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1 review
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4 reviews
8 helpful votes

I was at reddit for 2 days and had an exchange with a moslem where I very politely proved he was using taqiyya by posting quran verses with citations, which I do for the welfare of those watching. I was banned without warning or explanation. (As if I needed one.). Moron leftist moderators shot the messenger.

11 reviews
24 helpful votes

So after the New Zealand shooting, Reddit, like the rest of Big Tech, has decided what we can see and what we can't see. I guess yesterday, all the gore and death subreddits went bye-bye. This site is so afraid of its own shadow, it isn't funny. Sad to see it sink into oblivion. I've been banned by this site and pretty much, if you go against the hive mind, you are getting banned. It's pathetic. There's no point even commenting on here, most of the posters are being paid by companies or are ignorant teenagers. They're not fooling anyone.

12 reviews
1 helpful vote

I'm in love with this social space! A full anonymity, a huge base of different subjects and matters! I really like the interface - it's much more convenient than twitter of facebook. Highly recommended !

1 review
3 helpful votes

I joined Reddit in Jan 2019 anticipating lots of interesting discussions on subreddits (forums) that took my fancy, contributing as well as reading other people's content. Unfortunately this place has such an utterly shambolic set-up, it's a complete mystery to me how a site so badly organized that DOESN'T fulfil its purpose of a DISCUSSION FORUM still manages to get such a high ranking on Alexa.

I'm no longer prepared to give this place the benefit of the doubt so let me list ALL of the annoying problems that have plagued me since joining up in Jan 2019:

For no apparent reason, your posts get ghosted about 50% of the time. When logged into your account, it will look like whatever you've posted has been accepted, but once you log out, it will show [posting deleted]. I repeat: my posts NEVER broke any rules. No racism, no sexism, no -ism of any kind. And yet, ghosting was still a MASSIVE headache for me.

Remember my last review when I said all my threads had inexplicably been deleted? Well, Reddit did get in contact to tell me my posts had inadvertently got caught up in some filters. All well and good and I was willing to give them a second chance. But very soon the same nonsense started up again with me attempting to post something 5 TIMES on one particular subreddit, yet I kept getting ghosted every single time. My suspicion is that the filter got triggered once again as I'd deleted and reposted the same thread within a short space of time. But why did I have to do that? COS YOU CAN'T BLOODY WELL EDIT YOUR TITLE ON REDDIT - YOU HAVE TO DELETE AND REPOST FROM SCRATCH !!!

One stupid idea Reddit has is to set the default homepage view to card' instead of compact.' This means instead of seeing lots of thread titles, you get large chunky previews for each. As you can imagine it takes ages to scroll down the front page and the site loads extremely slowly as a result. According to Alexa 82% of sites are faster!

You can change the homepage view to compact' at a click, but having to do this each time you visit a new page or return to the same one again is a pain in the arse !!!

The second issue I have with navigation is that the subreddit homepage you're on will keep refreshing each time you scroll down. So the thread you were trying to find gets lost easily. In general, this site behaves very erratically and you constantly have to be on guard in case the page unexpectedly yanks too far down or back up or even back to the previous page. Its an absolute nightmare!

I have seen many experienced Reddit fanboys and fangirls attempt to justify this feature by claiming "its easy to get karma you just know where to look" or "you're going about it the wrong way." But allow me to return to my opening statement:

"I joined up anticipating lots of interesting discussions on what I imagined would be a DISCUSSION FORUM..."

Thus I find the karma points system is a complete and utter distraction. It turns this site into some kind of puerile computer game with participants competing with each other to gain some sort of Karma Crown. Believe it or not there's even a subreddit called Get Free Karma Points.' But I don't have the time to go on some wild goose chase to boost my karma I joined up to because I wanted to partake in a EFFIN DISCUSSION on a DISCUSSION FORUM - is that so bloody hard to understand ?!!

The Karma points system is totally FLAWED anyway. As I've said my previous review it ends up penalizing those who simply have a controversial opinion while benefiting those who ass-lick or are happy to play the silly Karma Points' game. The Karma feature proves how immature this place is, and stunts any proper discussion developing and defeats the whole purpose of having such a forum in the first place!

Sometimes this really gets OTT. I've seen too many subreddits where an interesting discussion has ensued but the majority of posts have since disappeared due to deletion. You'll be left with an opening post and one or two replies dotted here and there.

After getting ghosted, I sent around 5 messages to mods on a particular subreddit I was having trouble posting to. Very soon I gave up having any hope of getting a reply. Its strange as there were around 6 mods manning the place, so the likelihood is that they were simply ignoring my messages. Which leads me on to the next point

Each subreddit (or topic forum) has its own mods, one or two who may have originally set up the subreddit. However, any mod is free to act like a total d*ck and get away with it, there's ZERO accountability in that regard. He/she could be racist, sexist, prejudiced, or simply not like the sight of you, ban you, and that's that. You have no say in the final decision and you can't approach another mod for a second opinion.

