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80 Reviews by Peach

Seventh Generation
I am thinking twice after hearing good reviews from people about their products. I have tried several products from house hold cleaners to toiletries and every thing in the middle. Seventh generation is to be a healthier alternative. Not so!

After reading through the ingredient lists to cleansers, cleaners and researching how feminine products are made these things are not free of hazardous chemicals and materials. The contain toxins like sls (first ingredient in rat poison) and other fun toxic chemicals I for one would rather avoid.

It's a taboo subject to talk about feminine products. Unless you're in high school learning about sexual education no one wants to talk about it in polite speech. Regardless of how you phrase it it's still gross. I have found their pads to be no better than a light pad. After an hour the pad in my underwear was a wadded up ball of cotton that couldn't even hold a 20 minute nap. It was flaking apart and I was having cotton tidbits slipping down my pant leg. Yea that's about as embarrassing as realizing after laundry one of your socks didn't quite come out of your pants and you're trying to grab it before everyone sees it. I tried two packages and each pad was the same. Sorry but the quality of your pads has slipped when you went to super thin plastic with barely any absorption at all. You're no better than Always. So thin you're useless. Quality so horrible you're embarrassed.
For years I purchased textbooks for school only to find out the books were darn difficult to get rid of after the quarter. You pay what? $300-$100 for a single text book times 3-6 for your 3 classes and end up finding out they are utterly worthless when you try to return them. Books are so valueless these days you can't even try to resell them online. So you end up wasting like $300-600 on text books a quarter that are valueless after used. Math books are damn expensive. One class the book ran $350 I went to xyz and rented the digital version for $50 and just brought my tablet to class. I am really enjoying xyz textbooks. Most of the text books average around $50-$100 or buy a multi pass for $50 and unlock up to 20 books and will let you rent them for up to a year. That's just enough for a full year of digital school text books for a full time student. Xyztextbooks is a very stable website and you do not have to worry about a website outage. I will consider purchasing ebooks through xyztextbooks in the future. It's very cost effective. Highly recommended.


Cost effective.
Not stuck with worthless book that's difficult to get rid of.
Not over priced.
Steady website. No need to worry about outages. In the middle of the quarter.
Xyz digital homework is easy and efficient.
Payment is secure.
Compatible with multiple browsers.
Problems are clearly explained and the video instructors are wonderful. As some of my friends stated please offer more languages.


Mostly focuses on the math and sciences. Please open up to other subjects.
No pdf version to download per their contract.
Xyz digital homework: If there is variable answers and you enter a correct answer but isn't the one the system recognizes it counts it as wrong.
If a problem has a wrong answer on xyz's side; but you have the correct answer you get it wrong. This website is very good at problem accuracy. Other rental sites have this issue.
I ordered some face masks from here and other products and am highly satisfied. The product quality is good. 100% organic cotton. No shrinkage or wrangles upon washing. So long as you follow the washing instructions and don't goof and toss in with your regular laundry. No more skin rashes from latex or spandex quietly slipped into the fabrics. Prices are reasonable and shipping is quick.
I love his work and spent years listening to his work posted on public media websites. Yes it was without his consequence but it allowed me to listen and watch to his works. I tried setting up an account with his website and it must be manually created by someone on the other end. The requests are so high I'm reviving emails from his website several years later stating that my request from two years ago just went through. I've heard mixed reviews about people ordering stuff from his website. Some get some don't. If his website was more reliable in setting up an account and his products were more reliable I would consider purchasing items. Don't get me wrong I like the truth and he really documents it.
I only contract with them because it's them or satellite. I can't afford satellite tv/cable. Or I'd be out of Comcast like that. Comcast varies in customer service from professional to rude. Most of the time I have a decent customer service experience. Some times I don't. Our local Comcast store is horrible for customer service. Everyone is miserable and obviously hates third job. I didn't use to take the satisfaction survey after words but now I do. They need to know. If a rep is good I rate well. If they so much display snootiness or attitude I rate low. I didn't use to do them but companies need to know. I work in retail too but know how not to give bad customer service. If you want repeat customers you treat them well.

Everything is pretty much done online. Some of the reps give you a hard time for having to do things for you when the customer could easily do it online them selves. Well that's not why I'm calling. I have trouble understanding stuff like this. Maybe I'm not in an area where I have access to my computer... I sort of wish trump didn't undo everything obama did. I did like that oboma stated that internet was a utility now and made it so internet providers don't over charge their customers. Since this happened I'm slowly seeing my internet bill creep up. 15 years ago when I moved out I was only paying $25 for internet + cable. Now I end up paying like $60 for just a low grade internet option.
I was going to switch from Netflix to hulu but realized hulul still has ads on it even if you pay for it. WTF?! Hulu use to be even cheaper than Netflix but I realized they are just as expensive and their prices have slowly increased as the years went on. I would happily pay a little extra to avoid ads. They use to allow anyone to view their media without an account but now you have to have an account to even view anything. I am going back to just regular cable. Enough of this switching between media services. If I select the right plan I can select a record option to keep on top of my favorite shows.

