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I received a letter from PCH a few weeks ago thinking it was another contest I almost threw it away. But when I opened it I found a letter stating that I had won $10.00 and a check would be coming within 2 weeks. I did receive a check, cashed it with no issues. It's been months so if it was a scam my bank would have notified me by now. $10 bucks if better then nothing....

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Over 15 million tokens and not one win and I'm not a binge player with a lot of points. That's a lot of hours watching commercials. Fun at time but getting a bit old.

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I play PCH to pass the time after work. I don't expect to win anything, but this Greg Lee commercial that lasts 5 minutes between each game is making it unplayable.

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I wrote a review a while back because of problems I was having with PCH! The same advertisements they throw at you on a day today basis were the same advertisements that kept fishing me Completely out of PCH websites. Not to mention showing extremely questionable advertisements with naked women and half naked not showing or restraining themselves as to at least have a - viewer discretion advised warning or parental ratings at all !!!my 3rd youngest finished my pch lotto only to have The usual titles with super inappropriate pictures of naked women & Reproductive organs exposed,with same titles, such as seven-time lottery winner does this every time, do this before purchasing a lottery ticket, casinos don't want you to know this, casinos don't like it when you do this but they can't stop you etc. titles of advertisements they Show & throw on a day-to-day basis after completing entry, Only this time with super inappropriate pictures! AnyWho new update and complain is October 12, 2018 and a couple of months back as well! New problems With the advertisements and advertisers PCH presents us with with no accountability or at least a SORRY!

I was going to wait until the sweepstake was over ,The $2500 a week for life.

The reason that is. When big sweepstakes are over is when most PCH customer/consumers get upset
Over all the time they invested and wasted thinking they had a good chance of becoming the next winner! Not realizing it's basically impossible almost a 0% chance of winning ANY sweepstake let alone a BIG-SWEEPSTAKE. Like 0.0000001% chance not even a half of 1% ! Don't waste your money but you have a better chance with the actual lottery please be careful don't throw away your money. If you do even if it's one dollar that you win keep that dollar or whatever amount you went down throw it back at them after you get something from scratchers or Quick-picks ! They know just to hook you !make your believe you almost won ! but No, Not even close! WARNING

This last sweepstake that ended coincidentally no big winner was found instead they awarded a $1 million check to a man in Colorado

A couple days after that they kept sending emails stating that they still need a winner and they're going to keep running the same sweepstake to find a winner! I could be wrong but as far as I'm concerned I'm pretty sure they did not find a winner what a coincidence!

Now I know you're probably thinking why do you keep playing wasting your time. Well I can tell you it's for the same reason that I have to wash my hands a certain amount of times every day for a certain amount of seconds each time my OCD and it's free

If I ever become a real winner don't confuse my statement basically child like if I don't win then it's not real no no no. What I mean if I ever do become a winner of some actual cash then I will come back and I will confirm. About three or four months ago I did receive a $10 Notification that I was the winner?!

Like usual I ignored it. If you're a PCH customer/consumer and you been playing for a while then you know all the stuff they throw at you more than half of their so call not affiliated sponsors are fraudulent and I can prove it !! I just don't understand why they don't have actual PCH staff dedicated to monitor their own sponsors and people they let advertise and PCH websites, No common sense. I know they need to cut corners and have a certain amount of advertisements in order for them to be profitable and be able to award somebody with actual money that they advertise , They been sued a few times for that reason and more

Well come to find out I did win $10 they send me a check I had to double check with PCH staff which is extremely hard to do so sometimes because if you ask questions they will literally regurgitate information and send you all the information you can find on your own at the websites/facts

They send you the odds of winning,
No purchase necessary to enter or to win,
Yet keep pushing to order saying things like show us you want to win and place an order today!
They don't choose the winners ...
complaining or giving them sad stories will not help you become a winner anytime soon or faster!
Their winners are chose randomly supposedly
It's just hilarious that a computer that supposed to choose randomly seems to always miss 9 out of 10 when it's higher than $5000 a week for life. Sometimes they do but it's really rare

But if you add how long it will take to get to $1 million and even the $1 million check is pretty good thing since it's kind a like a lump sum payment In a way I guess.