Its quite easy to get banned on many subreddits as there's no obligation on the mods or creators to list all the rules you have to adhere to. Its all very haphazard. On some subreddits you in fact need a certain level of Karma points to even post a new thread. However, most subreddits never bother to offer anything more than a few sentences for rules. So on more than one occasion I've spent up to an hour writing the best post possible post only for it to get ghosted once I've pressed send.'

Its impossible to follow discussions on posts. If someone replies to you, and then another person replies to the second person, a 'branch' of replies gets formed. But if you get lots of people in the same conversation, the right-aligned paragraphs eventually get so squeezed that it becomes difficult to even read them. Nor is it easy to figure out who's replying to what.

in your account's homepage it will list all the threads and posts you've ever made. But these are so jumbled up that its difficult to make any sense of it. Is it really that difficult to have a simple format where comments and threads are clearly listed next to date of posting?

I've given up on this place to be honest, and the more people realize just how $#*!e it is the better. Reddit is only popular because no-ones ever bothered to create a viable alternative in almost 14 years. Other than that there's nothing to justify the number 17' ranking it holds on Alexa.

5 reviews
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Honestly speaking, Reddit have a lot of weird subs than a decent one that will make you wish you hadn't know it exist, but if you spend some time to find the right subreddit for your need, you'll have a great time a head of you, I meet some of the nicest, smart, funny and wise friend on the sub I'm active in. The mods can make you frustrate sometimes with their strict rules, but any other than it was a nice place to read stuff after you done working and want to talk about something.

2 reviews
9 helpful votes

If one looks at how Reddit has been constructed from a purely unbiased viewpoint. You could sware Kim Jong Un personally designed it. No joke, and no exaggeration. Everything from the ground up is painstakingly made to impede, block, and stifle dialogue. So where would I start?..... Well first of all new users have to wait several days before being given permission to write, and usually more because moderators of each individual subreddit always make it much longer. Reddit also has a point system (karma), and if you don't have enough points you won't be allowed to communicate anywhere. Or rather I should rephrase myself. You will be "able" to type, but nobody will see it because it's automatically hidden to everyone but you!.... Secondly moderators run their subreddits like a little dictatorships, and an overwhelming amount of them are like this. If you do not parrot the moderators viewpoints, you will be banned sooner or later. Also, since the site has grown older, veteran users usually have moderation power over many different subreddits. So if you get banned from one, in their tyraid they will ban you from all they have control over, just to spite you! There is no trial or evidence needed to ban, they can just see you posted in a subreddit they hate, and ban you on a whim..... This has gotten so bad that they now have scripts/bots that won't allow you to post, or will automatically ban you if you post in a subreddit they hate.... Anyways I can go on forever, but this should give you an insight into this unsightful site... Don't go to Reddit if you have a working brain!

2 reviews
7 helpful votes

The site is extremely slow. See for yourself. You can test it on GTMatrix it is given an F(22%) for page speed and an E(58%) for YSlow. YSlow is the degree of best practises used to develop the site. This is really terrible. Not to mention the UI is deeply flawed. For crying in the mud, reddit could be better built by 10th graders. This translates into poor performance and a deep security risk. It is really a wonder considering what's out there anyone still uses reddit. It's getting a single star because this review can't be posted without a star.

6 reviews
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If someone doesn't like something now some people turn it into a political thing, but I don't think this has anything to do with left-wing or right-wing. This is more like a bunch of tenth graders deciding who is worthy of their little clicks. When I started spreading out on the social media sites one of them was Reddit. I'm a writer and I'm going to use every media site I can to promote my work.
What I found was this point system and them telling me to 'do this' but when you do, they come back with 'you're doing too much of this.' Do what? I stopped using them. That was two years ago. Recently, very recently, I decided to give it another try. Yes, I forgot why I stopped messing with them. One attempted post and I remembered why I stopped wasting my time with Reddit. Now they have brought bit coin into the whole thing. That alone is enough reason for me to back away but this, you can't post something without gaining points, come on.
Anyway, I was going to play by the rules and go through the feed and see if anything struck me. Actually a few things did. They weren't small things either. They were stories about one thing or the other and I wanted to comment on them. The first one they put on hold and the second one I got the you're doing this too often' message and it told me to wait a minute. Finally it let me post the comment, the story I had read was good and I wanted to express that, and with the point I earned I wrote one of my own. Yes, it went against the rules of the group I posted it to but what the hell.
Once again I've backed away from Reddit and let's hope that I never, ever forget again why I did. Just in case you might be interested in the little story I posted I'm including it. Not because I'm trying to gain readers here but because it expresses the way they made me feel.

