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How awards are chosen
Award winners are chosen using a ranking algorithm that assesses each business on the number, quality and recency of customer reviews, and takes into account the business's overall star ratings, page visits, customer response rates and timeliness, and number of comments and questions submitted by the Sitejabber community in the past year.

The annual Sitejabber Customer Choice Awards were created to honor outstanding businesses that provide exceptional products or services to their customers. Each year, over 70,000 businesses with reviews from over 100 million consumers are considered, and Customer Choice Awards are earned by less than 1% of them.



“Adobe makes great programs, a bit pricey but still...”

Adobe makes great programs, a bit pricey but still amazing programs like Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, etc... last review was 2007 so It was time for a new one

“This website is a-ok”

This website is a-ok. UIt is very good, I have so far had no issues with them, and to top it all off, they offer things at a discount and make it cheaper to buy a domain. So I say, BUY...

“I am going to keep this review simple”

I am going to keep this review simple. I LOVE WORDPRESS!!! Wordpress is feature rich, versatile and may be the last bastion for free speech. If you have something to say to the...


“Useful material”

Material was reall good especially java script examples are very useful. Videos are recorded but all are limited time and creates interest to learn more.

“Love love love shopify!!!!”

LOVE LOVE LOVE shopify!!!! The only downfall, is the price... it's a bit up their, but honestly worth it. If you're ready to upgrade your business, shopify is the next step. Their blog...


“Excellent customer service”

You're probably gonna think I work at upwork or something, but I'm not. I hired a few people on here, some did a great job and got paid. Others didn't meet expectations, so I cancelled...


“I often tell my students to keep up to date with the...”

I often tell my students to keep up to date with the new technology for web. w3 allows them the ability to see what's new. I like using it to see any changes in the coding.

“Oh my god yes!”

Oh my god YES! This company gets it. they've created an incredibly easy way to make a website for cheap! Getting a domain and a year of service is about 96 dollars. Amazing deal, amazing...

“Rackspace has the absolute best vm servers around and...”

Rackspace has the absolute best VM servers around and I am not getting paid to say this. I have used them for years now and they have always served me well.


“ is a webmaster and search engine marketer...” is a webmaster and Search engine marketer resource publishing blogs, articles, news and information related to the search engine optimization and search engine marketing...