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9 reviews
11 helpful votes

I joined Linkedin as a professional and ambitious person who also wanted to connect with same people but with Respect.
I really liked this Professional platform for career oriented people like me where one can share their thoughts on different posts, job posting emails, knowledgeable info shared by linkedin team via newsletters. And people send you connection requests & want to connect & chat with you on a professional level(keeping in mind the privacy & respect of a person) is what made me love the professionalism of many linkedin individuals. And it helped me learn many things that makes me become more ambitious.
Am totally in it.

22 reviews
48 helpful votes

I use this site mostly to network and get new business ideas. I do like the idea of gold membership but think, for the money, it's a little costly for my needs. I don't mind the additional benefits - but for the £'s, don't think I would necessarily see any value in them at the moment.
All in all, a good networking site - with a slightly annoying creepy side where some guys still think it's okay to comment on the way a woman looks, or judges her appearance - in a creepy way - not acceptable for a professional site and more should be done to prevent weirdo's from perving on women, in this way. It's not facebooks, after all !!!

44 reviews
23 helpful votes

I don't have much professional experience, but Linkedin allows me to build a profile that showcases all the best parts of my educational and work experiences. I also love the job search feature.

2 reviews
2 helpful votes

I love linkedIN you have to understand how to use it in your favor. Its not like any other social media, its a business game, everybody see what your like what your share.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Did an add campaign with Linkedin in the hopes it's target professionals better than Google Adds.
I was ripped off of $420 with not even one prospect or an effect towards the business :)
( was offering Linkedin Headsohts BTW)
Have to get running as far as possible from them.

Was charged many times over without any notification or receipt whatsoever.(discovered charges by mistake :)))
Very discouraging.
I'm afraid to do any other advertising with Linkedin EVER!
Good lesson though, will keep my eyes peeled (and trust Google more )

7 reviews
8 helpful votes

I just restarted my account. I didn't realize how important is really was to have a LinkedIn account until this time. It is kind of confusing to learn how to do what your trying to set out to do. However with a little help you get the hang of things fast.

24 reviews
69 helpful votes

The social networks have become the norm where friends connect online. This is the equivalent for the employment network. Prospecting employees and employers can connect with each other. This may seem like a good thing, yet I have encountered many charlatans advertising their home businesses to me hoping to get me to invest. Some terrible agencies like Workway have wasted my time at least three times. I have not found a job with this service so don't get your hopes up.

2 reviews
9 helpful votes

Two things drive me crazy enough to write a review about LinkedIn. 1. Just because I'm a Realtor, doesn't mean I want to connect with other Realtors! LinkedIn matches me 9 out of 10 times with Realtors. Analyzing who I CHOOSE to link with would be a much better measure of who I WANT to link with. Dah! 2. The one thing that LinkedIn was good at, they took away from the free subscription. That is, showing me how I'm connected with other people. Showing how we are connected to each other is LI's single best value proposition, bar none. Otherwise, it's just a wanna-be facebook product with a bunch of irrelevant posts! The photo I chose is the floor of the Getty Villa in Malibu, representing both Form and Function, something LinkedIn does not understand.

5 reviews
7 helpful votes

Apparently I filled out my profile like an All Star/Expert already way back. That wasn't the hard part or even wanting to get endorsed or anything (how do I remove "cast stone" endorsement from there?) Recently I think I'm eligible to even use video to share whatever it is I have to share? Likely to communicate with all the connections I'll ever make even years later to thank them of a single purchase if I'm bored or connecting with some old fling. Finding opportunities or a job, well I wouldn't pay a service for that I'd trust my own skills to apply to jobs. Firms are taking LinkedIn resumes in somewhat already implementing it. Curious to see how it changes from since when I first joined when I was still a "handicraft worker"/unemployed. I have so little work experience and I'm thirty but instructions - I'm good at following them. Trial and error and learning from those...evolve, and grow. Don't really mean to write an essay I'm just still baffled how they won best job search, category.

