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79 Reviews by Peach

I totally forgot about Overstock.com until my old next door neighbor used it a few times. Company is based in China but heck more than half of our merchandise comes from there. While your shipping experience might range from happy, to sad to why is it damaged to where the bleep is it? The website offers items in my price range and that is why I shop there. I feel like I can afford the same quality items as every one else on a limited budget. No one will never know unless you tell them.

I use to be all about Bed Bath & Beyond but their prices are creeping up so high I can't afford them any more. My parents shun me for supporting places like overstock.com but I'm tired of only being able to shop at second hand stores. Used items such as clothing or bed linins creep me out. I'll come here before I go there. At lest here I feel like I can purchase items and feel good about it. The items are the same in my local store and I generically shop for the cheapest bidder. I have purchased the same items from my local store for twice the price and in year later they're dainty, dingy and run down. At least here you can read the reviews and know if you're making a smart purchase.

Shipping is a gamble and can range to amazing to hell but the price is right.

Be forewarned the company will remind you to review a product. Well I did that. The next thing I know i'm being subscribed into OverStock's "yearly" program against my will. They sort of con their clients into their auto subscription against your will. Thought you might like to know. Some times they do not warn you about enrolling you into this program. This is the only fruadulant thing I would caution overstock users about.
I enjoy the fact that socialization has returned to my games that I thought were solo. Just like my peers forcing me into facebook they forced me into this. Good god where does it end. I told my friends a long time ago I don't do this crap. What happened to pick up the phone and make a fu c k en phone call? I guess that's dead. It's great to keep in contact with local people to accomplish certain goals of the game that otherwise would be a random draw. Right time, right place basically and that's very rare in reality augmented games.

A word of caution: This place is about as heavily monitored as reddit and just as poorly monitored as reddit. The thread of the group is based upon the minds of the group. You can be banned at the flick of a comment or if someone decides that they don't like you for what ever reason. The content can be any where from pg, pg13, r, nc17 to racist. Be forewarned. If you don't like the content leave. I do not believe there is any way to report it. People think they're protected by the constitution but they could be sued for slander.
I'm not a big fan of Facebook. All my friends are addicted to it and conned me into it. I only created a web page with my name to keep my friends from illegally against my will creating one for me. The content control is almost too heavily monitored and it's impossible to control it all. There are several fake accounts and those that want to create an account have a hella hard time doing it. You use to be able to verify your facebook page without a phone number and now you can't. You use to be able to verify your face book page without a picture now you can't. Wake up people this is data collection and you're freely giving the government your data.

God gave me a real name and Facebook is reporting it as a "fake" name. Thanks. I can't even use the name I was born with. I hate how they have to verify a picture now. They literally lock you account if it's not a "real" picture. Thanks a s s holes for locking me out of my account. Facebook literally locked me out of my account because they didn't like the real picture of me that I posted.

It's ashamed that my friends can't post real information about them selves. I worked with one guy and he's lying up a storm about this and that. Bragging about how he scammed his prior employer with stealing time and stuff. How he learned to work the system and scam the employer. Learned to work the system and scam the customers. Later loss prevention fired him for stealing a lot of product slowly over a year. They were working on trying to fire him with many other layers but apparently a mild physical disability will make them turn a blind eye. I have a disability worse than his. I know the difference between right and wrong but apparently doesn't and has been taught the difference between right and wrong over the years. I've worked and work with many honorable individuals with disabilities and I'm sorry but this guy is a thief and a scammer. He got fired from two prior jobs for thievery and continues to get caught by the cops and lies to them. Guess there is favoritism in my employer. People will believe any thing someone posts even if it's an individual who isn't honest and scams the system.
While oboma care had some good I'm not sure why Trump is trying to undo every thing his predecessor did. It's immorally childish. About all they have to really do is remove two things: the huge fine associated with it if you don't want health insurance and forcing people to have health insurance against their will. Otherwise it has a lot of good.

