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Gaming is a bit hard to explain, but fast download speeds and barely any viruses!
I bought my new TV from here, excellent customer service and they delivered and set it all up.
Yes, they are higher than the rest, but the customer service is 2nd to none. Phone came by the next day. Packaged very well, and they helped me set it up. Quality phones, just wish the prices were better.


Okay, so thus far, att has been my preferred carrier. I've tried them all T-Mobile, Verizon and etc... But att is always handing you gigs like a boss. Love the new roll over feature. Thanks
I recently wrote a negative review on the inconsistent, ill-trained customer service I experience at Walmart. In contrast, T-mobile has well trained, very polite, very concerned customer service. When you call, instead of keeping you on hold, they tell you the wait time and will call you back....


I have been with Sprint for 13 years. I have good coverage, excellent customer service with them. I have no desire to play the field as they all have a good deal at one time or another.
They have a store within my area. Prices are fair, inventory is good. Returns are handled in a professional and prompt manner with no hassles. Just make sure you keep your receipt.
They are so awesome they are always on time they're very nice and sweet and they work with their patient
Blackberry has never let me down, it is working very smooth ever since I bought it years ago, must have!
I've been a customer for years, first under my parents plan, and now under my own. Very affordable, reliable service. Got an iPhone 6 on a 2 year contract for $50! Keep an eye out for all their member exclusive deals. im always finding new and unique products available with nice discounts in...
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