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251 reviews
4079 Executive Parkway 3rd Floor
Westerville, Ohio 43081-3859
Tel: 1 800 DIAL ANN (1-800-342-5266)
2017 Customer choice award

251 Reviews From Our Community


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1 review
0 helpful votes

Have bought from them some years ago as gifts. Went back, ordered $200 worth of items, and then get a red text error about paypal - no description of what's wrong just that the site has an issue processing right now.
Maybe it's a small issue, but in this era seems crazy. I contacted help and they told me I needed to call in, and obviously if i do that paypal is not an option. Bought elsewhere with paypal immediately before and after.
No faith in the company's website if they cant handle a paypal integration, Im not going to put my credit card on their site and I'm certainly not going to wait around for them to answer their phone. Also brings to attention that their standard shipping is 8 days!
Sorry - I'll buy elsewhere. At least I have a little clearer understanding about why traditional retailers are getting their clock cleaned. Loft - your competitors have set my expectations too high, and you currently aren't delivering.
I don't have a recent opinion of their clothing, and it's unlikely that I ever will.

22 reviews
13 helpful votes

It was my first time buying from Ann Taylor, and NEVER AGAIN!!! The photos on their website is too different from the real thing (see attached photos)! Quality is okayyy.
At least the fabric looks like it won't tear, even though I really don't want to keep this thing.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Worse Ann Taylor store ever! Woodlands, Texas location. Managers fighting whole time I was there. Do you know how bad this look I ask both of them? One manager walk away and the other manager a black women who trust me shouldn't even be working there kept gong on complaining to me how the schedule was not right. I told here I was just there to order a dress for a 4th of July party. She had no intend to help me but calmed it must be nice not to work. This black women who needs to retire or something was dress like she was homeless and her appearance was very dirty, Not Ann Taylor best. Why would Ann Taylor hire such dirty people. The other manager a Mexican women wore close so tight could could see stuff that shouldn't be shown. Both women unprofessional and dress terrible. What is happening to this place. Will not shop there anymore. I received terrible service and left without ordering a dress. ANN TAYLOR has gone down hill fast! Done with Ann Taylor!

1 review
0 helpful votes

Ann Taylor received my return on 4/27 and I was told it would take receiving 2-3 weeks to process. Currently my Ann Taylor credit card is gaining interest on those items returned. Terrible return process this should be reviewed and improved!!!

1 review
0 helpful votes

200$ billed, I returned the clothes, received no credit. credit late fees charged to me. three hours of phone calls, I neglected to make a copy of receipt that I put in with returned clothes. this company is a scam. I have avoided getting store credit cards for decades and got sucked in to this one. huge regret.

6 reviews
2 helpful votes

I try to reach a customer service through the website asking why payment options don't really work but not reply. Good I haven't bought anything

1 review
0 helpful votes

Have been an Ann Taylor/Loft customer for many years. Have always loved their clothes. Sometime in the last 6 months problems started to crop up with online purchases and returns. Returns made within 30 days were not credited and often 3-4 weeks later an e-gift certificate would be issued instead of a refund because of their warehouse issues. Using e-certs has proven to be dicey as your cert will be charged for a purchase NOT actually made! You will find out 2 days later that they are sold out of the item....but guess what?...they do not return those funds to your e-cert and instead it seems that you have given them a gift of your hard earned monies. I have spent the past 4 days trying to fix their/my problems and have spoken to 2 of the RUDEST customer service reps , I have ever encountered (2 were slightly helpful but could not resolve the issue). I was just told by the last c.s rep who put me on mute, while I spoke to her that she would send a report on to her finance they now have my money for over a month+ and can not resolve a simple issue. Will never shop here again and you should avoid Ann Taylor/Loft too. I can only think that they must be experiencing financial difficulties in order to explain their issues.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Would not issue store credit for a gift I received from my daughter. I had the receipts and packaging slips. The Cherry Hill,NJ store would only issue a credit to my daughter and refused to give me a store credit because she didn't purchase a gift box with a gift receipt. Not a customer friendly policy - neither my daughter nor I will shop at Ann Taylor again.