I tried signing up for this service only to get spammed several times a day by telemarketers. I tried to get removed from their list but it only increased the spam volume. My phone is filled with voice mails several times a day and I have dozens of missed calls a day. I tried to sign up only to find people were not all that nice and lacked customer service skills. Do not sign up for this service. It's a scam! Go to a health care provider and get a health plan through them. If I were not a slave to my health insurance I'd change jobs every now and then. Rather than be a slave to it and keep working a job I hate.
While oboma care had some good I'm not sure why Trump is trying to undo every thing his predispose did. It's immorally childish. About all they have to really do is remove two things: the huge fine associated with it if you don't want health insurance and forcing people to have health insurance against their will. Otherwise it has a lot of good.

I tried signing up for this service only to get spammed several times a day by telemarketers. I tried to get removed from their list but it only increased the spam volume. My phone is filled with voice mails several times a day and I have dozens of missed calls a day. I tried to sign up only to find people were not all that nice and lacked customer service skills. Do not sign up for this service. It's a scam! Go to a health care provider and get a health plan through them. If I were not a slave to my health insurance I'd change jobs every now and then. Rather than be a slave to it and keep working a job I hate.
I enjoy online reviewing as it's a hobby. I base my reviews upon real life experience. I'm finding there's more that runs a business than meets the eye. The reviews are based up on the customers and they may be accurate they may not be. I would give them five stars but they removed the sign in with google account and that caused me to loose access to one of my accounts. So forgive me if I have a few duplicates out there.
I decided to switch to Gloria-vanderbilt for my jeans because Lee changed their style and now nothing of Lee fits me. I tried Gloria-vanderbilt and I love their jeans. They're built for your average individual with a realistic fit. Prices are reasonable and I would recommend trying them in a local store then going home and ordering them online. Online has better deals. Then you won't have to play the shipping return game for sizes.
Despite the monopoly the only other way to get cable in my area is satellite and that's more expensive. They're a monopoly in our area. People have tried to fight to get another internet option but the city won't do it nor allow it. Because they have a contract with Comcast. I'd like to use another service since I'm sick of Comcast. To keep costs down I have to use one of their packages to keep it at a set rate. Otherwise it's fluxating random every month and it gets really expensive for just plain internet. They don't tell you when it expires. It's you get a new bill and your rate changes. Internet should be a utility with a set rate not a service that is a monopoly where people are swindled into paying more than they have to. It's generally pretty reliable and customer service is good. I'm finding as you can do every thing through their website some of the reps are a bit stubborn when assisting you. I ask a rep to help me because I don't understand what I'm purchasing half the time. It would be nice if they tell you that they are working in the local area because some of us rely on internet for business or daily use. While they're not my first choice for internet they're my only choice for internet. Why won't the government crack down on their monopoly?

The only browser the website works in is Internet Explorer. I've tried several other browsers only to find it can't log me in without an error message. This is kind of annoying. Especially for a company that has a big website.
This site is not truly free speech. I've been banned from threads for posting non racial replies to threads. Guess they couldn't handle a conversation.

I give up with this place. You post something you think is non controversial and it turns some how gets twisted into a racial comment by twisted posted comments. Gee thanks. Guess we do not live in a melting pot that gets along. It's way too easy to offend some one's pride on this website and you get slurred repeatedly. Some how you get banned instead of the person hating on you. You over post too much and you get banned from a thread. Even if you say nothing offensive or out of line. I've tried several times over the years and I just give up. I've been a regular on certain forms and apparently I'm "too real" for them and they can't handle reality being shoved in their faces. I give up with this place!

I've been through so many accounts with the same email just to be able to post regularly I give up! Even if you're not in violation of the rules you some how get banned from this place. Guess they don't like people who enjoy replying to every thread.

I use to follow a thread related to my employment and I've had to create several posts just to be able to post on it. Guess they can't handle the truth. I've violated no terms of services it's just the mods not being able to handle a negative comment written in a positive way. I use to be for the sties why kroger sucks but now I report them all to Kroger ethics board. They are not affiliated with them at all but they sure the hell are piggy backing on Kroger's name and thus they are representing the company.

