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What a great website! As a medical practioner; I find the information accurate, with indepth research and above all, patient friendly. Well Done.
I have an orphan autoinflammatory disease. NIH is doing new research on it all the time. It puts out reports delineating what medications those of us who have this disease should never take, reports about other symptoms this orphan disease causes, and talks about what other diseases seem to be...


I'm going to try and make this short. I bought brand name makeup from CVS had a reaction to it. I know their store return policy. I had no receipt and had thrown away packaging. I called their 800 customer service number hoping with CVS care card they could locate the transaction number and help...
Very convenient way to shop when you don't have a car. They have everything for personal needs and more. I ordered and received my items within a few days. Very fast.
I find it hard to believe that these reviewers are talking about the same Kaiser Permanente I have been using for over 25 years. Could it be different care at different Kaiser facilities? At any rate, over the years I've been hospitalized at Kaiser, had surgery, preventative care, the whole nine...
MayoClinic is the best website for those who want to seek information relating to health and diseases. The site also provides health tips for different individuals. Real medical practitioners and researchers comprises the backbone of the website which is absolutely reliable.
Not many sites exists in market which offers such selfless service... Kudos to you guys...
This is THE national organization of pediatrics - all reputable pediatricians are members. Good reliable information. Go to for their patient-centered website.
As a licensed acupuncturist, I need good, unbiased information on the safety and effectiveness of the nutritional supplements my patients have been taking. But there are very few reliable sites on the internet that can provide such information, given the ubiquitous presence of the supplement...
I had nothing but good experience with the company. I ordered from them 3 or 4 times and everything was delivered fast and without delays. The online offers are also great and pretty cheap comparing to other companies.
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