In the early days I noticed that Hulu only allowed you to have a couple seasons of a tv show. If you're like me and let a couple seasons get released before watching you can't dive that far back. If it wasn't released in a 6-12 month time frame forget it. I'll just purchase them on iTunes because I have apple devices.
Our new home came with a ton of Kholer products. They worked great at first and I was satisfied. As parts started breaking we became super frustrated with Kholer parts. You can only order replacement parts through Kholer. I'd rate them higher if I could go to the local hardware store and purchase replacement parts in an afternoon. No you have to call the 800# and order them through there. Customer service varies.

A bran new kitchen faucet and the pull cord sprung a pin link after 1 year of use. Medium high product and it broke after a year of use. We are not hard on our appliances. We called the 800#. Customer service rep was a bit snooty. She told us that life time warranty expired when the house sold. She would honor this one product but not the rest. So yea thanks. Thanks for the attitude. The product was ordered. It took 3 months for it to be made due to a long back order wait list. So it took 4 months for the part to get to us. Mean while we had to wrap the hose in towels and replace them every 24 hrs to keep water from spraying every where. That was super frustrating.

Touch less toilets. I would not recommend these. The ghost flushing will drive your water bill up and frustrate you with extreme water waste. The toilet ghost flushes a lot to anything. The slightest thing will make it flush. The touch less part is defective and you end up replacing it every few years. The ghost flushing got so bad I had to pull the part out to stop it. It kept auto flushing by it self for no apparent reason. The water bill was being driven up by this thing and we just couldn't take it any more. Not to mention it would keep us up all night long with ghost flushing. The part was only a year old and ghost flushing horridly. We replaced the product and got it within 3-5 weeks. I am ready to rip this toilet out and replace it with a regular toilet for the sake of the water bill in the long run.

As time continued our other kholer products began to have little break down issues. Rather than call the 800# to replace them we decided to go to the hardware store and replace them with other brands. Brands where we could replace parts with a local trip to the hardware store. Rather than wait 4-12 weeks for a replacement part. If it were not for the fact that one must order kholer replacement parts through the 800# I might rate them higher.

After society starts to open up again I am going to start calling companies to replace our kholer products. The ones that I can do my self are already done and kholer part tossed.
This is a great place to get your technology from. You need to watch it as they'll slip in some old technology into built products. Returns are easy and generally not questioned unless you do something stupid like break it. Prices are average and decent. Products ships quickly. Would recommend with a bit of caution.
I do love apple.com and all their products. Yes, I'm an apple user and have been most of my life. Apple has gotten greedily lately and thinks it's users will pay over a thousand for their phones. Yea, right, like we can all afford that. For most it's maybe that once every 10 years special buy. I do like how apple technology doesn't crash. Or at least runs smoothly until a forced update. Apple has gotten better about making sure their products run more smoothly with Microsoft computers. In the 80's it was a challenge for compatibility. Customer service is excellent and I have never had an issue with their customer service 800#. The only time I had an issue is when I got an individual with a foreign accent so heavy I had to request another individual.

The only negative thing I can say is that I wish apple would treat their workers in China better. More like workers and human beings rather than slaves and slave labors. Don't believe me? Start researching the truth!
I've had mixed reviews with gofundme. The new online pan handling website for society. People create all sorts of accounts for all sorts of things ranging from hobbies, health, religion, memorials and who knows what. For the most part it works like it is supposed to. People create their account. Select a valid reason. Let the funds start rolling in. If the funds max out at the goal amount you get to keep all the money. Certain rules apply for less than that as dictated in their guidelines. If an account gets deemed unworthy I'm not sure if the money goes back to the original donor or if the company keeps it. That is why it is good not to set your goal amount too high. You can always create another gofundmne to continue the funds.

The negative side of it is that I've heard the company not allowing the individuals to keep 100% of the allocated funds. They can suspend accounts at a whim and compensate your funds earned at their disposal. They are allowed to keep a small percentage of your earned funds but I've heard some stories of people being screwed over by this.

The second negative side of this is not all people are honest. I use to volunteer, I use to donate, I use to tithe, I use to give to the needy but after being scammed here and there I have discontinued these actions. One rotten egg will ruin it all. Several rotten eggs will ruin it forever. I will never volunteer in society again unless it's judge ordered. (I'm a good rule follower citizen so I don't see that happening at all.) Do research people you give to. So that you know you are not being scammed or taken advantage of.