Because of that $10 notification and ignoring
Everything before then specially since I had been scammed out of $169 through a sponsor/advertiser on PCH website selling brain pills using CNN background and Mr. Hopkins Rest in peace . A fraudulent advertisement percented to me through PCH on a PCH website/advertiser using Piret copy violation/copyright everything about it was wrong with so many violations and on top of that PCH took no responsibility not even a sorry they told me a lot of their advertisers are not affiliated.

They got me to purchase five bottles for $169 dollars. I probably should've googled research before putting in my credit card information

However back to my story/main complaints you get thrown to the wolves when it comes to their advertisers the same advertisers you get after PCH spectrum are the same advertisers that are completely fishing me out which they had the Guts and nerve to tell me I should reach out to them and tell them that there's fishing me out!
Me do The grunt work and contact the scammers that keep fishing me out of PCH websites and let them know what they're doing to me how is that even ethical how are they going to ask me to do such a thing contact fraudulent advertisers/sponsors with virus like and Law breaking criminals that probably work with PCH I have a video of PCH it's self acting like a virus not allowing me to clear my URL and no matter what popping back up without even searching PCH on my most Visited websites a video of a couple minutes trying to get rid of all my PCHURL and PCH history popping an opening and re-popping over and over no matter what I would do to my history. I personally believe that PCH it's self is some type a leave visited websites a video of a couple minutes trying to get rid of all my PCHURL and PCH history pop being an opening and re-popping over and over no matter what I would do to my history. I personally believe that PCH itself is some type of virus either on purpose or by one of their disgruntled employees which I'm sure that's what they're going to say throw somebody under the bus so they don't get the blame for having virus like encryption coding which they used to obtain most of our information and basically profiling us ! & selling our information to sponsors and advertisers of theirs!
noticed that shortly after entering is PCH or going on PCH websites the phone calls start !? the automated recording and phone numbers from so many different states and most of those numbers you call back so happened to be disconnected immediately after forwarding their number and then you searching them and trying to call back!

Wait What!? Yes!They had the audacity to tell me I should contact those fraudulent advertisers that so happened to be the very same advertisements we get after entering on PCH spectrum the so-called special opportunity! Such baloney and I'm sorry for everybody who gets their hopes up with those mass produce emails that seems so personalize like Danille saying this is the flower shop we're going to stop at and this is the hotel we will be getting when we go to you're City/town Before we go to your home and award you with our big Sweepstake !
A lot of people get their hopes up not realizing that these emails we get are pretty much mass produce!!!!
They have special programmers that program the emails in order to make them look like their personalized
to an individual but they're very much mass produce with everybody getting the exact same email.

It only happens when I'm on PCH website PCH games PCH search and win PCH front page PCH keno PCH lotto etc. etc.

However,these so called sponsors are such criminals and PCH percent us with these criminals.
Because of those $10 I honestly thought it was PCH they told me to complete a survey and upon completing my survey I will receive a special gift simply by completing the survey so I did I enter all my info and then I realized why are they asking me for my credit card if it's a gift so I immediately stopped myself from pushing complete took pictures of everything and turned out it was a survey company pretending to be PCH asking me questions about PCH because it's one of their sweepstakes competitors
Talk about copyrights!

I still enter on a daily basis sometimes I waste over three hours on PCH websites/games & probably still will til the day I die .Just kidding! But I'm definitely slowing down tired of their scam's and their sponsors which I think it's them PCH disguise as sponsors in order not to get sued it's starting to feel like a little bit of a conspiracy LOL but seriously !
Which is why I can tell you something fishy going is going on here!

