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Received a Perfect Air air conditioner as a present about five years ago. They last several years and do okay for a 900 sq ft room that is sun facing. My unit is south facing and direct afternoon sun light in the hot pm hours. It gets hot and uncomfortable. It does okay for the most part. It's still rather noisy but quieter than other brands I've had. During the hot summer days it's 90+ out it's totally useless. I found if I have two running it's at least bearable. Just make sure the outlets can handle it. My hoa will only allow the portable room ones or I would of gotten a stronger one. I found there are too many air gaps between the window and the unit. I found if you tape them closed you can keep air from leaking in. Keep the doors to the room shut, draw the curtains and it helps. I've had some air conditioners go down to 57 but their units only go as low as 62.

I have been enjoying my air conditioner but found they cheeped out on the clip on parts to the hose attachments. I am pretty much replacing them annually because of it. The clips that lock in are constantly breaking and snapping off due to being cheaply made. I may say to hell with it and just duct tape it in from now on. If you have a 3d printer you can easily replace these parts your self by making new ones as they break. Just be sure to scan in the piece before any damage comes to it. I am going to save up for one because I'm finding there's a lot of things it would of been nice to have for.

Customer service is wonderful and I've never had an issue with their reps. I'm a little annoyed that you can only order replacement parts through the customer service reps. Most other brands allow you to order them through the online store. Each time I order them I end up wasting 30 min trying to order replacement parts. When I could of just bookmarked the item in question then checked out in less than five minutes at most other places.


I have been ordering through LLBean catalogs for years and when digital became more popular I switched to ordering directly from their website. I would recommend it. While I could more than likely purchase their items from a local vender in my area I'd rather just buy it from them and get what I want. With the stores almost always being out of my size I just go online now. I've never had an issue with returns, orders or customer service.

When I buy jackets locally I don't like that I have to buy my winter parkas in Sep/Oct, my spring jackets in Dec/Jan and my summer clothing in Feb/Mar. I just go online now when I need jackets. I can't always wait until the season they have what I need in stock. Clothing wears out and only lasts 2-4 years before needing replacement. I'm active so I try to replace them every couple of years or they get stinky. Washing doesn't even remove it all. I have found LLBean's prices to be average if you buy it locally or online. Returns are easy and you can generally just drop it off at a shipping center.


Cheaper education is good if it goes well. I've been going Bellevue College on and off for the past ten years to complete a bachelor degree. I have found they seem to just randomly cancel or drop one in five classes. Then make up some half assed excuse why they canceled it. The teachers either greatly care for their course or they don't. It just depends. Some teachers teach to material and others don't. When you sign up for a low level class you don't expect to know anything but the teacher teaches it like you should know everything. This has caused me to fail a few low level classes. I am going to finish my transfer AA and move onto UW Seattle. Cost is about 20% higher but I know I will get what I pay for. Only go here to get a kick start on your education to get the lower level classes out of the way. Other wise seek a different higher learning education.

B. C. Clearly isn't ready for online learning. The instructors that have set up courses for canvas before covid online learning are ready for online learning. I noticed that several classes I have taken in the past year or two are not ready for online learning. The teachers clearly slapped together a course last minute with crappy references for material and expect you to pass.

Counseling center either cares for your or the don't. I started with some consoling but after about three sessions they started hinting my services were finished with the counseling center. After my third visit they told me I was coming too much. Even though it was once a month to be sure I was on the right track. Guess the counselors don't give the services they are to give for students. It's 2-3 visits then you're on your own. A counselor is to give support and assistance for students that need it. Not someone who says "This is what you need to do then you're on your own." That's not what you get paid for.

This college is just an over expensive day care center that wants your $$$$. I'm surprised tuition in 2019 actually went up not down due to online learning. Not one subtle hint for a discount. Books all of a sudden became digital and some of the choices were very poorly picked. They canceled several of the classes I signed up for during this time frame. Quoting that there was not enough participation in it. The class had a full fuc-ken roster. They canceled it for another reason. It took 2-4 weeks for the refunds to go through. I have found this college seems to cancel one in five classes I sign up for. What type of higher learning is it when you're promised a service then cancel class five fuc-ken days before start of quarter? That is not an honorable business practice.