Story: Coworker diagnosed with cancer. True story. Bills piled up. Debt occurred due to it. True. Unable to work due to cancer. True. Paid off bills. True. Mortgage on house heavily reduced due to extra income. True. Well this is all fine and dandy and I support stuff like this. However, his gofundme account is still ongoing and I know him personally. The side you don't know: Always poor but spending money like he's a rich person. As his gofundme account continues he is getting money he never would dream. He is doing projects and purchasing items his own salary would never support. Instead of setting it aside for the time frames he can't work he is instead embezzling it on him self. Then moaning when it's all gone and allowing his mood to affect the whole work place when he shouldn't be at work.

We're starting to hear stories of thousands of dollars of shopping sprees on this and that.

We're being told stories of expensive home remolding projects with expensive stuff.

We're being told stories of how he is able to buy that extra fancy thing his wife wanted that he was never able to buy.

We're being told stories of parties and gatherings (before covid) and seeing him purchase fancy fiddles on a limited income salary.

Get the picture. Do be careful of who you give money to.
I tried going digital for my newspaper but found it less than useful. Unless you subscribe for a monthly fee you won't navigate far into the website before it blocks you. You use to be able to get the website for free but that's changed.
The game started out great. It had a blast when every one had it on their phone but now it sucks. Despite the fact it's advanced a lot it's not all that great and very repetitious. You can't play because they have so many rules built up to keep cheaters from playing the non cheaters occasionally get dinged in the middle. If you use certain phones it will think you're cheating when you're not. I use to enjoy community days but they've pretty much destroyed my community with mass cell phone mob gatherings mobbing all over the place. They keep changing the time frames and I've missed so many community days because they all fall during my weekend work shift. I've given up on getting shinnies. I've given up on getting 5 star raid bosses because it takes 7 raids to get even 2 rares due to the low capture ratio. The game crashes a lot even with the real version. It is pretty much set up against the gamer and the gamer pretty much looses a lot. It doesn't calculate distance walked accurately and even on walks where I know it's 10k steps it might register 7 k at best. You get kicked out of game play due to forced updates. Thanks ass holes I've been kicked out of good raids because of this $#*!. Due to this being a 24 hr live game they can't schedule the updates for off time. I played on and off for the past 6 years and I'm done. I throw in the towel. They're rolling pokemon characters out too slowly and they don't even have all the eevee evolutions yet. I guess we get umbreon before sylveon. The game sucks and isn't very entertaining. You've created a new generation of cell phone addicts. The game is pretty much unplayable unless you're in a major city area and I've requested my tiny town get a poke grid but they refuse to install new pho stops and gyms even with a lvl 40 account. I shouldn't have to spend an hour driving to get to a decent grid. I've entertained my self with better pokemon games than this crap shoot game. I quit and this time it's for good.

Customer service sucks. Even if you're an honest to god no cheater player but get dinged with cheating forget about even getting it removed. Zero policy on "so called" "cheaters". Well that's how they lost me. Thanks ass holes. There have been numerous complaints about this from other players as well. Honest players getting dinged because the app thinks your repetitious life style is an application doing it for you. Not my fualt my prior work location allowed me to play all day long. I'm glad I refuse to spend actual money on this as I've had the game crash in the middle of a raid and lost my purchased raid pass for the day. When you try to request niantic to remove a poke stop from a business, being too close to a home or being on private property it's a pain in the ass to get them to remove it.

The gotcha is a total joke. Let's face it some work some don't. They fall out of the charger and niantic says they do not endorse the product even though their name is on the box stating they do. Some people like it. I tried two versions and both will bring you nothing but frustration because let's face it the device is crap. Over charged piece of crap.
This is a great website to snag a picture of an individual who doesn't exist so that you can hide your identity for websites that refuse to let you operate without a photo of your self. I. e. Facebook.com. And other websites that encourage self portraits and you refuse to post but the website won't let you continue until you post a "real" photo. Just refresh it until you find one you like.
I've gone through two yelp accounts and I follow the rules. I sign in one day only to find out my account has been "closed" for some fr-i-g-g-e-n reason. If I'm signed into my web browser using one email instead of the one I'm logged into it decides to "close that account" because it thinks I have too many accounts. Yea thanks. Now I have none. What The $#*!! How can people leave honest reviews if you won't even let us fu-c-k-e-n post them?!
I'm glad they finally opened up to selling online. I've been checking this website periodically over the years and it must of been recently 2018, 19 or 2020 that they opened up their services to online selling. No longer do I have to go into the store to pick it up. I can use that time towards something else.
The dol does it's job. I started doing everything by mail because I severely dislike my local dol due to long waits unpleasant staff and horrid customer service. It's sort of a figure it out your self system. I suggest giving your self 4-6 weeks to ensure your new licences and tabs take their time to get to you. Don't send it off three weeks until expiration. Give your self at least two months and you'll be fine.
I have gotten several packages through ups over the years. Most of the time they're pretty decent but lately the quality of their work has dropped. If my packages ship through the Tacoma, WA facility they always get directed down south to California. What the hell?! Why!? My home address is east of Tacoma so how the hell is California east of Tacoma. It's south! The package is slowly pinged it all over the place slowly working it's way down south. A few days later it says out for deliver. Well where the hell is it being delivered to? I live in the suburbs of WA east of Tacoma and why is my package being delivered some where in friggen California. Thank god the delivery driver knows how to read an address label. The driver sends it back to the shipping facility and it slowly pings it's way back north and three weeks later it arrived. What a waist of shipping. I paid for three day shipping and this is the bull $#*! I get to endure?! This isn't a one time occurance.

