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28 years old. Love art, photography, DIY, art journaling, writing, documentaries, blogging, psychology, learning, organization (neat freak), animals, imponderables, The Birthday Massacre.

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I have seen a LOT of websites. I browse the web for new sites pretty much everyday because of a sickness I have that leaves me unable to do active things. So I have a lot of free time on my hands.


Music. Art Journaling. Blogging. DIY. Jewelry making. Collage. Mixed Media.

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I really like this website! It's oddly refreshing. It's very easy to navigate and once you receive a "diagnosis", everything you want to know about it is on ONE page so you don't have to click back and forth repeatedly (when you click on something, a little "note" pops up on the page and further explains it, then you can "x" it out).

I think this is a really good idea. Obviously I wouldn't recommend it for serious illnesses and symptoms but it's great if you want a second opinion, have minor symptoms, or are just curious.

However, it is yet another website that can't figure out what's wrong with me :/ but tells me the same thing every other website (and doctor) has been telling me for ten years. Most distressing...

But other than that it's something new to try if you're curious. Not recommended for serious or complicated health issues.


Do you love color? This is a perfect site if you do.

There is the multicolor search lab, where you pick up to 5 colors and the site will search over 10 million images on flickr for photos with your specified color(s) and create a gallery of about 40 images per page you can look through and do whatever you want with.

Then you have the Visual Search Lab, where you type in as many tags as you want to return never before seen combinations of images (e.g. Rainbow dragon).

Next is the BYO Image Search Lab, where you upload a pic from your computer - anything at all - and the site will find flickr images that resemble your pic.

Last, there is TinEye which is a reverse image search engine where you submit an image and find out where it is being used on the web.

Love this site!


This website is awesome!

Here you can create a mosaic using a bunch of photos from flickr, or your own personal photos (if you have about 2-300 of them!) to create your chosen "master image".

Use it for business, personal, or whatever. Create your mosaic in the format you want, Get your free JPG mosaic or purchase a high-resolution JPG or print your mosaic as a poster.

You create the mosaic how you want it, pick your main photo and then all of your little photos (from flickr) that you want to incorporate into it and make it with,,, then the site makes it and e mails it to you when they're done with it. Usually less than a day.

REALLY cool.


Uh, yeah... what he said. Lol. Really the last review (and first) for this site was right on the money! Took what I was gonna say right outta my mouth so yeah lol like I said, what he said.

I really like "mood" websites like this. Believe it or not, I have about a handful of other websites I've found similar to this. But I think this is the only one where video is involved too as well as audio.

It's really neat, but as Chris said, it's unpredictable. Expect the unexpected!

Besides, who doesn't like a good surprise to cheer them up?... Or bring them down... Or whatever feeling they want...


For this, you actually have to go to:
http://www.malevole.com/mv/misc/killerquiz/... and when you get there, you play a game where it shows you a photo and you have to guess whether the person in the photo is a programming language inventor or a serial killer... Yes, weird. But oddly interesting...

PS. They also have one about space cannibals... Haven't tried it yet. Don't ask...


Songs galore!

Find songs for everything. Songs for movies, Songs for tv shows, even shows for commercials.

They have videos you can watch. They have lists for everything. Like Top 20 break up songs, Top 100 Songs of the 70's, and Top 10 Baseball Songs, for example.

On each list there is an option to play a 40 second or so clip of any song listed.

There is also a forum.

Good stuff.


This website may sound self explanatory but in a way it isn't... It tells you what main events happened in your birth year. It tells you what the #1 movie was, Top Actor, Top Actress, Best Director, Bestselling book, Nobel Prize for Physics, Nobel Peace Prize, and other very random but interesting info like for my year (1983) it said the Nintendo entertainment system went on sale in Japan, Red hot chili peppers launch their first album, Michael Jacksons Thriller video is broadcast for the first time, Eastern Europe sees the collapse of Communism, The Aids pandemic begins (I didn't say they were all GOOD things that happened...), MTV is launched in the US, Gay rights become more widely accepted in the world, some bands it mentions that were popular are REM, the Pixies and Sonic Youth.

