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Craigslist has a consumer rating of 3.54 stars from 699 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Consumers satisfied with Craigslist most frequently mention good deals, phone number and western union. Craigslist ranks 2nd among Classifieds sites.

Positive reviews (last 12 months): 7.1%
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Positive highlights

  • I'm blown away at the distance some people will drive to pick up a good deal.
  • You will receive a week upfront payment as well as some money to move the van (2015 Ford Van) over.
  • 2018 Customer Choice Winner

Critical highlights

  • I was looking to speed up the process and left my phone number for contact info.
  • I especially avoid any ads that don't give a business address, phone number, fax number or email address.
  • It's just a waste of time filling out app and resumes.
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Top Positive Review


Ron A.

So let's just say Craigslist is one big gamble. You never know what you're going to get. But as long as you can read people via messages then you should have good experiences. I would reccomend this website to anyone who needs to save some cash.

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Top Critical Review

“Craigslist Flagging my Post that follows the rules 150%”

cedrick d.

Wow does craigslist get really $#*!ed. Every single post I put up is flagged by craigslist before anyone can see it yet there can be 50 million porn ad and hookers and prostitution ads, what the heeeeeck... I read online forums and other people in same situation are clueless on what to do well not me you will see.

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Reviews that mention popular keywords

phone number (16) people (116) email address (9) money (60) time (107) customer service (7) credit card (5) ads (78) post anything (5) paypal account (2) job (74) 2 years (4)
1 review
2 helpful votes
July 2nd, 2020
Wow does craigslist get really $#*!ed. Every single post I put up is flagged by craigslist before anyone can see it yet there can be 50 million porn ad and hookers and prostitution ads, what the heeeeeck... I read online forums and other people in same situation are clueless on what to do well not me you will see.
4 reviews
3 helpful votes
August 14th, 2020
Like all these sites online, you have to be on guard, people (buyers) will have you running in circles until the cows come home. And NEVER agree to deliver, that gives them the advantage. When you arrive at the destination, they'll start wit the usual jerkoff games to get you to lower your price. I make it a point to never leave my chair for anything off the internet until they've arrived. I have a 2 or 3 question limit before i delete them and I do not get into texting marathons.
4 reviews
2 helpful votes
August 5th, 2020
So let's just say Craigslist is one big gamble. You never know what you're going to get. But as long as you can read people via messages then you should have good experiences. I would reccomend this website to anyone who needs to save some cash.
1 review
4 helpful votes
January 25th, 2020
All you get for posting something to sell on craigs list is trolls scams and spam. Its not worth the time to post anything. They know it, we know it sir hope they consider shutting it down. Its just a place where shady crappy awful people hang out and wait to prey. A very dark useless place.
2 reviews
9 helpful votes
October 30th, 2020
Craigslist arbitrarily deletes ads and systematically lies about it, claiming that ads not displayed are published and visible; it's been getting away with this for more than a decade. There are no clear-cut rules about links in ads; it's suggested that too many cause ads to be flagged for removal, but even when all links to external information are removed, Craigslist continues to delete the ad, never providing any explanation whatsoever. All kinds of scams and frauds are tolerated and dealers constantly post as private owners, but I cannot advertise my own $70 computer for sale because the ad is repeatedly removed. Morons try to make out that Craigslist's problems are posters' instead.
1 review
3 helpful votes
June 4th, 2020
Craigslist is horrible because they let dealer's take over because the dealers pay them money, $3 and add. And if a dealer is unhappy with a private add like mine, then they will get the moderators to take it down because it's competition at a cheaper price. He'll take the ad down without telling you or letting you know and then when you reach out to the Forum to find out why it would take him down you get treated like garbage and talked down to, because those people have no life and just like to have power over people just like some police officers nowadays
5 reviews
3 helpful votes
August 14th, 2020
Used to be great and it's still pretty good for finding things. Their fee to post things now seems to go directly against the reason it was created and shows how greedy organizations become. Like many people with not much money, I will not be selling anything through Craiglist anymore
2 reviews
3 helpful votes
July 14th, 2020
If Craigslist can "ghost" a local ad for a Schwinn 8 ways from Sunday whenever they feel like it, then they can certainly stop giving (seriously like super-lazy-dont-even-gotta-try) hackers & cyber criminals access to millions of kids phones worldwide, who are selling their skateboards & Pokemon cards & gotta deal with this garbage: (please see pic)

Plus the usual 5 or so virusy emails in my inbox. They (CL) make billions on paid ads now, so they can fix/filter this tired scam thing easily, but seem to choose to ignore anything that involves any effort whatsoever, leaning instead on a few tired warnings nobody sees or reads, especially kids.