At first I was a little scared that they'll use my complaints against me and make sure that I never become a winner but even without my paranoia
The odds of winning are so slim I have a better chance of learning how to breath underwater then I do winning one of the big prices it's billions to1, or any prices at all !for that matter.
They know how to manipulate you giving you a $10 $20 check making you believe you have a chance and in return you spend 10 times that amount thinking you'll get on their good side and one day you'll become a winner! But NO! Never going to happen!
they to manipulate you !!!!!
They have people with degrees in psychology and they learn your patterns and profile us and use it to manipulate you into believing your very close or one day soon you might win! Far from true .
They spend a lot of time and money to make sure they get your money and they have lawyers that will make sure you run out of money before you can make it to the end of your courts after Submitting a lawsuit against PCH !
Unless it's a class action type of lawsuit which the lawyers get a biger figure in most cases but not all....

So today at 9:13 AM October 12, 2018 It happened again.! If you play their instant games then you know they're inpossible to win,Well about a month ago the field goal kicker on the instant win game/games/sweepstakes, wich all end the same never winning never accomplishing the goal or the objective to win the game

No matter what you do all instant win sweepstakes,!!!
Win instantly $1000. etc. etc.
They always ends the same you not winning or accomplishing the goal/objective of the game/instant win/sweepstake etc. etc.
Only this time was different !

Well for the first time the field-goal kicker kick the ball straight down the middle I was so excited I started yelling profanities thinking I won a $1,000 on PCH
Because it's almost impossible to win anything even redeeming tokens, even when you enter 9999 tokens/entry/entries. Never win anything and it's why I only have around 15 million tokens out of the 70ish million tokens I had !!!

Then reality set in . Nothing!
Not a congratulations,no e-mail, no balloons nothing!! like when I won the $10 still not sure how , by the way thank you very much PCH I framed the check and have it in my living room! It's like seeing a unicorn and taking a picture. Also so I don't spend over $100 thinking I have a chance LOL joke is on you PCH, JK ,
It would have been if I would have cashed it but I didn't either way
thanks ,
you should try to think about saving trees and not wasting so much paper you're forcing people to download the app then why not go paperless and enter through phone by calling and by text messaging just not charging since you guys capitalize on everything not thinking about the consumer/Customer of yours PCH which is mostly elderly and broke people including minorities !!!

PCH is worse than profit Peter Popoff and his so called miracle water,he also was sued several times and debunked !
If you pay attention and see him on commercials you will see that it's only after hours or on BET or other Black/African-American community because he thinks they are the most likely to fall for his bologna and send him their last dollar thinking they're going to get thousands of dollars in miracle money back. Also there is proof that he thinks they are more ignorance because they have the highest school dropouts and drug abuse low income people but still religious so he prays on them like a predator and like PCH on the elderly community and disabled like myself ! people in dire need of a miracle!.....
Peter pop off got me too he kept asking for money first about $20 then 30 and then he starts asking for 100 $200 because that's the version that he got from God that he needs a Seed of faith in order to receive a miracle from God we need to pay .....

if you start having entries by taxed I would like to get a thank you email or text because you literally got the idea from me you're welcome PCH . Feal Free to give me a small percentage of the money you will now be getting from people through the text messages which I'm sure it's not going to be as cheap as you're going to make it seem penny per text Etc. etc.
My a$$.... we were all working on something similar blah blah blah I can already hear your marketing department scrambling notes to make it seem like they thought of it LOL

Please,you be careful PCH consumers and customers if you continue to enter do NOT FALL for their charlatan tricks at this point they are skilled magicians that know how to get the Dollar & pennies out of your wallet and into their bank accounts.
No I will not work for you guys LOL but feel free to send me checks on the royalties that you will get from my text message idea. Trademark by Daniel Marquez San Jose California. Entry by text/free entry but data and charged me apply .....
shame on you pch
Not just wasting paper but also gouging people out there hard earned money and their retirement as well as their Social Security shame shame on you!..... back to my typical horrible experience with PCH in their customer service- a.k.a so called customer service department that never help very rarely get actual information/answers always the same regurgitated baloney !!!!

I contacted PCH and told them what happened it took a few days for them to get back to me and I still have the emails to prove.