It goes into what people were wearing, what video games they were playing, what kind of music they were listening to, tons of important events and events that were surely important but maybe not well known by people born in that actual year. What was on the cover of LIFE magazine.

Remember I said what it told ME... I don't know if it will be the same info or kind of info for you...

Also goes into what movie was all the rage when I was 15 (There's something about mary). The songs playing on the radio when I was 15.

Then it says one of the most popular songs that was out in 1983 was Down Under, by Men at Work. Then it proceeds to show me the lyrics to the song and tells me to sing along. LOL.

Then it tells me what popular movie was playing when I was 9,8, and 7. Shows the cover to Beauty and the Beast.

I like the way this website is done. The way it tells you is by showing you, sentence by sentence on the screen. Little by little. And it doesnt just boringly name facts and stuff that happened, etc. It makes you nostalgic. For instance, something it said for me was:

"There's TV noise coming from the second floor. Someone turned up the volume way too high. The sun is burning from above. These were different times. The show playing on TV is The A-Team. The sun goes down. Someone switches channels. There's Hardcastle and McCormick on now. That's the world you were born in.

Progress, year after year. Do you wonder where the world is heading towards? The technology available today would have blown your mind in 1983. Do you know what was invented in the year you were born?". Then it goes into inventions... then popular comics that were out... famous people who were born that year (Samantha Mumba?)...

And at the end it says:

"It's 2011. The world is a different place. What path have you taken?"... the end.

Bring on the nostalgia.


This site is cool for making easy webcam stop motion animations (otherwise known as gif's). Very easy to use. Just point and click once... twice... as many times as you want (I think it stops around 20). Then when you're done with the whole thing, watch it (obviously) and choose if you want to share it to twitter or facebook, and if you want it put in the piterwilson-toys.com stop motion gallery for all to see.

The only thing I don't like is that the "Recent" section of the website only has 16 of the most recent animations that you can look at. It may sound like a lot, but it's not. They're all very small, and on one screen. I wanna see more!

I don't think there's a way to save the animations you make either. Oh well, still a good time passer.


This website is awesome!... But hard to explain. It's one of those sites you just have to see.

But here's how it works...

Every few minutes, the site searches all over the web for newly posted blog entries with the words "I am feeling" or "I feel". When it finds it, it records the full sentence and actually identifies the feeling expressed in that sentence.

Also, the age, gender, location, and weather at the time of the writing can be extracted from the blog and saved with the sentence as well.

As quoted on their page (because this is the best way to describe it):

"The result is a database of several million human feelings, increasing by 15,000 - 20,000 new feelings per day. Using a series of playful interfaces, the feelings can be searched and sorted across a number of demographic slices, offering responses to specific questions like: do Europeans feel sad more often than Americans? Do women feel fat more often than men? Does rainy weather affect how we feel?" (and so on)

"The interface to this data is a self-organizing particle system, where each particle represents a single feeling posted by a single individual. The particles' properties – color, size, shape, opacity – indicate the nature of the feeling inside, and any particle can be clicked to reveal the full sentence or photograph it contains. The particles careen wildly around the screen until asked to self-organize along any number of axes, expressing various pictures of human emotion. We Feel Fine paints these pictures in six formal movements titled: Madness, Murmurs, Montage, Mobs, Metrics, and Mounds."

This is really cool! Each one of the above "M words" you click will present the blog world's feelings to you in six very different and very colorful ways! One of them is a ton of brightly colored moving dots. Moving very fast. Another is a graph that scrolls so far it seems never ending (but does end. Eventually!). The others are awesome too.

Alas, the site also says "At its core, We Feel Fine is an artwork authored by everyone. It will grow and change as we grow and change, reflecting what's on our blogs, what's in our hearts, what's in our minds. We hope it makes the world seem a little smaller, and we hope it helps people see beauty in the everyday ups and downs of life."

And I must say, it lives up to its expectations. This site I can say is definitely an original, colorful, heartfelt, honest, expressive work of art. One of my favorites.

Check it out, you won't regret it.


Doesn't even work. Just keeps telling me my calls need to be at least 3 minutes in the future, yet everytime I change it to WELL over 3 minutes in the future, it just keeps telling me the same thing!


Listen to a wall of music. Literally.