ILearn for math is a horrible learning program. It fails to properly place students in the correct level. There is zero refund unless class is canceled. Even then you still have to fight for your money. When I was using iLearn I did not know what I was learning as I was learning it. I did not know what my expectation as a student was upon course completion. I had zero references to refer to when stuck. ILearn provides incomplete video lectures that raise more questions than answers. I don't know what math iLearn uses but it's clearly not the old/new math. Doesn't matter what one you use the answer is the same. Due to this horrible program I was barely able to pass my tests. If I had proper material I would of passed with an A instead of a B-.

The book buy back program is a total joke. Zero of my books qualify for it each year even though I bought them from the book store earlier that year. You maybe get 15% back if you are lucky enough to get it back. The book store is loosely run by teenagers that don't fully understand a true business. Corners are cut and they think book substitution is okay. I had to withdrawal from a couple courses because they substituted my book with a different version and it was no where near the version the teacher was using. I have learned to not purchase through the book store to save about 30% cost on materials. If you buy through amazon or a more reputable book store you can save some money. They find ways to heavily slap you with high fees if you order through the book store. I hate to say it but I have gone digital with my books. Why books are generally non refundable and if class cancels one week before good luck getting that money back. I refuse to buy books from book store because they over price their products by 40%.

The cost of tuition is slightly cheaper than most other colleges but with the rates of tuition matching that of universities you might as well just got to a university. This school is clearly a business and operates like one. Their more interested in your $$$$ than educating you. I've been cheated out of education enough times I'm sort of done with this college.

I hate to say it but one should not be able to Google their A for online classes. What type of learning am I getting from this school? No wonder this school failed me for success in the job market.

There is no such thing as free parking any more at this college. They watch passes like a hawk and will write tickets heavily for people because it's a form of income. Parking at this college has always been a bit of an issue and face it Bellevue traffic isn't getting better.

I have begun to see through this college's tricks, games and money gathering schemes to take advantage of people achieving higher education. You can hide this from an adult child who isn't very bright but you can't hide it from an adult. As a 40 year old going back to school I am beginning to see why my education was incomplete all these years. This school could care less of what you learn so long as they get their $$$$. This incomplete education has unfortunately followed me through out most of my career. I have always felt under accomplished in education because of it.

For degree choices there may be a lot to pick from most the bulk of them are AA degrees. Unless you want to go into the medical field there are not very many bachelor degrees. This college really needs to remove the useless degrees for students. So they don't enter the job market and realize they wasted their time. I got two AA degrees early in my youth and they were totally useless for the job market. They were a fictional educational fable at best.


Blue Buffalo wet cat food is no longer recommended. We had our cats on Healthy Gourmet wet food. We've been serving this product to our cats for the past couple decades and have had happy results with each cat. This product has been on the market for a long time. It was reliable and safe to use. Blue decided to discontinue Healthy Gourmet and replace it with Tastefuls.

Tastefuls is a terrible, horrible product. It is a horrible replacement for Healthy Gourmet. There are a few things that bother me about the replacement: First the smell. The smell is so horrid it stunk up my whole house for a few days. (And no it wasn't just sitting in the trash can it went strait into the outside trash.) Secondly, is the texture. The texture is a slimy watered down pate lump. It looks so disgusting I can't even bring my self to look at it without feeling queasy. Third my current cats will not take to it. One of them took an air sniff after opening and had the disgusted look on her face. The second one is a glutton and will eat literally anything. He wouldn't even eat this. Fourth, due to the smell, texture and new recopies I will NOT continue buying Blue Tastefuls for my pets. Damn you Blue Healthy Gourmet was decent and you botched this with Tastefuls. Don't be surprised if you end up having to discontinue this product. Other pet reviewers will realize it's not the same as it's predecessor.

