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I'm a young senior citizen in age and in spirit. I have a BS in Nursing and haved worked at Nursing in MANY interesting ways and jobs! I love boating in our Northern California Delta (and I strongly oppose the Twin tunnels), and I love going to the ocean. I was born and raised in WI and moved to CA at age 35. I've lived in CA for 28 years. Now you know my age. Unfortunately, now I am disabled,so I buy many of the things I need or want online. Overall, I've had fair to good experiences, but when

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During the last 10 years of my Nursing career, I worked in Quality and Risk Management, particularly in Infection Prevention. I am very knowledgable about statistics, and how they can easily fool people. I also can spot some instances where reviews are fake and being written by either owners or employees of the company. When I make a mistake and order from a horrible or fraudulent company, I fight back. I let other customers know why I wouldn't recommend that they buy from that compan


Shopping (unfortunately), reading, boating, health and nutrition, scrapbooking.

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I just came upon this website as I was looking up scams. It seems that this website uses Alexa somehow to determine whether a site is a scam or a legitimate business. Scam advisor then gives the business a percentage indicating its trustworthiness or its "scammyness". I looked up a business that I believe takes advantage of people, including me, by not telling us upfront that whatever we buy, even if we think we buy only one bottle of supplements, we are put on autoshipping. This company was given a high percentage of trustworthiness. There are no actual customer reviews documented of the sites I looked up. That doesn't mean there aren't actual customer reviews; it just means I didn't find any. The website also has articles on how to avoid being scammed and what to do if you have been.
I believe it may be a new website.
I'm interested if anyone else has seen this website-what are your impressions of it?


I became an Avon Representative when I moved to Wisconsin. I have many relatives in WI, so I thought I'd make them all customers. However, upon moving here, I found out that there were already a lot of Avon Reps, and at my age, I didn't want to spend time selling things. However, you can become a Rep for $25 or $40 or more, get a kit full of samples and full sized products AND get a great discount on everything you buy for yourself!! And if you want to make money, Avon has such a wide range of products that are easy to sell.
I believe that Avon, being a huge company that has been around for a long time, has a research team that is top-notch in developing products or improving older products. And the prices are very reasonable. I love the skin care line a lot.
If you DO decide to make money as a Rep, you will have a lot of support from your sponsors.
I believe Avon is a solid business.
Thank you.



It's not only but all these other diet plans that cost a lot of money. First, you can look up online ALL you need to know about the paleo diet without paying any money. You can also find many, many recipes and paleo products.
One of the most frustrating things about these plans, not only Paleo Secret but so many other Keto diets, etc that are for sale, is that all of them want to sell you their own supplements, which all cost a fortune! Some of these sites (not Paleo Secret) claim to be Christians (Dr. Gerhauser, for one), so if you are Christian, you might think he would never want to fool you in order to make money. Think again. Why are the supplements sold by these special diet companies SO EXPENSIVE? I would far more believe Consumer Labs than anyone selling high-cost supplements or I'd definitely believe for unbiased research-oriented reviews of products before I'd spend tons of money.
All of these people are out to make money. Hey, that is capitalism, and we all want to make money! But if you put a little bit of your own research into finding out what a Paleo or Keto diet is, find free recipes, and buy supplements at reasonable prices , you will save money.
One other thing I very much dislike is getting e-books! I want a paper book that I can lay down on the counter and read as I cook the recipes. I'm old, OK, but I'm not dragging my iPad around by the stove.
This is my humble opinion.



A friend of ours told us about his emergency food and water supply, something he accumulated in case of a disaster. We lived in a big city then, and I thought what if the power was off for days or weeks, looters were out, the grocery stores were empty, etc. So i bought some emergency food from Now I live out in the country, and it snows here, with blizzard conditions that could make it impossible to drive to get food. This company has emergency/disaster foods and equipment of all types. Their foods are dehydrated, and all they need is water (and preferably something to warm them up). They are sealed in waterproof hard plastic tubs. And the expiration dates are 25 years from when you purchased them. I'm sure they would still be OK to use after 25 years, but that's just my opinion. I did try one meal-Mac and cheese, which I LOVE. IT tasted GREAT!
I believe that in this day and age, a wise person should be prepared. The government may not be able to help us in times of disaster. So put a kit of emergency supplies together, just in case.
The reason for 4 stars is that ALL emergency foods cost ALOT OF MONEY!
Thank you.

