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This is our favorite retail store. We just used our red card to buy online through their site. The same good experience as we've gotten used to with Target. They're a great retailer.
I love homedepot. Their services and prices are very reasonable. I love their warranty policies. I will always shop with them.


When you finally get sick of the other do-it-yourself businesses, you will always find Lowe's to be superior in all facets!!
They have all sorts of fragrances lotions, soaps, etc. Their fragrances consist of natural fruits and things like that. Things like pear fragrance, or kiwi fragrance, Gardenia, honeysuckle, or strawberries, or Coconut. Delightful fragrances to delight the soul! I know! I used to wander around...


A pain to build their furniture but never have problems after!
Great food!! Cozy niiiice environment. I visit every chance I get
I can't say enough good things about Pottery Barn and my experience in the last couple of months working with the designers. I am a midwife in southern California. When the new owner of the business in which I rent a small room, redecorated and painted the walls grey, it was not pretty, warm or...
This site is amazing for ideas and styles. The prices are so reasonable as well. Just wish they shipped overseas!


Easy and smooth transactions


I've been a user for some 8 months now I'd say, so I feel like I know my way around the service pretty well by now. Truth is, it really is as simple and straightforward as it seems. You get cash back, they get a referral fee, and everyone's happy. I'm writing this review after interacting with...
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