I followed reddit for several months out of addition to certain threads and with nothing better to do. The website repeats a lot of posts. People steal other people's images and posts. You could write a non threatening bias thread and some how it gets twisted and warped into a conversation that leads to f* you and s* that. I followed /awww, /cats, /dogs and after a while they ended up being threads designated to memorials to the pet owner. I noticed reddit also has a ton a ton of porn or porn like posts and I would not advise young children to go on this website. It takes very little to offend people and I found this place to be as useful as self help guides that turn into total bull $#*!. People post videos and imagery without the involved party's consent and it's pretty obvious. I would advise people not to use reddit unless you want to be fish bait.
I enjoy shopping at Costco. Customer service is 100 times better than what you would expect from QFC or Fred Meyer. I think I'm going to start bringing my hard earned paycheck here. Food quality is quite decent.

It's really difficult to post reviews to their website. If you post anything that's slightly negative or too negative it's not allowed to be posted. The only reviews they allow on their website is positive reviews._____________________
I forgot to add on that my cousin had her insurance through costco drop after the third claim. They refused to service her during the last claim and kicked her off the plan. They started giving her negative attitude during the second claim. They will drop you like a rock after your second accident according to my family members. I'm accident free but through their tales I am highly against Costco insurance. I have AAA or Safeco Insurance and have a full coverage plan that covers all angles for less than what my family members were paying for with Costco. They support you with insurance claims.
Would highly recommend them. I generally don't complain to hr but I've never had a company where you could submit things anonymously before. Most companies if you complain like this you're on the bad list and no one likes you after this then your career potential changes to negative probabilities at best. After a couple big issues I've started submitting complaints that are validly worth investigating. I'm tired of being taken advantage of or wrongfully committed of crimes I didn't even commit nor partake in. As employees we have human rights that frequently get violated by both management, coworkers but mostly customers disrespecting and reprimanding employees over this and that. First company I've worked for that allows this to occur. Most business I've worked for in the past won't allow this period.

I've used this a few times to

Get a racist customer banned from our store
Must of worked I don't see them in here any more being hate racist to a coworker. It was bad and the customer needs to be aware that my coworker has the right to sue them if it gets out of control again. And he probably will.

Report a coworker(s) committing time fraud because they failed to punch out and abused the privilege intentionally.

Report coworkers bullying others on a regular basis. Due to the bitterness in their soul. I've never before worked in a place that allowed gossip to the point of repremanding.

Report repremanding. I've never before worked for a company that has allowed repremanding in unprofessional quarrelling ways. I've worked at other stores that don't allow this period. I don't know what the hell is going on with more store but good god we seem to be in the sticks of the country.

Our fes is out on medical leave and it's very doubtful he will return to full time if at all. The company hasn't let him go (legally he's protected) but they won't bring in a replacement. The front end at my store is chaos and getting worse with people taking charge and being total pricks about it and being nasty to others because they have been tainted with the privilege of authority.

Been committed of things that I felt were wrong and got them waived and they were declared a "clerical error".

