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Best Online Pregnancy Resources

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I always refer to their site when I am looking for answers to my health care questions. I found their website interesting and informative.
Great customer service and inventory!!
Some of the best information available for any woman who is pregnant. It gives month by month expectations. You will still want to read the book though.
MayoClinic is the best website for those who want to seek information relating to health and diseases. The site also provides health tips for different individuals. Real medical practitioners and researchers comprises the backbone of the website which is absolutely reliable.
This site has been really helpful to me, as I look through various topics and resources.
i love it
When I was considering homeschooling my 2 children I found some great articles on Mothering that really helped me to make my decision. Well written opinions by real people was what I found and appreciated. There are endless ways to homeschool and I found just the right fit for us with the help of...
I found to be a great resource for breast feeding information. A lot of useful articles that prepare you for everything and anything that can happen. The articles are simple and straight to the point, which suites me perfectly.
Great site for parents and I have read all of their books. I think the website might even be more useful than the book as it is more current and up to date. I cannot recommend this website enough.
I've gone to the apeainthepod site for all types of different things. Whether it was something simple like a pant extender or maternity jeans they have everything you need. It is beautiful quality designer things. It's overwhelming shopping as a first time Mom, not knowing what the heck you need....
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