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    Publishers Clearing House (PCH)

Publishers Clearing House (PCH)

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Publishers Clearing House (PCH) has a consumer rating of 2.08 stars from 492 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Publishers Clearing House (PCH) most frequently mention clearing house, customer service and technical difficulties problems. Publishers Clearing House (PCH) ranks 5th among Sweepstakes sites.

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Positive reviews (last 12 months): 7.1%
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What reviewers want you to know

Positive highlights

  • I have figured out how Publishers Clearing House never awards the "mega prize" with their "special early looks."
  • U can use tokens at the end of that game to (buy?) Up to 5 entry's?

Critical highlights

  • Good luck to the poor saps who spend hours per day and days attempting to sign up for that Wonderful (yeah...
  • Fuck pch they are crooks i used to work there and we cheated people for years.
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Top Positive Review

“Prayers for my big win soon”

Debbie E.

I have been ordering,& spent thousands of $$ at PCH over several years! I am a Presidential Preferred VIP ELITE customer! If I win... I could continue to order alot more! If I don't win soon, will probably have to give up! I am only living on a small as check, so I can't keep on spending on PCH for my dream to win soon! I have hundreds of entries in for the Oct 31 drawing, hundreds of chances on the Ford F 250, & hundreds of chances on the lotto cards! I hope that it's my turn! Please pick me

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Top Critical Review

“Save Money and Peace of Mind by Staying Away”


After participating in PCH for several years, I am finally convinced that I could find most of my purchases at a lower cost anywhere else and I certainly don't appreciate the constant barrage of emails telling me I have one more thing to do to qualify for their drawing. I will no longer participate in this dubious enterprise where it appears that all of us are overpaying for things we order so that a very few can receive a big prize!

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publishers clearing house (21) good luck (17) people (94) time (180) customer service (13) tokens (93) 20 years (6) day (111) games (120) prize patrol (6) life (46) order something (5)
1 review
12 helpful votes
July 5th, 2020
After participating in PCH for several years, I am finally convinced that I could find most of my purchases at a lower cost anywhere else and I certainly don't appreciate the constant barrage of emails telling me I have one more thing to do to qualify for their drawing. I will no longer participate in this dubious enterprise where it appears that all of us are overpaying for things we order so that a very few can receive a big prize!
1 review
13 helpful votes
May 15th, 2020
Pch is a rip off. You spend all this time to get tokens to use to buy things, I mean win things. Ya never win. The Spectrum PCH website always is down. Like when you try and enter, to win. But wait you didn't buy anything so then it goes into error mode. Speaking of buying, ya it say's it's cheap, but it really is not. Don't buy any food products from this site, one word~~Yuck~~ Takes everything at least 6 weeks to get to you. Give a finger, and don't even try. It is frustrating and will make you angry.
1 review
13 helpful votes
March 28th, 2020
Nobody seems to win the big prizes and if they do they don't make it public. How many cars have you seen given away? Me neither, but every month they have a car to waste your tokens on! They sent me a couple $10.00 checks which I did not win so I ripped them up... scam? Maybe, not worth the chance or the time. Both my husband and myself were contacted this year about orders WE DID NOT PLACE! When my husband contacted them they refused to take responsibility and just said, "sorry you changed your mind" WTH! My advice is if you never played don't start, it's addictive and you won't win!
1 review
10 helpful votes
April 20th, 2020
I'm a PhD and have been playing PCH games/lotto etc. for over a year and have nothing to show for it but nearly 60m tokens in one account amd 25m in another. Every evening I spend up to 100k tokens for "rewards". We order some small item at least once a month. All we ever receive is some $ store item worth "a dollar or two" and at least 20 emails a day from PCH. Yes, playing is enjoyable but entirely non-productive. What am I not understanding?
1 review
19 helpful votes
April 2nd, 2020
They try to push the cheapest, most trailer trash pieces of junk on their site. And then the messages try to shame you into buying something, because your 'cart is empty'... I mean really. Do you know how many times you go on the site to click on this or that and of course are bombarded with their cheesy, tasteless pieces of crap. Like who buys something each and every time? Nobody... unless you think you're going to win something... keep on dreaming...
1 review
8 helpful votes
March 19th, 2020
Probable time for me to move on. Spent over 150 Million tokens with no win and that did not take a short amount of time to accumulate. Odds of winning $1000 1 Billion to 1. I also purchased 3 times: first two product broke in two days. All 3 low quality.
1 review
17 helpful votes
February 23rd, 2020
The app is a very unpleasant experience! Loading forever and then after. 6 or more minutes of "play" it tells me to check my. Internet connection. This happens in my house and at.other locations! I HATE your app. I buy all the time and then my submissions still dont go through! Are you crooks or. Something?
1 review
3 helpful votes
November 7th, 2020
But way too high on shipping. In fact, most of their products double in price due to shipping cost. So, I use their product list for ideas, then I copy the product name and go to Amazon. I do a search for the same product. Usually, that product will show up for a couple of dollars more. But, with free 2 day shipping it's still about half what you'd pay on PCH.com
2 reviews
4 helpful votes
January 11th, 2020
I have been playing PCH.com for a few years now and I have NEVER been forced to buy anything, in fact I have never purchased anything from them ever.