Publishers Clearing House (PCH)

Publishers Clearing House (PCH)

• Updated review

I despise PCH and I wish I had never tried to enter. It started out as an email with no sign of PCH, saying I was chosen to win a $100 gift certificate from Walmart or someplace else by filling out a survey. This trick led to entering PCH. After all the turmoil i described above, now PCH's controller keeps writing me emails saying I owe money for some item I supposedly purchased from them. First, when you first start entering PCH, you are forced to buy 4 items, which are all cheap garbage from China. You have to give your credit card number in order to get this crap. Why I ever ordered anything is beyond me. But the thing is I HAD TO GIVE MY CC NUMBER IN ORDER TO GET THIS JUNK. So for the past couple months, I've been getting emails saying I owe money on an item. Which item it is is not described. And why they accuse me of not paying, when I had to give my CC number for anything I ordered, has to be a scam. I've replied over and over that I owe nothing and please stop bugging me. I called Customer Service one evening and actually got through. I asked to speak to this company controller so I could question him about my alleged bill. The Customer Service Rep was trying to find a supervisor to help me when I had to leave for an appointment. I am going to call back tomorrow.
I believe this is another scam aimed towards senior citizens in order to scare us into giving PCH money we don't owe. I'm a senior citizen, but I'm not all that dumb, except that I entered PCH's fraudulent contest. That was Uber dumb. Never again will I ever open any PCH email.

“I'd like to give this a MINUS ONE TRILLION!”
• Previous review

This has to be the MOST DESPICABLE SITE on the whole of the Internet, and that's saying a lot. I remember the days when I'd only get Publisher's Clearing House snail mail. Those WERE the good old days. I got started with PCH this time by a phony scammy announcement that I had been chosen for a $100 Walmart card. Yeah, right- IF I FILLED OUT A SURVEY. The survey led me to the PCH site. From there, you have to pick 3 or 4 things to "try out", meaning BUY. But they don't tell you there are several pages of these items, so I ended up buying junk I didn't need or want from the first page. (OK, IM AN IDIOT).
However, that's only the start. To make a truly long story short, here is a recap:
1. You never truly know where or IF you really entered the sweepstakes for their contest. I BELIEVE THIS PART MAKE PCH A TRUE SCAM. That's the main point, and they know this because-
2. You get so many emails every single day, every day telling you that you didn't finish your entry yet and will miss out on winning because you didn't finish your application.
3. So you try to "FINISH YOUR APPLICATION" and have to waste huge amounts of time watching ads from sponsors so you can play scratch-off games to get tokens to add up for some unknown reason which is never explained, STILL NOT KNOWING IF YOU ACTUALLY ENTERED THE SWEEPSTAKES.
4. Your email gets filled up constantly, driving you half mad.
5. Then come the "SEARCH" emails, which make you search a category they provide you, such as Cable carriers, Senior Living, In-Home Care. You can't just highlight the category, you have to type it in. Then NOTHING HAPPENS. You are STILL wondering if you actually entered the sweepstakes.
6. 5 minutes after nothing happens after you put in a Search item, something happens, and happens and happens. Your phone rings many times. You get calls from agents representing whatever search item you put in. These agents call from everywhere, and they call often. I just picked a search item because PCH told me to, not because I wanted anything.
7. Still, you keep getting numerous emails every day telling you that you didn't complete your contest entry!!!!
TO SUMMARIZE: I am still not sure whether I actually have an entry to win anything from PCH, but at this point, I TOTALLY DESPISE PCH AND ITS SCAM LIKE, TIME WASTING, MONEY WASTING, GRUESOME, AWFUL INVASIVE TACTICS!
I'm unsubscribing from PCH!
Go back to the days where we got to pick a few magazines to order.
This whole PCH thing disgusts me and it seems to prey on elderly desperate people (like me).




I ordered a pair of Clark shoes from Amazon, which were shipped from Famous Footwear. This was the second purchase of Clark shoes I had purchased from Amazon via Famous Footwear in about 4 months. Both pairs came within a short time frame, were packed very well, and fit me very well. I already had a couple pair of Clark shoes, so I knew my size and was confident in ordering online.
I now live outside a very small town in WI, instead of in a city of 350,000 with malls, so I will have to rely on online shopping for many things. I would have no problem ordering Clark foot wear from Famous Footwear again.