1 review
9 helpful votes

Julie Renea Abell and Emanuel Abel AKA- Julie Renee Mcneil and Many Keck Abell and many other aliases are notorious stalkers and blackmailers with intent to extort from doctors and dental end medical offices. Their standard MO is for Mrs. Julie Abel to come in into the medical or dental facility and start a treatment and during treatment violate the treatment protocol. Initially Mrs. Julie Abell would admit her fault but in a very short time Mrs. Julie Abell would start blaming the doctor for the incident and would try to offer to the doctor favors of sexual nature. The doctor would dismiss her as a patient and that when Mr. Emanuel Abell steps in and contacts the doctor personally on the phone demanding from doctor to see his wife and characteristically would refer to a special relation between his wife and the doctor that Mr. Emanuel Abell is aware of.
Upon doctor's refusal Mr. Emanuel Abell would implement his intimate knowledge of internet websites most effective in defamation practices such as one of his friends and Anti-Semite ULTRA Nationalist from Ukraine Michael Podolsky - website or
Mr. Emanuel Abell possesses this ultimate knowledge from his current job as an intelligence officer with US Department of NAVY where he is supervisor on all internet activities and specifically on all websites that shares any compromising information regarding US internal affairs including websites such as and Both Julie Renee Abell and Emanuel Abell are the husband and wife are two criminal with activities that include BLACKMAIL, EXTORTION and FRAUD.
Mr. Emanuel Abell has long ago sold himself out to a foreign interests as US Military Officer and deserves to be charged with unbecoming as an officer of US Military and court-martialed. Mr. Emanuel Abell naval officer with a demonstrated history of CRIME, ALCOHOLISM and ADLTERER who is a shame to US Military and to the Nation as a whole.

1 review
2 helpful votes

LinkedIn is great to keep track of your work experience and education and then to find people who you studied or worked with without going to facebook.

11 reviews
10 helpful votes

LinkedIn was fabulous .... before Microsoft ruined it by dropping features and endlessly promoting their paid services. At one time, you could see who looked at your profile, who read your commentary, but not any longer. Now, you get a teaser and instructions to whip out the credit card. I guess when you $25B for something worth $5B you get desperate. Wonder when they write off this investment?

167 reviews
126 helpful votes

I like LinkedIn. I am able to find opportunities I have not been able to do. It is a simple and easy way of finding jobs and linking with them. I would recommend, definitely.

2 reviews
3 helpful votes

Not all companies fully utilize this site so its difficult to find good jobs or to get all the latest information or employee information. The free version works fine for most, but I personally haven't found any jobs through this site.

2 reviews
2 helpful votes

LinkedIn is a great alternative to having a resume because pretty much every employer knows about it and can judge your experience simply from your profile.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I managed to get to the 30k connections thresh-hold. And decided to do a clean-up.
It's practically impossible. There is no way of deleting connections without wasting countless hours to do it. They allow you to view your connections and delete them directly as long as you don't filter them because after you do that, you have to go on each profile individually in order to delete them. Also, if you are patient enough to go through this manner, it will send you to the top of the list after each deletion - meaning, you have to scroll down through 15-20-25-30k of people every single time :O This is INSANE!!!!
Very poorly thought when it comes to this aspect. If tomorrow I change my job and work something totally different, i can't use my account at all :)

3 reviews
2 helpful votes

Linked is known for connecting the professionals from all around the world. Making and sharing issues with different people on such a platform makes working more and more productive.

1 review
2 helpful votes

WRONGFUL BILLING, IMPOSSIBLE TO CONTACT THEM FOR FIXING THEIR MISTAKE! I would have never expected this kind of behaviour from LinkedIn, never! I thought it was a legit business working with legit manners and had to find out the worst way that they will go to extremely poorly services in order to TAKE MONEY FROM YOU!! I have been using LinkedIn for many years and have subscribed the premium category twice, for some months. Never got anything from it. But this is not the issue for my review. My problem was when I decided to try the job posting service, cancelled it after 5 days, but they kept on billing me for a whole next month! Also, the price they announce is before tax and they don't say it anywhere. Seriously, I feel robbed! I tried to contact them by every means I could find (almost a day to find a way, such is their unwillingness to support their customers and correct mistakes!!) and never got an answer. I truly had the idea that LinkedIn was a prestigious company and now I feel they are like a scam working behind a facade of prestige.

3 reviews
9 helpful votes

LinkedIn is a bunch of $#*!s. They cancelled my account for no reason other than me contacting my former coworkers to let them know my former employer was running an illegal operation. They are in cahoots with criminals.

6 reviews
36 helpful votes

I have owned an account for many years, and have connected with some very important people in my life. It is a site for adults, specifically tailored to the professional. I have met some great professionals through the site. I have also been able to find out a great deal of information about potential employers by visiting their sites and communicating with employees. It's also a great place to connect with professionals in the areas I'm interested in through memberships in the various clubs.