In their emails they stated that they have no record of them awarding a price to sweepstake or game at the time of me playing and entering that specific game/sweepstakes/win instantly $1000

They stated that they have certain times of the day where they have certain prices/ giveaways/sweepstakes that they give or award and unless I'm playing one of those special/certain games at one of those special/certain times I am not going to be a winner even if I complete the objective of the game!
Even if it's making the basketball into the hoop kicking the field-goal into the field goal or football straight down the middle into the field-goal it doesn't necessarily mean that I won or a winner!!!! Or any other PCH customer/consumer!
What?!!!! Then what's the point of the entry by b.s game!/ Instant win sweepstake !!
Such B.S !

My heart sank to my stomach same type of feeling when my first marriage ended felt like I had broken up with a high school sweetheart that's how bad it hurt. So instead of spending or wasting two hours on average a day on PCH websites I started only entering the bare minimum in order not to get those aggressive emails
for example don't say we didn't warn you! Don't forfeit your chance to make your families life better! If you don't answer you will forfeit your winning number and all your winning opportunities! better not ignore this! You will be sorry if you do not reply or answer to this email.Etc. etc. etc.

I had two jobs I was a plumber and a private contractor for funeral homes and multiple counties with the sheriff station corners office
So car accidents, suicides, search and rescue accidental death or even questionable deaths I would retrieve bag and tag and take to the corners office .If it was natural on hospice and was expected and you had a funeral home then I would take to funeral homes The love ones that Deceased Sorry if I sound a little morbid. And I lost my mother in 2005 had a hard time thinking about her passing Took three gears to talk about it and not tear up.
so if you recently lost somebody I am sorry did not mean to bring up sad emotions .

Then I got hit by a truck and they took off.
A hit and run.
Which the officer on scene
said all he has to do is say there's 10 people in his home and there's no way of knowing who took his car/truck
Plus a lady/bystander
took a picture of the plates and they did not even have car insurance since 2011
and the police Department in Modesto are not the friendliest I know because they were one of the counties Stanislaus County we had a contract with. Only Because that's where Mariposa County corner office stored there cases at.The corners department officers in Modesto are great Modesto PD not so much some are great but very few....

That involved Yosemite search and rescue etc. etc. Some of them were great upstanding officers hard working some like I said tired and hot because temperatures out there are ridiculous!

This happened in 2015 haven't been able to work money no lawsuit no nothing In fact I don't understand how my own benefits that I racked up and accumulated still fighting to get.
I don't need sympathy or a violin out.!!!

As bad as I have it there's always someone out there way worse so when you're feeling really really really low always remember that no matter how bad your situation is ,it could be worst!!!! I use a cane, a walker for short distances and a wheelchair for long but at least I can still walk more or less even though it's mostly pain and numbness I can still feel my legs!

I've had multiple surgeries and countless of procedures as well as trials with nerve stimulator's shots steroids clinical trials you name it I've tried , therapies in pools outside of Pools physical therapy multiple times etc. etc. which is why I have a lot of time on my hands

So I've been entering for a really long time probably not as much as our elderly folks that are now retired and love to enter an order things from them which is another thing!

They make sure to let it be known that no purchase necessary to enter or to win!

But at the same time it's Very confusing and contradicting because they will say things like shows that you want to win by placing an order today......! What!?

However they tend to push so much product on to you it's not even funny

they even send me messages over and over all in the same message by the way no purchase necessary but take a look at these amazing products we have ,

show us that you want to win by placing an order today and by placing an order ,you may get an extra entry !!

Products that you can find at Walgreens pharmacies dollar trees dollar generals and then not only do they hit you with the extra fees so your $10 item suddenly turns into $20 plus dollars!

Tax, handling fee , shipping
What I understand the shipping but why handling? They're already doing over 75% mark up price and they don't even explain that towards the end they're going to add tax and shipping and handling they show you these great prices and then suddenly when you're checking out it's over 1/3 of the price They ADD !!!!!!

Anyways today at 9:13 AM Pacific time I'm in California, it happened to me again my field goal kicker made the field-goal got me so angry that instead of waiting towards the end of this sweepstake which I'm not sure if some of you got
$2500 a week for life I think they were not getting enough traffic that they started sending double the price money $2,500 a week for life times 2($2,500X2)=$5,000
A week for life !!!!!!!Instead of the regular $2500 a week for life email.