I dont think I've ever had this particular problem with LetGo, 5 mile or any other free site I can think of thats still around. Not since like 2000? Not even Offer up (pretty bad one btw) was all virusy & full of scam emails like CL still is. Usually only seeing this nowadays on completely unmanned or abandoned "zombie" sites -not ones that are actuallly "legit" businesses with over a billion in ad revenue. Truly disgraceful that people *still* have to put up with 30 criminal fakers for every 5 ads they place on there.
15 reviews
22 helpful votes
October 14th, 2020
I conducted an "accidental experiment" on rental house search and took my time to verify the public records of each property, check the owner's identity, usually cloned by the scammers, contact the real state company who actually managed the property and, to my surprise, the prevalence of the known "Nigerian scam" is absolute. Of the 37 ads on my sample, all were scams (which I reported to the FBI). Too bad: in 2016 I used the platform to find the house I live now and it was true-to-price.
Transnational Criminal Organizations are taking advantage of the American housing crisis and this problem won't go away. Craigslist should not be used for house or car searches.
1 review
1 helpful vote
September 14th, 2020
So on 09.03.2020 Jeff Dungan came to my home to see if my dryer could be fixed. NEVER taking it apart to see what was wrong with it... Listen to me tell him the noise that it made. Said that it needed a pulley. He charged me $50 for coming out and $40 for the part.= $90. Promising to come back when the part came in. I NEVER seen him again. Please be aware of JEFF DUNGAN he's a CROOK! Not a real business man******* 1:06 pm 09.14.2020 Jeff just sent me the $90... I still wouldn't do business with him. UNPROFESSIONAL
1 review
1 helpful vote
June 4th, 2020
Dont waste your time, with it now no longer being free to post and usually nothing but scams ill be sticking to facebook marketplace
1 review
0 helpful votes
November 16th, 2020
I give up on Craigslist, use to be a good site but now they keep removing my listings for no reason. So then I have to keep reposting. Not worth it. Go to marketplace or offer up.
1 review
1 helpful vote
August 26th, 2020
Craigslist will allow anyone to post a rental home on their website scammer's at best! They do not have safety measures in place to identify these people that scam on properties everyday. IT IS OUT OF HAND and something needs to be done!
1 review
2 helpful votes
June 14th, 2020
Craigslist still promoting sex & sex trafficking under "missed connections"! I have reached out several times and no response at all.
2 reviews
0 helpful votes
September 17th, 2020
I have written to JIM, CRAIG, CLIFF and the LEGAL team asking for explanation of why my ads are being deleted but they never respond to my inquiries.

In a sense i am glad to see that their days are truly numbered because you just can't a business in a free society as such.
1 review
1 helpful vote
January 16th, 2020
I requested a female driver ed teacher so I could regain my drivers license. These craigslist owners immediately put a male responder to my ad and tried to convince me males are better for me. I can now understand why because san farancisco is the biggest gathering of gay people in the world. I will never post on craigslist again

Tip for consumers:
anything coed is immediately flagged

1 review
1 helpful vote
December 4th, 2020
CL is a horrendous platform. Anyone can flag your posts and get them removed, and it seems even CL mods can judge users and remove their posts without any warning or explanation. It's basically the Twitter of online classifieds since apparently, any mouth-breathing, hot pocket eating CL moderator can sit slouched in their cubicle and remove posts, no matter how innocuous they are. Do they then issue an explanation? No. Are there prompts not to post stuff they don't like? No. Do they have a functional help forum? No. It's like a game for them.
2 reviews
1 helpful vote
June 4th, 2020
My ad was written like this,
I'm offering a wonderful 60 min massage.
My place or yours.
Call or text the day your ready.
1 review
0 helpful votes
November 9th, 2020
I posted for work in music for lyrics writing and every reply was from perverts. Sure a couple started off with music related conversation via email but sooner or later I would be asked if I wanted to get sexual or dress up sexy... uh wtf! I'm done with Craigslist.
1 review
0 helpful votes
September 1st, 2020
We recently purchased a 2020 Chevy Blazer from Piehl Motors in Princeton and was very pleased with the experience. The entire experience was professional and easy to make the deal. Larry Lucas was our salesperson and was professional and knowledgeable. This is the 3 vehicle that we have purchased from Piehl's and would highly recommend the experience to anyone looking to purchase a car.
1 review
1 helpful vote
February 8th, 2020
I am out of Iowa. I used to post stuff all the time for sale, and look to find things. Now last year Craigslist started charging money to post. They got to be joking. Now not much is being posted so can't find anything. And if you do post something you get scam emails and texts all the time. Have used them for years now they are a joke will use different sites now.
2 reviews
6 helpful votes
April 27th, 2020
Craigslist has become a Spam and over posting bastion wasteland. I looked in the cell phone section and 90%
Of ALL ads are one guy over-spamming his ads w useless titles. Hundreds of the same ad.
A waste. Craigslist does nothing about these schmucks
I have moved on to faceb marketplace
1 review
0 helpful votes
September 17th, 2020
Are you aware that you guys need to crack down on scam artists who claim there is a house for rent. Never ever trust the Rebekah Cordova. She is a liar and a scam artist who live on 344 Goodnor St. Jacksonville, FL 32206. Craig list should be aware of Rebekah Cordova and her email address is *******@outlook.com.
1 review
2 helpful votes
January 18th, 2020
Now Craiglist had decided millions of dollars in advertising isn't enough. They are charging owners to post listings. Very greedy company.
1 review
0 helpful votes
September 28th, 2020
No accountability and Craigslist will go to utmost extremes to conceal their identity after they commit felonies and forge legal documents. Then dissapear into the night but not first before they delete the ad lol. Now you need a lawyer and legal enforement to give a flying about you being scammed. Little hint a lawyer will for 250 an hour, the police will straight up tell you they will not be investigating this as its low priority. Stick to Facebook market as people that reach out have profiles which adds a layer of protection on both sides. No ninja sellers forging names on pink slips rolling back odometers and poof. My. 2

