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1 review
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Ordered my 16 year old son a pair of shoes from foot locker after reading review after review, and this pair said "TRUE FIT". When you wear a size 16, you obviously cannot walk into foot locker to try them on, because why would you want to carry larger sizes in the store???? That makes no sense. Ordered the shoes, they were an entire size to big. My son put the shoes on, IN THE HOUSE, had them on less than one minute, took them off placed them back in the box and sent them back for a smaller size. Received them back today stating "we do not accept used shoes, the return is not acceptable". I call customer service, who states the refund department determined they are used, and we cannot help you, asked for a manager who states you cannot talk to the refund department they do not accept calls or emails, decisions are final. I kindly stated, in your stores, do people not try on shoes, and walk around? So do you sell "used or dirty shoes in your stores?" So wouldn't this be unacceptable? No answer to that. Looked up corporate, who states their core values are integrity, leadership, excellence, service, teamwork, innovation and community. FOOTLOCKER you are a big hit and miss on your core values and your refund department. I will never buy from you again, and thank you for making buying shoes for a 16 year old kid a challenge, as if life isn't challenging enough, you make buying shoes a bigger challenge. Congratulations on meeting your core values! I cannot even give you one star, because you suck that badly.

1 review
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Opal F was amazing. She went above and beyond to assist me in getting the sneakers my daughter wanted for Christmas. I greatly appreciate her kindness and help this Holliday season.

1 review
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As previous reviewer stated, it's almost like they want to lose money during the holidays.

Ordered an item back in mid-December and received a confirmation email and order number. Received no other updates and then told today that my order never went through (yet I received an order number and they charged my card). Lost out on the sneakers and had to spend two hours on the phone to find out my order didn't go through and all they could offer was a voucher for 25% off on

Not sure what else to say other I won't be using their site or visiting their stores in the future.

1 review
2 helpful votes

It's as if they're going out of their way to destroy their own company they're making an effort to make every customer feel ripped off and furious. No other company is this bad, I think it's really strange.

1 review
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I ordered shoes from their online website I received one pair the other two pair have been canceled money has been taken out of my account for one pair and I still never got the shoes I will never buy from them again

1 review
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Tried canceling an order through Customer Service but they can't do that so I asked if they can change the shipping address and said they can't do that. What can you do? What's the point of having a customer service department if you can't do these basic things that other companies' customer service department perform on a regular basis.

Also, this problem wouldn't have happened if they said they haven't falsely advertised guaranteed shipping before a certain date. Not to mention the sneakers they ship out are often with bad defects.

Never shopping here again and I advise others to stay away as well.

1 review
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chintan: Also, can you check me the precise delivery date on this order? Since, it's a birthday gift for my wife
Kane B.: I do not know why a confirmation email didn't generate, I will resend one.
chintan: ok
Kane B.: I cannot give a precise delivery date, but the item will be there in the next 5-6 business days.
chintan: Coz, I was looking for it by the Nov 5th
chintan: Since it's a birthday gift
Kane B.: It will be there by 11/7.
chintan: is there a way you can rush it a day or two before
Kane B.: No, we cannot modify the shipment in any way. You would have to cancel this order and place an order with expedited shipping.
chintan: ahh that's not a good experience with footlocker than
chintan: since Nike didn't have it in stock I came across your website and did it
chintan: Coz nike offer's free air shipping during such occasions
Kane B.: We do offer expedited shipping prior to checking out, I apologize if you did not see it. However, it is not a free service. I am sorry that you feel otherwise.
chintan: Nike charges $119.99 with free air shipping while Footlocker it is $150.00 but no rush on the shipping
chintan: that's worst experience shopping with Footlocker
chintan: I will review it for sure
Kane B.: I am sorry you feel that way.
chintan: $30 extra but no curtsey
chintan: on shipping
Kane B.: No, we do not do that.
chintan: horrible place to shop with
Kane B.: I am sorry you feel that way. If you would like, we can cancel your order for you?
chintan: but you cant do anything on shipping
Kane B.: No, we will not expedite your shipping for free. If you would like expedited shipping, you would have to cancel the order you have now, then place a new order with expedited shipping.
chintan: since it's a gift I am asking you...also no one else have it available in the market...otherwise
Kane B.: Regardless of it being a gift or not, we wouldn't expedite the shipping for free.
chintan: how pathetic you answer the customers
Kane B.: I am sorry you feel that way.
chintan: Also, as you said I still didn't get your email...Do you also make false promises? Kane B.: I do not know why a confirmation email didn't generate, I will resend one.
Kane B.: It can take 24 hours to receive.
chintan: Thank you for your worst services
Kane B.: Was there anything else I could help you with today?
chintan: I had enough with you and your company
chintan: just make sure you send me the confirmation email and the delivery on time
chintan: I will definitely share this chat on the social media and review it too
chintan: thank you for such pathetic services
Kane B.: Thank you for contacting us. I have enjoyed assisting you!