We switched our cats over to Purina Pro plan foods. They have fewer 5.5 oz servings but our cats have taken to every one of their foods even the non pate versions. Purina has also been on the market longer than Blue. I feel safer using that. It costs the same either way so it just depends upon what your pets enjoy.


I'm not big on Disney + or Disney + Pro. First it's over priced and selections are limited to pick from. I thought you'd have hundreds of thousands of movies and tv shows to watch from. Not so. Only hits from the past 20 years or so and anything that's been recently released that's a big hit.

The content is relatively limited. Disney let's face it ruined some of my favorite cartoon shows that were once upon a time independently owned and face it decent. Well decent before Disney destroyed them with terrible second plot lines. Then made the animation cr-ap-py. Your other option is to rewatch most of your favorite tv shows growing up. Like a lot of people we rewatched some of our favorite old tv shows several times over growing up. So why would I want to rewatch old dc, marvel or Disney owned tv shows again and again? When I already did that 15+ years ago?

Disney could learn a thing or two from Netflix with streaming services. Their streaming let's face it has issues. While binge watching a tv series I have found it doesn't smoothly play from episode to episode in a sequential order. Some times it'll do fine and play until end of season. Other times it'll start randomly skipping to other episodes in other seasons for no apparent reason. Other times it'll finish the episode and kick you back to the home menu. Pausing is another issue. It some times lags 10-15 seconds before it actually pauses. Then you have to tap the go back ten seconds button to miss the skipped scene. When you are done watching a video it'll send you to the finished content page. There are no buttons or options to send you back to the Disney home page. None. You have to exit out of the program and enter back in again. Same in the web browser.

I have a superb high quality surround sound system with my multi medial center. I don't know why but Disney + has weak sound. It's rather quiet and I have found that I have to increase the volume up to 30% if I want to even hear it half the time clearly. I don't have this issue when I watch the bluray version of the movie.

Quality is okay for a web based streaming service. It's not 4k but youtube okay. Even on the 4k movies it's not that great. It has lag and catching up issues.

The only perk of Disney + Pro is you get access to sport channels. Well I can get that with my tivo or premium cable access and I don't have to pay extra for it. I could honestly care less for the sports package as I don't even like sports. I'm tired of Disney every now and then forcing the upgrade on you. You have to close the browser and reopen it to avoid the please force purchase this update to receive full services. Bull S-hit. The sports package will be wasted as I'm part of the 25% of society that could care less about sports. Why pay for something I'm not going to use. On the rare occasion I do watch a game I can just stream it from my cable service website for free.

I ran Disney + for about four months before I said good bye to it. I may not reactivate it. I pretty much already own all the movies I want to watch so Disney+ isn't worth it. If I want to rewatch old movies for free I'll just pull out the dvd or bluray.



Niantic rules are too harsh for reviewing. The old system was amazing but the new system sucks a$$. I've never been able to get more than a fair rating even after reviewing thousands of nominations. You can't review too many too quickly or it bans you for 24 hours before you can resume again. Now that I got a couple pho stops within the radius of my house I'm no longer reviewing. It is a waist of time and the system is terrible. I submit new pho stops and they are not duplicates but the system some how marks them as duplicates even though there's nothing wrong with them. I've submitted hundreds of valid pho stop nominations only to have them rejected for no valid reason. The cool down rules for both nominating and submitting suck. No wonder hundreds of people have stopped reviewing pho stops in their spare time.

I would not recommend being a pho stop reviewer as it is a waist of time!


Niantic allows users above level 38 to review pho stop submissions for their game. Users submit request to have an item, object or area turned into a pokemon go photo spin disk or pho for short.


I don't know what they did in the last update but a lot of things that could be pho stops will not be. Some how it is marking pho stops that are not duplicates as duplicates and removing it from the waiting list. I gave up reviewing and submitting nominations. A lot of valid pho stops get rejected for no valid reason and I guess my area just isn't met to have a huge pogo grid. Thanks I feel less apt to play. Players post a lot of fake pho stop nominations to increase the grid to their advantage wrongfully. Some get accepted some don't. I don't think this is fair to those that are trying hard to submit real nominations and their fuc-ken rules don't even give us a fighting chance against the spam nominations.

