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106 Reviews by Peach


While I appreciate a recognition reward from my company the items that they offer my company are cheap junk that breaks after a few uses. All that hard work for a gift that is incredibly cheap and breaks after a few uses. Way to go Kroger you make me feel soo appreciated. If you don't believe me Google the gifts and start looking at the customer reviews. Most of these gifts are 2.5-3 stars at best. The first 5 year mile stone = $20-$30 items that are total garbage. The 10 yr mile stone $50--$60 where the items are slightly better rated but quality is just as bad as the first one. The 15+ maybe you'll get something that is actually usable and doesn't break after a few uses. I hear the 30 year prizes are wonderful quality. But they do that because of costs. How many employees actually make it past year 10? Not many.


While her quilt blocks are beautiful I found the instructions to be confusing. I tried to assemble one and found it quite challenging because she doesn't use traditional quilting techniques nor traditional block assembly. She uses odd methods of assembling and cutting strips of fabrics that are not economy friendly. Instead of saying make"x" number of flying geese blocks in various block sizes she has you slice and dice various squares, rectangles and triangles until you assemble it. I've done various angled blocks before and she uses an odd way to assemble them that is not economy friendly. I have tried a couple patterns of hers and felt like I over spent on the fabric. I would not deem her projects economy friendly. I severely over purchased the amount of fabric I needed for these projects and felt I could have saved $50-$100. I find my self having a quarter yard, half a yard or more of left over fabric. Now I like quilting but I hate having a scrap pile because I'll never touch it again. I'm probably one of the few quilters that refuse to have a scrap pile. I suggest going home reading the pattern, calculating how much you actually need then go purchase it.

After spending a month or two working on her patterns I am quite pleased with the finished results but I will probably never purchase another one of her patterns again. Two reasons: 1) confusing instructions 2) not economy friendly. While her patterns get very good reviews I would rate her patterns advanced intermediate skill levels. I do thank you for the fun time spend quilting but maybe not again.___________________________

I finally finished this block three months later. Beautiful yes but hell if I'll ever do one again. It is up to the challenger to decide weather or not to make one.

* Her math is not all that accurate. When reviewing her math skills I noticed she made simple calculation errors for basic multiplication problems. I found my self frequently cutting additional blocks because her math was not all that accurate.

* The zero waist flying geese block method would have been more economically friendly. And a lot easier to follow and understand. I had to throw out so much fabric because of the triangles you get when left over. The principle would have been the same in the long run. I could have made a whole baby blanket with how much I threw out.

*I am probably the only quilter out there that hates a scrap pile. I have been collecting a scrap pile for years and threw out a ton of it recently because none of it really clashed for a big enough project and I got tired of hanging onto it. If it's not a quarter yard or more I won't keep it. If it's less than that I toss it and boy did I toss out a lot of triangles, short strips and tiny pieces. If the blocks were cut economically I could of saved some money.

* Pattern is not economy cost effective. When I was finished I threw out a lot of unusable scraps and extra fabric that could have been avoided if she utilized the economy method of these blocks. I felt like I severely over spent on this project. Next time I buy one of these lovely booklets I am taking it home, reading it, calculating how much I truly need then going back to buy the fabric.

* She missed a couple instructions and a lot of instructions were confusing. I am an intermediate quilter and noticed she skipped several steps and anticipated that you sort of already knew the how to's and the basic techniques. She completely missed the steps to cut step for blocks "S" and "T" so when I come to the end to assemble the border I ran short on fabric.

I do enjoy these little patterns I find in quilt stores but buyer be ware: Read the instructions first, fine tune them, double check your measurements then buy the fabric. That's the only thing I wish I did differently. Otherwise the block pattern was beautiful upon completion.


I've been browsing through the dating websites only to realize all they want is your money. What happened to pay for one month time frame? You pay all your months at once and end up paying $200-$500 for a contract that's hit or miss for canceling. I've not had a good experience through online dating. Oh, well back to reality.


I'd love to sign up and unlock the blocked information but I don't have $300+ to unlock it all. They work it down to by the month but when you check out a monthly plan it's more like $300-$500 total. Just for 1-2 years time. Who has that type of money to blow on a website like this? What happened to pay for a three week time frame?

I'd love to meet people, start dating courting what ever it's called now but this website is not affordable to your average working Joe or Jane. I'd rather use my money for two more months of bills. I'll take the chances that I'll meet someone in reality like we use to do before the digital internet enslaved us.


