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There is nothing special about me. I just live to help others that's all!

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Warning others, helping others, and doing good reviews. I hope that all will know I only seek their best interest at heart. I am also a researcher of dating sites


Fun, Fun, Fun in the Sun, Fun. Life is supposed to be Fun. and meeting new friends

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I love the news and information that one gets from this site. Great site indeed.

Great site for quotes and other information. Worth looking into


I love this site and the many quotes that it has is really a joy to go through. If you are looking to get smarter then this is the place to do it


There are issues with this site

1. Scammers from army scammers and other types can be on this site
2. Technical Issues can also be with the site
3. Fake profiles can be on the site

Plenty of fish is more plenty of fraud at times instead


Excellent site for changing issues and for filing petitions about certain issues.

I think that any site that fights against the wrongs and injustices of others is worth supporting fully.

They are a voice for reason and for change and have helped others in the past.


Excellent place to bring change to certain issues and certain situation that require the voice of more than one person.

Lives have been changed because of this site and will continue to change because of it.

I always support petitions there for change.


Excellent site to find excellent reviews and information on all different aspects of technology plus the site also allows one the ability to download important pieces of software that can help in the maintenance of their computer.

Simply a great site.


I agree that this site is a wonderful search engine because it does not record one's IP address and that means I am able to protect myself online.

Here is the claim made by this search engine:

"Ixquick search results are more comprehensive and more accurate than other search engines. Ixquick's unique capabilities include an Advanced Search, a global search and power refinement."

I would have to agree with them personally and I intend to make them one of my regular search engines from now on.


I love this site. This site will be a definite site for future medical reference and study I can tell you for me personally. Here are my reasons why

1. Alphabetic drugs list
2. Alphabetic Health List from A-Z
3. Symptom checker
4. Health Tools
5. Food and Fitness section
6. Health Community

I am excited about learning from this site and highly recommend it.


Great site for finding out about movies and news about actors and actresses. It also contains movie trailers and other odd tidbits about the world of hollywood.

It is a great resource for the movie enthusiast.


I love because there are many videos of varying kinds that cater to many different kinds of tastes.

Registration is not that difficult and the site also has the ability to allow one to upload videos.

The site also has a parental filter ti filter out adult content from the eyes of children.

This is an excellent alternative I would think to


Excellent site that exposes romance scams. This site especially exposes a romance scammer who uses the pictures of Tiffany Taylor and who also uses the assumed name of Olya to pretend to be a genuine woman in search of marriage.

The site exposes letters belonging to this particular romance scam and the address that the scammer uses. Any antiscam site should always be well received


The site is a great site that brings interesting stories that come from the sports world. The site makes this claim about itself:

"ThePostGame brings you the most interesting sports stories on the web"

There are many stories that they bring to their readers which include sad stories, happy stories, controversial stories, etc. They are an excellent site because they help to bring another angle of the sports world that is rarely seen.


This is a great free dating site where you can meet and contact people who belong to the site. The site does have a limit as to how many people one can contact per day as a spam control policy but one can indeed contact people there.

However the site does have a scammer problem where there are scammers who use fake photos and even send fake letters who are from Nigeria and even Senegal. They are easy to identify and their mails should be reported or removed. Also one should watch out for translation agency scammers that can be on the site as well that can also be easily identified if in one's correspondence they ask you to send them money to continue on with the correspondence. This clearly shows that this is a scam and all further correspondence should be discontinued.

I have found people on the site in the past but it may come with a period of sifting out the fake profiles from the real ones but it is a guarantee one will not have to spend any money doing so as compared with paid sites.


This is an online penpal site that connects people from all over the world for the purpose of learning different languages firstly and secondly to meet new friends and even form relationships.

There are thousands of people on this site from many different world locations such as:

North America
South America

This site even offers online chatting so that one can chat with different people from different countries as well.

One can even choose if one wants to keep in contact with friends either by snail mail or by email. This site really is a fun experience as well as a learning experience and if you are interested in meeting nee people and making new friends as well as learning about different cultures and new languages then here seems like the place to do it.


I like the fact that has a verification system that one pays a small fee for that protects against from scammers.

"Verification helps reduce online scam and increase the security for yourself and for everyone you communicate with at

The Small Charge Verification procedure works like this. Make a small payment of 5 EUR using PayPal payment gateway. The same amount is also credited to your SMS account at for your use. We instantly compare your account details with PayPal payment details. After your verification is complete, your security profile will be updated as having passed this verification"

However there are issues with this:

1. Online verification does verify that someone is real but it does not verify that they have a genuine character

2. The crediting of this small amount to your SMS account betrays the site's claim that it is free. It means that to continue to use the SMS features that one will continue to have to pay to use this feature of the site.

It is an okay site but it still betrays its claim that it is free.


Terrible place for posting classified advertisements. Greed and corrupt activities tend to dominate this site and the site is not worth it for business purposes. The site is also run at times by prejudice in its practices in terms of removing advertisements that are valid.

Find another site and find another place for posting classified advertisements. This is not the best place for doing such.


Excellent antiscam site that exposes and fights against Asian scammers. Here is what it says in its mission statement that is found on its forum:

" Mission Statement

Posted by: Cal A Baugh, Sat May 22,2010 4:28 pm

Global announcement was formed by several anti-scam activists and scambaiters with the purposes of educating the public about internet 'romance scams from Asia,
Reporting, and aggregating... "

I have found this site to be a good reference tool when it comes to checking to see if a profile that contains an Asian woman is legitimate and real or is it in fact a scammer because it collects many scammer profiles that one can use to check and see if one may be in fact talking to a scammer. This site is an excellent tool and information source than protect many out there.


I enjoy this site and rate it very highly. I have found people there and there are lots of beautiful Asian women and other beautiful people there on the site as well.

However as with any free site there are fake profiles as well and the site has them but the site operators do care about cleaning up the site of fake profiles. Profiles that are not active after a year are removed from the site.

Scammers are also there and the site also has been known to clean them up as well once they are informed about it. I have found the site operators to be quick and to be very professional when it comes to cleaning up these scammers from off the site.

There have also been technical issues with the site but the site is great in terms of dealing with this issue also as well professionally.

The site also has been known to delete email responses from time to time if they are received from those one has contacted once one does not reply to them after some period of time. This sometimes is an issue so one has to make sure that one does keep in regular contact with the site and contact them if in case such happens.

I prefer free sites and this site ranks among the best out there because it has proven to be more professional than some paid sites that are out there. The site also has an excellent control of spam mail that can be sent to one's account. Now some services are not free like deliveries for example but the fact that the other services like correspondence services are free that one would have to spend their money on in other places makes this an excellent site to check out.


I do not like it when a site that claims to be free is not completely free especially in its services that involve correspondence. Here is the case with this site.

Also there is a limit in the amount of free message notifications that one can send out in a day to other members. Other sites may have this limit but it is not as narrow or as restricted as with this site.

The site has a poor ability to remove scammers and so there are many that are there especially Asian scammers.

I am still disappointed with this site. I believe one can find people there but it may come after paying the price the site asks one to pay and filtering through the many fake or scam profiles that are on the site.

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