I am on PCH every day playing my games for free, entering sweepstakes, searching, lotto, scratchers and I am a elite vip.

Today Jan 1,2020 I got a email from PCH saying congratulations I was a winner. I won $10.00 and to watch for it in the mail.
Thank you PCH.com I was so happy when I spotted the letter in my inbox. I give PCH 5 stars actually 10 if allowed...

Tip for consumers:
If you are serious about winning stick to it and play search and win.

Serious fun playing at pch.com
Thank you

Products used:
No products just GAME PLAY and love it

1 review
6 helpful votes
November 1st, 2020
It took me 11 years paying higher than average prices to realize that I could make better use of my money! Then the straw that broke the camel's back was the constant demand for payment for goods I had not received! My advice to everyone out there is if you want better quality and want to save do not consider PCH! It will be quicker for you to save the money than the thousands they suggest you could win if you ever do!
1 review
12 helpful votes
April 19th, 2020
I read the odds before I decided to go down the PCH highway so I had no illusions as to my chances. I play the games to kill time.

What is frustrating however, is the abysmally poor quality of the merchandise. I've purchased product three times and have been disappointed. The products are cheaply made but sold at near premium prices and in some cases the S & H was almost as much as the product itself.

Finally I said to myself, "how else can they pay celebrity endorsers, commit to millions in legacy costs and still make a profit?" I don't buy anything from PCH anymore.
1 review
1 helpful vote
October 26th, 2020
I have been ordering,& spent thousands of $$ at PCH over several years! I am a Presidential Preferred VIP ELITE customer! If I win... I could continue to order alot more! If I don't win soon, will probably have to give up! I am only living on a small as check, so I can't keep on spending on PCH for my dream to win soon! I have hundreds of entries in for the Oct 31 drawing, hundreds of chances on the Ford F 250, & hundreds of chances on the lotto cards! I hope that it's my turn! Please pick me
1 review
2 helpful votes
August 31st, 2020
Im up too 900 hundred million in coins but never won the mega prize its frustrating but good for games.
1 review
10 helpful votes
July 19th, 2020
Shoddy, cheap foods worth less than their excessive shipping costs. Always comparison shop anything they offer, you will get better customer service, lower prices, and better quality than ANYTHING PCH offers. Also don't be misled by mystery gifts. You will get endless repeats of things that wind up in the trash.

Tip for consumers:

Products used:
I expect to use a magazine - if it arrives, been two months. Asked them, they said maybe in 4 months from date of payment.

3 reviews
15 helpful votes
July 23rd, 2020
I wish I had researched PCH's merchandise before I purchased. Now I see why it only has 2 stars. I ordered a ceiling fan cleaning brush for $9.95. What I received was a cheap piece of crap. In addition to the cost of the product, it also TAXED the shipping charge! So, I ended up being charged $17.65 for a $9.95 item! If you're smart, DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM PUBLISHERS CLEARING HOUSE (PCH). Buy from ANY OTHER source.
1 review
22 helpful votes
January 17th, 2020
Understanding that pch is advertised as a lottery having a slim to zero chance of winning, i gave it a try anyway.
WOW - has my phone been blown up with spam texts and email.
Keep in mind that everything you sign up for, you will eventually have to unsubscribe from if you want it to stop. & sometime unsubscribing DOES NOT WORK!
1 review
16 helpful votes
March 1st, 2020
They said theres no record and i have 20 scratch offs worth $. Then they say you have to wait until gateways over... well gateway 1300 is over!

Tip for consumers:
They shouldnt make people think theve won! Its very time consuming doing everything they want you to do.I did for solid yr straight an i havr proof i have about 20 more i scratched on the same day an next.