Search by genre, or enter in your mood and the site will find a wall of music to suite your chosen mood.

That pretty much sums it up. Not bad.


I found this website ironically around the same time I found Stumbleupon.com. Well, StumbleUpon has grown massively over the years and this site, well... shrunk.

First of all, the graphics SUCK big time. It looks like I'm on the internet back in 1995 or something. I only used it a few times when it first came out and its been hiding in my favorites ever since. Well, today is the day it gets taken off lol.

You're supposed to click the wheel (no, not animated) and be brought to a random website. The websites you're brought to are boring, boring, boring. Sh*tty graphics, etc. and it seems like the majority of the sites (the ones I've randomly been brought to anyway) are all about different Colleges.

You can also choose to "View 100 random links" where the site will show you just that - a list of 100 random links. All boring.

Don't waste your time.


This seems like a pretty cool website. You can watch world records that regular users created themselves on video, documented, etc (which is how the site judges what to put up and what not to put up). You can also submit your own world record video.

They have everything on here, from "Highest Single Scrabble Move Score" to "Lowest Super Mario Bros Score" (lol... yeahhhh), and "Longest Headspin". Definitely a website you can spend hours on without realizing it!

Another cool thing about this site is that it has a "Challenges" section. Here you can submit your idea for a challenge, browse through challenges other users submitted, and if you think you can set a particular record, you can click the "Set this Record" button next to it and get to it! You can also upvote and downvote challenges that are listed.

P.S. One of my favorite record videos is "Most Justin Bieber Posters Ripped in 30 Seconds"... which also is one of the Top Rated Records on the site currently LOL. Awesome.


Totally LOVE the f*ck outta this site (look that one up on the site while you're at it!)! It's awesome for many reasons, but mostly because it is made by entirely by its users! It has over 6 million definitions of "sayings", "slang", "phrases", "quotes", and everything in between.

You can browse "definitions" by clicking the random button, or search through each letter, or find a specific word/definition/phrase/etc by entering it in the search bar. If it doesn't have that EXACT one (if you were off by one word or something), it will show you matches that are similar to the one you entered. Also, you can choose to vote them up or down.

There's so much to do on here. There's a word of the day, and you can look through the "dictionary" or "thesaurus" or "names" (where you can look up your name and see what previous users have to say about it in their "name meanings").

Everything on here is completely hilarious. I could spend hours on here.

They even have a store where you can have the definition of the day (or any definition on the site) printed on a shirt, coffee mug, mouse pad, and even a temporary tattoo!

The "Edit" option shows you pending words/definitions and YOU vote whether it should be published on the site or not.

I cannot say enough about this site. Just love it.


I can't believe Urban Decay doesn't have any reviews yet! I love this site! I am completely in love with their 24/7 eyeliner. I always make sure to have the silver and the turquoise colors. I used to buy the pack of 5 mini 24/7 pencils but they discontinued it :( which sucks because I always restocked when I ran out of that. Now they have the duo's which I've been snatching up frequently.

I LOVE Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes too. With names like "Feminine", "Dangerous", "Fun", and "Rollergirl" (my favorite right now), there's something for everyone. They even sell Vegan make up!

I also love the Book of Shadows, and their Lip Love honey infused lipgloss. I can't get enough of Urban Decay. I know I sound like an advertisement right now but I don't care lol. They're friggen awesome.

Also never had any problems with customer service or receiving orders on time. I will continue to order from here and you should too!


I saved this site because I REALLY like their jewelry. What an awesome assortment of different style jewelry they have! Their clothing is pretty expensive (for me, anyway), but their jewelry ranges from inexpensive to expensive so I can find a lot of affordable odds and ends to add to my ever growing jewelry collection.


Ever have an annoying song stuck in your head and can't get it out? Well, if you go to Unhearit.com they will give you an equally annoying song to have in your head instead lol. Really, that's it. Using the latest in "reverse auditory melodic unstickification technology" they're able to allow users to "unhear" songs by hearing equally catchy songs. LOL. So they're giving you another completely random, annoying song to have in your head. The things people will make a website about these days... lol.