But now they're back to their original emails $2500 a week for life plus after you die $2500 a week for life to who ever you choose!

But because it happened to me twice in a very short time frame I decided to write this today instead of the end of the $2500 a week for life sweepstake!!!! Guaranteed nobody wins It but Who knows since it's under $5000 a week for life what a coincidence

And by the way all those other sweepstakes example $500,000 towards your dream home
$75,000 debt relief, $50,000 carefree, $50,000 Hawaii trip or keep the money, $35,000 kitchen renovation or keep the money, $25,000 towards gas and groceries, $20,000 Secret Cash stash, $1 million and up to $50,000 bonus, $1 million and up to $50,000 bonus genie lamp, $1 million Numerous sweepstakes
$40,000 ultimate sports package or keep the cash
$40,000 up to Ace game
Ford F1 50 valued at $65,549 dollars
Etc. etc. etc. I kept asking them to please provide when they were awarded.

I understand if they cannot provide to who
But at least when they were awarded and or what state the individual that was awarded to those sweepstakes/big sweepstakes games but I keep entering over and over asked multiple times and either they ignore me or they sent me the same regurgitated information that I can find on my own on the facts or their new Winners list info
That they provide. With amounts and first name with one letter initial for their last name and state that the winner lives in!

Then they sent me a whole bunch of information of previous to winners and almost lawyer like documents because of the previous lawsuits to show that they do award money

I couldn't help but laugh
all these emails I still have by the way.

They actually blocked me on pch blogs because I started asking questions on their blogs and unless I write something super short and vague like congratulations on becoming a millionaire/winner or I wish to become a winner as well or they will not post my blogs on PCH website blogs.

They will leave my comments for Moderation and leave it at that and will never post if it has to do with any questions regarding the prices or sweepstakes that I enter on a day-to-day basis

Like I have for years and years now until this day I still can't find the winners those
Big sweepstakes I keep entering like to dream home $500,000 $75,000 debt relief $100,000 dollars cash to the rescue
$100,000 first class vacation or keep the cash it used to be $90,000 now it's $100,000 and before used to be $100,000 grocery sweepstakes now it's $1 million ford F1 50 valued at $65,549 $15,000 relaxation or keep the cash, $20,000 secret cash, $35,000 kitchen renovation, and fairly new $250,000 a year for life and the multiple $1 million with up to $50,000 bonuses Etc. etc. etc.

I'm in San Jose California and my name is Dan M angry and tired of their antics not to mention all the glitches that they still have not fixed if you play all tan games on win $1000 instantly you cannot collect the bonus tokens if you collect tokens for the first 8 Instant win $1000 games if you play the remaining two and try to collect Danielle's bonus tokens game it will say we are experiencing technical difficulties please enjoy your tokens which they give you none

So unless you play all 10 games on win $1000 instantly you're only going to be able to collect once for Danielles token game .

Two nights ago I tried to be one of the top token scores of the day and I made it to six place for about two minutes then I was surpass Literally in two minutes and no longer had a place in the score board chart I tried downloading their app worst app ever so I deleted it play off their website and emails only less advertisements So less time wasted! Now they're saying if you don't have the app you will not become a winner! Talk about communist antics!

I Wish I can applaud you in person those of you who play on the computer or tablet

tried it twice feel sorry for you guys you can't even skip the commercials and advertisements literally hours wasted on commercials and advertisements only to have to glitches on the games you were trying to complete or sweepstakes you were trying to enter ! Bravo to you I tip my hat to you gentleman and Women I truly do tip my hat to you I salute you for all your time and effort on commercials and previews you can't even skip. You can have the app but you don't have to play the app after you enter on your phone computer laptop tablet etc. open the app after all your entries and only enter a few Times so you get your entries through the app as well so you don't waste one or two extra hours on commercials and previews. Like Sesame Street the word of the day , ("beware of PCH")
Well that's 3, well 2with 1 Abbreviation! Good luck to you all.