Naturalhealthresponse is one of the sites of Dr. Richard Gerhauser, who I think is an MD who practices natural medicine. I've been an RN, BSN from the University of Wisconsin since 1976, and throughout all my years of nursing, I now believe in natural medicine as well as parts of traditional western medicine.
However, Dr. Gerhauser has cost me a lot of money, time, and grief. I first started with him when he offered a book on "underground cures" that pharmaceutical companies and the establishment don't want you to know about. He promised a monthly newsletter for a senior citizen price of $37 a year. However, I never received a newsletter, but instead, my email inbox was flooded with his advertisements for his wonder supplements. In order to even find out WHAT his "miraculous" supplements were, you had to sit through a LONG BORING VIDEO or read a long, boring transcript. What I would do is scroll the transcript down to the bottom, where you finally could see what his product was. In order to order the product WITHOUT BEING TOLD THE PRICE UP FRONT, you have to put in your email address. Then you get to pick from 1 bottle, 3 bottles, or 6 bottles, ALL AT EXORBITANT PRICES.
Now, since I scrolled down this super-boring transcript (LONG LONG TRANSCRIPT), I didn't see that anything you purchased would be auto-shipped to you with the charge taken out of your credit card.
YES, I WAS STUPID in not reading everything, but if you would ever see one of these videos or transcripts, you would see that anyone would be BRAIN DEAD by the end of them! I'm serious. His ploy.
So now I'm receiving auto-shipped deliveries of his products which DO NOT WORK! And my credit card charges are escalating! So try to get in touch with him or his company! No email, no phone number easily found.
Finally, I found a phone number and told Customer Service to cancel EVERYTHING of Gerhauser's I had. Well, she cancelled the one product, but I got another auto-shipped product. On that one, Mind Defense, I finally found a site where you could cancel your order! Hallelujah!
Gerhauser is also associated with the following:

Please, be very cautious in any dealings with him or his companies. YOU WILL BE ON AUTO SHIPPING WITH YOUR CREDIT CARD CHARGED!!
I unsubscribed from his sites several times, and he just keeps emailing.
I truly believe that people like him should be investigated for poor business practices that prey on elderly people, like me, on a fixed income. And his claims for his products should be investigated, too.




I came upon probably on an online ad. They have a wide choice of more environmentally safe products for cleaning. So I ordered a bunch of products. However, right at the end of my order, I noticed that auto-shipping of my order would occur. If there is one thing I HATE, IT IS AUTO SHIPPING THAT I DO NOT WANT!!
Auto shipping has cost me so much money, time, and grief in the past that I carefully read EVERYTHING before buying.
However, I have to say that when I contacted Customer Service after noticing the auto shipping component, she immediately helped me in cancelling the future shipments.
Therefore, I was happy with this company.
On the other hand, Customer Service did tell me that the company runs on regular shipments of products. So know that in advance.




Hello Fresh is a service that delivers the ingredients for meals you select. They had a special price for 4 weeks, so I thought I would try it so my husband and I could cook together. Hahaha! He didn't get into it at all.
To explain how it works, a customer can choose the basic plan, a veggie plan or a family plan for however many meals a week you want for however many people you want to feed. I chose 2 meals a week for 2 people, and after the first week, it came up to about $27+ dollars a week, on the special. They send all the ingredients to your home, along with directions on exactly how to make each meal. Every meal was DELICIOUS.
I do NOT like to cook. It's time consuming and messy.
I ended up cancelling hellofresh because it was just too much work to make the meals.
However, their recipes gave me great ideas that I can simplify and use in the future.
And I have to say that all the deliveries came on time, even though i now live outside a small town in Wisconsin, and the winter here has been brutal!
I may sometime get back with HelloFresh and just order 2 meals for 2 people per month. They have very flexible plans. I maybe can handle complex meals twice a month.
But remember, i don't like to cook, and haven't done much cooking, so what's complicated for me may be simple for you.
It was easy to cancel, which I appreciated.
So I believe they are a good company, but it's just too much work for someone who hates to cook.