Must be level 38 before players can review submissions. (Use to be 40 but they changed it when they increased the level cap). Players either get to level 40 quickly or slowly.

Use to be 7 submissions every 7 days. They changed it to 7 every 2 weeks. Sort of bull sh-it.

After I started submitting reviews I noticed you only get 7 nominations in 14 days. When it replenishes you don't get a solid 7 all at once. It adds on a day until it reaches at 7 maximum. F*u-ck you niantic. No wonder people have multiple accounts. I sure the f-u*ck do. It's the only way I can take over gyms in my area and keep them more than 10 minutes.

Cool down time frames are too harsh. It takes 3 seconds to fill out the form but if you submit too quickly it places you on a cool down ban that can last any where from 2-4 hrs or 72 hrs. After about 30 submissions it gives the I'm not a robot symbol. I wait 15 seconds between each submission and that's still going too fast for the harsh cool down rules. If you reach the maximum limit for the day (who knows how many that is) it freezes you until midnight.

My dead end pokemon go grid in my area keeps having submissions denied for some reason. They meet all the valid criteria but niantic wants my development denied for some reason.

People will try anything and I'm sorry but a portrait of your family or pets is not a valid submission. A picture of your house is not a valid submission. A fabricated picture is not a valid submission. A seasonal/display is not a valid submission. Please do not photograph your self in the picture or it will be rejected. Do not take a low quality photo or it will be rejected. Do not take pictures off the internet or it will be rejected. Do not use old photos.


The only pro of this is people can submit suggestions for their pho stops.

Things I have no issues making poke stops:

Business/schools/churches that want pokemon go there
Publicly accessible areas
Out door recreational areas (parks, hiking trails, walking areas, public gathering areas...)
Art (sculptures, paintings, murals, graffiti if it is not offensive or temporary)
Community centers/gathering places
Painted power boxes that are not adjacent to homes
Unique items that deserve a pho stop nomination that are publicly acessable


We decided to switch from animal hospital of newport hills to eastside vet associates after newport hills did some unauthorized things to my cat during a procedure they had no authority to do. Newport Hills placed the cat's life in jeopardy a simple procedure turned into two weeks of a mess. Then after two weeks of dealing with newport hills vet we realized how unorganized, unprofessional and unreliable newport hills vet is. We've had zero issues with eastside vet associates and would highly recommend them. After this incident we immediately switched from newport hills to eastside vet associates. We have been very pleased with eastside vet associates and will continue to be with them.


Appointments only. Pros and cons but you don't have to wait long due to appointments. They get you in and out. Wait time is limited. Which is good as the wait times at my other vet got horrendous. It's not first come first serve. If clients miss their appointments by too much well that's too bad. This place is very open and I generally don't have an issue getting them in when needed.

Reasonable prices. Compared to newport hills vet eastside vet assc. They do not over charge and they thoroughly explain every thing to you. Billing services do not have an issue and everything isn't nickeled and dimmed. Dental care is not over priced.

Good bed side manner. After dealing with newport hills vet eastside vet assoc has good bed side manners.

Boarding at reasonable prices. Not just a cage they toss your pet in. They have reasonable sized rooms. Actually take care of your pet. Offer play/social services during boarding. They offer double cages should you have two+ pets.

Reasonable at accommodating last minute requests if needed. If you have a pet emergency they are good at working you into their schedule.

Good about answering their phones. Due to how high volume newport hills vet was getting you'd have to call back repeatedly to even get a hold of someone. Not eastside vet. You call and they answer within 3-5 rings. Can't get through? No problem leave a message and they'll get back to you. Email communication is strong and they reply within a 24 hr business window.


Limited parking. Five spots in front of their building and that's it. Parallel parking one direction. Come early or not at all. I wonder who thought that one through when purchasing the building? Due to the area I highly suggest cleaning out your vehicle if you choose to let it sit in the area for a while. That or drive around and come back when pet is ready to be picked up.

