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About Me

i better update my profile!! I’m a retired RN, BSN who was born in Wisconsin, who moved to northern CA near Sacramento at age 35, and lived there FOR 31 YEARS THAT WENT BY IN A BLINK OF AN EYE. Last November, 2018, my.husband and I moved back to our home state of WI, just to experience the worst winter that most people could remember! Talk about culture and weather shock! We moved from a city of 350,000 to one of 5,000, with HORRIBLE internet service. But we are with our families again!

How I Can Help

During the last 10 years of my Nursing career, I worked in Quality and Risk Management, particularly in Infection Prevention. I am very knowledgable about statistics, and how they can easily fool people. I also can spot some instances where reviews are fake and being written by either owners or employees of the company. When I make a mistake and order from a horrible or fraudulent company, I fight back. I let other customers know why I wouldn't recommend that they buy from that company.


Shopping (unfortunately), reading, coloring, fishing, and writing reviews!!

100 Reviews by Roseann

About 25-30 years ago, I worked the P.M. shift and slept from about 1 a.m. to 9 a.m.
Unfortunately for me, our neighbors at that time had two dogs that seemed to bark all night long. I bought a "white noise" machine which blocked out the barking and enabled me to sleep through the barking and street noise. There are many, many white noise machines on the market, but one of the best, at a really low price of under $30, is the Marpac Dohm Dome machine. This is a no frills machine with two settings-loud and low white noise. You can also adjust it by opening or closing the little holes on top by twisting the top so that you get the level of white noise that suits you. I had purchased fancier machines that had sounds like the ocean. I don't know about you, but the ocean does sound peaceful. However, that company adds seagulls quaking at intervals that I guarantee wake me up!!
For a basic, effective white noise machine that blocks out sounds so you can sleep, I recommend Marpac! I have a few white noise machines, including an old one that still works over 25 years later!
I've lived in the Central Valley of California for almost 31 years, but I never learned Spanish. Maybe I'm biased, but English is our language in the USA. Anyway, we have a housecleaning service come in every two weeks. In a couple of these weeks, a lady who doesn't speak English cleaned our home. I had some special instructions for her, but since neither of us spoke the other's language, I was looking for some way to communicate. I came across "Spanishtoenglish" on my cell phone. What is so great about this app is that you write in what you want to say. The Spanish translation shows up on the cell phone, along with an audible voice feature. It is simple but totally successful. I love it. It would also be invaluable if people wanted to learn Spanish. The very best translation app I ever found!
I found out about PhytAgelabs after I foolishly ordered supplements from another company called BioLeptin.com. I wrote a review about BioLeptin. The BioLeptin company started sending me daily emails about other products "invented" by other people. One of these products was Tinnitus 911. I have terrible tinnitus, which is ringing in the ears. Even though Tinnitus 911 sounded too good to be true, and I knew it, I still ordered the product at something like $120 for two bottles of a 30 day supply each. I wanted so badly to get rid of, or decrease, the Tinnitus. Well, this product has done nothing for me except to decrease my supply of money.
These are the ingredients in Tinnitus 911: Vitamins C, B6, Niacin, folic acid and B12; Garlic, hibiscus, olive leaf, Hawthorne berry, buchu, juniper, green tea. However, who really knows what exactly is in these supplements which are not under FDA jurisdiction.
What I find unusual about Tinnitus 911 is that the man who "invented" BioLeptin and sent me an email about Tinnitus 911, both have the exact same sales pitch.
This is how it goes:
1. We only use the very top 3% of the finest ingredients, unlike other companies which use junk.
2. Because of #1, we only make small batches. That's why we only sell online and not in stores.
3. To assure you always have product on hand, you better buy a large number of bottles right now. The reason is that the top 3% of ingredients limits what we can sell.
Tinnitus 911 does have a money-back guarantee, even if you send back empty bottles. Tinnitus 911 does have an address and phone #, unlike BioLeptin.com which has neither.
I unsubscribed from both of these companies, as i was getting daily emails about other products.
One funny thing about Tinnitus 911 was that they sent an "Information Sheet" on how to decrease tinnitus, which rightly they said was not a problem with the ears but of the brain. The info sheet looked just like a research study, with resources listed. However, if you looked up the resources, they were just descriptions of other products made by Phytage.
Hopefully, the money back guarantee works. I haven't tried it. But how are these 2 companies connected, where they use the exact same sales pitch? What is actually in the supplements? How many other "inventors" and companies part of this racket?
Thank you for reading.
J P. – Phytage Labs Rep
Hello Roseanne,