I'm a senior citizen who is interested in improving my health. So I get an unsolicited email from Alliance for Advanced Health, which is something formed by a Dr. Gerhauser, an MD who also apparently focuses on supplements. The HOOK to catch a fish like me is that he offers a book, "Uncensored Health: 25 "Forbidden Cures"" for a low price or for only S&H IF you sign up for his newsletter. For a senior citizen like me, the cost for a year was only $37, so I signed up.e
I thought the newsletters would be full of helpful advice on keeping healthy. INSTEAD THEY
ARE PURE ADS FOR GERHAUSER'S SUPPLEMENTS!! You are forced to watch (or skip ahead) or read (or scroll to the bottom) of LONG, REPETITIVE, BORING VIDEOS OR TRANSCRIPTS, full of dubious claims for selling his supplements, which are sold through Solaire Neutraceuticals or NOW, Gold Leaf Nutritionals. ALL NEWSLETTERS ARE JUST EMAIL
ORDERS EVERY MONTH OR SO!!! I read info very carefully because I HATE AND DESPISE AUTO-SHIP, especially if it not made clear and up-front!!
And these products are horribly expensive. Most of the times, one bottle is $49.95 to $69.95, and he sells "bargains" of 2's and 3's for horrendous prices.
Nothing I've tried of his has even worked 1% as much as the fake reviews(they look fake to me) he posts show.
Besides, when you try to complete your order, you have to go through about 4-5 other products and be sure to press "NO" or you will be stuck with a huge credit card bill.
Finally, it is very hard to get in touch with this company in order to cancel an auto ship you never wanted in the first place. I called time and time again and finally, after an hour, got a live person today. Make sure you ask the Rep for confirmation of your cancellation. Earlier I tried using their customer support email, and I never heard a thing back.

I TRULY FEEL THAT PEOPLE LIKE GERHAUSER SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED FOR SCAMS AND DEVIOUS BUSINESS PRACTICES. There are several "doctors" who offer a free incentive for you to join their "club", and all you get is inundated with their ads for miracle products that prove to do nothing.




I don't know how I came upon, except I think it came up when I looked up Boots No. 7, a foundation I was interested in. From what little I could research, it seems that Bonanza is a site where sellers of all kinds of products can advertise and try to sell their products. I'm not sure if this is true.
Anyway, I give 2 stars for the DESCRIPTIONS of the products on Bonanza website. The descriptions are SO HORRIBLY VAGUE!!! In some cases I'm not sure if a product is used or new, if something is leather or vinyl or cardboard, and so on. You can send a question to the seller, and I have without anyone answering.
So I thought I'd take a chance and I ordered what was described as a leather shoulder handbag. I couldn't tell the size of this purse, as no dimensions were given. I ordered another product, too, also with almost no specific information reported.
This site needs to provide buyers with a whole lot more in terms of describing their products! It's terrible how little sellers tell us about what they are selling!
So this first review gets one star (barely) for the way the website is set up and the complete lack of specific detail of the products.
Since I saw some reviews that said buyers got fake, cheap items, I ordered two things I could afford to lose money on. I hope I get good results. I will update this review later.
Thank you.


• Updated review

I wrote a very good review of Trinity Urgent Care, TUC, but after what happened to me next, I must revise it and let you know what my doctors and nurses cautioned me about. The provider at TUC correctly told me to see my personal doctor and a cardiology doctor as soon as possible. TUC had told me that my tests showed 3 things that I had never had before:
1. Pulmonary edema, or fluid in my lungs,
2. A problem with the electrical conduction in my heart, and
3. A leaking valve.
I was shocked. I saw a cardiologist 2 days later who gave me Nitroglycerin if I had chest pain and who told me to go to the ER if that didn't help the pain. Sure enough, two days later I got severe chest pain and ended up in an ambulance to the ED.
I had all the tests done that the cardiologist wanted, plus more. Thankfully, my heart is fine, and no fluid was found in my lungs.
Anyone with chest pain must go to the ER, so I'm not sorry I did. Don't think nothing might be wrong-just go.
But I believe that having already being under severe stress because we are moving across the country, the serious problems TUC said showed up made me even more stressed out.
My doctors and others reminded me that in most cases the Urgent Care provider never met you before, doesn't know you, and does not have your medical records. Also their equipment may not be as good as a hospital's, nor do they have specialists there to read your results.
So of you're told you have a serious thing you never knew before with your heart and lungs, please see your own doctors as soon as possible.
Urgent Care is for simple problems like sore throats, flu, broken bones. Anything that is complex should be followed by doctors who know you or have your past records.

