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Customer choice award

Best Online Tech Support

How awards are chosen
Award winners are chosen using a ranking algorithm that assesses each business on the number, quality and recency of customer reviews, and takes into account the business's overall star ratings, page visits, customer response rates and timeliness, and number of comments and questions submitted by the Sitejabber community in the past year.

The annual Sitejabber Customer Choice Awards were created to honor outstanding businesses that provide exceptional products or services to their customers. Each year, over 70,000 businesses with reviews from over 100 million consumers are considered, and Customer Choice Awards are earned by less than 1% of them.



“Great but expensive the games and apps are the best,...”

Great but expensive The games and apps are the best, but it is a little pricey. Customer service is pretty good as well. My iPad shipment was delayed and they sent me a free case to make...


“I've owned multiple systems by dell:”

I've owned multiple systems by Dell: My first was a Dual Xeon Precision 670, which I bought used from eBay in 2008. I put in an nVidia geForce 7950 GX2, a dual GPU video card. That...

“I recommend!”

I recommend this store for anything in terms of office supplies - they can provide any piece at reasonable prices.I`m constantly getting the supplies for my friends small business and...

“When i went to nydiesel man, i was expecting to buy...”

When I went to Nydiesel man, I was expecting to buy a decent looking truck for business. What I wasn't ready for was the extensive selection of high performing diesel trucks, all at...

“I've been using this site for years when i need computer...”

I've been using this site for years when I need computer help. Their specialty, in my opinion, is in computer security. If your computer is littered with spyware, malware, or viruses, a...


The support I received was excellent . The technician was able to fix my PC right away and everything seems to be OK. He was very polite and helpful. Thanks!

“Amit helped me with my problem and repaired it to my...”

Amit helped me with my problem and repaired it to my satisfaction. I would compliment all the staff at Guruaid as being very friendly and knowledgeable.

“Happy with the system after reimage cleanup.”

When I called reimage about my problems, they did a complete scan of the computer and found a number of oroblems including malware and trojans which I had no idea had infected my system....

“First class experience.”

I first used a comparison website to find a phone repair service. The price quoted and service rating led me to Geek Squad and I haven't been disappointed. Return envelope arrived quickly...

“This site is stellar in every way!”

This site is stellar in every way! They will assist you in cleaning up any virus, malware, trojan, etc. infestation on your computer, they are seriously good at it and it is FREE!