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Update: After about two weeks of posting on Google's forum for their products (I forget which one but if you need help, feel free to message me) and requesting domain privacy one of their advisers kindly helped me. Be aware you have to know how to confirm that you own the domain through advanced settings (it's not hard but for people not familiar with that, it might be confusing). I had to nag them a few times but I think that being they don't officially offer customer service, I appreciate the adviser who did help me. I noticed that some of the people who request help on the forum do not receive replies from official google advisers - I'm not sure if it's because of time constraints or something else but I would advise this is the only way to get help and that the advisers really do try, despite google's own shoddy lack of customer service.

This is a review for one of google's side services: DOMAIN registration/hosting. It is absolutely horrible and I recommend you stay far away unless you want to SIGN UP for a free trial JUST to get customer service. It just shows that no matter how much money a company has, they go far above and beyond and EVEN FURTHER in this case than my worst expectations to screw you over.
I think google services hands down have the worst, most clunky user interfaces ever.
I registered two domains with google in 2011ish. I paid using google wallet and everything seemed easy. The domains were managed via google wallet. They had google apps for free to manage your domain and domain related services. Fast forward to now when I realized I needed to alter something - I cannot for the life of me login to Google Admin for domain services.
Every email account I have with google does not work, when signing for google apps business because here's the catch... IF YOU'RE HAVING ISSUES migrating from the old system to the new one, THEY OFFER ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE to free google apps users. That's right, there's a pin you need to call them only offered to business, non profit and other clients. You cannot email them about your issue. Well when I go on google apps business for the free 30 day trial just so I can get customer support ON HOW TO LOGIN to GOOGLE ADMIN I get re-directed in these horrible loops to the same screen where my account cannot login to google admin and thereby I cannot upgrade to google apps business.
I almost went crazy trying this for two hours I posted in their support forums (no longer manned by google reps mind you, but kind people) and with a sinking heart I realized that THEY WILL NOT HELP YOU. I rarely get worked up and I rarely give such negative reviews, but this is the first time I've come across this. The thing is, they've renewed my domains for $50 up until now. It's not like I'm a FREELOADER. I think regardless of whether a user is a google apps business user or not, as long as they've PAID MONEY registering a domain with google they deserve a basic level of customer service.
Eventually I figured out that I had to set up an admin account from the original email with the domain registration. But another disparaging remark about google admin - it's as poorly organized as google sites (another horrible feature of google services). Not only is the non renewal feature NOT WHAT THE EMAIL instructions are - it's through clicking this weird greyed out sign (since when is clicking random symbols an adequate method for important stuff like not getting charged?). At least I have the safeguard that my credit card info has expired with google so that even if they tried to they can't renew my domain. I was almost wanting to cancel my credit card because for a few hours there, I had no way to access control of basic things.

Bottom line: if you blindly think that registering a domain through google is hassle free, think again. They update their interfaces, where things are located (domain renewal is no longer under domain settings, but under billing) all the time with NO SUPPORT and inadequate documentation, use hieroglyphic symbols to what it seems like me to try to throw you off on purpose and generally take no responsibility for their paying customers, past or present. STAY AWAY --- I'm now thinking twice about using google wallet. Who knows when they'll switch something up two months later and I'll be screwed with no access to customer support.
Update: To reiterate, they have a terrible inventory system and will cancel your order even if at the time of order their items show up and you are able to add to cart. I believe they have preferred customers (Jcrew credit card) and I suspect they ship to those customers first, then everyone else. It's irritating and not unlike what flash sale sites do. I recently had an order cancelled because of low stock, and I remember that this happened to me before, but for another reason. Something about them not recognizing my method of payment (PayPal) which is allowable. It's frustrating to say the least and I try not to shop there often but when I do and this happens well... watch out for orders during sales. Their inventory may be inaccurate.
Jcrew is you know Jcrew, not exactly my thing but they're clean, polished and well structured. I find they have schizophrenic sales from 30% off everything to, $50 off $200 and 40% off sale items. It's something you must check day to day or at least pay attention to email. I've ordered from them twice online and they definitely ship timely with good packaging. It's great to be able to return items in store. I don't like their return policy with finale sale that is impossible to return if you order online for items like swimwear for example. Since they don't carry swimwear in store, you have to order online. If it's full price and you can justify it, returns are allowed but catch something at a good price and it's likely you can't return it! They deduct a $5 for mail in returns which isn't so bad at all but their shipping again can be schizophrenic, ranging from free at any price, free after $150 or somewhere in between.
Urban Decay is well known for its high(er) quality make-up with popular eye shadows and eye liners. I bought some stuff to try during their sale, their prices were really good on sale and at the time of review, they had free shipping over a certain amount (I think it was $50). The package was shipped very timely and arrived very quickly. It was packaged well. One of the eye liners was in a ziplock bag instead of the original box but it didn't look used. The rest were well packaged. There was an option to chose USPS priority or UPS Ground which I find helpful since for me, USPS is more convenient and comes earlier. Overall, I am impressed with their service and products!
Honestly, everyone who complains about the repeated charges on every month haven't read. Hell, I'm blind and miss things but even I saw that customers get charged on the 5th of every month and must cancel before the 4th (something like that). It's not GLARING but it's there and it's half most people will forget and probably incur charges and half clear.