Thank you for your message. As with all all-natural supplements, the efficacy of the ingredients contained in Tinnitus 911 will depend on many things, such as the current overall health of the person (i.e. do they drink, how often, do they smoke, how often, does the individual have a healthy diet, are they avoiding this, are they doing that, etc.). That is why we include the "Information Sheet" you refer to. It is included as an insert to help customers with Getting the Best Results with Tinnitus 911™.


That, though, is not our "research". Our research sheet can be found here and as can be seen, not just by this, but by many other studies that exist as well, the ingredients in Tinnitus 911 have been shown to work:


So, Roseanne, there are supplements that can help reduce the symptoms of tinnitus, but there is no single tinnitus supplement known to work for each and every individual. Our product, Tinnitus 911, though, has proven effective for many people in reducing tinnitus symptoms. We are sorry it did not work for you.

As for "unsubscribing" from emails. We certainly honor any request to be received from our emails and always do so immediately. If you ever have a problem with that, contact us at wecare@phytagesupport.com and we'll take care of you immediately.

Last but not least, yes, our "money back guarantee works":


And, if anyone ever has a problem with our products and/or service, we can be reached via any/all of the following ways:

Mailing Address:
PhytAge Laboratories
1732 1st Avenue #28568
New York, NY 10128

For Returns Only, Please Ship To:
PhytAge Laboratories
37 Inverness Drive East,
Suite 100
Englewood, CO
I already wrote a review of Bioleptin.com, but I wanted to do an update to let you know that THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT WORK AS ADVERTISED!
I was STUPID AND A FOOL, and what is worse, I kind of suspected it from the start. It sounded way too good to be true-no dieting or calorie restrictions and no exercising.
What you DO get when you order BioLeptin are constant daily emails from Adam Glass, the inventor of BioLeptin, recommending other products invented by other people. I was foolish enough to order one of those products.
What is so FISHY AND KIND OF SCAMMY about these other products is that these "inventors" use the exact same terminology and advertising. Adam Glass, in describing BioLeptin, states that he only uses the top 3% of the most fantastic ingredients. He says this because BioLeptin is made up of Chromium and African Mango Seed Extract, which are probably in many other supplements. He is emphasizing that BioLeptin is better than anything else because he only uses the top 3% of the ingredients. Hogwash! Who knows exactly what is in these capsules?? And the cost of BioLeptin is $89.95 per bottl, a 30 day supply. This is rather expensive! BUT when I ordered, Mr. Glass had a special offer BECAUSE OF BASTILLE DAY!! (Of all holidays!) He says that he only sells online because using only the top 3% of the ingredients leads to making small batches of BioLeptin, thus he cannot sell in bulk.
What really opened up my foolish eyes is that I ordered a product from one of his emails, Tinnitus 911. When i listened to THIS INVENTOR'S SALES PITCH , this other guy said the very same things that Adam Glass said! This other guy also uses only the finest top 3% of ingredients,and therefore, he also cannot sell a lot of product. If you want to make sure you always have a supply, you must order his specials. These supplements are also around $89.95 per bottle.
As I said, there is no way to know exactly what is in these supplements that you are purchasing at such an expensive cost. They Do Have a guarantee that you can send back the bottles, even if they are empty, to get a refund. I haven't done this, but I doubt it is as easy as they say.
Another weird thing is: BioLeptin has NO PHONE NUMBER, ADDRESS, OR CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE PEOPLE. So HOW CAN YOU SEND BACK YOUR BOTTLES FOR A REFUND? I confirmed this with some Rep on Chat. Another thing is that a person cannot use a credit card or any other method of payment; all payments are PayPal.
I really think I need to contact the Attorney General or some other government agency to ask them to look into these companies. Do you advocates have any suggestions about which agency I should contact? I believe there is something "not right" about these companies and their claims.
But it all comes down to me being STUPID, while knowing I was being stupid.