You Have To Wait

I looked at the words flashing before my eyes unable to believe what I was reading. I have to wait? Wait for what. I made a comment was all. What am I waiting on?
I decided to take a different route and post something and once finished I was surprised to see that I was only allowed to click the draft button. The post button was unresponsive. Now it says I must wait for a notification. Seriously? Wait for a notification? For a post?
What the crap am I waiting for?
Then I saw it. Oh my stars, surely not. I watched as the hand holding a pistol with a very long barrel pushed its way out of my computer screen. I never even had time to scream. The loud ear-splitting bang was the last thing I heard. Obviously, I didn't have to wait for that.

What I think this boils down to is someone has found a way to turn this site into something that almost has a mafia feel to it and that's scary. I made the mistake of clicking a little button that said give the contributor points. When it popped up asking for my bank info I was shocked as Hell. Sorry but there was no other way to put that. I strongly suggest that you be very careful on that site and read everything you can, including whatever they have on their site, before you get too involved with Reddit. Not much scares me but this site does.

2 reviews
3 helpful votes

It used to be fun but it has gotten infected with mean people and also has a problem with /r/bitcoin specifically trying to brainwash the world into bad decisions constantly. It is a stain on society and it has ruined the mental health of the world with its continued harassment.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I posted comments about being a little person, which were appropriate, and all of them got flagged. Very annoying!

2 reviews
12 helpful votes

It has it's cons, like being downvoted for making an innocent comment. You get the occasional rude poster. There are good people on there and good comments.

Browsing reddit can be fun.

2 reviews
5 helpful votes

Reddit is definitely a website with the largest community. I've seen a lot of negative reviews here but most of them are so out of context. They're censoring your speech because you either talk nonsense or you're being too offensive.

2 reviews
1 helpful vote

You can use reddit for pretty much anything you want. There is an endless supply of dedicated communities to various topics and it falls on you to pick the best and most interesting ones for you because the most popular ones are not necessarily the best, they're simply the default ones.

1 review
7 helpful votes

The site is really best summarizef as a hangout for left wingers kissing each other's rear ends. Childish in nature ... I suspect a lot of 40 year old virgins dwell here.

2 reviews
0 helpful votes

Reddit is still a good place for an interesting content. There's always something new to discover. You whine about getting banned for your opinion, but have you ever considered that maybe you deserved to be banned? Free speech shouldn't be used to insult others.

2 reviews
0 helpful votes

Reddit is literally a life-changer. There are so many friendly people and so much stuff to learn from that it's impossible to describe. Once you try it out you won't be disappointed.

3 reviews
4 helpful votes

There is no other place like reddit. You can find so much useful information there it's amazing. It continues to grow everyday, so you can come and have fun when you feel like it or educate yourself whenever you're up to it.

10 reviews
17 helpful votes

Technomonarchs censoring free speech. Welcome to the Orwellian future we all laughed about for a long time.

4 reviews
6 helpful votes

I liked reddit until they started censoring all kinds of speech. I dont believe forcing people out of the public square is the way to handle opinions and speech.

1 review
8 helpful votes

So much for the front page of the internet, so much for free speech and dialog. So much for truth. If you give a differing opinion or facts with sources that go against the status quo, you are labeled, banned and/or told your point doesn't matter.

1 review
9 helpful votes

The Internet is a cesspool of lies, at least we could address it in all it's entirety. Now walking on eggshells is the norm. If I wanted to have a debate I shouldn't want to win because of others feelings I'll go visit family. Just put us in the matrix already, we're already dead.

1 review
11 helpful votes

Long gone are the times when the site attempts to allow a diversity of viewpoints. The whole benefit of something like reddit was that it allowed discussion about complicated topics, with a system that would naturally allow the "best" opinions to matriculate into view. The problem is that they have been inundated with censorship based on the sensibilities of their most sensitive, lunatic fringe.

Instead of drawing a hard line, the admins and moderators have reliably caved to the demands of this vocal minority at the expense of freedom of expression. The result is a substantially worse site with each month. I imagine that there will be a DIGG-esque migration away from the site as soon as a decent alternative presents itself.

1 review
11 helpful votes

Reddit really hates white people. Reliable as CNN or a gossipy 14 year old with an axe to grind. Lots of censorship from mods who obviously have an agenda.They quarantine subs for no other reason than they oppose their views. But everyone already knows this.

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Reddit has a veil as if it is a public domain, but really it isn't it's their way or the highway!

By Ricky J.
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