My "C" class store is under performing and I've asked corporate to come in and clean it up to get it running at maximum potential. People are lazy, under trained and incompetent at doing their jobs. Staff spends more time playing on their phones than actually working. Understaffing is causing the meat/seafood departments to fail with declining sales. Select coworkers are system manipulators to the extreme and those that are bending the rules a bit too far are being reported. Need I go on?
I've been quite pleased with them. Yes they're a little bit more $$$ but it's worth your money to have cloths tailored to fit every day individuals. I'll generally wait for a red tag clearance sale. I've given up on all the name brand stylists because they changed their fashion. Let's face it only about 25% of society actually fits most name brand stylists well. With working retail I've noticed that most of society does not wear clothing that represents them well. In the past year I've seen too many but cheeks and too many women wear bikini tops that are like 250+ lbs. Please women think twice about clothing. If it fits well ask your self how does it look on you? Most women I'm finding do not wear clothing that is attractive to them if at all. I hate clothing that draws your eyes immediately to one section of the body or the other and women wearing hoochi outfits wonder why they're getting gawked at all the time. Or women wondering why all of society is glancing at their butt all the time. Well dear it's because half of your@$$ is showing and you're not even wearing any underwear. That's disrespectful to society. Talbots line of clothing fits individuals over 35 years of age well. I am quite happy to find a clothing store that I can fit in well and look decent.
The game started out great. It had a blast when every one had it on their phone but now it sucks. Despite the fact it's advanced a lot it's not all that great and very repetitious. You can't play because they have so many rules built up to keep cheaters from playing the non cheaters occasionally get dinged in the middle. If you use certain phones it will think you're cheating when you're not. I use to enjoy community days but they've pretty much destroyed my community with mass cell phone mob gatherings mobbing all over the place. They keep changing the time frames and I've missed so many community days because they all fall during my weekend work shift. I've given up on getting shinnies. I've given up on getting 5 star raid bosses because it takes 7 raids to get even 2 rares due to the low capture ratio. The game crashes a lot. It is pretty much set up against the gamer and the gamer pretty much looses a lot. It doesn't calculate distance walked accurately and even on walks where I know it's 10k steps it might register 7 k at best. Say for example a 5k egg will not hatch until my buddy finds two 5 k candies. Yea how does the math work on that again? You get kicked out of game play due to forced updates. Thanks ass holes I've been kicked out of good raids because of this $#*!. Due to this being a 24 hr live game they can't schedule the updates for off time. I played on and off for the past 6 years and I'm done. I throw in the towel. They're rolling pokemon characters out too slowly and they don't even have all the eevee evolutions yet. I guess we get umbreon before sylveon. The game sucks and isn't very entertaining. You've created a new generation of cell phone addicts. The game is pretty much unplayable unless you're in a major city area and I've requested my tiny town get a poke grid but they refuse to install new pho stops and gyms even with a lvl 40 account. I shouldn't have to spend an hour driving to get to a decent grid. I've entertained my self with better pokemon games than this crap shoot game. I quit and this time it's for good.

Customer service sucks. Even if you're an honest to god no cheater player but get dinged with cheating forget about even getting it removed. Zero policy on "so called" "cheaters". Well that's how they lost me. Thanks ass holes. There have been numerous complaints about this from other players as well. Honest players getting dinged because the app thinks your repetitious life style is an application doing it for you. Not my fault my prior work location allowed me to play all day long with high spawns. My place of work had a trio of stops close to each other. I'm glad I refuse to spend actual money on this as I've had the game crash in the middle of a raid and lost my purchased raid pass for the day. When you try to request niantic to remove a poke stop from a business, being too close to a home or being on private property it's a pain in the ass to get them to remove it. Half the time business sue to get them to remove it.

The gotcha is a total joke. Let's face it some work some don't. They fall out of the charger and are a total joke for your money. Niantic says they do not endorse the product even though their name is on the box stating they do. Some people like it. I don't. I purchased one played with it for two hours I got so frustrated with it not working I started cussing at it. I tried two versions and both will bring you nothing but frustration because let's face it the device is crap. Over charged piece of crap.
While I enjoy using Dramamine to assist elevating the occasional nausea or dizzy spell that is brought upon by a virus it makes me too sleepy. I've tried the non drowsy version and it doesn't make me less drowsy. So for 24 hours I'm impaired with mild sleepiness. The longer I take it the more agitated I get and less pleasant to be around. I wish Dramamine would place all their reported side effects on their labels. I had to google that one and read other reviews. I also get the dry mouth which causes me to cough. People are so paranoid with snot and cough that they think you're sick so they harass you for a single cough.
As much as I love the Lee jeans I can't bring my self to purchase them any more. Several years ago they switched to skinny. Since they switched to skinny and stretch fabric none of their products fit me. None. Their styles are not realistic to the average individual. I swear I've tried every possible pant and style in my local store and none seem to fit. They're either too tight or way too big. I'm saying good bye to Lee jeans and finding another brand.