Joe-Cannon.com is a great, informative site about fitness, personal training, health, and wellness. Joe is a certified Personal Trainer with a Masters in Exercise Science. I'm not a trainer, and in fact, I probably NEED a trainer, but I became interested in this site because Joe Cannon is the first person EVER (I think) to write about rhabdomyolysis and exercise-RHABDO can lead to kidney failure and death in extreme cases. I'm an RN, BSN who read his book and was shocked at what can happen. In this site, Joe also talks about how to pass the Personal Trainer's NASM and ACE certifications, plus he has an EXCELLENT article on Gym Emergencies and what should be done when they occur. I got to know about the Joe-Cannon.com site because I'm an avid reader of his "SupplementClarity.com" site, where he does totally unbiased reviews of supplements and health products. I have the utmost respect for Joe Cannon's knowledge. He has written several books, including one, "Nutritional Supplements" that I bought and use as a resource. He trains Trainers, has lectured at NASA, and has had articles published, including in "Prevention". No, I'm not Joe's mother. But I think I found a real treasure on-line when I found Joe Cannon's websites.
I'm an RN, BSN who is 66 years old, but I'm scared of NOT keeping my RN license current!! This is strange because I've been on disability since I was 54 years old, but I would never, ever pass Boards again. Being so old, I absolutely HATE on-line courses. CA and many other states require that RNs have 30 units of continuing education every 2 years in order for us to renew our licenses. Western Schools also has CEs for other licensed people, including Pharmacists. I've used Western Schools for decades! However, the last few years, WS has made many courses for 30 CEs either very expensive, or they have many courses that are less than 30 units, forcing people to buy several courses. I just purchased a 30 CE continuing education hard copy course for a sale price of $59.95. However, I was appalled when I checked out and saw that the S&H cost was $10.95, making the grand total for my 30 CEs over $70!!! On the other hand, I totally hate on-line courses, (which WS also sell). OK, I'm 66! It's just too bad WS has become so expensive, but this may be my last time to renew my license. Their courses are all in all very good, and they do mail or email certificates quickly.
Our Daily Bread is a small Christian booklet with Scripture verses, a personal message, and insights for every day of every year. I love it! It is a free booklet, and the organization runs on voluntary donations, which are not forced upon anyone. It is a great tool to give to people as a way to share your faith and encourage them. It is also wonderful for family devotions, as the messages are short, as are the Scripture verses. It is very thought-provoking, and the insights included help me understand the context of the Scriptures. My husband and I have been reading Our Daily Bread for years. Any Christian will love these monthly booklets. Anyone, Christian or not, will be encouraged by the lessons. I highly recommend Our Daily Bread.
I AM NOT REVIEWING KINDLE; I am reviewing kindle unlimited. Amazon gave me a one month free trial of Kindle Unlimited, which provides certain books to read on-line for no cost. If I do not cancel, I will be charged $9.99 a month to continue Kindle Unlimited. I will DEFINITELY CANCEL at the end of this month, if not before. The books available on Kindle Unlimited are these categories: Cookbooks, these horrible Harlequin-type romances, with the sleazy covers of a buff man without a shirt who is embracing a fainting, heavily bosomed woman, books that you may not ever want to buy to read, and the first book of a series of books that will end up costing you a lot of money if you get interested. It was also hard for me to go to Amazon and find out which books were Amazon Unlimited-i had to go through pages and pages on an older iPad which is slow. Kindle itself is great, but I couldn't find enough books I was interested enough to read, using Kindle Unlimited. It is CERTAINLY NOT worth $9.99 a month to continue, unless you love Harlequin-type romances. I don't like them. My opinion.
This is the website of Dr. Richard Schulze, which you can also find under "American Botanical Pharmacy", his store in LA, or under "Dr. Schulze". Dr. Schulze manufactures herbal formulas, among a variety of other health supplements. He has some formulations that really work so well, and you can't find anything that works better anywhere else! One such formula is Intestinal Formula #1, which I use every night to prevent constipation. I'm on some medications that are notorious for making people constipated, but with regular use of Intestinal Formula #1, I avoid that nasty situation. My husband has used his Prostate Formula for many, many years. My husband had used other prostate supplements in the past, but when he started Dr. Schulze's, he never used anything else again. His nightly trips to the bathroom have vastly decreased. A third product is the health food bars. These are REAL health food bars-they have completely natural ingredients, and they don't look or taste like the bars that are full of sugar and calories. In addition, they give me hours of energy. I would recommend that you look at this website and check out Dr. Schulze's catalog. I gave it a 4 stars instead of 5 because the products are rather expensive, and he doesn't have many sales. But that said, I am now going to look into his new protein powder, which I just saw on his website!!
