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easiest and safest way to pay, with excellent insurance against fraud. anyone who uses the internet to buy and sell I highly recomend paypal!!
I have used for domain registration for the past 10+ years. I never have a problem with their service and the one time I contacted customer service, I was completely satisfied. I do agree that they offer a lot of add ons so you will need to pay attention when checking out. Some...
I am going to keep this review simple. I LOVE WORDPRESS!!! Wordpress is feature rich, versatile and may be the last bastion for free speech. If you have something to say to the world then Wordpress is the place to say it. Wordpress is as simple as you need it and as complicated as you...


photoshop cc is the best image editing software I know. And since they got the monthly subsctiption at a reasonable price for photographers, it's easy to get. Everyone is a little bit photographer these days, but not everyone needs such tools. If you do, then photoshop is great.


I am a happy user. It's true: it's not that easy to find your first work. This is due to the fact that you have to "fight" with many competitors all over the world. Thus, just make sure to have a good profile, to distinguish your offers from other "copy-and-paste" ones, to Always be...


This site is the place you want to go to learn about almost any subject. Udemy's vast course selection covers areas from Art, Technology, Health and Fitness and much more Udemy has what you need. Udemy is not completely free some courses you do have to pay for but there are still plenty of free...

For anyone who has used the open source tools that W3C has developed, I would highly encourage a small donation to keep their tools free and available to the public. Their tutorials and courses are an invaluable resource that is free for everyone wanting to learn more about web development.
LOVE LOVE LOVE shopify!!!! The only downfall, is the price... it's a bit up their, but honestly worth it. If you're ready to upgrade your business, shopify is the next step. Their blog is also amazing and full of educational posts, as well as their forums! Great community, awesome staff. (cut my...
I love learning something new. Theses courses help me discover unknown fields of study. I learned HTML and CSS there. And it absolutely devoured me.


Very useful website, full of resources : blog, tools, beginner's guide, etc.
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