2 reviews
5 helpful votes

Their clothes nice design and high quality, customer service try to help you, will shop.again.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I very rarely take the time to complain publicly about my experience but this one is worthwhile.
I have ordered merchandise from on many occasions and every time I have received an email confirming that my order was received and is being processed. However, on all occasions, several ( up to four) days later I have received additional emails indicating that some of the items on my order are no longer available and I will not be receiving them at all ! How can this be happening? How can it be that when you purchase products online from you don't know if you are actually going to get it?

1 review
2 helpful votes

I have ordered merchandise from on three occasions and each time I have received an email confirming that my order was received and is being processed. However, on all three occasions I have received additional emails - some have arrive several hours after my initial order,while others have arrived days later - These emails indicate that some of the items on my order are no longer available and consequently have been removed from my oder and I will not be receiving them after all!!!
I called their customer service to find out why this was happening so often and I was told that their system only updates ONÇE A DAY!!!! How can this be happening with a company that charges over $100 for a simple pair of pants (made in China). With hundreds if people visiting their web site to make purchases - how can they have the audacity to only update their site once a day??? Please be aware when you purchase products online from as you will never know if they item is actually in stock. I will never purchase again from at it seems that they are not willing to invest in a modern system that continually updates their inventory - similar to the system that many other online merchants have.

5 reviews
16 helpful votes

First of all there is no wish list. Every time I put an order in on line I get asked to fill out a questionaire. I always put that they need a wish list. Im sure I am not the only one. My biggest problem with Ann is returns. You have to pay to ship your returns back and it takes way too long to get your money back. One time i waited around 2 months. I stopped ordering from for this reason.

2 reviews
4 helpful votes

I returned an order over two weeks ago using prepaid return label provided by company. To date, they have no record of return and do not have the tracking information. I used the label provided via the company. Customer service was rude on three occasions and of no help - simply stating there was nothing they could for me. A $200 loss for me at this time. Advice - DO NOT order online - if you do not live near an Ann Taylor of Loft - find a different place to shop. I was simply told to call back in a week and see if it shows up. Similar experience with Loft. I am sad as I have always enjoyed shopping here - the online experience and poor customer service has soured me.

5 reviews
1 helpful vote

All my business attire

1 review
4 helpful votes

I very rarely take the time to complain publically about a customer service experience but this one is worthwhile. Ann Taylor and Loft are an embarrassment to the retail scene. Shopping is supposed to be fun and not push someone to the point of anger and frustration. This is where I am at. Their cc line personnel are absolutely brain dead. They act like robots and make very reliable and good customers feel like criminals by freezing their accounts for unjust reasons that they turn around and assure you are just. The wasted time that someone spends trying to purchase an item ruins the overall experience. Then to top it off, their sales associates can't do anything about it to make it right. No matter how good the sales are at this store, I may have reached the point that my money is better spent other places. This experience was painful and disappointing. I think I'm done with this business.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Wonderful to be notified about $35 dresses and the biggest sale the following day... Very unhappy that customer service could not edit, cancel, or honor simple price adjustments (or do anything really) within 24 hours. I was told my only option was to refuse the 8 day shipped items (which I had to pay $8.99 for even though the order was about $159). I was told the only manager would say what the rep. was saying, that the stores could not help, and I could send an e-mail if I wanted to offer feedback to the corporate offices. Honestly terrible experience and I hope I like the overpriced, non-returnable, slowly shipped dresses...

4 reviews
8 helpful votes

Also love their clothes. Well made, a little pricey but the sales are good.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Referring to the Ann Taylor - Short Pump store in Richmond VA, I was not happy with the return policy. I tried to return a pair of pants after 45 days and they gave me a store credit which is absolutely fine since I took so long to return them.

What was completely unfair was that they only gave me the mark-down amount even though my receipt clearly stated I had paid full-price. I would understand if I didn't have a receipt and they had no way of knowing how much I paid, but if my receipt clearly stated that I paid $71 for the pants, only giving me $53 credit is basically stealing my money. That is not good business.

Also, the cashier who was waiting on me was on the phone with another employee at home asking why she hadn't shown up for work and arguing with her that she was on the schedule ... all while ringing up my purchases. I couldn't even ask her a question, because she was on the phone. Very rude and unprofessional.

Very disappointed on AT has declined in recent years.

7 reviews
5 helpful votes

Love the styles and sizes. You don't have to be a 4 to order clothes.

2 reviews
0 helpful votes

Great quality clothing and reasonable price.