I have subscribed to the Mother Earth Living magazines and to their newsletters. Mother Earth has great articles on a variety of topics from how to live off the grid, how to raise chickens, how to garden, how to use essential oils, how to make your own make-up, and everything in between. There are also books to buy from Ogden Publishing. I bought a book for a niece who purchased her own 90-acre ranch. She bought chickens and was planning a green house and making many more plans. I bought her a book which had about everything one might need to how to do or make just about anything. I think I need to buy another for myself! She found it very useful.
The reason I gave a 4 and not a 5 is that this year I haven't received my magazines, even though Mother Earth has my correct address. Even though I received my magazines before this year, they didn't seem to come regularly or on time. If you subscribe, ME does continuing renewals, unless you write to stop that. On the plus side, I contacted ME about my missing magazines and they offered to send me the ones I missed. It was also easy to stop continuous renewals. We are moving this year, so I will resubscribe IF they send me the missing ones. It's a very good website.
Xyron makes a sticker-maker machine that makes edge to edge adhesive on any flat sticker you put into the machine. The machine works without batteries or electricity-just by turning a handle. The roll of adhesive is 18 feet long. WHEN IT WORKS, it is a great machine, but in my experience with the Xyron 500 EN 5" (the width of the machine), it works less than 67% of the time. If you buy the machine, GO TO AMAZON TO DO SO-DO NOT BUY FROM XYRON! If you buy from Amazon, you have some hope of a replacement or solution if the machine or cartridge breaks (right away). I purchased a machine from Xyron, and immediately, on the first turn of the handle, the cartridge tore. There is no way to put it back together. I contacted Xyron, and it was equivalent to a Federal Investigation for me to attempt to get a new machine! I took pictures of the defect and had to email the representative in customer service numerous times, with things like lot numbers, etc. Finally, after about a month, they did not replace the machine, but they did give me a new cartridge. I make handmade greeting cards and use stickers a lot. All that month, I couldn't make one sticker. It was unbelievable all the fuss I went through when obviously at least the cartridge was defective. Amazon gives much better service than Zyron gives! I have found that these sticker maker machines' cartridges or the handle of the machine do NOT work (or they tear) in over 30% of the machines and/or cartridges. They tear right away most often. I'm a college graduate and an RN, so I know how to insert a simple cartridge which only goes in one way.
As I said, when the whole thing works, it puts adhesive on the bottom of whatever piece of paper you want to use as a sticker. Too bad it often doesn't work. If you want a fair resolution of the machine's breaking down, buy it from Amazon.
In 2011 I found out that I had very severe sleep apnea. I would stop breathing 92 times per hour!!! No wonder I was tired all the time. My first machine was a CPAP. It didn't have a computer chip to moniter results back in 2011. It wasn't working, so I got a BiPAP machine from ResMed, a leading company in Sleep Apnea machines. This one had a chip which would record "usage hours, mask seal, events, mask on/off, and myAir score". This helped me monitor my progress. After several months, the sleep apnea "events" (which monitored the number of times I stopped breathing or had insufficient breaths" started increasing again. Sleep specialists can download the chip and see all the data. Finally, I got an ASV machine, also from ResMed and also with a chip.
If you have sleep apnea, I highly recommend that you get a ResMed machine. To register, you input easy information and can then see all of the indicators I mentioned above, in order to see how effective your machine is in helping your sleep apnea.
Because I have such severe sleep apnea, I check my events and scores often. If my events increase, I can bring the chip in to my doctor, he downloads the data, and then he can increase or decrease the pressures of the machine. The myair.resmed.com site also shows you how to clean your equipment and gives you tips on how to better control your sleep apnea.