I have never had any issues ordering from lee.com. It's been years since I've ordered jeans. My old pair is wearing thin and about ready to give. I went searching for a new pair of pants and I can't seem to find a pair that fits. Despite lee.com does a wonderful job and has excellent customer service I'm no longer supporting Lee jeans since they decided to change their styles. Been a life long customer but I guess it ends since I can't seem to find a style that fits me.
Just another place where people can post their complaints online. How valid they are is another question. I generally never get a reply from the business.
We had an elder cat that went down hill and we shortly had to put him down after a rover sitter did a terrible job taking care of him. His health was decent before the sitter took care of him. Then it went down hill. The sitter should have been zero stars but I believe they fudge their reviews. First bad sign should have been the fact we contacted sever sitters before we found the one we decided to use. Not only did he barely take care of the cat he didn't follow the instructions we left. When we came back the cat's "presents" (pee, poop, vomit) never got picked up and stuck up the house something awful when we got back. He obviously didn't scoop the cat box nor change the litter. The sitter gave him some cat nip but 3/4 of the container was missing. That's a lot! No wonder our cat got so sick. He had a habit of over eating and would puke. We learned smaller proportions. We'd place his meals in measured containers. We left enough food to have plenty when we came back but it was all gone. He puked half of that food around the house. The sitter trashed out our house and we had to higher a professional cleaner to get the house sanitary again. Sitter basically trashed out our house. We contacted customer support but no one cared. Apparently the company isn't liable for the sitter entering your house. You're liable for even allowing them access to your home. That doesn't seem right. Do your self a favor and don't use them. You're pet's life is at stake. Read reviews floating around the net. A lot of people loose their pets to this company. Don't use! They don't train their employees. It's higher then send them out. They don't even teach them respect to house sitting another house.
I forgot to add on: We told our sitter he could have free range of the food in the kitchen. He ate it all and pretty much emptied the cupboards bare. Good lord how much can one person eat or he decided to do his grocery shopping at our house. He left food plates every where and some of them had mold starting to form on them. He spilled on most of the furniture and did not respect the house he was watching.
While I enjoy shopping at discounted shopping stores I must remind you to watch the quality of your products. There's a good reason these products end up here. A lot of the time they're seconds for some odd reason. I may stop supporting them. Paying full price at a place like Talbots and getting longer use out of them.

I've not found customer service to be that great. It's hit or miss. There's only one Ross in my local area that has good customer service. The rest have terrible customer service.
This is based upon a 2014 experience.

I thank the land lord for opening up a unit for me. I enjoyed it for 4 months then it became hell. I will never do another apartment in my life unless I have no other choices. I only found about 5% of the neighbors decent people.

I lived here for a year and these apartments were run down, old, out of time, paper thin walls, ant issues, mold issues, neighbor issues. And all the problems that these things bring. I filed one formal noise complaint against my upstairs neighbor after 10 days of zero sleep. The land lord made me the hated neighbor for all 8 of my neighbors. I told her exactly who and she alienated all 8 of my neighbors. Thank you for that one. Next thing I know the down stairs neighbor started telling false lies about me to her kids. All lies. Spread rumors of how I was a "bad" individual. Yea thanks $#*!. I thought you were christian. You never knew me personally before the noise complaint. Hush up those lies before I sue you for defaming and slander. I'm a hard worker decent individual with high morals and values.

Appliances kept breaking down and needing repair. Paid extra for a washer/dryer unit and it was broken 5 weeks. Yea coin laundry again. I loved setting a whole day aside for that. Apartments were noisy from the traffic. Do not rely on this place for day sleeping. (Won't happen.) Walls are paper thin and you'll hear everything from the fart in the bathroom to the murmur of the conversation in a neighboring unit. You'll occasionally wake up to hear your neighbors screaming at each other in the middle of the night. Smells seep through the walls and the smell contaminates your stuff.

During the hot summer months no one sleeps. The units pretty much become a sauna and you hear people stumbling around their units unable to sleep due to the heat.

They do yard work at 2 am and it's unsettling hearing a lawn mower going off at that hour or people raking up leaves at that hour.

The land lord had the sign up be back at x hour for most of the summer and the for long hours through out the year. She was maybe out of the office 45% of the time.

My unit had an and issue and I had to submit a formal complaint. All they did was spray the outside with ant poison. All that did was send it inside and make it worse. Before I realized it I couldn't use my kitchen sink, couldn't use the bath tub for baths and was shaking ants out of things in the medicine cabinet.

As my neighbors noise issues became worse I was only using the unit to sleep and shower. I spent my day at work. Then found parks and malls to hang out at until they closed. Friends if they weren't busy. Around month 6 I was sleeping on my friend's couches to get a decent night sleep. I moved out completely into a house purchase on month 7. I decided it was cheaper to pay month to month rather than cancel it. Then terminate the lease.

(I originally took this down but this place literally scared me in some way.)

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