1 review
1 helpful vote

I purchased pair of shoes and paid for 1 day shipping to the Hawaii store, as I was visiting from overseas and the shoe wasn't in stock in the store.
Upon checking my order receipt, it had sneakily bene changed to 2 day shipping despite me having paid 1 day shipping. Tried calling from an international number, after 1hr in the hold queue without being answered (on international calling rates) I hung up and emailed them about it, received a reply about a week later saying it must've been a system error and they'd refund the difference. No regard for me having told them I was only in the country for a few more days.

No worries though, I ordered on the Tues and wasn't leaving till Monday. So still should arrive, right? Nope. UPS tracking said they attempted delivery and the 'address was wrong'. WTF? I selected pick up in store. Emailed again. Another several day long delay before they told me I entered the address wrong. Do they even read the email I sent them? I told them I SELECTED PICKUP IN STORE. And so any error in the address was completely their fault.

Went in store, staff in store were very accomodating, told me that they'd forward the shoes to my home in Australia as they weren't going to arrive in time. Tracking parcel a week later though, shoes had been sitting in the UPS depot for two weeks no movement 'awaiting updated address'. Again, emailed customer service to get no reply for over a week. Shoes were then 'returned to sender' and I am livid. They were never attempted to make redelivery to the store, and only upon emailing footlocker was I told I would be refunded.

First of all, I didn't want a damn refund, I wanted the shoes I had paid 1 DAY DELIVERY FOR, to be DELIVERED. Yet a month later they were not. The customer service simply didn't care, they told me they couldn't do anything about it 'because it'd been refunded'. How about send me my damn shoes?

I told them how appalled I was and that I would take this case to consumer affairs, they then replied with a laughable 25% discount coupon code, which when I tried to use it says can't even be used on all items.

What. A. Joke.

DO NOT BUY. Complete lack of care or responsibility.

1 review
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I purchased timberland shoes for my grandson's 10th birthday upon hitting send I realized I transposed the shipping address and the billing address. I immediately called footlocker they assured me as soon as they could see the order on line they would change the address for me. I call the next morning and was told that as soon as I get the email with the shipping label from UPS I could change the address 20 minutes later I call back because the shipping label from ups showed up in my email. I was told by a supervisor very rudely that I should pay more attention to what I'm doing online that there was nothing he could do. I asked for a credit I asked for some kind of compensation because now I would have to spend an additional $25 with UPS to have the package shipped to New York from Virginia. The supervisor, again told me it was my fault and i should pay more attention, and he was not going to do anything for me. I called my bank because i was going to dispute the charges I was told by my bank that it would take up to a month. I decided to give UPS a call. UPS said they could not change the address because footlocker had certain restrictions on the shipping label. So I called footlocker back and ask for dispute resolution specialist, his name was Zach he reassured me that he would handle this and that my shoes would get to my grandson for his birthday which is today. The shoes were delivered to my house In Virginia not New York. I called to speak to Zach and find out why the shoes showed up here of course he was not available the young lady Donna whom was very empathetic and apologized profusely said that she saw all of the notes from every time I called and understood why i was so upset. There are plenty of places to buy timberlands i will not ever purchase anything from Foot Locker again. Disappointed is an understatement.

1 review
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The quality of the shoes is just overwhelming. I have worn my shoes for 12 months now and they look as good as new. The footwear from this site is just a good as from

1 review
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I wrote In a 2 weeks ago asking for someone to start an investigation on why i got An email asking how did u like your shoes but no shoes came. Finally i get A phone call after i emailed And raised hell and they called and left a vm saying we have closed the investigation and would like to help you a few different ways call us at this number. Hey well needless to say i have Called this number since Tuesday and no one has returned my call. Im out of 85 bucks and still no shoes! This would have never happened at Finish Line