I don't know how many other companies manufacture sleep apnea machines, but I highly recommend ResMed. Whatever brand you get, get one with a computer chip and take more charge over your sleep apnea and your health. Be proactive and be a team member with your doctor. This site is what you need to do so.
After living in northern CA for over 30 years, my husband and I are planning to move back to Wisconsin, our home state. Our move is totally to be near family; it DEFINITELY NOT is because we enjoy WI's weather, humidity, bugs, snakes, etc. With us living so far away, Zillow is a good tool to use to help us find our new home. One thing I must mention is that WE ALREADY HAVE A REALTOR in WI, and we don't plan to use anyone listing a particular home. Along that line, PLEASE DO NOT PRESS THE BUTTON that says "I'm interested in this home" because you will receive many unwanted phone calls from agents!! Otherwise, Zillow.com is a good tool to use to get an idea of a home you want. Zillow gives information on Facts and Features, Year Built, Square Footage, Room Sizes, Heating and Cooling (Central air is a MUST!), acreage, Taxes, price per square foot, schools, and much more. There is also a "Zestimate" that can tell you if the home is priced too high or too low. Zillow also gives "how many days" the home has been listed on Zillow, in addition to a history of the home's price increases or decreases or "taken off the market", which can help one ascertain whether a lower price might be accepted by the seller.
The negatives of Zillow are that pictures they show of the homes may be limited, and that if you don't already have a realtor, you take a chance on whoever is listing the home. Since we were already from WI, we have a realtor we know and trust.
But when you live thousands of miles from wherever you are planning to move, Zillow is a great site for you to get an idea of what is out there and how much it costs.
I happened upon jewelry.com when I was looking for a garnet ring in a silver setting for my sister. I spent probably 2 hours looking through this site. There is SO MUCH to look at, since they sell jewelry of all kinds for men and women, from rings to earrings, to pendants, necklaces, and bracelets and more. Jewelry.com has high-priced gems, moderate priced ones, and a great selection of very inexpensive jewelry, many of which are semi-precious stones. They also sell crystal jewelry, and they tell whether the item is crystal or a real stone. Personally, I would never buy something for thousands of dollars on an online site, but the quantity of less expensive items is huge. I've purchased the garnet ring for my sister, and for the price, it was very nice. I also bought a citrine ring for myself, and the stones were beautiful. Just today I bought a blue topaz 4 3/8 carat ring for myself for less than $40, including both tax and S&H. I have a nice collection of high-priced jewelry that my husband has gifted me with, but when I'm out about town (in a city where once a man was killed for his gold chain!), I wear my cheap but nice-looking jewelry. I've received many compliments on rings that cost less than $50. I had to contact customer service once, and they replied quickly. (It wasn't because of a problem with their jewelry). I recommend jewelry.com.
I had to go on Disability 12 years ago. Up until that time, I had been an RN with a BSN and Infection Prevention/Control certification for 10 years. I had much experience in both Oncology in many different settings, and later in Infection Prevention/Control and Quality and knowledge of Accreditation requirements, areas that were somewhat unique. So I made my profile and became involved in LinkedIn. I was able to connect with other business and healthcare personnel through this site. After I became disabled and had to retire from nursing, I didn't use LinkedIn much, but they still connected with me. I found out when connections got promotions, so I could congratulate them, I saw where long time peers worked and could access them, and mainly, even now (almost 4 times a week!!!!!) I find out that people have looked at my profile as they search for people to fill positions!!! In fact, this past 12 months, my profile has been checked 3-4 times a week, even though I state perfectly clear that I'm retired due to disability!! So to those who are still out there working, you can be assured that employers and personnel departments and recruiters ARE checking you out!! That is VERY GOOD if you are looking for job/career opportunities. On the other hand, some of the job opportunities I get are nothing that I'd either qualify for nor want! However, if I was looking for a new position, from what I see in my LinkedIn, and the times I'm checked out, I would definitely become a LinkedIn member, which is free.
