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How awards are chosen
Award winners are chosen using a ranking algorithm that assesses each business on the number, quality and recency of customer reviews, and takes into account the business's overall star ratings, page visits, customer response rates and timeliness, and number of comments and questions submitted by the Sitejabber community in the past year.

The annual Sitejabber Customer Choice Awards were created to honor outstanding businesses that provide exceptional products or services to their customers. Each year, over 70,000 businesses with reviews from over 100 million consumers are considered, and Customer Choice Awards are earned by less than 1% of them.



“Great resource”

I absolutely love WebMD. The site is extremely user friendly and the search features are quick and easy to use. They provide the right amount of information for the question--detailed...

“The stanford center on longevity is one of the best...”

The Stanford Center on Longevity is one of the best resources for both older adults as well as health care providers wanting to be on the cutting edge of longevity studies. The...


“Aarp is very resourceful”

AARP is very resourceful. The forums are great to exchange ideas on products, inusrance and everything for and used by Seniors. They are always offering new things for the senior population.

“Imagine family doctor”

In this game you can imagine being a doctor. You play as the role of a new doctor in town named Abby. In the game you get to do things that real doctors do such as: giving checkups,...

“Travel for older singles” is a great place to plan trips as a single adult. They plan the trips out completely and make it quite affordable. You don't have to be nervous traveling alone, because...

“I needed to help my mom learn how to use skype to be...”

I needed to help my mom learn how to use skype to be able to see our children and watch them grow up. I have bought her computers for years now and with every generation of windows she...

“This is another website to checkout for support and...”

This is another website to checkout for support and information. This is an excellent resource for caregivers who need more information and community support.


“Don't fill your rx without checking goodrx first!”

I had been paying $33 for 9 pills of headache medication (one month's supply) at my local pharmacy. When I checked GoodRx--my first time using the site--I saw that I could fill the Rx at...

“There for me when i need it”

I've fallen a few times and I had to call for help. I got Philips Lifeline and it's been good with them. Whenever I've called, I've had the service. It's working all right the way it is...

“We initially hired an aid from a craigslist ( i know...”

We initially hired an aid from a craigslist ( I know that was stupid) she stole money from my mom. We have then went with homeinstead and have been happy ever since.