I've been playing this game for a while. The whole objective of the game is wonder, wonder, wonder. More of the story unlocks and unfolds the further you advance into the game. It's focused on mostly animation and lacks a strong quick unfolding story line. Link is all grown up now no older than youth teenager. The story is told through flash backs and unlocking various tasks. I spent 60 hours trying to unlock the first section of the game and got quite frustrated with it due to being ko'd a lot and finding out the weapons break after a few hits. Once I passed that the game started to easily unfold and the rest of the story slowly started to unlock. I suggest following an online game walk through if you want to complete the game in a timely manner. The game it self doesn't really give you a whole lot of how too. Zelda games are generally pretty easy. First Zelda game where I'm periodically dying left and right because the blows are pretty much ko's with the weapons breaking after a few hits. While I enjoy getting lost into a mindless endeavor of video games I'm not really enjoying this new Zelda game. It appears they've done away with the complex dungeons and sub dungeons. Which is what I really enjoyed about the Zelda games and replaced them with preschool level play ground tasks. This Zelda game isn't for me but it was worth purchasing before Nintendo decides to lock it in the vault and discontinue it.

After about two weeks of playing this wondering game I'm done with it. The game is retartedly easy and I've never had a game where I've been ko'd so damn much. It's going in the closet to gain value. I'm so frustrated with being ko'd so much for being caught off guard I'm done with it. A lot of people like it because heck it's Zelda but I can't bring my self to finish this game. It's going in the damn closet.


I tried applying for a job on monster.com and it was to be a work from home data entry job. Turns out it sent me to this website with another name. Next thing I know my email and personal information was given to this place. This place is a scam trying to get personal information. I tried contacting them several times to delete the personal information but had no luck. Thank god I never gave them my personal phone number.

Thank you for your reply owner, but for the past three months immediately after I filed a submission for a job application for online data entry my phone started getting spammed with foreign telemarketers spamming my phone. My voice mail kept filling up with 30-40 second voice mails. I thought it was illegal to leave a voice mail for a telemarketer? I'm frustrated because your company sold my personal info and my phone is being filled up with this annoyance. If you can remove my number from your system I'll reconsider this review.

Benjamin B. – LifePoints Rep

Hi Peach,

We're sorry that you haven't had the most positive experience with LifePoints and we will gladly carry out a further review of your situation.

If you open a new ticket with our Help Center here - https://lifepoints.zendesk.com/hc/en-gb/requests/new - while quoting 'SITEREVIEW-SJ", we can ensure that your ticket is escalated with our Support Team.

Kind regards,



Good for a throw a way number but I wouldn't rate their services or products with high satisfaction. I purchased a one month phone plan and I can't even log back into my account. I created an account upon check out and it doesn't even recognize my number nor phone even though my service for a month is with them. I don't have high hopes with this company for a long run phone. The cheap phone I have doesn't even allow texting. I've gone through all the settings and still can't get texts to come through.

These phones are cheaply built and generally won't last more than a couple years before you need to replace it. I feel that the whole system of prepaid cheap phones is a scam. You'd be better off going to a phone store and getting a long term contract.


I only have Kaiser because my employer offers it. While it does cover a lot I have mixed reviews about it. I have found if you need to get things diagnosed they'll chase symptoms. I had to go to a chiropractor to figure out what was going on with my back. I've learned they push medicine like a sales gimmick. A lot of it is toxic and I refuse to take any of it. I have mixed reviews regarding Kaiser. I'd recommend them for emergencies not ongoing care.

I tried to sign up for the mental health and well being part of it due to a stressful time in my life and found if I wanted a physical appointment they were booked up three months out. Online chats were booked up 2-4 weeks out. That sort of defeats the purpose if you're trying to work through some stuff.


I enjoy Netflix and having the ability to have thousands of media options available. Price is kept reasonable to the consumer for affordability. This coupled with hulu allow me to forgo cable and is 10 times cheaper and lets me have more to watch. I've never had an issue with customer service and have always found them to be easy to work with. 2019_____________
Add on: I enjoyed Netflix in 2017 and took a leave from it for 2.5 years. I recently reactivated it for 6 months 2020. Several old tv shows that were fan favorites got removed. Main hollywood favorites got replaced with terrible seconds. Netflix doesn't supply full seasons and leaves you missing a season here or there. Watch one show and the algorithm fills up your page with this or that. Watch one cartoon and it fills your page suggestions up with cartoons. I tried to find other stuff to watch under different categories and it wouldn't display anything but children shows.


