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This site is great for informational purposes only. If you are truly sick, please do not compensate this information in replacement of a true medical doctor.
No words, Just excellent!!
Some of the best information available for any woman who is pregnant. It gives month by month expectations. You will still want to read the book though.
I haven't been but I'm a fan of their symptom tool on their Website. It's very informative and helpful
This site has been really helpful to me, as I look through various topics and resources.
We went there to look for a pillow for an infant. It was not available in that branch and they even help us find in other branches where it is available. They were able to place an order for us online so there is no need for us to go with our lil one. Good items for babies and they have... is such a great resource for any parent, not just mothers. I find I go to the site to get honest opinions and helpful tips on real, everyday situations and scenarios. It makes me feel like I'm not the only one out there feeling the way I do, whether I'm happy, frustrated, or unsure.
The "Is It Safe?" section of the site was very useful to me. I found I was getting so many conflicting pieces of advice that I needed some reassurance for what I could and couldn't do from a reputable site. I found that with AmericanPregnancy. Now that I'm almost full term, I still find the site...
I sought out DrSears advice on toilet training when we began potty training our daughter. They had some great advice, tips and tricks that worked. I read the article Toilet Training in Two Days: The Weekend Training Camp Method, followed the advice exactly as they said to do it, and it worked!!!...
I've gone to the apeainthepod site for all types of different things. Whether it was something simple like a pant extender or maternity jeans they have everything you need. It is beautiful quality designer things. It's overwhelming shopping as a first time Mom, not knowing what the heck you need....