank you for chatting with us. We value your feedback. Please click the "End Chat" button at top right to answer a few questions about your experience with us today.
Amie at 14:27, Apr 20:
wow- disappointed you would loose a customer over $70.
Gavin at 14:27, Apr 20:
Unfortunately I cannot do anything with pricing. It is already at its best.
Amie at 14:27, Apr 20:
maybe you can check with your manager
Amie at 14:27, Apr 20:
I am not asking you to adjust the price
Amie at 14:28, Apr 20:
I am asking you to not charge for shippin
Gavin at 14:28, Apr 20:
You're asking for a better price, yes. The pricing on my site is at my best, both for the tires and shipping
Gavin at 14:28, Apr 20:
This is not a car dealership. We don't play games with pricing. The price is what it is on the site already.
Amie at 14:29, Apr 20:
great. I will be sure to post your rude comments on social media
Gavin at 14:29, Apr 20:

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I have gotten tires from Tire Rack before but I think I will never go to their 7101 Vorden Pkwy South Bend, IN Location ever again! I called up the day before as I was traveling from Michigan to Illinois and they said it would not take more than 45-1hr and that they don't take appointments but to not worry as I was coming on a Friday so there should not be much of a wait. I get there and they say it will take 3 hours! I then asked if there is a way that I can call in to put myself in their line on my way back home since I did not expect a 3 hr wait and I can't afford waiting 3 hrs as I had plans. They said no they can't do that but I could ask his manager. It took 20 minutes to speak with his manager and all he could say is that their systems can't handle it and that for some reason they can't call the person who was sitting there keeping track of the line. It seemed like that person sitting there's only job is to keep track of that line and answer questions. Also almost every other auto installation store can handle a simple calling up and scheduling an appointment but a big supplier like Tire Rack can't support something like that seems completely ridiculous! Since, I had already waited so long and traveled out of my way to get the tires I decided I would wait the ridiculous 3 hrs and was late for my plans and hit Chicago rush hour traffic. The kicker is they said they filled the air in my tires to 32psi but two of my tires on the right hand side were only 27psi. Horrible excuses, Horrible customer service and they can't even fill tires up with the correct psi.

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Pirellis bald at 13000 miles neither Tire Rack or Pirelli would stand behind them. Do not do business with either. I sure won't.

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I've used tire rack for my last 3 cars and I sell cars for a living so I've sent many customers to Tire Rack because until now they had been a quick, efficient and affordable way to get tires. Now this is the first instance that I've had to deal with customer service and/or their warranty company. The issue is not yet resolved so I will update this accordingly but as of two weeks ago I've been trying to get reimbursed for 2 of the 4 tires I bought only 7 months ago and had to replace.
The main issue starting out is that I bought the tires with my ex's credit card and paid her cash to help her build her credit as she had recently received her first credit card. My name was on the invoice for shipping and the tires are for my car and they were shipped to my work. I completely understand their policy of only being able to write a check out to the person on the billing info which is what the original decision was. Then after reviewing the invoice and seeing my name on it they decided it was okay to make an exception. They continued to get my home information so they could send a check their once everything was verified. So later that same day I had my tech call and verify the tire damage claim with the warranty company. I was then instructed to order the replacement tires and give them the order number and a check would be made out to me and sent to my address the following Monday. So I ordered the tires and gave them the order number. Later that day my tires shipped and shortly after I was called by a different representative and informed that they had to go back to their original decision of only being able to write a check to my ex who was on the billing info.
Now I've spend $470 on replacement tires that are still sitting in my tv room as Tire Rack's customer service is trying one last desperate attempt to get me refunded without any cost to them by trying to get Continental to use their warranty and apply it to the tires. After speaking with a handful of technicians I am quite sure this will not work because Continental is well known for not replacing tires under almost any circumstance. I'm especially concerned now because as I wrote in my tire review, I've only had the tires for 7 months and they are down to about 7/32" and that is not within the first 2/32" of wear Continental states their warranty covers.
So now I am currently left without a vehicle because I have to wait to hear back from Continental after I send my tires in for inspection as to whether or not they will replace them and I can't put the ones on I recently purchased because if for some reason they decide not to cover them that leaves me completely out of options as I can't return tires I've driven on for a few days back to Tire Rack. What is even more disappointing is that no matter how this ends I'm being told I have to eat the $40 I spent on shipping as the latest Tire Rack Rep. states "Neither Tire Rack or their warranty company (Sansio) created the problem but they are doing everything they can to fix it." Basically implying I created the problem by the order being on my ex's card which is not the case. Had they stuck with their original decision of not covering them I would not have ordered new tires at all but due to the fact I was specifically told they would make an exception and that I personally would be reimbursed I ordered the tires. Once it was too late and the tires had shipped I was told they in fact could not reimburse me. Therefore creating the problem.
Like I said I will update this review as soon as a resolution is reached but it's not looking promising either way.