I ordered a pair of shoes in size 5, they were on sale and I had a credit from JewelMint (I'll get to that too). They also threw in some free rollerball fragrances that I didn't want but was a promo during the time I ordered. I received the shoes and they were way too big - about 1 size. This happens to me once in a while where size 5's are more like size 6's. So knowing this, ShoeMint is basically excluded from my possible options. They have free returns (unlike some other places) but you have to contact customer service to request a label. They replied in about two days, not the worst of service and I shipped my package including the rollerballs back to them. About six days later AFTER the package arrived at their warehouse, JewelMint was having a promo and I noticed they hadn't issued a credit so I called them. They promptly offered me a credit and everything was fine but I'm curious if I hadn't called them, whether a refund in credit would have been been issued or if it would have taken much longer.

In any event, understand the terms of this kind of site. Their customer service is fine, they're courteous and get back to you if you have issues but since their shoes are too big and I'm wary about returns I personally won't shop but the pair I received were actually decent quality for the price.
I cannot recommend another company more. Nordstrom has the best customer service ever. It's late and you wanted that color/size but it suddenly went out of stock? Try their online chat (they're up until 1amish I think) and you'll find the sweetest, most helpful people who will search stores for what you're looking for or recommend you alternatives. I've talked to them a few times because if there's one thing that I don't like about them, it's that they tend to stock items rarely and if it goes out of stock, it will FAST and for months. They also don't have coupons, only discounts but the quality of things they carry and the customer service more than makes up. They have reliable free shipping and free returns. They have a good return policy! (It's almost "none" but I hate the abuse of stores like this because there is no Nordstrom near me and I pretty much have to order online and go by reviews).
I also have to recommend them for sometimes unique items that aren't available elsewhere (scarves, jewelry, etc).
Since Sephora is a conglomerate of various beauty brands ranging from their own brand, Urban Decay to Dior the value and quality range depending. In general their website is easy to use and keeps track of inventory very well! Literally things have gone out of stock 5 mins after I placed them in chart and go to checkout. I find they have random sudden discounts on things that may or may not be advertised to Rouge members but if you have time to troll their website daily you may stumble on some good discounts. They ship via ground UPS which I like better than Surepost, which is free over $50 or only about $5-ish under that - so very reasonable. Things are packaged well, I've never received anything broken or leaky (though others have mentioned that but have gotten replacements). Sephora has a rather generous return policy that I've used sparingly, but you can return in store or by mail. They only accept credit cards however, not PayPal. As a bit of a fragrance snob, I find their product listing lacking compared to some other sites but for mainstream and select niche ones it's good enough and if you wait for their 15% or 20% sale, you can get authentic fragrances at a slight discount (along with any other product - that $40 lipstick you've been eyeing, for example).

