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We have suffered a pool leak for many years, always at the skimmer. Incompetent repairers have repeatedly used some kind of putty-like material to temporarily attempt to plug the leak, and without bothering to test for success. The leak has always gradually returned, adding significant cost to our water bill.

This January 10, 2018, "Dr. Pool Leaks" (Joe Fernandez) and his assistant came by timely with the correct tools and did a proper repair with fast hardening hydraulic cement. There is a 1 year warranty. The charge for the repair was perfectly reasonable. We will continue to use Dr. Pool Leaks as needed in the future.




How can one review the incredibly accurate one, perhaps the one in the UK, if one can not find out how to communicate with them from the US? All these likely very valid SCAM reviews have likely been linked to the wrong outfit. If so, any suspect error should be promptly corrected by responsible reviewers.

The ( comes from an unknown source. One has to agree to the terms and conditions without being able to read them first. At the end, the report is "finalized" but there is no apparent way to obtain the finalized report. As of this July 29, 2017, there is something very fishy about this. Maybe SiteJabber, with all its expertise will eventually be able to resolve what is going. This reviewer does not have the know-how to do this.

Amneal Pharmaceuticals

Amneal Pharmaceuticals


Two brothers from India seem to have started Amneal in about 2002, starting on a shoestring and, as of this July 26, 2017, may be the 7th largest Pharmaceutical house in the US. They seem to be bringing generic drug technology learned in India to the US. This makes it easier for people in the US to get drugs otherwise hard to get under the United States Controlled Substances Act from reliable Pharmacies, as for example, Costco.

This review may or may not be updated in the future. This review may go stale.




Exceptionally good product, great value, exceptional packing, fast delivery and great customer service. My wife, born in Germany, found this source many years ago. We frequently order from GermanDeli which is in Texas. Cold items come packed in the polyurethane foam boxes with plenty of gel freeze packs, which we save and use.




A German based company with German based expertise. Right now I am in the middle of what appears to me to be a bait and switch service outfit offering a 'halloween" special on a "premium" VPN service. Cleverbridge customer service is very efficiently handling. I talk to Cleverbridge at their (866) customer service number. That number and Cleverbridge history is published on the BBB of Chicago site. I currently have no reason to need to contact their BBB. Cleverbridge appears eager to either refund my payment or obtain delivery to me of exactly what I expected -- to get one year of premium VPN service for the $39.99 charged to my AmExp credit card.




Some useful features added. Others bad. Now appears commercialized. I now want to see what happens with my review this Nov. 1, 2015 of

The SiteJabber blog page,, appears to me to be a commercial placed by Big Pharma. It talks only about the issue of rogue pharmacies and totally avoids referencing the very reputable which reveals the many legit pharmacies having brick and mortar branches in Canada which are able to obtain drugs made worldwide. Canadians can routinely buy their drugs at these pharmacies. These Canadian pharmacies, with proper US patient prescriptions have been shipping generic and reimported drugs (the far overpriced ones in the US) to the US at a small fraction of the US cost, How did said Blog become a part of the SiteJabber site?

Tip for consumers: Reviews can now be easily updated for errors and changes for bad or for good of reviewee. Regrettably there are isolated places where a comment posting can not be corrected for a meaning changing typo. I trust that SiteJabber site admin will see such obvious typos and provide reviewer or commenter a chance to at least flag a known error. Please post response where it can be readily found in reviews of SiteJabber or found in keyword search on "errors".

Scooter Software

Scooter Software


I have been using this firm's Beyond Compare program for over 10 years to keep my (now) two mirrored 2.5" bus powered external backup drives truly in synch. Today, 09FEB15 I ordered their upgrade from v3 to v4 for $15. The software is lightning fast and very easy to use. It has viewers for an incredible number of file formats which efficiently find the differences between non-matching files, even pictures. Email to Scooter Software has always gotten a rapid and complete response.




