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Millennial but don’t let that fool you. I have views that span all platforms. Modern, open minded, almost always have excellent experiences in drive thrus ;) so it takes a lot to get me upset. So if you found me here, it’s not for something small. I hate companies who suppress freedoms of speech and freedoms of information. Both constitutional and acts Americans stand for. So I’ll tell it if it happens. Truth may have more than one side, but I aim to include them all.

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Banking, Insurance, true freedom behaviors, advocacy for a safe and welcoming environment.

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Imgur goes to great lengths to police their platforms but does so in favor of high output users. So it becomes a power dynamic and if you say something they disagree with especially on Sunday when there are no moderators, then they will multi report you and get you a 24 hour ban in which you cannot defend yourself. They literally practice and allow censorship, but in a narrative changing way. Very toxic and allows abusers to feel they have a place to dominate others.
They added filters now to block unwanted tags, political serial posters, and now you can also block anyone who harasses you or you suspect may be dis genuine, etc. Doesn't change the fact that many users are simply to is and can still see and harm your content activity.

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I was part of the Imgur community for years. Even participated in the holiday gift exchange. Finally had to delete my account after initially loving the content, and here are my reasons. 1: the site is manipulated by a select few who run or are involved in the site on a more than user basis. Examples are multiple accounts ability which allow self upvoting & comments, that also creates an appearance of legitimacy to false & damaging opinions or propaganda; some who post daily, have reported inappropriate content fo un-removed(favoritism). 2: There is a high number of foreign individuals who even identify themselves as such, who then post political Twitter grabs, questionable news op-ed's and more. One should ask critically why so many foreign individuals want to churn a political landscape they are no party to. I've never posted to any forum on a daily basis, about another country's politics, have you? Think: an Australian citizen in Australia posting every day about American riots, this politicians speech or act, even pushes to go vote. 3: With an overwhelming young, still in school set of users, this site isn't great for minds still developing. I would also note that on the political scale this is a far left platform. 4: I've seen animal sexualization, police hate to the point of endorsing violence, disdain for historical facts unless attached to race, rampant misinformation with sources completely cut away, and argumentative people called "trolls" who dominate all attempts at productive conversation and healthy debate. They will stalk, intimidate, curse, name call and bully in order to smash any dissent which creates a false appearance of legitimacy. 5: If you disagree at all on any one thing or have an opinion they do not endorse they will message friends to come comment on your post. Or they will call you racist and attack you personally. Interesting how being anti violence gets you so much hate. I've even seen pro China, pro Putin posts that conveniently ignore history.
* It's worth also noting that before some of the major changes Imgur endorsed, pre 2017, it was a really great site. Few politics, few hateful people and mostly open to debate on a wide range of subjects. If you are a moderate non-extremist this site isn't for you.

Tip for consumers:
If you want we this site try not to engage in comments. And feel free to block negative aggressive users.


Posted a request for friends only, specifically saying no sex or I'd block them. Literally just a friends with similar interests post. Never even made it to a live listing. They have a section called "missed encounters" and it's mostly sex workers, which doesn't bother ME, but they obviously allow them. Is it because they are "straight"? I want to see this crap site fall the way of MySpace... someone please develop a better model using their idea of a national platform, and just put ads at the bottom. No one cares about small ads at the bottom, I promise. Get paid, do better than Craigslist. They are an outdated model and provide almost nothing. Someone with computer website know how please make a better site!

Tip for consumers:
Only a viable option for bland things like buying a car. There is an opportunity here....anyone can do better than these “owners” do.

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Missed Connections


Besides the cumbersome nature of interacting with their content online, the shoddy appearance and layout, the rules that are barely enforced for some but used as a hammer for / on others, this site is garbage. I don't suggest it all. Most users are ok, a great many will bully or talk down to you. LOTS of children. LOTS and of disgusting content. Apparently it's ok to post violence as long as it's a cop getting hurt, and you better not stand up them either. I left Imgur because of extremism but I'd rather have no SM at all, as Reddit has been the largest disappointment in social media, ever. Even Facebook is doing a better job. There is no free speech on Reddit, lies and misinformation is rampant, oh and deleting is cumbersome and difficult. If I could give negative stars I would.


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