*Recently before the time of my review, their website had down time at the time of their 20% coupon sale and black friday due to excessive access - which means if you go to their page, you'll see a "we're down..." blurb and then the instructions tell you not to refresh because they will check every 60 seconds. In essence it's a queue and you'll be let in if you leave the site up. Understandably, retail sites have down time and unexpected traffic - however I've seen reports of customers having their accounts locked for refreshing too much which I find shady. Also, it's frustrating for some who look up products a while in advance in order to make their 20% off sale once a year only to be unable to access, be locked out and later find out everything is sold out they've wanted. Yes, it's not a big deal - it's "only" make-up but there is time invested and it's the responsibility of companies to keep track of this and add more resources at holiday times. I'm sure other online retailers face this, and have found ways to mitigate down time.
I joined this site because I was curious about what it is. I requested an invite and was accepted a few days later - I think it depends on whether or not your email is associated with social media accounts. I've never been one to not be blunt so I'll be blunt: it's a product pushing site disguised as a rewards community type of thing where your "popularity" and activity earns you better rewards. When you join, they assess your "influence" by your facebook, if you have a blog, twitter, youtube, etc. You get assigned a number and depending on that number you may qualify for "vox boxes," - sounds fun right? You get to try random products depending on the category which you can sign up to be an expert of - beauty, exercise, geek stuff, etc.

However, I think Influenster is less about trending and more about product pushing and brand marketing. By offering free stuff for their users, they ensure that bloggers and vloggers promote items like gel shoe inserts, hair ties (which I actually want to try) and toothpaste to their audiences. In essence, instead of marketing teams trying to find individuals to try and promote items - Influenster aggregates individuals on behalf of them and then the brands that are featured on Influenster let Influenster handle the distribution and representation. So who's really influencing whom? It's definitely less the users and more so the brands involved. Going back to the dSLR example, for people who've never been exposed to a dSLR - they might see the Canon rebel, look at the reviews and go out to buy one. Sure, google exists for the more knowledgeable buyer but for the people that don't want to wade through long product reviews and spec ratings - Influenster just might influence them with their selective branding.

You cannot add products or labels to their database to review (reviewing earns you more cred with your expert category and ups your overall score - giving you a better chance at being selected for a vox box). This is proof that it's really more about a pre-selected group of item (buy Xbox not PS, buy Canon not Nikon) and social media slowly trickling those brands to consumers. The only influence anyone has is what Influenster tells them to have - any indie, niche or non corporate labels/entities anyone has an interest in does not exist. That being said, if you love KRAFT MAC AND CHEESE, Neutrogena and Taco Bell you can review them to your heart's content (even shady one liners like "Great") and for your hard work, might as well get free samples.
A de-cluttered and more "personal" ebay? Maybe. It sort of borrows from Etsy and Ebay in unequal parts. But basically it's another list your item to sell where you can list almost as many items that belong in categories as Ebay (terrible sentence). There are many attractive upsides to Bonanza over Ebay: free listings (4 pictures included - although Ebay now allows 50 free listings per month), the final fee is less than Ebay by a bit (their fees page explains exactly by how much), your products are distributed via google and bing so they show up in searches, you can import listings from Ebay and Etsy as well as feedback so the transfer is minimal hassle and many other minor "perks". One thing I find slightly creepy is that they show a google map of where you are on your "booth". I prefer buyers only know my address when they WIN an item, not when they look at what I'm selling. Especially if you're just selling excess personal items like shoes, handbags and clothing and aren't a wholesaler with a generic main street address.

I've listed an item both on Bonanza and Ebay and it definitely sold a lot faster on Ebay than on Bonanza despite its search engine pandering. In fact, when I neglected to remove the listing from Bonanza and someone bought it months later, I had NO idea how to cancel the listing on Bonanza. I refunded them via PayPal but after clicking (because I think their layout is not intuitive and kind of messy) around for a few minutes I gave up and contacted their customer service, which were helpful and resolved my problem.

At this point, I'm not really sure what the point of this site is other than maybe being a bit more useful if you know how to utilize its features and fewer fees (but doesn't matter if no one's buying your things). Etsy is still far superior in terms of having more variety if you're looking for handmade. Apparently though if you're in the market for selling 1K+ Chanel bags, Bonanza has a bags section just for that purpose.
This is another case where reviewing the site/services vs. products being sold has some discrepancy. Ispy is one of those monthly subscription services (now they have them for dogs, niche perfumes, natural eating, whatever!) for beauty products. It's $10/month including shipping although you can purchase the whole 12 months at a slightly reduced rate (note that I read they do not refund yearly subscriptions so be careful!). When you sign up, there is a wait list and you give them your CC info so that when a spot opens up they charge it and ship your ipsy bag right away. I waited about 1 1/2 months - so that wait list is legit. Based on a quiz you take, they pick 4-5 items to put in a plastic small cosmetic bag (ranging from make up, hair and face products). You can review a product that was picked for you if you really don't like it - I'm not sure if that influences future picks because I've gotten bags where I didn't want half of the products. Note too that some of the products may contain parabens, BHA, or other questionable ingredients (depending on the brand). All in all, it's really not bad for $10 - just beware the useless face wipes!
I booked a vacation via SouthWest. I got an email that told me to check in to their resort hotel and sign up for Disney's Shuttle Express service. I don't know who designed and/or programmed the website but it is the most incompetent, flawed and poorly streamlined site. It's only a smidge above those news sites that play advertisements for 15 seconds before you can click an X and/or has some video ads in the background. Everything is laggy and takes seconds to process. I know it's to entice the Disney goers but when I book vacations I expect things to be efficient, not slow as hell.