My wife takes one 5 mg Onglyza per day. At Costco this 22FEB14, the brand name product would cost $9.77 per day. The same BRAND NAME product, when ordered from 2 different CIPA approved and PharmacyChecker approved internet pharmacy costs us $1.67 per day, with the pills delivered to our mailbox. In this case I see no patent issue whatsoever. Legitscript lists these CIPA approved Canadian pharmacies as "UNAPPROVED". CIPA is the official Canadian government approval agency for Canadian Pharmacies. In fact, it appears that Legistscript lists ALL CIPA approved Canadian pharmacies as "UNAPPROVED". Why? It is quite apparent that Legitscript attempts to divert the naive US consumer into paying the incredibly bloated prices in the US and that Legitscript is almost certainly another instrumentality of BigPharma.




This site readily found names, birth and death dates. It also shows astrological signs (just what the user needs!). This site did not show my own pilot's license. It did not show the concealed firearms permit of another individual. It did correctly show the DEA number of a long resident local MD, but it did not show his marriage or divorce. Why? I could not find anything whatsoever that I could not better find on the free sites. If this site were to provide a 30 day trial period and 100% money back guarantee to those dissatisfied customers like myself, that would be ok. In this case a customer rep by telephone agreed to refund $11.43 of the $22.86 paid to my credit card. That appeared to be policy and nothing special. With what this site currently offers, How does one characterize an information site which does not have available what it claims to have? Most would consider it to be a scam.

Paragon Software

Paragon Software


As an alternative to Acronis True Image Home 2014 I have recently been playing with backing up and restoring partition images with Paragon Backup & Recovery FREE 2013 v10.1.19.16240 using both the installed program and the rescue CD. Testing has been done under XP and W7. No bugs or annoyances have been encountered. These programmers appear to take pride in putting out a quality product. Often free is better.

This free component appears to be lifted from their Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12 Suite v10.1.19.16240.000 Retail + (BootCD). This inexpensive suite will do most anything one could want when it comes to creating, moving, resizing, surface checking (etc.) partitions under multiple operating systems including Windows, MAC and Linux.




In using on-line Canadian pharmacies, always check that the CIPR Rx logo is present and that clicking upon it leads to the genuine URL: Then verify that the pharmacy is in the list of certified pharmacies. I recently came upon one suspicious (to me) site which fraudulently displayed the CIPA Rx logo. Sure enough, that site was absent from the certified list. CIPA also provides lists of rogue and of fraudulent on-line pharmacy sites. Another reliable check is the display of the PharmacyChecker logo which can be verified at the genuine URL:


I have always checked Snopes instantly upon receiving any email which urges me to send it on to all my friends. That is the big red flag. Invariably these chain emails do turn out to be hoaxes.

One of the stupidest hoax recommendations: Everyone should drink 8 glasses of water per day. The history of this stupidity comes from the dropping off from a government recommendation of the all-crucial statement: "Most of this quantity is contained in prepared foods" and propagation of the error in Dr. Erwin Stillman's publication in 1967, the Doctors Quick Weight Loss Diet, which sold 12 million copies, apparently without being factually checked. A book by a "Doctor", with its gross error, tends to be trusted by 12 million naive readers. For further details read: .

BTW, there is one exceptional condition when drinking enough water on a regular basis may have very real medical value. I am told by a good friend that he totally stopped his frequent incidence of kidney stones by continuously drinking enough water. He claims that, in his particular case, this prevents the seeding of the crystals which lead to the kidney stones. That, to me, is a plausible mechanism. Comments from others on this subject are invited.




On 1/18/2017 we bought an upgrade to Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation for 3 computers. The uggrade price was an amazingly low $19.99, including 1TB of cloud storage. But, as of this 4/28/2017 Acronis has made no effort to correct such a simple bug as failure of Media Builder to respond. Acronis replies to email questions have all been non-responsive boiler-plate. For now we stick with Acronis True Image 2015. It works with XP through W10. We have been using Acronis True Image 2015 v18.0.0.6613 with XP and W7 since it became available. The basic features we have used on this build have worked reliably. We have not comprehensively tested all features.


