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Reliable up to date information. My go-to place for patient medical info.
I have an orphan autoinflammatory disease. NIH is doing new research on it all the time. It puts out reports delineating what medications those of us who have this disease should never take, reports about other symptoms this orphan disease causes, and talks about what other diseases seem to be...


Always a kind person to talk to and get help
I find it hard to believe that these reviewers are talking about the same Kaiser Permanente I have been using for over 25 years. Could it be different care at different Kaiser facilities? At any rate, over the years I've been hospitalized at Kaiser, had surgery, preventative care, the whole nine...
Don't buy any makeup or cosmetics that you are not familiar with. If the color is wrong for you, they will charge the return fee which could be the cost of the item. Deceptive advertising. Never will shop at a Walgreens or again.
MayoClinic is the best website for those who want to seek information relating to health and diseases. The site also provides health tips for different individuals. Real medical practitioners and researchers comprises the backbone of the website which is absolutely reliable.
In this game you can imagine being a doctor. You play as the role of a new doctor in town named Abby. In the game you get to do things that real doctors do such as: giving checkups, getting the height and weight of patients, taking temperatures, taking blood pressure and pulse, doing eye...
The one website every parent should bookmark is the American Academy of Pediatrics as it has loads of information on almost every health concern for parents. Better in many ways than more commercial websites like webmd as it reflects the opinion of the entire pediatric academy rather than just...
As a registered dietitian & certified diabetes educator, I highly value consumer labs reviews to advise and respond to family, friends, and patients regarding use of quality supplements.
Ordering from them for several years for energy protein drinks and health and fitness plus vitamins. If you order usually $25-$40 it is free shipping, so I order several things at a time. Comes in usually a week, boxed, perfect, ready to go. One time they sent the wrong item and they let me...
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