Mon-Fri during business hours only. This works great if you can schedule appointments during this time frame. Other wise you're stuck to a vet that operates on the weekend. We have a 24 hr vet on standby should we need a vet quick.


Paper quilling is sort of a dead hobby but people still quill. I am unable to find quilling supplies locally so online is my only resource. Quilling.com is a good website to purchase from. I have always had speedy shipping, ordering and processing time. Prices are reasonably priced, quality is good and supplies plentiful. I've never had shipping issues and if they make an error in your order they are generally pretty good about honoring the issue. Due to the fact they want to keep customer long term. I use to do amazon.com from this but it was a gamble on what you'd get and quilling.com you know what you get. I do like if you spend above a certain dollar amount they send you a freebie item.


The gotcha has many pros and cons:
I'm only reviewing this website because there's no u.s. website.


Only uses red pokeballs. Once they run out the device stops working. No patch to recognize great or ultra balls. People have complained about this and niantic refuses to add in a patch for it. So what the 700+ ultra balls in my bag don't count. Yea thanks niantic. Now I have to have at least a couple hundred red balls to compensate for this.

Disconnects a bit but other wise stable.

Face it some devices work some don't. I've had some last a long time while others crap out after 3-6 months. When they work they work great. What do you expect from cheap china crap?

Doesn't catch shadow pokemon. The original did but the evolve doesn't. Sort of annoying.

Too easy to adjust the settings on the watch. I've had times where my sleeve turned off a setting and I didn't realize it until I got there. Kind of annoying.

Vibrate notification can be turned on or off. This feature is nice as my
Family is active and they hate us glued to our phones. This helps me play secretively in the background without them knowing.

Frustration. When this device doesn't work you'll only receive frustration.


Auto catches/spins for you. I use this as I drive around town to play. I find I can get more driving around town than playing for hours on end at the local parks. This is nice as the original one you still had to click. I didn't feel safe doing that while driving. The evolve does it for you and you don't even have to think.

Gain xp and stardust fast.

Collects research tasks with the auto spin. The only ones it completes for you is the ones where it says catch. Which is sort of nice.

Let's me play at work on shiny days. I use to be annoyed when I couldn't attend a shiny day due to work. Now I just leave the app running in the background in my pocket and have the device running in the background. I have the battery pack on standby to charge it on breaks. No more shinies missed.

App runs even if it's on standby on your phone. So long as the app is running in the background even with your phone off it will still work. Which is great because theres' been a few times where the touch screen minimized the app or the on/off phone button got triggered some how in the pocket.

The gotcha evolve is better at charging due to the usb port. The original kept falling out of the charger and failed to charge a lot. You had to hold it in with a rubber band to charge. The evolve charges in about 1.5 hrs at most if battery is empty. The original one took like half the day to charge.

The best pro about it is the device continues to auto catch/spin even after the going to fast message pops up. You could be going freeway speeds and still auto catch/spin.

Overall I love the gotcha evolve over it's predecessor. I feel I am getting more xp from this thing than spending hours on end playing at our local park. Now I'll just drive around town for 20 min and rack in the characters, items and xp. I enjoy the fact I can have this running in the background when my family is out and about and I don't have to have my face plastered to my phone. Just knowing the device is running in the background is helping me feel like I don't have to check my phone ever time I'm in a high density grid.


I use to love using itunes because I own mostly apple products. Starting in 2018 the streaming services starting having issues. Several times I receive the message "Unable to load content." I researched it. My side: No. Every thing fine no issues. ITunes side: Yes. Their online forms are flooded with complaints regarding this since they switched from the video app to the tv app. I contacted them personally and said it wasn't their side. Bull shi-t it's not my side. I generally watch movies at night and I can not stream movies nor tv shows. In the past itunes use to be flawless in streaming. Now it's terrible. I have decided to cease and desist purchasing itunes media because of streaming issues. I use to spend $60-$100 every other month to increase my collection. Now that I can barely stream a movie or tv show without lag I will no longer purchase media from itunes.