1 review
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Footlocker customer service France (spoke to OLIVIA), (tel:08 05 54 07 86) is the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE IVE EVER DEALT WITH! So incredibly RUDE Im still shocked at what just happened. I called for a general question about the timeframe of the availability of a product. 1) The person I talked to named Olivia didnt let me finish and said she could not help me. Fine so I politely asked what that customer service line was for and she hung up on me. 2) I call back the same person Olivia picks up and all I have time to say is that I would like to. I called back to ask to speak to a manager. Very legitimate right? Most people would want to talk to a manager after being treated this way!! This left me STUNNED and UPSET. 3) I call a third time and and she hangs up on me right away. 4) Finally a young guy picks up the phone, (Olivia probably passed him the phone) and as soon as I kindly asked to speak to a manager he tells me that they dont transfer calls. I lost it after that REALLY?!??? Then WHAT IS YOUR PHONE CUSTOMER SEVICE FOR???!!! I was treated like piece of trash by OLIVIA at the Frances footlocker customer service phone number. Why? How is this behavior acceptable? How to you train your people???!!??? Thats how you treat customers without whom you wouldnt have a business. What happened to me just now is NOT OK. Im going to do something about this. I just wanted you to know that. I not going to let this fly. I was in customer service in my younger days and if I wouldve treated a customer this way I wouldve gotten fired on the spot; but thats in the United States and customer service there is always exceptionally good. FOOTLOCKER YOUVE JUST LOST A CUSTOMER. Im going to write reviews everywhere about how you treated me.

2 reviews
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Dear Clint,
Thank you for your recent order. We regret to inform you we were
unable to fulfill some or all items from your recent order number
638838 due to lack of product availability.

If we can be of assistance in selecting an alternate item, please
contact us at 1.800.479.6674 or visit our website at We apologize for any inconvenience.

Sincerely, Foot Locker Canada Customer Service

Invoice Number: 896217

I ordered the Jordan 11's Cap N Gown the minute they dropped on the website. Got a order confirmation ect. call the store in my town, they still had some in stock, No need though since i had ordered online with free shipping. 5 hours later....get an email. Order has been cancelled shoe is sold out..LMAO then how did i buy it? I even check the site several times after i purchased and the shoes were still available on the site for 2 or 3 hours after i bought...So im just baffled how my order which was done the minute they launched was cancelled. and now my local store is sold out. Youve screwed me completely Footlocker. Thanks for nothing.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Garbage accommodation for their screw up on my package that I had to have by a specific deadline. Didn't even try to compensate for the lost time. And you all need to desperately fix the inconvenient server that runs your website. Had three consecutive problems, and on top of me never shopping with you guys again, I will definitely be sure to share this.

1 review
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I bought a pair of Air Jorden from footlocker on December 24th at 4pm and gave my son as Christmas gift. Unfortunately, my son did not want the pair of shoes for Christmas so I went on December 26th to return it at 2pm. The cashier (young girl may be 17) immediately told me it has been worn!!!! This really made me mad and she ran to the back with the shoes and came back that manager also confirmed they were worn. In reality, my son did not even tried them on since he did not want a pair of shoes for Christmas. The cashier was very rude and the manager was no better than her. They said I can only exchange if I would like to. I have no time going back and forth with this so I asked for their corporate number which the manager rudely said it is on the receipt and I can try all I want. He was right because when I called, I was on hold for 30 minutes and when I finally got someone on the phone, he said this is a wrong department which only deals with online orders!!!!! He transferred me to another department and the wait was long there too. So I gave up and finally hung up. Such a bad company to shop. Shoes were perfectly clean but they kept telling me they are worn and dirty. I can not believe that someone can make you believe that the shoes are dirty when you can not find any dirt and the truth was it was in the same condition how I bought it because my son never even looked at the shoes. It was tough to return a brand new unworn shoes within 48 hours of purchase and yes supporting previous comments from others, the staff is really unprofessional and irresponsible young workers who do not have any attention towards the customers. They are not helpful and they ignore customers who are looking for some help. I will never buy anything from footlocker. Stay away.

4 reviews
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Order acknowledgement number 21762151

Just placed this order last night. This morning i received an email saying my order was ready I was excited since this was christmas gift. I called the store to assure it was ready gentleman in the store said it was ready. I also obtained instructions on how to get in quick and leave since i avoid the mall as much as possible. It has been years since i have been there since they tend to hire a lot of teenagers that are not professional or know how to conduct business. I arrived gave my email receipt to the gentleman he goes to the back for a few minutes. Then comes back and tells me they dont have it and i would have to wait for them to call me. I stated that i just called and someone could have told me that before i drive into crazy parking lot with all these christmas shoppers. I then asked Andrew which i believe was the manager, for a refund since i did not plan on going through this again. He refused and said he would have to wait for product to arrive so he could do refund. I then called foot locker customer service for them to refund me. She refunded me the amount and told me it would take about 7-10 days for refund to reflect. Needless to say i wont be shopping here again and being in customer service you would think they would offer some alternative solution but no attempt was made. This place does not care about its customers.

4 reviews
4 helpful votes

i bought a pair of the puma x fenty fur slides in cool blue i got them super quick and everything was fine. i loved them so much i bought the mint green ones called bay they got here a little bit slower and when i get them what do i get? the blue ones that i already have!! i called customer service and turns out the warehouse no longer has them so now waiting for the store to call me back to see if i will even get them. i cant even return them as my closet foot locker is an hour away! ridiculous!!! never buying online here again!!