1 review
16 helpful votes
February 3rd, 2020
I got their "free" gift that I paid only $5 for shipping it was a crap set of kitchen towels you can buy at the dollar store for a buck quit trying to rip us off
1 review
5 helpful votes
July 14th, 2020
I have been combustible someone who said that they were working for pch and they told me that I had won 5 thousand dollars for life but I have to pay 1700 dollars to get it and then they cut it to 650 dollars to get it but all their advertising say a they show up at your door to surprise you but they are demanding money from me instead so I am begging to think that it's a scam and con to get my money from me.
2 reviews
9 helpful votes
September 27th, 2020
The stuff they sell is total cheap crap. I got insulated bowl holders to heat soup in the microwave, good idea right? The material isn't flexible enough and I spilled hot clam chowder everywhere. Went right in the trash. I entered a contest via phone for some pandemic entertainment for the fun of it, not planning to win anything but why not? Don't call them, I ended up with magazine subscriptions I didn't want, their salespeople are sharks. I was so ticked off at them & myself I made them reverse the charges. If you are looking for pandemic entertainment stay away from this shoddy and sleazy company!
1 review
13 helpful votes
February 20th, 2020
Seven years hoping to win big and $10 is all I won. Why can't they shell out small and frequent monetary payments. All you get are tokens. I suppose it'll take me another 7 years to win another $10. They keep asking me to do searches just so they can spy on your browser and bombard you advertisements, not to mention if you order from PCH, they charge shipping and handling fee per item in one one single order, which makes you have pay a very high payment. PCH is just in the business of scamming you out of your money and wasting your time instead of giving you more than $10 fort years of being a loyal customer. That pretty much sums up a waste of my time.
1 review
0 helpful votes
August 13th, 2020
How come when your a VIP you show ads after every scratch card. Love the game and the winnings but I can't stand all the ads!
1 review
21 helpful votes
February 19th, 2020
I have played multiple PCH sweeps and games recently. I am getting emails from PCH about orders that I have made. I called saying that I didn't order anything. They said that at the end of each contest, there is a cart and that you are liable for what is in the cart. I said that I didn't order anything so there should not be anything in my cart. They said that it didn't matter if I ordered anything, if there were items in the cart (added by them) I was responsible.
1 review
3 helpful votes
May 6th, 2020
I give PCH four stars for their marketing of dreams. They are very good at it. Some of their products are unique, not always worth the added 6 or 7 dollars shipping and handling, but that is their standard, so u either buy it or not. Some of their stuff is not up to standard, and returns are difficult.
What I like about PCH is their ability to make u believe u could actually win. ( odds r not in ur favor)... So u can go to bed and dream of something fun. I have been entering PCH for almost 40 years, every state I lived in, by mail, by computer. NEVER won. Can' t even win a silly $50 token prize. I dont appriciate such low odds; I have had a tree fall on my car, a water bottle land in my face in a Home improvement show audience crowd, had a car swerve 5 feet in front of me crash in a building and driver die, won a Turkey on the radio and had a 1965 mustang hit the 1965 mustang I was driving... total both... and walk away from it... But I cant win a simple prize on PCH? Odds just seem a little fishy after 40 years. However... I do thank for the dreams... and secretly hope for that knock on the door.
1 review
2 helpful votes
November 17th, 2020
I got the pch app, and when you reach the treasure chest, the van stops and you can't move forward or backwards you are just stuck in limbo. I put a screenshot of where the app leaves you. It's like they don't want you to continue!

Q&A (272)


Am I still in the running for PCH's $7,000.00 a week win Thanks hoping for good news. My computer was down for two days. Does this disqualify me

By Frances T.
See more answers (16)

Probably but we keep playing as the games do give us something to do. Wouldn't bet on a big win however.

By Chuck P.
See more answers (11)

Oh this is big time scam. Like I said in my review we put to much time into this wack company that when see anything about money we think it's them. Nobody ever wins there special early look prizes unless it's a guaranteed giveaway.

By Matt S.
See more answers (7)

Well, and just as I expected, the October 23 "special early look" did NOT result in the "mega prize" being awarded. Surprise, surprise! I saw that they immediately started advertising on TV their next "mega prize" (what is it now? $5000 a week for life? Bet they don't award that one, either!) Just a scam to drum up sales to weak-minded people who actually think they have a snowball's chance in you-know-where to win anything at odds of almost 2 billion to one. A total fraud!

By Viktoria I.
See more answers (5)

I know they keep changing the dates for winning and they say no purchase needed until the end with a notice to buy something and you will be on their list they should be accounted for to better business bureau and all the items are made in china this company must be owned by china I'm done with them

By elizabeth k.
See more answers (4)

I didn't know this but it makes sense as there is nothing to it but the same thing day after day. PCH has gone downhill with games, lately, as even the daily puzzles, now, just drag and are hard to move the pieces. Too many puzzles and probably too many people playing, Also same thing, every day and are only for fun to kill time with. Maybe, now, they are just not monitoring the sites to see their problems. Bingo, no great loss.

By Jeanne D.
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By Jennifer R.
See more answers (11)

It is all rigged! They want to draw you in, and promise you that you are the next big winner. It is all a waste of time in my opinion.

By Angela M.
See more answers (8)

"PCH is real whether you want to believe or not. I never have won yet but my friend has and others that she knows have won money and on won 1,000,000.00" -Bredna Nonsense. You must work for PCH or something, Bredna. And did you mispell your so called own name lol? Supposed to be "Brenda?" I suppose it's possible that is your name but what I find nearly impossible to believe is that you have a friend who won and it just so happens that your friend who won also knows others who won and even won 1,000,000.00? I mean what are the odds of THAT? Knock it off.

By RandomlyHiccupping B.
See more answers (7)

It would not let me play or sign in so I gave up

By Richard V.
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