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Very primitive hard to use gui interface. Hard to search and select proxies. Proxies does seem to keep to it's listed IP mostly.
Slow to load and connect. Today kept getting d/c with "proxy refusing connection" errors. In general free version is slow. Very limited in the IPs you can chose and no residential proxies, so easy for u to be blocked. Another so so not so hot proxy.


Keeps negative reviews w/out censoring. But webage is so flaky and buggy, very hard to use it. Cannot use tor so they are trying to track and profile you. Update: 4-27-20: they are getting better, repost appeared and stayed. Need to look a page code to reliably give a thumbs up if post is actually made to the net. Hangs and you have no idea if the post went through. PLEASE do NOT become another censoring website. It's very hard to find a review site with integrity.


Hard to login cuz they are always labeling you a hacker. Cannot use proxies, they want to ID you an profile you. Maybe ot worth the time bothering with this site. Guess they have no way of reliably telling who is legitimate user. Makes it very hard to use it. Sitejabber search mechanism does not work, cannot search for companies without the help of a search engine.


Fake site, lets you make profile and then pretends to send the contact messages to other users then deletes all your messages AFTER collecting personal information about you-your photo, profile, etc. Probably a honeypot used to collect private info on people and faking that their profile and messages are going through. Very dishonest site. I know because I tested it. Not going to alert them how I tested it but I did. Beware. Sit-jabr does not work with tor as they cannot track and profile you and block your reviews under tor. Gives fake error messages when trying to post reviews with tor.


Nukes your messages if you don't send them money. They track and profile you and probably read your private messages as well. Cannot use proxies with this site. People on the site are very new age and ageists. Don't waste your time and personal info with this site as they just want your money and will throttle your account until you cough up the cash.


No replies to your messages to other members, cuz they are ghosting your messages if you don't send them money. Fake site, dishonest


Avira vpn servers are mostly good except free version has no residential servers so you will be blocked if site detects a proxy (most do). Button under avira is slow to activate and not reliable so hard to change proxies. One proxy tried to fake dns lookup, might have been a man in the middle attack trying to direct me to the wrong page.


Update 4-27-20: Responded to my last review below. I have a LOT of business I could send your way IF and ONLY IF I can get reliable redress if you send the wrong stuff, no delivery, etc.
My previous contacts with your customer service I was trying to find out if you actually had a laptop in stock and they could not tell me and kept giving me runaround no answers. I am not going to order stuff on your web page that you do not have or cannot get. I am not going to send money in advance until I KNOW you are reliable and I can reach you without problems. There is no court redress in the Philippines so if a company cheats you you have no way of getting redress. Is your customer service even open? You web page says it is not. How can customers get satisfaction if you send the wrong or damaged item or don't send it at all. That is why i use COD exclusively with you in two past orders that went ok. It's all about risk.
Thank you for replying to my post.

Past revies:
Customer service run by a bunch of morons with no business sense. Now closed during corona hysteria fake emergency. So if you order and they screw up, you're SOL. Even when customer service was open filled with a bunch of min wage employees to don't give a sh*t.

Lazada P. – Lazada Rep

Hi Tellingda, we understand your disappointments and your feedback is much appreciated. We are continuously working on making our services better. Thus, we won’t tolerate any untoward incidents to happen again. We hope for your understanding and consideration. If ever you'll be needing assistance in the future, you may reach us via our Contact Us page at http://bit.ly/2u8lDFO.

You may also reach us via our Social Media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, IG, Youtube and Google+, LIVE Chat is available from 8am-5pm Mondays-Fridays. Regards!


Very good reliable site. Loads fast. Does not try to track and block you. Ok so you want 100 characters but I have nothing to add at this time ok? Fix your own webpage sitejabber. Cannot keep a login? BS


They have improved the site, now faster and easier to login. However they still will not allow tor or proxies often. COnstantly getting that crap from cloudflaire "one more step" bs. No censorship which is very rare on the net nowadays. They still need to work on their webpage to make it easier to use without bugs.


Does not work to ublock any site that uses proxy identification blocking which is many sites and growing number each day. Proxies are not residential you will be blocked as a proxy user. Rest of the program really doesn't matter as far as I am concerned. Much better free ways to hide you IP no need for this. Use tor for example or the many free vpns available.
A PITA to install as it is crippleware-u must install other microcrap software to install it.
LOading this page with proton VPN stalled twice not reliable-had to disconnect from protonvpn and use another company's proxy to post this. Maybe they are filtering bad reviews about their company?


Updates without permission, Blocks your review logins because they want to identify you so u cannot do it anonymously, very slow to load up under win7, lacking addons that firefox has. Their proxy is no proxy.


Terrible IM program unreliable. Cannot change computers-you will not be able to login. If you travel you skype will be unavailable to you since they automatically identify you as a hacker and block your account. Spy on your chat and will delete your account for promoting other im programs. Corrupt, incompetent company with bad user interface and poor support.

Tip for consumers:
Skype USED to be good until Microsh*t took it over and ruined it along with everything else they acquire.

Products used:
switched to LINE. much more reliable.


I'd be ashamed to admit it to anyone unless it was a hooker looking just for money. They suck. Bunch of rich peons who care nothing about quality and service. MS hacks your system and injects code against your permission and often without your knowledge. It's a corrupt incompetent company that should be broken up. After years of trying they still have a crappy and unstable OS they do not have the expertise to produce anything else. Avoid MS products and advice it is a circular road to nowhere. If you have computer expertise choose linux, unix or apple products.


BS site, censors and a pita to use. Dont contribute to sites like reddit, they need to DIE and die quickly. All new posts on reddit are automatically given a message that their post has been deleted. Subgroups run by reps of the companies they are supposed about so they can delete negative posts about those companies. Deleted posts weeks after being made due to complaints from those criticized. Just another corrupt site run by corrupt moderators and admins.

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