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Wikipedia is great. Only one problem. They keep asking for donations and from what I read, they make TOO MUCH money for being a non profit company. Money is money though and I'm not surprised but the service they offer to the world has helped millions so I'm not going to rate them poorly even...
I really like this site this is the so many unique perspectives and so many useful tips. I love the content and the theme of the site as well.
Saved this one for studying. A helpful thing, also eductational, I`m a foreign student and those new words popping up are also much welcome. + for this resource!
This is the most useful site for web hosting issues I have ever found. I have wasted a lot of time (and consequently yet more time and also money later) following the advice of other supposedly unbiased web hosting reviews . offers real reviews from real people; as far as I know it is...
A fantastic way to find websites, blogs, pictures that you would not otherwise find easily or, in my case, even imagine. You do needed to spend time setting up your interest categories, then Stumble, then adjust the categories. Option to Stumble just one category is great. Interface is ok and...
Looking for a cheap way to make a killer Valentine's day gift? The DIY for Vday ideas on this site are very good and think it will beat a $80 vase of flowers any day of the week.


If you like to write and have a good grasp of English, Helium pays for articles, even creative writing. Writing is hard work and the pay is small compared to some of those internet site claims, but Helium does pay you for your work and is very careful to watch for fraud, scammers and plagiarizers.
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