Dan M in San Jose California

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I thought I was too old to be suckered into buying cheap merchandise, but I guess I was wrong. My husband had an old coin counter that he'd had for years and it broke. Thought I would surprise him with one that was on one of those PCH flyers, and it was ONLY $11.96. Well by the time they added ship/handling it came to $19.34. I would have been okay with that, but the coin counter they sent me is cheaply made and, lo and behold, does not count change! It thinks nickels are quarters and get's really confused if you drop a half-dollar in it!! Guess you are never too old to learn a lesson...if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! The worst part of this whole debacle is that I am now on their mailing list and am getting deluged with their sweepstake garbage that is really the big scam! My advice, if it comes from PCH, RUN, do not walk to the nearest garbage can and toss it in.

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Tokens Tokens Tokens ! I hope you like Tokens people because that's all you are ever likely to win playing PCH lotto games. Millions of Tokens that you can use to bid on prizes that you will also most likely never win. Lotto cards that you have to hit 7or 8 numbers plus the power number to win cash. It's almost impossible to win the regular Powerball jackpot with only 6 numbers much less 7 or 8 numbers & you get absolutely nothing for coming up 1 or 2 numbers short. Other games that you have 7 numbers to match but you will never get more than 3; never! Then there is the power number bouncing ball game; talk about rigged! A couple times the ball looked like it would land in a money slot then somehow reversed course and fell in a token slot. forget about winning $100 or $500 much less $10,000 Tic Tac Dough? Should be Tic Tac NO! as in forget about winning any money here as well. 3 of the 8 lines are tokens only & 5 are money lines. 5 to 3 odds? sounds pretty good right? Forget it! more Tokens is all you'll get; oh boy! Now we come to the most offensive & irritating part. For starters, everyday your inbox is flooded with emails that threaten forfeiture if you don't keep entering on a daily basis. You'd think you could enter once and be done with it but NO! You know why? Because at every turn & between every game or card you play You have to shop for things you probably don't need or want. They tell you you don't have to buy anything to win but I'm not so sure, especially when they use terms like elevated status if you do buy something. I understand the money for these cash prizes comes from these products but quit shoving them down our throat! it's irritating! Plus people might be more inclined to buy something if you would let them win a few bucks here & there. Lotto? keno? slots? games? after a while you start to notice the limited number of patterns that come up on these games & slowly realize that they are all rigged against you. You'd have better luck in Vegas. They list winners on a daily basis but again I'm not so sure. There are times I would like to sue them for fraud, but I'm sure they have their proverbial ass covered, Until I actually win some money PCH is & continues to be what I have always believed, nothing but a GIANT MARKETING SCAM! Buyer Beware!

Tip for consumers: To play all these games on a daily basis would eat up your entire day as if some of us don't have more productive things to do. Don't waste your time!

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I've played for years everyday. I never won any kind of sweepstakes. makes a person wonder. I played for so long it became a habit.

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My friends and family do not believe in y'all but I do I have played for a very long time and I believe in y'all winning 5000 a week for life would help me and my mother out a lot and the past the 5000 on 2 my kids it would help them out in life.

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yes where are they location I feel like if I win I will like to buy from you guy I love you guy I just want to keep you in my memory ,I know you have some beautiful home as yourself .I just want to make it my hall of frame I really love playing all your game, I get up play I go to bed for a couple hour and I'm right back at it .you give me some thing to look for and hope for to become my dream .thank you so much for feel free to play

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I have been playing PCH contests for 19 years online, and for years before that through mail promotions. I also started entering my husband in these contests. He received a $10 check a few years ago. I also received a $10 check, and this past week, I received $100!. It's not the big payout we all look for, but it proves that they are legit and do pay out.