Mindbodygreen.com (aka MBG) is a great site that gives articles, podcasts, and classes in "the whole person"-spirit, soul, body, relationships, housing, and investing in one self. The reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars is that you get numerous emails and some of the articles are kind of "out there" for a 66 year old like myself. But I do LOVE the website. It really speaks to the "whole You". For instance, here are some of the article titles in the recent newsletter: "Replacing Retinoids with Other Products During Pregnancy", "How to oil Cleanse Correctly" (I learned that from that article), "Grain-Free Muffins", "4 Ways to Invest in Yourself That Will Change Your Life", "Tools to Overcome PTSD". Recent articles have also highlighted how to de-clutter your life, living in tiny houses, natural beauty items and recipes, yoga, meditation. I read what I want to and disregard the rest. I've learned a lot from these article. There are classes that you can purchase on a variety of topics. Otherwise, everything else is free. If you want to live a more natural lifestyle, this site will certainly help. If you want to live without as much stress, if you want to eat better nutrition, if you want to spark your sex life, if you want to know how to be mindful, this website is for you. I'm a 66 year old, conservative woman who isn't "out there", but I learn a lot from this site, and I know you will, too.
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This is my second review of Bulk Apothecary. I used to buy a lot of essential oils and lotion, cream, and butter bases from them. They have a great inventory, and I have no complaints about their products (although I believe my favorite source of essential oils, EDENS Garden, has more superior oils). But I stopped ordering from BA because their S&H costs were way too expensive!! I just order products for my own use. If you are a person who orders large amounts of product because you are making candles, soaps, lotions to sell, then you probably qualify for free shipping. Then you are no doubt happy with BA. But for people like me, who order small amounts, the S&H is too much to handle. Thank you for reading my review.
Good products but many mistakes
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I'm a disabled RN who has many health problems and an auto-immune disease. I've become very interested in Aromatherapy as an aide to better well-being. I came across Bulk Apothecary (BA) and have become a (too) frequent customer. However, the products seem very good, and I enjoy reading about the properties and uses of each essential oil (EO) listed. I now have a big supply of BA products. The complaints I have are that there are often mistakes made in the products I ordered vs the products I get. I'd say this happens at least 1/3 of the time. However, I use their "CHAT" service, and I've had NO complaints in their problem resolutions. The CHAT service is based in Asia, so one CHAT employee was NOT at all helpful, but the rest were. Another BIG issue is that S&H costs are atrociously high!!! However, they often have coupons that kind of balance out that cost-not completely, but they help. Another issue is that sometimes the order takes forever to come. The last one came in about 12 days. Some have come quickly; others not. I guess they are waiting for some of the flowers to grow so they can process them? I'm new at this, so I can't really judge, but the products seem very good, and the prices can be very reasonable, so I will keep using BA. By now, I should have enough materials to work full-time at making things for a few years!
My nephew was one of hundreds interviewing for a position at Epic, the major provider of computer charting for hospitals and clinics. He got a job at this massive site. He can't tell us what he is working on. I go to Sutter, a medical clinic in northern CA; they have an EPIC system, and I love it because I can make appointments, send messages to my providers, look up my lab and radiology results, and see what preventive care items I need to do. On the other hand, as a retired RN, I am ecstatic that I retired before I had to use EPIC on the job. Nurses are having to spend enormous amounts of time inputting data on the computer, using EPIC and other systems. Most of what they input are checks on what they did to the patient, without leaving a clear picture of the patient as a whole. It is burdensome. EPIC SHOULD HAVE REAL NURSES AND DOCTORS HELP DESIGN THE SYSTEM!!! The old-time charting allowed us nurses to provide real information about the patient. Dr. Green, an author of 2 books about Emergency Departments, offered a real look at any computer system, and it was more work upon more work because some situations just don't fit the patient's situations. Computerized charting is the future, but please, EPIC, use the advice of the people who have to actually USE your systems!!