10 reviews
49 helpful votes

good site

39 reviews
40 helpful votes

I started shopping on this site in 2014 and really liked what I bought. I purchased different items from clothes to hair products. The quality is great and prices are reasonable.
I do find I spend more money on sites Than going to the malls etc. But since I do not shop in larger cities any longer I still find the quality.

5 reviews
6 helpful votes

I only shop at The Loft for all my pants. I wear talls and The Loft has the best selection, quality and price. I wouldn't shop anywhere else!

2 reviews
3 helpful votes

I have been an Ann Taylor customer for 40 years! I worked at one of their stores in Natick at the age of 19. I always loved their quality, style, and customer service. However, over the past decade their quality has decreased and their customer service is appalling. They no longer stand by their products and gift cards can only be used at a store, not online. Worse is that I purchased my adult children clothes for Christmas and 3 out of 12 items needed to be returned. Ten days after Christmas and they refuse to reimburse me for the amount I paid, since it was more then 45 days ago. I ordered the clothes in the middle of November. I am closing my account and will shop at a store that has customers' satisfaction at a higher value. Ann Taylor would only offer me the current sale price for these items.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I'm looking for a career in economics, and the economic job market (where 95% of employers will be interviewing) happens on Jan 3rd. Ive got my interviews lined up, and all I need now is a suit. I didnt get it earlier because I had some surgery recently and didnt know how itd affect fit.

I went to Ann Taylor last weekend (Dec 13) and had the absolute worst customer serviceI asked the employee to order pants in the Kate fit for me (their looser fit) in the same fabric (the all-season stretch, because they also make suits in wool, I just dont like the sheen on the black wool) and she pulled out a pair of Kate pants in the wool fabric and said that that was what I wanted. I kept insisting to her that these were NOT the same pants, and she kept insisting that the difference was all because it was a different fit. Yes, including the $40 difference in price, the complete difference in the materials (I made her look at the materials tag), etc. I tried to explain to her that HER store had two types of suiting in black, and what I really wanted was the suiting in the all-season stretch.

I decided to give up and just buy the suit set in all-season stretch, no kate fit, and maybe order stuff online and return what fit worst. She tried to convince me to open a credit card with ann taylor to get 65% off. I told her that discounts like that didnt work on their suiting and she kept insisting they did. I kept telling her she was wrong and told her to go ahead and check it with the computer. She checked and sure enough no discount! So she would have had me open a credit card I didnt need, take a credit ding, for no discount. Know your business lady. Finally I gave up and decided to order a bunch of pants online myself so I didnt have to deal with her.

So I go on and order over $550 worth of suiting stuff in black all-season stretch, with varying combinations of petite/cut/size figuring Ill return all but the best top/bottom combo. I pay for overnight shipping because I need this stuff hemmed asap since my tailor will be on vacation from the 24th to the 1st, and the latest I can pick up my stuff is the 2nd... so I want to get him my stuff by the 15th or 16th.

Ok so get this: on the 14th I pay for overnight shipping. My receipt, and my order online, both say guaranteed delivery by the 15th. The fine print says that they will send my order via USPS express mail. On the 16th I get an email saying congrats, your order has shipped. WTH?! I ask for my shipping cost back, and they refund me. The USPS tracking number doesnt work and finally on the 18th it shows that they didnt ship my stuff until 8:30pm on the 17th. On top of that, they used 2-day priority, so my stuff wont arrive until the 21st! Yep, I paid for overnight and got super slow handling and didn't even get the shipping I paid for.

Maybe they downgraded my shipping after I asked for my money back because their handling wasn't what I'd paid for? If so, that's just terrible business--why in the world would you punish your customer after you already screw up their order?

Now Ill have to pay insane rush fees and even then Ill just have to pray that my tailor can somehow fit my suit with only a couple days of actual business days between drop off and pick up. If my tailor gets slammed and doesn't get to my suit even with the rush on it, I'm out of luck--there's nothing I can do to get them magically hemmed.

So all you ladies looking for jobs and needing suits to interview: AVOID ANN TAYLOR LIKE THE PLAGUE!!! They don't know their business, they have terrible customer service, and they will gladly tell you you're paying for overnight shipping and handling when really you're lucky if your stuff gets there within a week.

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