I am going back to purchasing discs from amazon and using dvd fab to rip them for personal use. Dvd fab is safe to use so long as it is for personal use. I got a life time purchase with a pre-paid visa because I got tired of buying the same movie multiple times. Only to realize I didn't actually own the movie but was buying the right to have streaming access to it on their platform. Which they could delete or remove at any moment. Owning your own discs and ripping them for personal use prevents this. I use external hard drives so I don't have to keep reripping my movies.

I use a product that allows me to maintain my phone without iTunes. Their out there you just need to research them. I think I'll go back to using that because some times when you delete a movie it doesn't actually delete from the hard drive.

I've also noticed that several psa's or older movies iTunes will never receive the copy right privileges to. So I'm pretty much restricted to discs. Good will is a wealth of old movies. Do check the disk if you can. My monthly media purchase funds will go towards Amazon.com instead due to iTunes having streaming issues with their devices. At first I thought it was because they were old devices but I tried streaming a movie on my iphone 12 and kept having issues.


I enjoy shopping in my local store and have always had wonderful customer service experiences in person. I enjoy the higher quality of their items and will pay a bit more for quality and customer service. I generally don't order clothing online because I end up returning 90% of it due to the fact the sizing charts are unrealistic.

Online however is different. Customer service varies but is generally well "okay". Orders are shipped efficiently (well most of the time). Due to living in a condo town house set up my packages keep getting delivered to the wrong address. I contact them in 48 hrs if neighbor decided to steal my package and request a replacement. Generally I don't have an issue getting a replacement. It's sort of annoying that this happens to about 10% of my packages. A lot of the time I find them half opened or opened and rummaged through. Good $#*! how dumb are my neighbors they should know when a package is coming to them. Even I know to read the address on every package I receive before I open it. Yea honesty is dead in my neighborhood. I only had a couple customer service issues where I've argued with the rep about the package being miss delivered. They tried to blame me for the issue when it was not true. It was the delivery rep that miss read the house numbers.


Indeed.com is the only website I use for job hunting. While it's run of the mill it's one of the better ones out there. It has mixed reviews but over all I'd say it does okay. It helped me find three jobs and my current job I've been in 12+ years. I tried job hunting after the economy started to recover in 2014 and found where I'm at now was the better choice long term. So I decided to stay at my job long term. Especially now with the economy crashing every decade or two.

Due to the fact my union job would allow me to earn 20% more than someone who wasn't in a union job. Unless you have a bachelor degree and several decades experience most of the jobs average in my area about 20% less than my current pay. The job I'm in now can't seem to keep people because it's really designed for someone who wants to stay long term like 10+ years long term. They treat the long term staff decently but business practices encourage starting staff to quit. They basically make the job crap for starting people so they have to quit and keep repeating the minimum wage cycle. If they were smart they would pay less to wages by keeping people long term. Thank god for the union.

If you need a job like now just post your resume and select that it be actively viewed. You'll be called by recruiters left and right. Who knows one of them might end up being "that" long term job. Or heck you could get temp work for experience. This helped me get experience so I could get hired by my "now" company.

I highly advise you to purchase a cheap throw away phone for job hunting. Unless you want your real phone number spammed time and time again and yes even resold. You can get these by going to your local grocer (that sells them) or just buy a cheap phone off of amazon.


I don't know what they did to their search algorithm but starting around 2018 it started popping up porn or soft porn searches. Good fu-ck I started having porn ads show up in my browser because of your frig-gen algorithm. I had to completely clear my browser and roll back my computer to stop these from appearing in my browsers. Good fu-ck I had to add this website to the block list for my children because of this. A lot of the searches are repetitious and lack new ideas. Question: So it's okay for a gay couple to pretend to have sex in an image but it's not okay for a straight person to post an image of a non bias non political craft they did?