1 review
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$#*!ty ass workers. $#*!ty ass shipping. $#*!ty ass management. $#*!ty ass help. staright $#*!. $#*! you footlocker.

1 review
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Three weeks since I placed my online order. Used the online chat link. Had to go thru grueling confirmation of every detail of my identity just to be disconnected and restart several times.
Then spoke with someone who told me that the item was on the way.. Nope. Then called again days later when I was told UPS didnt pick up deliveries for a week. Customer service folks are very practiced at citing an insincere expression of regret.
Unfortunately, a portion of my purchase was via gift card from my brother in-law. Therefore, footlocker's offer to cancel my order would result in a new gift card, forcing me to still do business with them and place a new order.
If you have the option to buy elsewhere, DO IT. Save yourself the aggrevation and wasted time.

Tip for consumers: Before buying from this site, consider what it would be like to swallow broken glass and rinse it down with battery acid.. My experience @ was worst..

1 review
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I recently placed an order online, did everything right....both billing and shipping address was correct before I submit my order. I was feeling great until I receive a confirmation on my email & I noticed they had the wrong address. On the same day, I wasn't able to contact them through phone because it didn't work at the time due to bad weather. I was able to contact them twice through chatting, I told them to change my address and they both responded saying they couldn't modify my order. The wrong address is going to St Thomas and I have no idea where that place is. Then the next day, I still couldn't reach them on the phone cause the line couldn't call long distance due to bad weather. It was pouring rain this whole week. I contact them via email, my last option...stating the same concern about my order with the wrong address. They responded again that I have to call them. Their service was ridiculous. I have tried two ways to contact them through chat twice and email. And up until today, they still ship my order to the wrong address. I was furious at the lack of customer service they provided. I finally managed to get a hold of them via phone and I spoke to their rep named Donna. She told me they couldn't do anything about my order, it was already shipped out to St Thomas, Virgin Islands. And yes, they receive my email and my chats. The only thing left for me to do is wait till that person receive the order and then I can file a complain or something. I am going to wait a very long time for a response or to get my money back. What made it all unprofessional for them is they didn't verify my address if it was correct, which is not. They failed to do a simple procedure that all online buyers had always done, verify the purchaser's card if the billing and shipping address is correct. Thank you for your poor customer service Footlocker. You all managed to take my money from under my nose but I will hear from you all soon & I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM FOOTLOCKER EVER AGAIN.

1 review
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I purchased a pair of $100 Air Jordan's for my son and 2 months later the soles had holes worn all the way through, the laces broke off, and the soles were detaching. Foot Locker told me they would not stand behind the purchase. Very disappointing. The shoes are obviously not well made and should be returned to the manufacturer.

2 reviews
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Great quality items & very good customer service. I defy would recommend to anyone out there.

3 reviews
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in today's market this is not acceptable..

you see the shoes, you put it in your basket, proceed to checkout, fill the fields, you pay, a day later - payment received, two days later - order CANCELLED. shoes not in stock anymore..

ok, take two!

you go to the same shoe, only half a size smaller available, but reviews and also your own pair (in different color) says it should be fine.. so again,

you see the shoes, you put it in your basket, proceed to checkout, fill the fields, you pay, order confirmed, a day later - payment received, two days later - order CANCELLED. shoes not in stock anymore..

why would I bother with this bunch?

1 review
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I don't know who the owner is of Foot Locker, but he needs to be an UNDERCOVER BOSS... He need to see and hear how his customers are being treated. First of all, I've never received the shoes that I ordered because USPS lost them. My money has already been taken for the purchase of some shoes that I have never received. I placed the order on 3/15/2017 and paid for the shoes and shipping. Today is 4/6/2017 and I still have not received the refund in my account. I have called customer service almost 10 times inquiring about my shoes and my money. Instead of empathizing with me, I was treated like I did something wrong. The run around I was given just to try and get the issue resolved was Horrible. This is the Worst and I do mean Worst customer service experience I have ever had in my life pertaining to merchandise I never received. WOW!!!! Mr CEO please straighten this out!!!! Please hire new management and new customer service.

1 review
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Items took a month to come, and when it finally arrived it was a COMPLETELY wrong order. Not even wrong size or wrong colour or something like that. Completely different. Different size, different model, heck, even different GENDER. When I wrote in to enquire about exchange, customer service was extremely rude and unhelpful, and eventually cut me off when I became agitated. Really strongly advise anyone from ordering from footlocker. Terrible experience. On the bright side, joke's on them because the wrong item they gave me actually costs almost twice as much as my original item, so i had no qualms choosing to keep it instead of exchanging, and hopefully just sell it off for a little profit. But really, never order from footlocker. Appalling service all round.

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