The site allows me to control the visibility of my profile and control the content of my news feed about what my connections are doing. What I don't like about LinkedIn is that it puts the current news headline on my news feeds without my permission. I don't go onto LinkedIn to read about the atrocious events of Republicans in Congress or to know what that fraudulently elected idiot in the WH is doing. LinkedIn needs to change this so that users have the option to remove the current breaking news headlines from their news feed.

Overall, an excellent site for professionals and adults.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Definatly one of the best services if you are looking for a new job. Manage to obtain good business contacts. Manage your professional identity. This is the best Business Promotion site.

1 review
5 helpful votes

Seriously Awful and very bad.they close my account with any reason after trying a lot they even don,t want to answer me clearly

7 reviews
8 helpful votes

My name is Andrew Mcdougal, I am writing to you regarding
My experience at a transitional home called Federal City Recovery located in
SE Washington D.C, under the support of Ms. Ingrid Mahogany The purpose
of the housing program is to provide temporary (6 months) housing to
displaced and homeless persons that are working and can save money
into an escrow account,
I moved into the housing program at FCR in august 2016 at resident
2606 Bowen Road S.E Wash DC, I started paying in to my escrow every 2 weeks,
I work part time at Safeway making less than 20 hours a week And I get
paid every Friday ,when I moved in I asked Ms, Mahogany may I pay my
escrow every 2 weeks Instead of every Friday because I don't make
enough in one week to pay escrow plus my other expenses, at first she
replied "Yes" than a month later she retracted and said "you get paid
by Safeway every Friday so you should pay escrow every Friday ,not
every 2 weeks" I tried to explain to her it would have been very
difficult for me to pay my escrow every Friday ,Im enrolled in school
full time Monday thrue Friday for construction welding ,HVAC (heating
and A.C) and training for building maintenance, plumbing and carpentry
at C.E.T (Center for Employment Training),once a week I attend therapy
treatments for my PTSD(Post Traumatic Stress Dissorder) buy groceries
and basic necessities ,pay my monthly phone bill ,attend mandatory
meetings 2 times a week with Ms. Mahogany while seeking a second job
and going to work part time at Safeway , but she would cut me off and
not listen to reason
BY November 2016 a new policy went in effect at FCR that no one can work late
anymore !!, Ms. Mahogany said everyone must make the 12mid nite
curfew or be discharged from FCR ! NO MORE WORKING LATE !I told Ms.
Mahogany im scheduled to work evening at my part time job at Safeway
and sometimes I work late and may not be able to make it in by curfew,
her only response was
She even told me to tell my employer to let me go home early
to make curfew on time,
This Jeopardize my job and my availability to work , FCR wants me to
pay my escrow every week but endangers my availability to work in the
process causing me to make paying my escrow more difficult
On Monday December 5th Ms. Mahogany called me in to her office for a
mandatory case review ,she wanted to know about my discrepancies of
missing escrow payments, "you get paid every Friday you should pay
escrow every Friday and not every 2 weeks " she said,I tried to
explain to her between going to school , attending therapy and looking
for a second job the transportation expenses completely depletes my
allowance making it difficult for me to pay escrow
I asked Ms. Mahogany may I speak to the director of FCR and
she said No ! ,I asked why not? I should be able to speak with the
director , she finally gave in and called the director of FCR And put
him on 3way speaker phone, but she didn't let me talk to him, Ms.
Mahogany did all the talking and I never got to say one word to the
director ,Ms. Mahogany spoke all bad about me without allowing me to
defend myself, Ms. Mahogany denied me my right to be heard by the
Director of FCR, I asked to speak to the director and she did all the
talking after speaking all bad about me I was discharged from the
program,and I was told I had until 5pm the next day less than 24 hours
to move out,I was frustrated ,angry stressed and I went right back
into depression
The next day Tuesday 6th it rained all day, I went to my place of residence
to check on my things and retrieve some of my items
but i was barred from the premises and could not enter to get any dry clothes
i written a appeal letter to FCR and gave it to Ms .Mahogany,
I asked when do I get my appeal ? ,Ms. Mahogany replied "when you move out "
But The purpose of an appeal is to stay in !!,Not move out.
according to FCR rules, the appeal process takes 5 days where it goes through the
clinical director and the executive director and goes under review for
5 days,but it did not happened ,again I was denied my right to due
process ,No due process Has taken place my appeal went unheard and
went no where, I was put out school and I missed my therapy treatments
for depression I was left homeless and returned to a state of depression and suicidal tendencies
FCR has misrepresented it self to help those going through recovery ,
the organization failed to stick by its name and failed to do what its name
implies "Recovery" instead i have not recovered , I was going through
recovery to further my goals and education obtaining certifications
while working part time and FCR put me out while I was getting my life
together, FCR has lost hindsight of what "Recovery " is they pulled
everything from under him while I was going through recovery,I
almost got put out school ,my homework and studies became extremely
difficult ,I fell back into depression and now to cope with this
My complaints are

