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Online Businesses Reviewed on Sitejabber for "uver" to "uzma"

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AT&T new uverse is Not the next best thing. It is however cheaper than comcast. The speed is not nearly as fast and the screen resolution and image quality on my HDTV does not compare. I do not know why it doesn't look as good but it just doesn't. I would recommend AT&T uverse only if you cannot stomach the extra 20-30 dollars extra a month that comcast will be charging for a similar service.
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I would give this site zeros stars if I could. I ordered workout dvds in April 2010 and when I got them only 2 of the 13 dvds worked. I understand you get what you pay for, but in addition, i just received an invoice (over 18 months later) charging me for $700 worth of goods that I did not order! It is all a scam. Do not use this site.
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Uvocorp is a nice company. I have been working with them for the past 10 months. The support team, QAD, and all other departments are organized and respond to writers concerns on time. However, I do not like the editing program. The editors are greedy. They deduct a writers hard-earned money for making very minimal changes. I do not understand why someone should take 35% of an orders value for...
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I waited for 1.5 month for the delivery and ended up with completely different fake nike sneakers. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE! customer support seems nice at first but they just dont give a damn about you for real! When asked for refund or exchange the wrong & fake sneakers they sent for what I really ordered, they just offered 10% refund so that I would keep quiet! If you already bought stuff...
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Uwagi was an app I downloaded at the local club off a promotional card for drink specials in the área. The next morning when I went on my phone to check my email and Internet, all that would come upon opening home page was a porno dating site..... WOW, Was I surprised! Cannot get rid of it either.....Ugh!!! Watch out for that one. :0 !!!!!!!!
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I couldn't be happier with my experience. The dresses arrived much earlier than expected. I've had bad experiences buying online from other stores so I confess I was a little afraid. When my fiancée and I opened the box and took out one of the six dresses that I ordered for my bridesmaids I literally started crying. I could tell this people made the dresses with love. Great quality fabric,...
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BUYER BEWARE! I only received half of my items ordered & UWF refused to refund money for items not sent Several advertised items were not in stock Took weeks to reply to emails and when they did they were very rude with poor customer service Afterpay is falsely advertised & not offered If I could give them 0 stars I would Edit: After leaving a review about the negative experience I had...

Tip for consumers: Don't waste your time

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There was no ZERO option, so I gave it one star. It is worth NO stars. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. They are frauds. The wig is NOT the same wig as in the photo. And it is NOT human hair. I wasted over £150 on a piece of crap that I threw in the garbage. Don't bother mailing it back. The company is in CHINA, and they require you to use tracking in order to get a refund. So, not only are...
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Do you have any idea how difficult it is to change a first impression? Let me tell you (OK, I won't) about how *much* I disliked my initial experience with Vitex and our new smart home - all because of one of our first salesmen. That said, ROBERT (as well as some other techs over the past year or so) significantly changed that first impression. Robert was the first tech, however, to go WELL...
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Good Embrasser. Excellent. I love anything technical support and technology. I am promoter and advertiser uncommon of any products. I can re-brand it even if the brander does it poor. You can trust me. Some people throw their weight of not purshacing some products: *1 High cost of price with poor among the poorest brand. *2 The quality has turned out to quantity. Thinking about this...
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The site is ran by a single man who is ill-informed on a large number of topics. While he does have some okay opinions on many things, his articles fail to source a single external resource when talking about how well-researched and cemented topics are actually bad (which they aren't). His opinions fail to account for a large number of the problems that users face, and he calls people with...
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Absolutely awful! Biggest insult to a consumer! I made an order on April 1, and they didn't ship it out until 2 days later. And I'm still waiting for my order! I chose their slowest and least expensive shipping method, but even when I do that for other online products, I have NEVER had to wait this long. They can't track my package, so its lost for all they know. Whether I get it or not, I'm...
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Will take your money and don't send you your order! This is a company supposedly based in Canada that sells a variety of items. My business needed some small motors for prototyping and this website claimed to have them. The lead time on them was several weeks, but my company needed to motors so we went ahead with the purchase. When we did not receive the motors after the supposed lead time I...
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Its a Hollywood movies blog design its easier comfortable and easily to surfe this site and watch free movies this is designed for beginners blogger for helping how to create free blog and manage it. Every one please vist this blog. Thankyou...
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The website is so bad, there are even fatal errors appearing on the bottom of the page, highly unprofessional. Not sure, they paid for this website to anyone, who knows how to do it correctly. Terrible graphics, fonts like from the previous decade. Images are even not appearing, probably the wrong format or even bad links. Just do something about it, you are working in Europe!
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they took my money and did not published my google ads. They are scammers. Never use their service. In turkish: " paramı alıp reklamlarımı yayınlamamıştır. Sözde firma sahibi yusuf barış efe tam bir dolandırıcıdır. 150 TL min üstüne yattı. Telefonlarını değiştirdi, kaçak oynadı. Mali şubeye şikayet ettim. Sakın aldanmayın bunlara."