My husband is the one who saw "The ShepherdsDiet.com" online, read about it, got excited, and bought it. We thought we would get actual books, but everything was online. We are older, so we prefer actual physical books. Kristina Wilds, who is a certified nutritionist, developed this program after her husband was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gerig's Disease). As his physical abilities decreased, he gained weight, making it harder for him to do any self care. So Kristina searched the Bible for Biblical references to foods. This is a Christian-based program. She developed this high protein, high good fats, very low carbohydrate diet, basically a ketogenic diet, to help her husband; and he did lose weight. Consequently, she developed the Sherpherd's Diet for the public.
Here are the good points: If you follow the diet, you will lose weight.
There is a great support network that answers your questions. You WILL have many questions, as many things are not explained fully.
Here are the BAD POINTS:
Everything is online.
Since my husband is the one who ordered this, he began paying $9.95 twice a month for something he really didn't know. This turned out to be recipes that would help you get the proper balance of protein, fats, and carbs. When he stopped paying the $9.95 every 2 weeks, WE COULD NOT ACCESS THE RECIPES FROM THE TIME WE HAD PAID ALL THIS MONEY FOR A FEW MONTHS!!! I was appalled, but I was told that since everything is online, all the money we spent in the past would not allow us to get the recipes we had paid for because TSD (The Shepherd's Diet) did not have a way to not include recipes we hadn't paid for. I was totally disgusted. This was supposed to be a Christian site.
Kristina has numerous partners who sell their own plans and products, so you are bombarded with these emails. Most of the time, you have to listen to very long videos before you even find out what they are selling! None of these "miraculous" discoveries are sold in stores. One PARTNER told about a miraculous oil that was probably in our pantry. The oil wasn't named. I asked to find out the name of the oil from a consultant provided by Kristina's site. SHE COULDNT TELL ME because it was a partner!!! How ridiculous. I found out it was coconut oil after fast-forwarding through this partner's long video presentation.
I got gallbladder attacks from following the diet. I had to see the doctor, and an ultrasound was ordered for me this week.
Kristina herself was sending emails that required you to have to watch videos. I complained, and I'm not saying it was because of me, but finally, she offered transcripts to read if you didn't want to waste time watching long videos.
Kristina Wilds now has a supplement line of products that she recommends we buy. All of these supplements are very expensive.
Conclusion: This is a ketogenic diet where protein is 70-75% of the diet, followed by good fats and very low carbs. It turns your body into burning fats and not glucose. There probably are many ketogenic diets online.
For a self-proclaimed Christian, Ms. Wilds surely seems to sell very expensive products, as do her partners.
The $9.95 we spent every 2 weeks (without my husband knowing exactly why) turned out to be recipes that we couldn't access after he quit paying the $9.95.
You don't get physical books.
You get many emails.
Now that I know TSD is a ketogenic diet, I will research it myself online and not spend all the money that TSD requires.
If you have ever been ripped off, lost money, or been hugely disappointed in the products of an online business, and you want to warn others-this is the PERFECT SITE!! Alternatively, if you love an online business and want to encourage people that they can trust it, write a review on Sitejabber.com! This online reviewing site is growing exponentially. I buy many things online because I'm disabled, but also because retail stores are limiting stock. I totally rely on people's reviews before I buy or not buy from certain sites. Sitejabber is the perfect site in order to check whether or not you are dealing with a reputable, trustworthy, high quality business.
In addition, the founder of the site has contacted reviewers last year on ways to make the site better. WHO DOES THAT ANYMORE?? Only someone who values the members who use his site. And the website has become increasingly better.
I urge you to review online businesses on Sitejabber.com if you've had either a horrible or excellent experience-or even if you want others to know about the online company. I also encourage you to look at SItejabber before you buy from a website which you've never used before-check out the reviews of people who already used that website.
I highly recommend Sitejabber.com. It will help you!