Car below listed in excellent condition with 80k - really has 180k odometer was rolled back and title jumped. Be safe out there people run that vin hindsight for me but craigslist did nothing to help find the original poster without a warrant fyi

Q&A (17)


No, and DO NOT talk to the forum... trolls just waiting to attack anyone who is frustrated.

By Sebastion L.
See more answers (3)

All you can really do isjust "flag" the ad when you click on it. It gives you the ability to delete the posting. Nothing more. Craigslist gives no way's to post negative reviews. Unless you take the ad posting and info and post your own ad as the negative outcome or info. To pass on your experience. Lots of others are doing it as scam alerts or fraud alerts. Only remember that if you do, then the person whom your referring to also can "flag" your posting also.

By mike m.
See more answers (2)

I have posted many adds with craigslist my house, furniture and pets in the past. I am trying to post an dog now that showed up on here on the 4th of July. But all my adds get deleted use to love craigslist now I hate Craigslist. Big waste of my time every add I post gets deleted if I will selling cocaine I can understand craigslist use a funking little common sence. Don't call the customer service number thank you for calling Craigslist but there is no one here to help you. I have posted last add with Craiglist longer customer.

By sabre c.

In order to list items I first take the best pictures I can and take quite a few as you can post alot on listing. Then depending on item I'm listing I get dementions any and as much as I can. Now you need to create an account on Craigslist and no they change nothing for you to list or take a percentage of item sold unlike ebay. When you create your account you do have to provide a valid email but they only give it out if you check the box when posting that they can, Craigslist prefers you don't give out your own. They will make an email for you item and then forward it to you when someone inquires. When I checked emails regulary I would have them give my email out and had no problems until I had a box of misc items and then I received alot of sexual messages, so I never use my personal one anymore. I due have people text me ( there is a box you can mark if you'd prefer that method of contact) working the hours I do I've always used it since that option came out. I've never had any problems with a buyer calling or texting me. I've sold alot of items some were the same item just reposted it when I got more to sell. And I've always had people come to my house and never had any problems I did have one no show. 1) set up account it works for all the different areas. 2) It been along time but I believe they send you an email to verify it's valid 3) find area I want to post in Delaware, Milwaukee ect and if it's a large city you'll need to deside which area is closest to you 4) go to area you picked say Eastern Shore get on main page I mostly use smart phone top left is a menu touch it and you want to go to my account ( make sure if they sent verification email you verified it) 5) sign into your account I believe it gives you obtions of sell an item or my account, go to sell an item it will ask if you're the owner or I believe other is for mass selling. Then pick best category if it's a lawnmower go to garden ect. Now your making post it will give you options of default email which they recomend or the obtion of having them call or text you. Then you'll need to come up with a short popping post of course put in what your selling and any words that make it seem it's the best. Then give as much info as you can about item selling and make sure to be honest about it. There's an area that asks you who's manufacturer what's it's condition I usually skip that as it's in item description but it could help to sell it. Then theres a map so people know around where you are if you don't want them coming to your house put in zipcode of a town by you. Then it will have you upload pictures. Make sure the best one is uploaded first as that's the one that people see by your post and add the rest of pictures. Also at the beginning it will ask for a dollar amount for item. When pictures are done loading hit publish. Sometimes they send an email verifying post, but they will inform you they are. If they do make sure to go to email and verify it as item won't post till you do. Post will automatically delete after a month to 45 days it comes inactive first so you have option of reposting it. If you want to delete or modify posting sign into craiglist account and touch on my account and all your active and inactive posts are there touch on either delete post or edit. It's very simple and easy to do if you forget to fill in say asking price when you go to publish post it will tell you you something wasnt filled in. I know the government was trying to pass a law that we have to pay taxes on what we sell but I haven't done much selling on eBay or craiglist so I haven't checked if it passed It sounded like it wasn't going to. Hope this helps I am computer dumb and can post on here so most people should have no problems. Terri

By Terri S.

If you want support, go to a real site. Nothing but trolls at CL who prey on anyone asking for help in the forum.

By Sebastion L.

Just set up another email account and your back on

By marla l.

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