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Suffering from back pain? Loads of information on but also lots of adverts. Good menu navigation, various back pain forums, links to specialist pages and practitioners (Mainly USA, but a few international as well). Good site.
I feel great! I sleep better, I no longer get migraines. My neck feels great and my pains are better. I have more energy! Migraines used to be so painful; I would stay in a dark room. I just feel better overall. It works; I think everyone should try it out. Much better than taking pills...
Ouch! My wife has hurt her back. The doctor says it's not quite a slipped disk, but if she isn't careful it could get worse. She can't sit down on an ordinary chair, and she can't stay in one position for more than about five minutes. Laying flat on her back on the floor gets boring and eating...
Don't believe the negative reviews for this site. I ordered the free book, received the free book, no extra charges on my credit card. I order other items later and only received and was only charged for the items I ordered. Great Site, Great Products, Great Value!!
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