I have had it with Bank of America! I couldn't even sign into my online banking! I typed in my password (which I KNOW is my password) and it said Invalid. Then I tried every OTHER possible password it could be (yeah, all of 3) and it wasn't those. Then I went to reset it even though I know there's already a problem if it doesn't recognize my password... and it doesn't recognize my bank card number OR my pin! Just out of the blue - all of a sudden. I checked my statements from the past 2 months (since the last time I was successfully able to log on to BOA) and everything checks out. So it's not like someone hacked my account (and if they did, they wouldn't CHANGE my info lol who does that. They would just take money) so it's just some kind of fu*k up on their part. So I called the customer service number, they have an automated system that NEVER ENDS, so when i FINALLY get to the option of Online Banking, Change Passcode... it tells me no one is available until tomorrow at 9am! IDIOTS! THEY SHOULD HAVE 24 HOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE! WHAT IF SOMEONE IS HACKING INTO MY ACCOUNT AND I CAN'T EVEN DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT UNTIL TEN HOURS FROM NOW? If someone effed with my account and I had no way to contact BOA about it, THEY'RE GONNA PAY!


This is actually a pretty neat idea. Especially with those who are bored with their lives and need some "sprucing up" (yes, i just said sprucing up). The idea of this website is that users rally behind a simple mission everyday and submit photos, videos, or tweets about it. I skimmed through briefly and it is basically a bunch of things listed with a vote up or down arrow and a place to comment next to each one. Users submit new missions, and users also vote on the missions submitted. There is a "Daily Mission" for each day to follow if you choose, or of course you can do it your own way and randomly do whichever missions you want. For each separate mission, you get to record a personal note describing your experience, add it to your favorites if you choose, and upload videos or photos of you doing the mission. It's really a fun idea. I haven't gotten around to actually DOING any of the missions, but I definitely have fun reading them. Will be doing some soon now that my focus has been brought back to this site by finding it in my favorites!


I haven't spend a whole lot of time on this site, and there's a reason why. I can review it without even having to spend more than ten minutes on it. First of all, this is a trivia site that promises money to the person with the most points at the end of the week. Points are accumulated by answering questions correctly, adding questions, and surfing sites with their "site surfer" (which, conveniently was out of service for maintenance when I tried using it). Here's how it works: A trivia question is posted on the site once every ten minutes. If you answer the question correctly (multiple choice) you get 2 points. Also, there is a "hard question" in addition to the regular question. If you answer the hard question correctly, you get 7 points. Three points for adding your own question (which I'm not sure how that goes, as my question is still awaiting moderation), and 1 point for Surfing a Site (e.g. Their advertisers sites, which is down for repair).

Now, first I would like to note that whoever is in charge of typing the info on the website, faq's, how it works, etc. has HORRIBLE grammar and spelling. It's not even a word here or there, it's the same word, multiple times in some cases (e.g. Using "loose" instead of "lose" several times, etc), or regarding bad grammar, there are a lot of sentences that should actually be two sentences, not one (example: you did not get the question right you can try again in ten minutes.) That should really be two sentences, not one. I'm not the grammar police or anything, but these are really obvious mistakes. It makes the website look unprofessional right off the bat.

Another gripe I have is that they state that the person at the end of the week with the most points wins. Now, I went over how points are accumulated, correct? Answering a regular question is 2 points, answering a hard question is 7 points, and adding a question is 3.

EACH question (both regular and hard, together) runs on the site for TEN minutes. Then the two questions are changed to two different questions. Considering that the site surf option is receiving maintenance (for God knows how long), and the questions users submit have to be moderated and then MAYBE will be chosen for a question on the site, the basis of the points you can potentially receive come from answering questions correctly.

With that said...

I have my own question. What is the INTERNET?

Anyone who is on this website is online, and anyone who is online has access to the information highway. You can find the answer to ANYTHING in the world, just by taking a few seconds to type it in your browser's search bar! The fact that EACH question on this site runs for TEN WHOLE MINUTES is pretty much an INVITATION to cheat! Ridiculous!

Well, needless to say, my first trip to this website was not a great one. TriviaBucks.com did not make a good first impression on me. We'll see what happens and whether my question actually does accumulate three points, if the site surfer gets fixed this century, and if the moderators/creators/whoever of the site start using spell check.

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