I have no many times how many accounts I created just to look at my neighbor hood's nextdoor.com area. I swear I created an account two days ago and when I tried to sign in today it quotes it as "not found". Wtf?!
I have broken no violations nor terms of services. I have been professional in my replies and some how my accounts got deleted one by one. The longest I've had an account for is six months but lately I can't seem to hold onto them for more than three $#*!en days.

I refuse to provide them with my actual address and use a major local business near by. After two days they delete my account. When I had a floating address I used a major local business. This causes deletion. I hate how they require your phone number to verify your account. You can only enter it up to a certain number of times before they block it all together. I've picked up toss away phones to scoot past this.

People in each neighborhood could care less about what they post. I see a lot of scams and ads. User beware. This is my last draw with them. I tried to contact them about verifying an account but they require too much damn personal information. Hell no I won't provide them with my driver's license and utility bill that contains my address.

Fu-ck you next door.


The app for the phone is nothing but one big scam. It only gives you a 1" photo snap and most equations are longer than that. It can't even solve the equations correctly. The phone app. The phone app is one big s cam.

Now the calculator: https://www.mathway.com/Calculator/math-calculator
This has helped me score higher in my math classes. I tried finding similar ones online but nothing close to this one. While there are better calculators out there the website calculators are pretty much spot on. Their phone apps are terrible and nothing but a money grubby scam. This calculator helped me double check my work for tests and homework assignments. Always double check your work before you just plug in the answer into the assignment to be sure you didn't enter it wrong or it solved it wrong.


Weight Watchers calls this a life style change but it's really a diet scheme to advertise their services, their foods, their calorie counting program. I tried this diet for six months in 2014 and gained 20 pounds due to the sudden food change. I went to the classes, bought the food and tried the services. I ended up gaining weight due to the sudden food change. I went to the classes to figure out their equation to their point system but was told just use the app. The app it self still requires a membership fee. I was starving on this diet because it was restricting me too much. Their app is very confusing to use and designed for their products. They fail to give proportion servings and set unrealistic food goals. Five years later I had to switch back to a high protein low sugar, carb diet to loose the weight this diet put on me. I gained so much weight i was feeling type two diabetic symptoms. I lost 10 lbs with keto 10 years later and I no longer have the symptoms. Before weight watchers my weight was 145. After 6 months it was 170 and I was trying hard to follow the diet protocols.

This diet program does not work for everyone. Yes food addiction is an issue in this society but this was waited money. The only reason weight watchers became big is because of oprah. While it works for some of society it doesn't work for the bulk of society.


Well Bellevue College found another way to tuck in another elearning fee. Their online classes are a joke. Half of your course material answers can be found using google. All you have to do is show up for zoom test date and that's it. ILearnstore is a unique website for you to purchase digital access to your course material. DO NOT Purchase the key through Bellevue College Bookstore or you'll pay paying $30 more for it for the ease of access fee. In addition to a $15 shipping fee (wtf?). Just by it from ilearn and make sure you get your self into the right class. They walk you through it and your teacher should supply you with the course code. I am going back to school in my 30's and did not realize how much Bellevue College over pays through their book store. I could of saved a shi-t load of money by purchasing them through another reputable website rather than through the book store. They basically charge a 30% processing fee for ease of purchase. I only purchase through bellevue college book store if I have no other choice but to.

The site runs on adobe flash. Now that adobe flash has been laid to rest in jan 2021 I wonder how they are going to compensate for this?_________________________________
Feb 2021 add on:

After taking a couple classes through iLearn I found the program to be frustrating and confusing. The most annoying part about iLearn is if you didn't score 80% or higher on the sections you couldn't move on. I lost track of how many assignments I got repetitiously stuck on due to the poor explanations and how to's. There was zero materials on the side to study if one got stuck. The instructors at Bellevue College got lazy and relied on iLearn to be a book supplement. ILearn is a horrible substitute. They provided comical youtube videos found first in the link as a how to and some of us don't learn like that. I know I don't learn by watching videos I need hands on projects. I didn't know where I was in the course curriculum. I didn't know what was expected of the student to learn. And iLearn is set up expecting you to already know the information. Well that's not why I took the class. I took it to learn the information. ILearn teaches an odd math system and makes the lesson ten times more difficult than it needs to be. The videos raise more questions and did not provide a clear explanation on what you needed to do for the lesson. Some of the picture links were broken and iLearn quoted in one of their emails "It's not our side." Yea thanks for nothing. So how is that going to help me learn math? Simply put it isn't? I will NEVER take another e-course utilizing iLearn.

