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4 reviews
61 helpful votes

Google and Facebook continue to earn tons of money by selling ads for criminal scams: the BITCOINCODE and the DANISH METHOD, which use fake News site and Identity thefts of Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking. We we complain the answer that the ads are legal, very sad. - Det er noget svineri at FB og Google fortsætter med at skovle penge ind på disse annoncer for KRIMINELLE såkaldt Bitcoin ( som i virkeligheden er Binary) svindel der faker nyheds sider og stjæler identiteter på LØVENSHULE, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Stephen Hawking.

3 reviews
9 helpful votes

Great free research tool. I love the way i can easily identify and use research projects which are of great importance and relevance to me.

1 review
1 helpful vote

A tremendously useful tool. I had been employed for the last 22 years for a company. Recently moved and had to put together a resume...OUCH! Thank God for My Perfect Resume. It is the most useful, helpful, and user friendly program I have used. My resume has been great, as I have have many job offers, and currently got the job I really wanted.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Love my experience with Stacey! She delivered Mossberg to his new home without a problem all the way from Woodbridge, VA to Billings, MT during a tough period of cold freezing weather!

5 reviews
10 helpful votes

Over the years, I've seen Google censor/remove many blogs, groups, and videos, and even delist websites for no good reason besides imposing their views on others. I can find no real way to contact Google, while every reputable business provides ways to be reached in case of problems. I don't agree with Google's spying on people all over the web, even those who choose not to use Google's websites. The only way that I know of to stop the spying is to block Google's servers. Google lies about supporting diversity and opposing discrimination when they are censoring people who have different views. Google's flagship is their search engine, and most of its search results are not as good as they should be for a business that claims to be a leader in artificial intelligence and natural language processing. Maybe if they spent more time working on improving search results instead of censoring everything and spying on everyone, they would have better search results. Google would not index my website, saying there was an error, but they provided no error message to indicate what the problem was, making it impossible to solve the problem - if there even really was one. Other search engines had no such problem. I feel there will be no freedom on the web until something is done about Google, and people who actually give Google their money or click on Google's ads are only feeding a monster.

1 review
8 helpful votes

Google have sold my detailed personal data to Nigerian scammers including my telephone numbers and what languages I speak. Wow! The ongoing transition to the new mafia state order has just reached a new level! Recommend avoiding Google services. "Don't be evil" - Google's slogan implies most people are total morons.

37 reviews
89 helpful votes

Wow I wish android users had other options.They could not care less about their customers,you can only talk to a live person if it concerns you having trouble giving them money.If you are having any other trouble they will direct you to the bull crap support pages that do not help anyone or solve anything.Why do we put up with this,oh yeah because we don't have a choice other then apple.(Eww)We really need to replace google,I know millions of other are done with google's crap also.

12 reviews
15 helpful votes

(There are 2 Karen Tracey Moores. I am the black one. Whether or not she changed her name later to Karen Tracey Moore is unknown.)

Now my blogger account isn't accessible to the public.(This isn't the first time this has happened.Had data blocked for ever 11 years on blogger and wordpress.).I sent a test pageview Google Analytics and it successfully registered back to my dashboard stats and other data.
I tested it with my cell phone, but got no feedback on the Google Analytics app of website.
Original post:

After multiple android phones I can't get photos or videos to reach outside a handful of people on #Google platforms.#Gmail is constantly having me on a wild goose chase to get into my e mail accounts.

How is this Google's fault?
1) Android Operating system owned by Google,Inc.(check)
2)Google+ owned by Google, Inc.(check)
3)You Tube owned by Google,Inc. (check)
4) Photos and videos compressed and accepted for upload.(check)
5)Gmail is owned by Google,Inc.(check)

Now I'm not saying that Google;
1) Cooperated with third parties to block my pictures and videos to sway court cases the third parties way.

Or that
2) Another corporation needed a favor (whose staff is not affiliated with any kind of hate group).
Or that

3) The strategically placed Google Servers in Berkeley County,SC where I reside is where they were blocking some of my data from leaving the area.
Or that;

4) Other people are presenting themselves in court with others data and document to when a court case in closed sessions among "friends".
5) Behave like greedy white nationalists and sympathizers who block blacks from making revenue on their own blogs, forcing them to give their work on corporate sites for free to be heard. (I say this with 2k+ visitors to my Birchbox review alone.That was my money to make with ads for myself.)(Or is it #Sitejabber blocking me to make money on ads off of my reviews? hmmm....)