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I have been playing and doing business for a year now with PCH... in the beginning I had nothing but problems with their web site, games played badly and couldn't get into most of their site games and other things (too many to list) and even wrote a few nasty letters to them about it as I was and still am a VIP. Now I feel like a foolish old man for having done so. You see... I was using a small notebook laptop PC and it was very under powered and the reason for all my problems. I just bought a bigger PC (4GB ram and 250 GB HHD) and all my problem were gone. Sure I still get a few things that don't seem to work right but nothing like before. Because I'm retired and have very little to do and all day to do it in... I average a half million tokens a day now... where before I was lucky to get 70,000 tokens at most per day. So I dearly regret saying anything bad about PCH now.
As far as what they sell... I have gotten a lot of nice things for my home. They do live up to their word about giving you... your money back if you don't like what you bought for any reason. They either send you a check or credit your account if you have a pending order... but never put it back on your credit card... which is fine with me.
To those who complain about never winning and cry fraud and scam... be real. First of all... they charge you nothing to play... they tell you out right a purchase won't increase you odds of winning. They do ask you nicely to buy something... they don't force you to buy, so how is it a scam. The odds of winning which they send in the mail clearly states the odds of winning big are between 250 BILLION to 370 BILLION more or less depending on the contest you entered. Even if they told you your in the top 3% or 5%... do the math on 2 million Facebook followers let alone all the people who are not even listed on Facebook. So your chances are very small of winning. But hey... you will never win if you don't play and it is FREE!
People do win... I saw 2 different people win a good size check on 2 different show of "Price Is Right"... so it does happen. I did get a check for $10 last summer from PCH, although I'm not quite sure how I won it or what I did to win it. I have played State lotto and scratch for years and never won anything... I'm just not that lucky but I don't cry about it... in fact the money I have saved not buying from the State lotto and scratch tickets pays for everything that I have bought from PCH... at least I got something to show for my money. I hope this helps and good luck. Carl W.

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I had over 128 million tokens to enter for car prize., which gave me over 2 thousand + entries to win.. Has anyone actually won a prize? I think everybody has gotten a $10 check to make it look like you won but it's just something to keep you playing.

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Every time i go through all orders ti make my entries, something I did not order appears in the purchased cart. It is very important to check it or you find yourself having to through much bs to REMOVE IT! I am seriously thinking if ending my PCH MADNESS IF 30 SOMETHING YEARS and start a new year without my addiction to something nothing more than a waste of life!

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How much money do you think me and others have spent over 50+ years. They got rich I got nothing!!!!!

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I now have several million overall tokens, a sapphire rating, and a VIP Member and have been playing since 2007, ten years and have only won cash prizes twice, last year one $100 check for one of the sweeps and last month one $10 check on a games play, but have spent hundreds of $$$ for merchandise all made in China which does affect sizing, seems everything from there is made smaller than here, way overpriced shipping/handling prices and you cannot get any satisfaction from customer service...after this season's purchases are all paid off, I am quitting!

Tip for consumers: don't do it if you are expecting to win!!! only if you have hours to waste on playing games!!!

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I have now reached 201,006,760 tokens!
I have reached out to the state of New York States Attorney's Office.. I am sending my token information so they can investigate the practices of Publishers Clearing House when it comes to fairly rewarding those who
have used their tokens to go for prizes. And never get anything.. And my personal attorney is also looking at legal options to hold PCT accountable for their actions lawfully! This could mean a suit in the making and or criminal charges! Just a matter of time and we all will see and know the out come!

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I agree...playing for 50 years..cant even win $10..on the,scratch offs...pathetic..waste of time...scam

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I bought several items as I was entering contest because I was overwhelmed with requests to purchase. Every item I ordered and bought were of poor quality, dollar store cheaply made, most didn't work right or broke within weeks. Won't buy anything again

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I have been a member of pch since 2011 really before that I use to get a lot of mail and emails but for at least 6 or 8 months nothing. What happened?

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I've been using there app for a decade .They claim you win real money and tokens for prizes on there games. Yeah,you win tokens you have to redeem for prizes you might be able to win.I don't believe you win anything but tokens. Its just to keep you playing with the hopes of winning.They tell you there's a chance with every game.I play several times a day for years I've never won anything but tokens I have redeemed for prizes I never received .You decided!!!