Very little qualifies you for a refund and frankly iLearn is a joke of a program. If I ever find a class requires iLearn I'll withdraw from it and take another course that uses a REAL BOOK.


Best Buy is okay. I use to prefer Circuit city but their business crashed in 2008. I've been shopping around at other electronic stores and Best Buy is unfortunately one of the better rated stores. Due to the fact they have higher quality merchandise. The customer service at stores varies and in my area isn't all that great. They'll upsell stuff you don't even need and take advantage of consumers because all they care about is $$$. Not consumer longevity. Due to the millions that shop at Best Buy they don't mind loosing a small hand full to bad customer service. For the most part they have decent quality items but if you want anything older than two years old you're pretty much forced to go online for it. If it's older than the current two or three models they don't have it.

I tried Amazon Prime for some of my movies but got irritated when I found out they could terminate your license purchase at any moment. My 10 Amazon Prime movies eventually expired (for a life time purchase) and soon became zero. Sorry Amazon Prime but I will go back to buying disks at Best Buy to have control over my media. Yes disks are old school but if you read carefully all digital streaming sites state that you don't own the media you are purchasing. You are just renting a license copy to be able to watch it on their platform.

Geek Squad isn't all that great. I got pushed into an upsell package I didn't need and found the online service to be Google experts not tech experts. Totally useless. I could of done that. I bought a best buy computer around 2013. They snuck in some old technology and some hardware that wasn't 100% compatible with other hardware. After a year it was having issues. If it wasn't oddly built I could of fixed it my self but I decided to give Geek Squad a try and found out I was conned into using a completely useless service. If you are good at maintaining your own technology. Do not use Geek Squad. Geek Squad is designed for incompetent computer users who know nothing about computers and just need someone to change settings or swap out a hardware piece at a little cost to the consumer. I was very perturbed that even though you had an appointment it was still first come first serve. All too often the electronic wasn't even ready for pickup by requested pickup time. Three times I had to come back and each time it was still sitting in the same spot never touched. Third time I put the angry customer tactic on them professionally and made them fix it in an hour. Good lord I had to wait two friggen weeks to pick it up and it still wasn't done three times. I'm not sure what they did but after a few months my computer started having additional issues. I rolled it back to factory settings and the computer was functioning just fine.

I do not shop in Best Buy's local stores. I haven't had good customer service experiences. I buy online and ship it to store then pick it up if my desired item is worth more than $200. It's either that or have pushy sales reps push merchandise on you that you don't even want. Every thing is pretty universal now so it doesn't really matter what you buy. I hate to say it but when my windows computer crashes I'm going mac. Mac never crashes and is steady for years. I'll use my windows laptop for the academic world but for the most part I'm going mac.

I only give them four stars due to bad customer service with Geek Squad. Other wise it's five stars all around.


I am very particular about my cleaning products. I have spent the last year trying to find decent cleaning products. I really love meyers cleaning products. They do a good job and leave a good smell in your house when done. Prices are reasonable and ingredients are friendly. I have sensitivities and allergies to a lot and I have no reaction to meyer's products. I would highly recommend and I am a difficult individual to please. I was raised to appreciate quality and ingredients that are non toxic to use.


I use to use their products for years. About ten years ago they switched from a good product and started going cheap on their products. Their pads are just a thin piece of plastic with barely any cotton for absorption. Do they really think women's periods are that light. The absorption will just bleed right through it and destroy your clothing. The only half way decent feminine products I have found is the brand Stay Free. The problem is people buy the brands they are use to seeing. I have highly considered making my own feminine products in the future with how expensive these things are getting.

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