I'm just sayin' it's odd that their global infrastructure can't handle 3 videos from me under 2 minutes each on You Tube and 5 photos on Google+.
In light of the other things I have posted, it's possible.

I'm sure Trump the DOJ thanks you in advance for unding the wall and the paycheck of federal workers with the multi-billion dollar civil rights lawsuit they can successfully win against you.
Look at the bright side;
1)You'll have bragging rights over cocktails that you helped rescued the government.
2)Trump gets his wall funded and you can go on his wall of shame with those schooled on the art of the deal
3) people can still stomach your back-end slavery set up without cussing you in the supermarket.

(Your stockholders may be a different story.)

The most important thing making the light of day is the polygraph exam(lie detector test). It puts a lot of matters to rest about me (not a murderer,not a pedophile, victim of at least $2.5 million of intellectual property theft,victim of revenge porn,etc.)

The First #Amendment of the United States #Constitution is not a suggestion. #freedomofspeech is a right. We the #people must be heard.

Please upvote and share this review to show tour #support for #freespeech .
To "upvote" my review, click the (Vote) link in the lower left corner.

Thank you!

So why talk about it here? I need to be heard.Didn't find a suitable blog post yet.

Will keep you posted.Until then, check my new blog "MIC-Me in Context Product Reviews.

The blog strongly focuses on customer service. Below is the web address to the short form (but detailed) review of the above with stars for each category.

(Examples: Fender Mender auto theft ring, Wyndham Hotel Group, debacle etc.,Beth Revis' minimum $2.5 million plagarism-Me in Context parent blog.)

#wall #google #customer #customercare #consumer #advocate #tech #techie #technology #sitejabber #blog #blogger #speech #heard #weekend #Atlanta #Charleston #Miami #Los Angeles #SanBernadino #NewYork
#today #time #trump #life #money #rights #weekend #ThursdayThoughts
#ACLU #DOJ #civilrights #lawsuit #citizens

3 reviews
7 helpful votes

Just got to turn a big fan of it after receiving my first product delivered. It gonna surely take away the world by storm. Try it for sure.

3 reviews
18 helpful votes

When I went to purchase what I thought was a good buy for a laptop computer, it turned out to be a disappointment. Especially when it was discovered that any Windows OS programs or games couldn't be used or installed on it. All you could do is write, view pics, watch movies on the cd rom and go to various websites. You can't burn any discs on it. The worse part is having to have a gmail account in order to use play store apps on it. It seem like a consumer ripoff to be limited like that. Better to get a tablet than resort to thinking such is as reliable as a laptop.

1 review
8 helpful votes

For the most part good service. If you place an order for overnight shipping follow through with a phone call to make sure it was processed.

1 review
11 helpful votes

They have been stealing money from me for months I didn't realize it till I really checked on my account and see all the transactions taken out of my account from them. Sometimes 5 different transactions in one day I was signed up for $7 a month and I'm 3 months a took $130 from me. I've been calling for weeks and no one will answer. Does anyone know how I can get my money back?

3 reviews
11 helpful votes

This thing is pretty great. Find everything you need. Find things you don't need. Basically, google. 9/10, wish it had fireworks.

4 reviews
13 helpful votes

I can't even imagine a world without Google search engine and their products. With all the new products coming up I am waiting to see new things added to the Internet world

7 reviews
14 helpful votes


For all of you who unthinkingly use Google to get all your information, have you ever thought they are a private company with private interests and despite all their rhetoric there are some things they want you to see, and others they don't?

Imagine if ONE COMPANY owned every single library, book shop and newsagent - choosing which titles to put at the front, and which ones to hide away. This is Google. And its power is scary. Having a monopoly over access to information has been sought by maniacal dictators for decades. Google have achieved that. They have even become a regular component of the vocabulary. Want to find something out? Just 'google' it!

And why do you think you're hearing about no investigations into them? When was the last time you heard something questionable - like the millions they avoid in paying tax? Or findings in courts about manipulating search results?

Nah, of course you haven't - or don't care. Just keep on typing in queries into their search engine, because they own YOU.

1 review
7 helpful votes

I loved this website because it made it a alot easier for me to make my resume. The customer service agent was also very helpful &polite. His name was Lenny badge #418.