“Trinity Parkway Urgent Care in Stockton, CA 95209”
• Previous review

I just had the most excellent, friendly, professional, and thorough care at Trinity Parkway Urgent Care Center in north Stockton CA. I thought about writing a review on Yelp until I saw how many business owners were very unhappy with Yelp. So I'm putting this on Sitejabber, which I know is an honest site.
Trinity Urgent Care is located near the Trinity Parkway Shopping Center. I believe its' hours are until 8:30 pm. The website gives the hours of operation and an overview of the busiest times each day.
I had two very complicated issues. I was VERY VERY IMPRESSED with my provider,a NP (Nurse Practitioner), Mary. Also with Don, who first interviewed me and did my X-rays. Everyone who helped me were great. But Mary was unbelievably knowledgeable, and she was so meticulous in my tests, my diagnosis, my treatment plan, and follow-up care!! I've been an RN, BSN for over 30 years, and it takes a lot to impress me. Mary did!
Trinity Urgent Care has digital radiology, probably has a link up for blood work, EKG and other testings in the clinic.
Before you leave, a health care person comes to give you printed information of your treatment plan and your follow up care. You can ask any questions then. Upon leaving, I got printed records of diagnosis and treatment, information sheets about each treatment, and a CD of all the X-rays they did! This helps you when you see your primary MD.
My problems were pretty serious, and I was told to follow up as soon as possible with my personal doctor and a cardiologist. Mary was wonderful in all ways. She really knows what she is doing!



I wrote a couple reviews on two other websites that offer miracle products that "aren't sold in stores" and that cost at least $39.99 per bottle. They use deceiving techniques that most likely anyone can see through.
I DID NOT BUY OR TRY THIS PRODUCT. I don't have skin tags or moles.
However, as an RN, BSN for 30 years, I find some of these website's techniques to be wrong.
First, they display a number of magazines or sites where the product has been advertised in. Many of these are bogus magazines or could even be their own catalogs.
Second, there is a stupid interview that some "doctor" (doctor of what?) has with some client who bought this product. These interviews are so funny!
Third, there is ALWAYS a day and time when you MUST ORDER TO GET A HUGE DISCOUNT, and every single time, that date is the day you see the ad and the time is midnight. You must order or you will lose out FOREVER. (In reality though, you find that you always get a little more time if you first ignore the wonderful discount).
Fourth: There are before pictures which are as gross and disgusting as you can imagine. Moles are growing on skin tags, that kind of thing! Then there are AFTER pictures in which beautiful, glowing skin is the result of using the product.
Fifth, often you are not shown the price of the product until you give the bulk of your information on address, phone number, email. Undoubtedly, the purpose of this info is to let other of these websites bombard you with more product ads of the same type.
Sixth, these products always cost about $39.99 to $49.99 (approximately) per bottle or unit. Then you are offered huge discounts on getting 3 bottles at once, or 6 bottles at once. You are urged to buy many bottles because the item is running out of supply, and you may never, ever get more!
Seventh, YES, I have been stupid enough to try a couple of products that have this scheme/template. NOT A ONE EVER WORKED!!
Now, it is possible that a product might conceivably work on someone. There is the Placebo Effect, after all; so sometimes if you believe hard enough that something will work, it might.
You can try anything you want to try. However, I've kicked myself for buying a few of these stupid products in the past with the only part working was the loss of weight of my wallet. So, I just want to tell people that there is a technique these companies have to sell you a product, where you don't even know what's all in it, just to make money.
So please consider what I'm saying, and then think about it and make a choice. The only reason I'm writing this is because this all seems like a scam to me.
Last, there are often 5 star always positive reviews from satisfied customers. Right.