One package okay fine it's a mistake. Understandable.

Two packages okay something fishy is going on here. Understandable.

Three or more packages and you guys are intentionally shipping it the wrong way to get three weeks shipping out of it. At this is intentional. I should of just picked it up locally from the store 20 minutes from my house. Yea you got two plus weeks shipping out of it by pining it all over the place. You couldn't use your brain and wait until a few days before to ship it then economically ship it over?

When I returned it the package quickly arrived in less than 24 hours. Gee what's wrong here?
I originally started purchasing games from gamestop.com but quickly decided against it. You do not get free shipping on games even though games are expensive and currently run between $30 and $60. Secondly even when you pay for shipping some how it takes three weeks to get to you when Best Buy can have them to you by the next day with free shipping.

I use to buy my games in store locally and found they only carry the latest games that were published within 12-24 months. If you want anything older than that forget it you must purchase it online. The customer service reps in my area at least are a bit judgmental about what games you buy and can be sort of rude mean about it. I would suggest local gamers to purchase from BestBuy.com over here. BestBuy might be operating two decades ago but at least the gaming industry doesn't change much.
I enjoy going into Target but refuse to order online due to extremely slow shipping. A typical package arrives within 7-10 business days for most business. With Target i'ts closer to 14-28 business days even if you pay for the faster shipping. Good god I could go into the Target 20 min from my house and get it faster. I only ordered it online because it was one of the scenarios of I'll pick it up later and two months and you still don't have it. I'm not surprised why. My package keeps getting delayed for 2-4 days at facilities and it drags out the arrival date further. I ordered a package early last week. It will take 1.25 more weeks to get to me. I have ordered only 2-3 packages from Target.com in the past few years and I feel that this will be my last. Some of them I pay for the faster shipping other times free and it shouldn't take 4-6 weeks for a package 2 hrs from my house to get to me! The last package I ordered got shipped down to California then got sent out for delivery. I live no where near California and if they had shipped it east I could have had it by the afternoon. 3 of 4 packages went through the same exact scenario. It's not a coincidence. It's intentional to ping your package all over the place before it gets to you. Yes, Ups you found a way to turn an afternoon package arrival into two weeks of being pinged all over the pacific nw before it got to me. 3 of 4 packages it's clear that this shipping method is intentional.
I use to enjoy Hobby Lobby until I realized it wasn't as great as I thought it was. Through various experiences I decided Hobby Lobby just isn't for me and I love arts and crafts. For starters Hobby Lobby is geared towards beginners that want to dive into projects for the first time. There's just enough for a small hand full of people to get started. If you are regular repeat like me, well then there's never enough supply on the shelves. They tend to only replenish the shelf once every 2-4 weeks. Once it's empty, well that's it you're out of luck and have to seek other stores for supplies.

I enjoy quilting and can do basic seamstress projects. I purchased some recent fabric from them and have been less than satisfied with the quality of the fabric. The sewing section of their store is minutely small compared to Joann's or a local quilting shop. The notions section is incredibly small and not really worth it. I purchased some denim from my local store and the smell was so bad on it I had to toss it. It took me a long time to figure out what it was similar too. Old people. Literally the denim smelled like old people and break room food odors that accumulated into a peculiar nauseating smell over time. I purchased 100% cotton or polyester blend cotton fabrics for quilting and they were okay but not high quality fabrics. After diving heavy into quilting, let me just say one of my amazing teachers taught me a ton about fabric. I know a lot more about fabric than most would ever know. I am thankful to her for that knowledge so my projects can look good for years and years to come.

I've tried a few returns because I over purchased and realized a little kid had scribbled all over the non noticeable parts. When I went to return it no problem. I didn't realize it until she pointed it out but there was no tag on it from the beginning so I was I to hand in the product will full tag on it? The cashier attendant gave me snooty attitude over the issue and reluctantly handed me my refund.

I'm sorry Hobby Lobby but the more I shop at your stores the less apt I am to come in for future visits. Any where from so-so customer service, to shelves not being stocked to inferior product quality all make me not want to come back.

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