2 reviews
14 helpful votes

Google has done a great job of providing great service and protecting privacy. Unlike other social media companies, I really appreciate what Google brings to the Internet.

1 review
7 helpful votes

There is a very very strategic reason why Google(the company) changed to alphabet. Peter Thiel breaks it down est in his most famous book.

76 reviews
70 helpful votes

Preferably I use google over any search engine mainly because google has more accurate search results. Google also is also associated with many websites like youtube and maps so its helpful.

6 reviews
7 helpful votes


39 reviews
53 helpful votes

Overall, Google technology is great, but I once advertised on Google. They blocked one of my ads, and I was okay with it because I figured that I didn't need to have it anyway. However, they re-enabled it without notifying me and I was billed. It was impossible to resolve this and get my money back. I called and was told a manager would follow up, but that never happened. And it's been a few years now. I would not use their advertisement service again.

1 review
7 helpful votes

Through an error on "my" part, I ordered the wrong size "special production" t-shirts as a surprise for my husband & brother-in-law who are both Iron Workers. When the shirts arrived and my husband tried his on it was too snug to work in which meant the other 2 shirts were the wrong size as well. I reached out to Teespring's "Customer Experience Team" admitting the error was on my end but asking if there was any way possible to get the correct sizes. "Lilibeth" replied within 12 hours and explained those particular shirts were a "special edition / special run" shirt and the run had been met and completed already. HOWEVER, she went on to explain that "as a one time customer ourtesy my order would be reprinted and sent to me at no additional cost." As if that wasn't enough, she explained I would not need to return the special order shirts I had already received and suggested I donate them .... which I have every intention of doing. Talk about above and beyond Customer Service. I plan to share the site with other Iron Workers looking for quality designs and shirts. Thank you so much Lilibeth & Teespring !

9 reviews
59 helpful votes

Google have allowed for someone else to create an email account illustrating one of my profile photos (the one on Google) and my full name. This account has allowed the perpetrator to post reviews on Google Maps. This issue was addressed to Google however they have decided to ignore it. I strongly believe that the account is connected to a motel establishment located in Gilgandra, NSW, in Australia, as a review was posted on this business, utilising this account, and pretending that my real review was posted in error. This individual also took the liberty to post a review for one of my previous clients (the Comfort Inn Lincoln Downs Resort) which leaves me in a very vulnerable position.
The number 12 of Google's User Content and Conduct Policy states:
'Do not use our Services to mislead or confuse users by pretending to be someone else or pretending to represent an organization you do not represent. Some products have additional guidelines: Learn more about Impersonation on Google+'.
This company can't even comply with their own policies. Consult the site Google Deception .com to learn how to make formal complaints against these fraudsters.

3 reviews
17 helpful votes

I had to get rid of google because of the security issues caused with my security programs from Bing. Way I figure it, why not just use what came with Windows. So I do.
So when I browse I use their, ( Bing's ) product, because of the too many ads and videos loading on ( Google's ) browser constantly. That is the background.
I looked at your (Sitejabber), browser extension. I did not have to go far. Actually the landing page for your browser extension, shows clearly that this extension is a google product run by google. So this is not a go at any time on my computer.

It's funny really. Ever since I got rid of all the extra browsers and their security programs I have had smooth sailing. I was informed that 2 security programs will fight each other for computer resources, causing lockups and such. So I went with what the computer came with and have no problems now.

True I lose you tube, but that's a whole other story. I sure do wish there were browsers and face book like places that actually believed in American ideals like free speech and privacy. Google is not one of them.

I do not work for, nor have ever worked for Windows or any of their companies.

1 review
8 helpful votes

I wrote many letters to WIEPING her answers at first were some what satisfying but rather vaigue I accepted that as not fluent beginner in the english language but my letters were according to Asian Date were being translated to her. We (I) spilled out my love for each other and boyh expressed our desire to meet all the time Im recieving these professional photos saying her personal photograper was taking them. It came down to two week after I had spent over $600.00 dollars communicating and asking and recieving vague answers I asked for a specific photo with a specific pose with her face included. Never heard from WEIPING again!!! Stay away from this site it is a total scam !!!!!

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I have noticed this too and I am on cable at work. I turned off google instant search but that did not seem to help speed it back up.

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