This is a Russian forum with communication in English. This site points one to resources for exploring one's ancestry in Europe, especially Russia. Specific connections of DNA typing to ancestral geographical areas can be done. I have not yet used this site, but would be interested in seeing comments from others who have used these resources, of which some are free.




IrfanView is one of the best thought out and implemented pieces of software for working with all formats of images -- and it is free. The one time I ran into an unexplained problem Irfan Skiljan, the author, instantly responded to my email, teaching me a bit about the use of .theme files in Windows XP. After freely using IrfanView for years I finally chose to make a token donation to the author. Irfan is continually adding useful new features to his program.


Ordered an ancestry report via computer from this outfit for $1 ("sale"). They accept only MC and Visa. Used MC. Report was supposed to arrive by email in 10 min. Did not. Within 1 hour called MC. Found there were attempts at 2 new MC charges. One for 50¢ cents by "" and one for 49¢ by "groundcheck". Strange. Had MC immediately cancel and replace credit card used.

Bell And Howell

Bell And Howell


I bought a B&H MICRO PLUS RECHARGEABLE As Seen On TV. It works great as a cheap high frequency noise amplifier, low frequencies gone.


Read what this O.D. has written about the taking of statin drugs, ask your own trusted cardiologist(s) and decide for yourself whether or not to trust all the advice this O.D. publishes.

A close friend who exercised regularly, stayed trim and ate an exceptionally healthy diet, relied solely upon Mercola's advice instead of that of any competent cardiologist. His sky high LDL (bad cholesterol) went untreated, he failed to be followed by a cardiologist and consequently had a near fatal heart attack from a single 100% occlusion of the notorious "widow-maker" artery. A competent interventionalist implanted a stent within 1 hour, saving his life and putting him on the proper drug regimen, including a statin. This patient's left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF) is now 45%, which is below the bottom of the low normal range, indicative of permanent death of heart muscle. This patient blames Mercola, O.D. for his absolutely incorrect advice as regards statin drugs and now trusts nothing which Mercola writes. This friend is now a patient of the interventionalist who saved his life and carefully follows the proper advice of this very competent MD.

A major problem is that Mercola sometimes embeds dangerously incorrect medical advice in amongst some other perfectly correct advice. This misleads the naive and medically uninformed patient into thinking that all the advice is correct.

Two Pilots

Two Pilots


You have a form to fill out on a typewriter which is no longer available. Possibly you are required to do this on the piece of paper provided (as by IRS), where you are prevented from simply scanning and using your computer printer to produce an acceptable completed form. This task is well solved by one of the Form Pilot programs from, which I have used. I was reminded to write this review after reading the review of by Tran N., Trusted Consumer Advocate.

Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening


This is a first class outfit which travels around to many local sites doing certain medical screening tests, most valuably to me their inexpensive ultrasound (for abdominal aortic aneurysm and of the carotid arteries) at a tiny fraction of the price at fixed base local firms and hospitals.

Discounts will be readily obtained by a Google search and/or by signing up for the informative Life Line Screening newsletter.

Most important in my opinion is the ultrasound test for one silent killer, the abdominal aortic aneurysm. We know multiple patients who have had such aneurysms. One athletic young tennis pro dropped dead of internal bleedout from a ruptured aortic aneurysm. We know two seniors screened for this condition, found to have these aneurysms and who had stents implanted via a catheter going up an artery from the groin. They were totally cured instead of the generally fatal alternative.

I highly recommend that all patients make use of all the very price/effective screenings offered by Life Line Screening to prevent gratuitous morbidity, fatality and cost to patient.

It is regrettable that inexpensive ultrasound screening is not being more routinely and widely used to screen for ultrasound screenable conditions such as tumors, certain cancers, stones and left ventricular ejection fraction. IMHO this would be of great benefit to cost reduction in the broken US healthcare system as well as to the health of patients.

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