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Yes ,pch said they were coming to my home for the to del .the check and that never happened. win tokens and never any money seems like a joke and scam

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I've been playing PCH for almost 20 years now and have yet to win one red cent. They suck you in and waste your time; all for nothing.

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As a result? I have YET to 'Win' even a dollar. I realize the odds are more than vast......but, I also have reason to believe PCH should be investigated for any indication of their scamming trusting 'players'. Never again will I use my time to tolerate "Respond Immediately" or whatever!

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That's about the ONLY game you'll ever play on PCH's Token Games!!! "Sorry, we are experiencing technical difficulties,as a reward for your patience you've been granted tokens"...and FAIL FAIL FAIL every time to cough up those token you've supposedly been 'granted' !!! Oh, and you can be assured that whenever they do "Site Maintenance" that the coding gnomes who work there have totally screwed something a game that had worked perfectly fine before!!! So if you love frustration, aggravation, disappointment, difficulties, patience that is never rewarded, web site failures,technical difficulties,a crap load of 'security questions' to answer & 1.2 trillions ads to skip thru just to get to a game that fails to load (while the ads, miraculously, NEVER experience an 'issue')...and if you like to feel like a real dumb a$$ for ever believing that PCH Games would be 'fun' ...then by all means, beat your brains out with this idiotic site!!! Additionally, if you also enjoy having your email box crammed, overloaded, ballooning and about to explode with PCH's "Winning Opportunities"....then this is the site for you!!!! But whatever you do, DO NOT encourage these people with an order!!!!

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I do not like the constant flow of mail, e-mail telling me this is the last step, I must have taken 500 last steps. I do not like when you order something there is no last look at the cart to verify what you want and to see shipping cost. I have ordered something by mistake, and twice shame on me I have ordered something only to receive it and find out the shipping cost as much as the item. I will not be ordering anything from PCH again and I warn everyone stay away. It's nice to think of winning money, but this is so not worth the effort it takes to play these games. I wanted to return the last item but was unable to contact anyone customer service, again NOT WORTH IT!

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Customer Questions & Answers

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Probably but we keep playing as the games do give us something to do. Wouldn't bet on a big win however.

By Chuck P.
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Oh this is big time scam. Like I said in my review we put to much time into this wack company that when see anything about money we think it's them. Nobody ever wins there special early look prizes unless it's a guaranteed giveaway.

By Matt S.
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Well, and just as I expected, the October 23 "special early look" did NOT result in the "mega prize" being awarded. Surprise, surprise! I saw that they immediately started advertising on TV their next "mega prize" (what is it now? $5000 a week for life? Bet they don't award that one, either!) Just a scam to drum up sales to weak-minded people who actually think they have a snowball's chance in you-know-where to win anything at odds of almost 2 billion to one. A total fraud!

By Viktoria I.
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For the most part it's all a bunch of BS to get people to make a purchase.

By John D.
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I didn't know this but it makes sense as there is nothing to it but the same thing day after day. PCH has gone downhill with games, lately, as even the daily puzzles, now, just drag and are hard to move the pieces. Too many puzzles and probably too many people playing, Also same thing, every day and are only for fun to kill time with. Maybe, now, they are just not monitoring the sites to see their problems. Bingo, no great loss.

By Jeanne D.
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Am I still in the running for PCH's $7,000.00 a week win Thanks hoping for good news. My computer was down for two days. Does this disqualify me

By Frances T.
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By Przemyslaw W.
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It is all rigged! They want to draw you in, and promise you that you are the next big winner. It is all a waste of time in my opinion.

By Angela M.
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"PCH is real whether you want to believe or not. I never have won yet but my friend has and others that she knows have won money and on won 1,000,000.00" -Bredna Nonsense. You must work for PCH or something, Bredna. And did you mispell your so called own name lol? Supposed to be "Brenda?" I suppose it's possible that is your name but what I find nearly impossible to believe is that you have a friend who won and it just so happens that your friend who won also knows others who won and even won 1,000,000.00? I mean what are the odds of THAT? Knock it off.

By RandomlyHiccupping B.
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It would not let me play or sign in so I gave up

By Richard V.
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