First, the Disney Shuttle Express pages are BUGGED. I could not enter in a flight number. The calendar for arrival and depart dates were messed up on all computers I tried. My macbook pro's three browsers: Safari, Chrome and Firefox had the same issue. I tried on a pc with IE and Firefox and the same issue was there. It could very well be that all of my computers and browsers were having simultaneous issues but I think their website is programmed poorly, very poorly. I mean, do they outsource their programming to overseas for a salary for $2/hour? Is that why it's so buggy?

I try to check in with their resort online, two rooms were booked. They were unable to check in the other guests in the other room because of their website limitations. As much as they like to promote a stress free experience, I've never had as many issues with Disney as with any other website in my life. Even Gmarket and the Korean language were better experiences. For the two things I attempted to complete, I give 0/2. I ended up spending almost an hour with Southwest Airlines who ALSO ON MY BEHALF attempted to complete the booking but THEIR browsers were also having issues. They ended up calling Disney to do it for me. So that confirms it wasn't just my computers or browsers. For a company that has so much revenue, there's no excuse to scrounge on a better web experience. Sure it might save them a few $$$, but it wastes my time and my time is money also. It's disappointing that it's so glaringly obvious they value their own profits a lot more than their customers.
I absolutely LOVE ravelry. It's the #1 resource for knitters and crocheters, it's got a huge directory of patterns (free and you can even buy online pdfs from designers, books, magazines, etc) and yarns as well. People can review or comment on patterns and yarns which is uber helpful. Patterns and yarns are also organized by color, gauge, type, etc so it's indispensable for finding a variety of items. If I want to find a pattern to knit - say a scarf for males in worsted weight, ravelry is the place to search. They also have a handy way to list yarn for the purposes of trading or selling, which I've found useful in destashing. Destashing groups also help with getting rid of yarn and magazines. Basically, ravelry can do no wrong!
I was tired of paying a lot at my optometrist offices and lenscrafters. I've had varying types of vision insurance - even with ones that pay a lot for frames/lenses, each pair has come out to around $300. I was kind of skeptical since not all glasses are made equal and neither are faces but in order to save money I decided to try them. True to advertisement, you can try 5 at a time for free. It's easy to mail them back - the labels are included and I found their virtual try-on better than other sites. However, none of their glasses fit my face. They definitely do not suit people with lower or no nose bridges. So for me, their glasses would slide down and since the glasses do not have spring hinges - the fit is also precarious at best. Also, the lenses do get dirty easily and very smudged - so I think that the quality isn't too good. In the end, I had to break down and buy a pair at Lenscrafters because their frames fit my face better even without nosepads. I'm not sure if the Warby Parker designers really considered facial variation. I did end up exchanging a pair with prescription within 30 days for another pair, so the customer service was great overall. However, if your face deviates from caucasian features the glasses may not fit that well.
Technically I would give them 2.5 stars but whomever processed my return was courteous. I received a pair of shoes on Sept. 18th (the order was placed on Sept. 12th). I use their USPS generated label to return the shoes on Oct. 12th. For me that's 24 days - within their 30 day period because usually vendors like Amazon for example count from the day you receive your order and the day you drop off the package for returns. The package gets to them on Oct. 25th. It's out of my hands if the return service mail they commissioned takes two weeks. But for future reference, it seems like the return of 30 days is actually 30 days including possible time in transit to return and if that's two weeks for me, the return period is actually half of that - maybe 14 days. I received an email notifying me that my return was out of the period (it is if 20 days are counted for shipping) but they processed the return as a courtesy. That was kind of them but I'll be sure to either avoid ordering from them or at the least return anything the very next day.
Aritzia is a Canadian clothing company that sells its own brands as well as other ones. They recently opened physical locations in the US. I was on the hunt for non synthetic scarves that weren't too stuffy (and though Nordstrom is a good resource, they have a certain style that I wanted to deviate from). I liked that Aritzia's wilfred brand has a lot of thick, sturdy wool scarves that I was used to (as a true Canadian). So I ordered three scarves that were on sale and waited excitedly for my items to arrive - until I noticed in their confusing shipping/returns policy that ON SALE ITEMS are final! This was after the time within which their customer service operates to cancel the order. I frantically email them and get an auto reply that due to a high volume of sales replies may take longer than their usual time period. So I call them up the next day and to my relief, the SA sympathizes with me and tells me to call back once the items arrive and quote her name saying that I am allowed a one time courtesy return. When my stuff arrives, I decide to return part of the order and I call back asking for the same SA. Someone else answers and tells me she's away but processes my return to my relief though s/he sounded slightly reluctant. I pack my return but forget to put the invoice in, because I wanted to remind myself that I had to keep track of whether or not funds were returned so I called again and they assured me it was fine. Everything turned out fine, but please read their shipping and returns policy! Currently, returns are only allowed as STORE CREDIT and within 14 days. They offer a free shipping above $50, but otherwise it's $8 and returns will cost you an $8 deduction with possibly a deduction on initial shipment costs (aka $16 if I read that right). I find all of this too annoying to deal with since I don't live near a location (though I don't recall if you can return online orders in store) so unless you're exactly sure what you want or you love something they carry, read everything carefully!
To be honest, nothing negative happened for my order. I ordered from them because they had a great gift set for a beauty product at a great price. It took a while to ship (despite them charging standard shipping) and that's where I see a lot of the complaints about that HSN charges shipping per item or per set of items your order, not the whole order. So let's say you order a pair of socks, and then a camisole you'd get charged for the full price of shipping for one item and then half price for another item - that can add up if you're ordering a few items! That's silly and outdated shipping practice - it's shady at the worst because big companies have contracts with shipping companies. That being said, they do have free shipping deals for certain things and drastically reduced shipping depending on the promotion (but I don't pay attention). I was very hesitant after placing the order because of the enormous complaints out there and although my order was processed and delivered OK I would not recommend ordering things you intend on returning (a lot of clothes) and electronics.
Revised review:

I have to split up my review in two parts: one for delivery/purchase and policies and two for customer service.

One: Macy's online in my opinion doesn't have the best layout and there are definitely less things online than in store, which isn't that odd but they tend to have cheaper prices. The only caveat is that $99 minimum for free standard shipping. That being said, it's great if you need to order a few things that meet the minimum. Keep in mind though that store employees can adjust the 20% discount if you own a Macy's credit card while codes won't work online on certain sale items. Nonetheless, you can trust them to ship items to you - if different items are at different warehouses they will arrive separately with no extra cost.
The other thing mention worthy is that if you order something online and change your mind, it's better to cancel it within the hour. Otherwise they cannot alter something once it's processed. This leads me to the next point that makes my review meh.

Two: I wasn't able to cancel an order and they shipped the item. I contacted customer service and they told me to refuse the package. I refused the package on 12/9, it was delivered 12/11. I contacted them three times (twice via email, once over the phone) that the delivery date 12/11 isn't TO ME but to their warehouse. The UPS shipping number even shows that I refused the package on 12/9. No matter how I explain it they keep telling me that once the items arrive, I will be issued a refund. But the refused package arrived on 12/11. I understand that it's the holiday season and things get hectic so my issue isn't with them not processing my order per se but with their refusal to acknowledge what happened with proof (UPS tracking #) that the package was already delivered to them! They keep replying with "when we receive your items..." when the items were delivered. At this point, I would suggest that instead of refusing a package you cannot cancel to instead return the items in store. That way you can be sure you are personally returning the items and not dealing with customer service that don't seem to address anything.
Yoox is an Italian based discount luxury goods online retailer. They carry brands like McQueen, Louboutin, etc and then some Italian brands. A lot of their products are made out of real leather and during one of their after summer sales, they can be found for very reasonable prices from belts, shoes to handbags. I ordered from them twice and each time my order was delivered within three days! That's crazy, especially since my items were shipped from Italy. I've read that some products may ship from an American warehouse but both of my orders were from Italy. The shipping was free over $150 and returns using their pre-paid label is about $7.00ish deducted from your refund. I believe you can get a full refund if you choose Yoox currency. In addition, the refund may or may not include taxes depending on where you are (I can't remember but I think my tax amounts were refunded). The instructions for returns ARE specific but not any worse than say ideeli. The items that have straps or hooks have a Yoox label, that cannot be removed if you want to return them. Other than that, if you request a return online and follow instructions everything was processed and refunded pretty reasonably. I like that you can add things to a dreambox which is basically a wishlist and you can view how many are left of the items in there, or they will show out of stock if that's the case. The only thing I don't like is that through the way the site is organized, it takes forever to look through everything. Due to the items being from the EU, sizes are in Italian or standard EU and you have to click on the item and look at Yoox's sizing commentary. It helps if you're familiar with brand sizing already, otherwise it can be a blind gamble. In general, I find the shoes to be 1/2 size too large from the Italian labels but the bags are great quality for the price and worth it. In general, I recommend Yoox if you don't mind doing a bit of research and have an open mind.