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Roseann Z.'s review of Natural Health Response earned 39 Very Helpful votes

Roseann Z.'s review of Publishers Clearing House (PCH) earned 31 Very Helpful votes

Roseann Z.'s review of Bioleptin earned 27 Very Helpful votes

Roseann Z.'s review of wisdomganga.com earned a Very Helpful vote

Roseann Z.'s review of Alliance For Advanced Health earned 49 Very Helpful votes

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Roseann Z.'s review of Phytage Labs earned 12 Very Helpful votes

Roseann Z.'s review of Bulk Apothecary earned 7 Very Helpful votes

Roseann Z.'s review of Jackpot Candles earned a Very Helpful vote

Roseann Z.'s review of paincommunity.org earned a Very Helpful vote

Roseann Z.'s review of colortheworldlipsticks.com earned a Very Helpful vote

Roseann Z.'s review of Dr. Schulze earned 6 Very Helpful votes

Roseann Z.'s review of ConsumerLab.com earned 16 Very Helpful votes

Roseann Z.'s review of Annie Cloth earned a Very Helpful vote

Roseann Z.'s review of HelloFresh earned 3 Very Helpful votes

Roseann Z.'s review of Angie's List earned 4 Very Helpful votes

Roseann Z.'s review of Gammybest earned 16 Very Helpful votes

Roseann Z.'s review of Myair.resmed earned 5 Very Helpful votes

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Roseann Z.'s review of forburnfat.com earned a Very Helpful vote

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CAROL G. thanked you for your review of Publishers Clearing House (PCH)

“Thanks i;ve been playing steady since 2004, have bought things and never received a dime. If you look I have noticed that most winners are from the West coast most of the time it,s in same state. Carol G”

Arlette C. thanked you for your review of Publishers Clearing House (PCH)

“Thank you so much.I feel the same way.They always say I'm in the running but,I never win.”

James C. thanked you for your review of Natural Health Response

“Thank you for taking the time to inform everyone who you can about these scams! This applies to a lot of other so called Dr's who push their products through the internet....”

bob l. thanked you for your review of Alliance For Advanced Health

“I think I subscribed, but received no email confirmation nor can I find a phone # to call”

Janice w. thanked you for your review of Joe-cannon

“Thank you!!”

Daniil P. thanked you for your review of Joe-cannon

“Thanks for the review”

Ying C. thanked you for your review of Joe-cannon

“ok aaaaaaaaaa”

Lisa M. thanked you for your review of Dr. Schulze

“Looking for herbal remedies due to being on a med that can't be mixed with pretty much anything! Intestinal issues is a HUGE problem with this medicine as well! Ty!”

Curtis S. thanked you for your review of Myair.resmed

“Thanks for the info”

Michael L. thanked you for your review of Sitejabber

“Thanks for the kind words! With help from reviewers like yourself, we can make a difference!”

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