Victoria Road

Victoria Road


I was browsing the internet when I came upon Maybe I'm biased, but when I saw Pakistan designers, I half expected head scarves and modest fashions. Boy, was I wrong! These women's and girl's clothes are BEAUTIFUL DESIGNER CREATIONS, using the best fabrics. These are really "custom" items that will make you stand out in a crowd.
Unfortunately for me, I can't really afford these items, as I'm retired and on a fixed income. Mainly though, I am too fat to wear these beautiful, unique dresses, skirts and tops, as most of them look like the XS category.
There is a "look-book" category of what is coming in the next season. The Priscilla top, and the Martina and Olivia dresses are beautiful and unique, real designer items.
Please, if you are a thin model type, and if you have the money for unique designer items, check out!!




I wanted to leave a good review of an Urgent Care Center I had gone to, where I received wonderful care. Before I wrote the review, I looked at all the reviews of Yelp itself and was amazed to see that so many businesses and company owners were saying that Yelp is deleting their business' good reviews, letting obviously fake reviews stay, and altogether getting worse and worse as time passes!!
Then I had trouble even finding how to write a review myself!
I thought, "why should I even post a review on Yelp when so many people are giving bad reviews? So I'm forgetting about putting a review on Yelp.
I doubt this review of mine will be added to Yelp because I am going to recommend to reviewers that they may instead want to write reviews on instead. Sitejabber is an ethical company. I know because I wrote a number of reviews on Sitejabber, and eventually the founder of Sitejabber contacted me and other reviewers about how he could make Sitejabber better. He talked to us personally by phone, and then he actually implemented the changes we suggested! Really remarkable!
I don't know what happened with Help, but why post to a site when your good reviews may be deleted? Try Sitejabber instead.




About 25-30 years ago, I worked the P.M. shift and slept from about 1 a.m. to 9 a.m.
Unfortunately for me, our neighbors at that time had two dogs that seemed to bark all night long. I bought a "white noise" machine which blocked out the barking and enabled me to sleep through the barking and street noise. There are many, many white noise machines on the market, but one of the best, at a really low price of under $30, is the Marpac Dohm Dome machine. This is a no frills machine with two settings-loud and low white noise. You can also adjust it by opening or closing the little holes on top by twisting the top so that you get the level of white noise that suits you. I had purchased fancier machines that had sounds like the ocean. I don't know about you, but the ocean does sound peaceful. However, that company adds seagulls quaking at intervals that I guarantee wake me up!!
For a basic, effective white noise machine that blocks out sounds so you can sleep, I recommend Marpac! I have a few white noise machines, including an old one that still works over 25 years later!

Spanish To English

Spanish To English


I've lived in the Central Valley of California for almost 31 years, but I never learned Spanish. Maybe I'm biased, but English is our language in the USA. Anyway, we have a housecleaning service come in every two weeks. In a couple of these weeks, a lady who doesn't speak English cleaned our home. I had some special instructions for her, but since neither of us spoke the other's language, I was looking for some way to communicate. I came across "Spanishtoenglish" on my cell phone. What is so great about this app is that you write in what you want to say. The Spanish translation shows up on the cell phone, along with an audible voice feature. It is simple but totally successful. I love it. It would also be invaluable if people wanted to learn Spanish. The very best translation app I ever found!

Phytage Labsimage coming soon

Phytage Labs


I found out about PhytAgelabs after I foolishly ordered supplements from another company called I wrote a review about BioLeptin. The BioLeptin company started sending me daily emails about other products "invented" by other people. One of these products was Tinnitus 911. I have terrible tinnitus, which is ringing in the ears. Even though Tinnitus 911 sounded too good to be true, and I knew it, I still ordered the product at something like $120 for two bottles of a 30 day supply each. I wanted so badly to get rid of, or decrease, the Tinnitus. Well, this product has done nothing for me except to decrease my supply of money.
These are the ingredients in Tinnitus 911: Vitamins C, B6, Niacin, folic acid and B12; Garlic, hibiscus, olive leaf, Hawthorne berry, buchu, juniper, green tea. However, who really knows what exactly is in these supplements which are not under FDA jurisdiction.
What I find unusual about Tinnitus 911 is that the man who "invented" BioLeptin and sent me an email about Tinnitus 911, both have the exact same sales pitch.
This is how it goes:
1. We only use the very top 3% of the finest ingredients, unlike other companies which use junk.
2. Because of #1, we only make small batches. That's why we only sell online and not in stores.
3. To assure you always have product on hand, you better buy a large number of bottles right now. The reason is that the top 3% of ingredients limits what we can sell.
Tinnitus 911 does have a money-back guarantee, even if you send back empty bottles. Tinnitus 911 does have an address and phone #, unlike which has neither.
I unsubscribed from both of these companies, as i was getting daily emails about other products.
One funny thing about Tinnitus 911 was that they sent an "Information Sheet" on how to decrease tinnitus, which rightly they said was not a problem with the ears but of the brain. The info sheet looked just like a research study, with resources listed. However, if you looked up the resources, they were just descriptions of other products made by Phytage.
Hopefully, the money back guarantee works. I haven't tried it. But how are these 2 companies connected, where they use the exact same sales pitch? What is actually in the supplements? How many other "inventors" and companies part of this racket?
Thank you for reading.