I've read too, too many conflicting reviews about fragrancenet, but based on fragantica threads I decided that it's mostly OK but I had my reservations. I ordered two mainstream fragrances (pretty common, on good discount) knowing that they could be older stock or store returns. I think that issues come with ordering niche or rare fragrances where people seem to think those are fakes or really old. It took them about a week to ship to me, granted I live closer to their warehouse than other parts of the countries. International orders seem to have the worst reviews but the fragrances I received were full, one was completely new - the other one may have been opened (aka a very new store return) but both smelled fine. I would say, it's a great site for mainstream fragrances (esp. If your guilty pleasure is hasbeen celeb fragrance) but its split reputation has its reasons, so if you want that Marc Jacobs or Britney fragrance it's probably OK. One of my peeves is when companies say (we ship using FedEx, UPS, USPS, OR DHL but we can't specify which unless you order) so I'll mention that for me it was FedEx Smartpost which is notoriously slow but for a cheaper price, I don't mind the wait.
I don't do outdoorsy things and their clothing (even petite) isn't cut well for my height/stature so I don't shop there normally but I needed waterproof gloves to potentially a) hack ice from the wind shield b) clear snow from the windows/roof and c) shovel snow! I have literally, child sized hands so it's hard for find adult gloves to fit me and not many come in xs. So, I came across a model on the ll bean site and it was on sale so I ordered it (free shipping). Alas, it was too big and bulky - even for normal female hands so I had to return it in store. Despite paying using PayPal, they were able to refund a credit card I had linked to PayPal. So in conclusion, although nothing fit properly buying online from them and returning an item was hassle free!
This is a situation where I give 2 stars for their online shopping experience, not because they're shady or anything but because of their outdated policies. First of all, they offer free shipping after a pretty high amount (when I checked it was $200). The ONLY situation this is reasonable is if you live close to a Naturalizer store, where you can make returns without having to ship things back to them because YOU are responsible for shipping things back to them. They do not offer a flat rate label like many stores at a reasonable price of $6.95 for the whole package. I'm assuming they're too cheap to negotiate a contract with a courier. If you order under $200, you pay shipping starting at $6.50 for the first item and $2.00 more each item. To me this is crazy shipping! If you order 5 things, your shipping is $14.50... seriously? And imagine having to ship things back... no thanks.
Their sizing is also kind of questionable which makes their policies the harder to swallow. I'm a 5 in most brands, but with them 5 is too large, 4.5 is still too large and 4 is too small. There's no way I'm going to order 3 sizes for each shoe model (because each model is inconsistent) - pay shipping and possible return shipping. Sure there are coupons once in a while, that may help to offset shipping but if your size is available elsewhere - shop there instead or if you live close to one, by all means. Aside, my order was shipped promptly and if you review something, you get a $10 coupon off the next order so that might be great if you have the right conditions but for me, the shipping policies are horrible and I don't want to lose out on more money than the shoes would be worth just to find a pair that fits.

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