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was a pleasant experiance

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I ordered a set of (4) Pirelli Tires for my 2015 GTI. When I had the tires mounted to VMR wheels I had decided there was too big of a wheel gap so I had them taken off immediately before even leaving the shop. The following day I contacted Tire Rack Customer Service and asked whether or not I could return the tires. I was told by the first representative that "as long as the tires have not been driven on you can return the tires". I hesitated and called back and asked a different representative "If I have mounted my new tires to a set of wheels, without driving on them, can I still return the tires?", him replying with the same answer stated "As long as the tires have not been driven on they are returnable". The tires were shipped back to Tire Rack the following day. I called one week later to check on the status of my credit at which time I was told that there was "damage" to ALL 4 tires and that I would not be able to get my money back. Enraged that I had not been notified about this "damage" I had explained what I was told on the phone and asked what my options were. She stated that pictures of the damage had been sent to me (which I hadn't received) and that not only would I not get my money back but that they were unable to send me the tires (that I paid $800 for) because they are damaged and unusable. I then gave her my email address and asked that she resend the pictures. In 3 of the 5 photos they "marked" on the tire where there was "damage" which was not visible. One tire had a minimal "chip" out of the tire which could have been due to the shipping to or from. Along with the pictures in the email she stated that if I wanted the tires back I would need to pay another $60 for shipping (which did not make sense, considering she had told me 5 minutes prior that I could not have the tires back) so I responded through email telling her I would pay ANOTHER shipping fee to have my tires back. A week later, I checked my bank account to see if the charge had gone through and noticed that they charged me 137.00. I called them with no resolution to the over-charge.

I will NEVER do business through Tire Rack and I do not recommended them to ANYONE.

5 reviews
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I was in the market for some new rims and came across this site. It's so easy to find the rims that will fit your car - easy drop down menus to search your make and model car. My favorite feature is being about to view the rims on my car! So cool. It's an important feature to have when ordering online. To actually see it on your car, not just the rim by itself. Very well done and good selection.

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!!!!!!!CAUTION!!!!!when making a claim on a tire for road hazard. This is a big hassle!!!! they tell you to send in the invoice. They don't respond to your email. I call them and now they need the actual receipt and never told me that. They only give you what you paid for the tire so you're out money on that deal. They already spoke with the shop where I bought the tire. HOW MUCH MORE INFORMATION WILL THEY NEED!!! I GUESS I'LL FIND OUT WHEN I CALL BACK AGAIN TO SEE IF THEY GOT MY EMAIL ONCE AGAIN AS THEY DON'T RESPOND TO EMAIL. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AND FOLLOW UP. THEIR PRICES MAY BE BETTER BUT NOT WORTH THE HASSLE TO MAKE A CLAIM. I WILL NEVER BUY AGAIN FROM TIRE RACK AND WILL SPREAD THE WORD. THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!! YOU CAN'T LEAVE A REVIEW ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE ON THEIR SITE ONLY ABOUT THE TIRES! WHAT A JOKE.

6 reviews
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Astounding shipping time! And darn good pricing to boot. They have a wide selection from road tires to mud-bogging tires. A+.

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Yes. They sell the same quality tires you would get at a local tire shop.

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