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WordPress is the best blogging software in the world - I've been blogging for years, and I have fallen in love with WordPress. It's easy to use, it's free, and it's completely open source. The open source bit is very cool because that means all these developers around the world make very cool...

I have been studying web design on and off for years and learning HTML 5 most recently. I had never heard of until very recently for some reason. I have found the site to be one of the most valuable resources on learning web design.


I have used this site for several years both to buy and sell merchandise. I have bought items from other websites and from e-bay quite successfully. They have worked well when something did not go right with the sale. I also have directed events that required registration online and used...
I have read the other reviews for Go Daddy I must say I never found it spammy in fact I have now got three domains from them and it was a doodle to setup there customer service even set one up for me as I had a bit of trouble with the pointing my domain settings and they were brilliant. Much...
I Love lynda and its courses, they are educating world online. The courses are knowledgeable and very helpful. great courses great people. Recommended.


photoshop cs 3 is out and its great - I just bought photoshop CS 3 and its a great product. They have some useful new features and the new browse/light box feature is nice. I just wish they would include a dvd tutorial with the program. They also need to include a better updated list of raw...


This site is the place you want to go to learn about almost any subject. Udemy's vast course selection covers areas from Art, Technology, Health and Fitness and much more Udemy has what you need. Udemy is not completely free some courses you do have to pay for but there are still plenty of free...
LOVE LOVE LOVE shopify!!!! The only downfall, is the price... it's a bit up their, but honestly worth it. If you're ready to upgrade your business, shopify is the next step. Their blog is also amazing and full of educational posts, as well as their forums! Great community, awesome staff. (cut my...


Great business. Elance uses many intelligent technique to prevent spam. Thanks to Elance Team :)
This has to be one of the best sites for anyone to learn digital photography, photoshop, video editing and even web design.
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