I already wrote a review of, but I wanted to do an update to let you know that THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT WORK AS ADVERTISED!
I was STUPID AND A FOOL, and what is worse, I kind of suspected it from the start. It sounded way too good to be true-no dieting or calorie restrictions and no exercising.
What you DO get when you order BioLeptin are constant daily emails from Adam Glass, the inventor of BioLeptin, recommending other products invented by other people. I was foolish enough to order one of those products.
What is so FISHY AND KIND OF SCAMMY about these other products is that these "inventors" use the exact same terminology and advertising. Adam Glass, in describing BioLeptin, states that he only uses the top 3% of the most fantastic ingredients. He says this because BioLeptin is made up of Chromium and African Mango Seed Extract, which are probably in many other supplements. He is emphasizing that BioLeptin is better than anything else because he only uses the top 3% of the ingredients. Hogwash! Who knows exactly what is in these capsules?? And the cost of BioLeptin is $89.95 per bottl, a 30 day supply. This is rather expensive! BUT when I ordered, Mr. Glass had a special offer BECAUSE OF BASTILLE DAY!! (Of all holidays!) He says that he only sells online because using only the top 3% of the ingredients leads to making small batches of BioLeptin, thus he cannot sell in bulk.
What really opened up my foolish eyes is that I ordered a product from one of his emails, Tinnitus 911. When i listened to THIS INVENTOR'S SALES PITCH , this other guy said the very same things that Adam Glass said! This other guy also uses only the finest top 3% of ingredients,and therefore, he also cannot sell a lot of product. If you want to make sure you always have a supply, you must order his specials. These supplements are also around $89.95 per bottle.
As I said, there is no way to know exactly what is in these supplements that you are purchasing at such an expensive cost. They Do Have a guarantee that you can send back the bottles, even if they are empty, to get a refund. I haven't done this, but I doubt it is as easy as they say.
Another weird thing is: BioLeptin has NO PHONE NUMBER, ADDRESS, OR CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE PEOPLE. So HOW CAN YOU SEND BACK YOUR BOTTLES FOR A REFUND? I confirmed this with some Rep on Chat. Another thing is that a person cannot use a credit card or any other method of payment; all payments are PayPal.
I really think I need to contact the Attorney General or some other government agency to ask them to look into these companies. Do you advocates have any suggestions about which agency I should contact? I believe there is something "not right" about these companies and their claims.
But it all comes down to me being STUPID, while knowing I was being stupid.



6/15/18 is a great, informative site about fitness, personal training, health, and wellness. Joe is a certified Personal Trainer with a Masters in Exercise Science. I'm not a trainer, and in fact, I probably NEED a trainer, but I became interested in this site because Joe Cannon is the first person EVER (I think) to write about rhabdomyolysis and exercise-RHABDO can lead to kidney failure and death in extreme cases. I'm an RN, BSN who read his book and was shocked at what can happen. In this site, Joe also talks about how to pass the Personal Trainer's NASM and ACE certifications, plus he has an EXCELLENT article on Gym Emergencies and what should be done when they occur. I got to know about the site because I'm an avid reader of his "" site, where he does totally unbiased reviews of supplements and health products. I have the utmost respect for Joe Cannon's knowledge. He has written several books, including one, "Nutritional Supplements" that I bought and use as a resource. He trains Trainers, has lectured at NASA, and has had articles published, including in "Prevention". No, I'm not Joe's mother. But I think I found a real treasure on-line when I found Joe Cannon's websites.

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