· FCR failure to report (more than 50%) additional money put into escrow

Negligence i was put out on harsh climate conditions

· I was denied the right to be heard by the director

· i was denied my right to due process to go through proper channels

· My appeal went unheard

· job endangerment ( i was instructed to cut my work hours to meet curfews)

· Misrepresentation ( Agency "Did Not" help me to recovery)

· Mental anguish contributed to PTSD

· Medical dependency on medical marijuana and psychiatric therapies

4 reviews
16 helpful votes

I should have wrote this awhile ago. Approximately a year ago I a noticed a colleague of mine, I will name KN from AZ, in the LinkedIn website. We were good friends. Lots of respect for one another. However, it has been 30 plus years since I have seen or spoken to him. I just confirmed knowing him on the LinkedIn website I RARELY use. I didn't leave a message.
A couple months later I get a message from KN telling me about a "shopper" job that paid well. He claimed it supplemented his retirement money well. Since I KNEW and TRUSTED KN I figured it must be legit. It wasn't!! It was "go buy gift cards at WalMart". Rub off the coating on the back and take pictures and send to them". Clear SCAM!
I went to alert KN as to what was going on, and he had already written to ALL his LinkedIn contacts to alert them, IT WASN'T HIM. Someone had hacked into LinkedIn and downloaded ALL HIS CONTACTS. They then utilized this to disseminate this SCAM!

1 review
3 helpful votes

It's resourceful and helpful in many ways and it's high maintenanced and I'm definently reffering this to my friends and others who need help getting noticed by jobs

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The recommender should be direct, comment on project you have worked on, and a brief summary of your work style

By Ron M.
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LinkedIn sends moles to invade your computer and they avoid admitting that they disrespect users.

By Echosyn E.
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All it can do at best, is eliminate the longest and most complex phase of recruiting, which is dealing with all the resumes that aren't going to make it. Recruiters and their machines will no longer have to chuck out resumes based on the qualities of the physical documents themselves, and from what I've heard, most resumes are dumped at this stage. They won't have to check for appropriate content at such length either, because they'll be dealing with data that's already in electronic format and which can be scanned electronically. It won't deal with bad job descriptions, or bad interviewers or bad interviewees, or candidates who aren't being honest, or are chasing jobs they aren't really suited for. As for having useful skills, the market seems to be awash with people who have useful skills; if there's only one job and a thousand people who are skilled enough to do it, 999 of them are going to be out of work regardless of how skilled they are. Interestingly, I recently attended a class about jobseeking in which every single example given related to finding IT work, especially IT management positions. Yet there are hardly any IT positions out there, and the class included one professional IT manager who was trying desperately to get out of the field for exactly that reason. Despite him saying openly that there was no work in this field, and despite others in the class showing no interest in the IT field anyway, the class continued to be shown how to apply for IT management jobs. As long as potential candidates aren't given good information and helped to find and use the best and most appropriate resources, the quality of the job market isn't going to improve. So it seems to me to be just a money-saving idea, I can't see how it will make a difference to anything other than the employers' pocketbooks. What do you think?

The word on the grapevine here is that not only are hiring officers increasingly using Linked In to check out prospective staff, but that in a couple or three years, they'll move entirely to using Linked In instead of accepting paper resumes. Presumably candidates will be asked to submit their Linked In profile URLs, no other options. It makes a lot of sense from an employer's point of view; I didn't know this before but have been told that many of them already use automatic scanning software to relieve them of the time-wasting job of reading resumes at all. The software scans for the current relevant buzz words, words taken from the job description, layout and fonts and text sizes and so on. Apparently the idea really caught on when the software proved able to catch people who were simply copying the job description in its entirety into their "skills and experience" sections. And it can identify stock phrases and rule them out, leaving only original content, if any. I understand that any excuse is already used to dismiss resumes - even a margin set to the incorrect width will earn that piece of paper a trip to the WPB. Doing this is still consuming resources, though, and it would be quicker to simply scan Linked In which is already in an electronic format. If it happens, or when, this is likely to be a huge coup for Linked In. Maybe it's time to start saving up for the IPO?

By Chris O.
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Don't put any personal information up. There's no guarantee companies will reply to you.

By Jennifer P.
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