When did pintrest become a soft porn site? I use to use it all the time and realized the searches were all the same and not rotating random like they use to be. Last year I started getting a ton of porn related searches any where from sexual imagery to penis shaped images and side boob shots and photos highlighting one part of the body more than the other. Good god pintrest have some shame.


While I enjoy free email I do worry about the privacy side. I use to use hotmail email but it had too many issues and too many sites blocked hotmail. I've never had an issue with google mail. No advertisements no monthly payments no unsteady server connections.


Our family has been with them several years and they have kept our insurance at reasonable rates. It's worth it to get all our coverage under one place so we don't have to worry about any of our physical or financial assets being attacked. We have the gold member plan at half the cost of our old insurance with really good full coverage. I've always found their customer service representatives to be very assisting. Not a whole lot of wait time. Not to mention all the discount perks of being a AAA member. They were very receptive when we had an auto accident (not at fault). Thank god the dash cam said the at fault party said they were lying as they blew through a stop sign with out right of way. The road side services are slooowwwwer than snot if you need a tow truck.


I would recommend these phones as a short term use phone. I picked one of these up to have a second number so my main one would stop being given out and spammed. I like that you only have to pay as you go. As I'm not that social I can pretty much do everything I need to on wireless. I wouldn't recommend these phones as a heavy phone user. I'm an apple based software user so android is a bit of an adjustment. I do not like that you have to search for every flippen thing just to use it. I have mixed feelings about these and I think I'll continue to use my main phone as my better phone.


I use to use monster.com but found most of the job postings were fake, advertisements and not worth it. I applied for a few local jobs and the postings were incomplete and not to what the job specifications needed. Or I'd go into the interview and realize the interviewee was a total ass hole and ruder than rude. I filled out what I thought were a couple job postings but it turns out it was a click ad based ad. How low is monster.com getting to allow members to falsely give out personal information. I would not recommend this website to anyone job hunting.


I have been working with the company 10+ years and have only advanced to cashier and no further. I've experienced ridicule, discrimination, verbal harassment, been a verbal punching bag, been repeatedly scolded at by customers, had items tossed at me, been scolded for being an incompetent lazy employee even though I'm doing my job.

Currently I am being bullied by a coworker how is quite abrasive and aggressive with me regarding my work. She's always scolding me for doing a bad job and making up lies regarding my work. She reprimands me in a demeaning fashion in an abrasive verbally abusive way.

Management doesn't always stand up for me in situations where the customer is angry. Instead of handling the whole situation the customer will continue to verbally harass me over some b. S. cr*ap that we can't honor. Instead of kicking them out they become verbally aggressive towards the employees.

I am a highly functioning disabled running self check and I'm tired of customers being total a$$ holes over the machines. If an individual with a disability similar to autism can run it customers need not be such shi*t heads regarding the machines.


While I enjoy the services of Amazon.com they're also becoming a monopoly and have altered the way our local retailers operate. I noticed that you have to really price watch their products. Some products can be over priced up to 200% compared to local retailers. They push Amazon Prime so heavily that I had to stop purchasing a few regular items because they became Prime only merchandise. I tried Amazon Prime and it's okay. If you don't do 10+ purchases a year it's not worth it. From Oct to Jan shipping is unreliable and not reliable. With working retail and having to deal with Amazon's 800# for gift card customer service I have grown to realize Amazon has terrible customer service. After the tenth time of gift cards having issues and the customer pissed at the retailer I gave up. I now force the customer to make the call. I've called the customer service number a few times my self and while they were friendly they often never were able to assist me. If an order is lost in an empty slough of waiting you're stuck until they deliver it to you. With living close to a delivery center I've learned that Prime isn't really worth it as if they ship locally it will arrive within less than five days.


Our power goes out a lot during weather and it's unreliable a lot in our area. Takes a few days to come back up instead of within 24 hours. We're quite conservative on our power and some how our power bill jumped 400% in the last quarterly update. PSE is quite the monopoly. Never had an issue with customer service but a 400% increase in our power bill is ridiculous.

I do not like how they occasionally make new charges to the bill and take us off the budget plan. Instead of paying a traditional lower amount each month it's a whopping 400% higher without warning. So thank you for no changes without warning.


I enjoy zevia drinks. Thank you. I just wish they'd come out with more flavors. The Lemonade isn't all that great as all I really taste is splenda and carbonated water. My local grocery store only sells select flavors and I was wondering how one could order more?


I enjoy using Google but am a bit concerned regarding their privacy policies. I love Google Maps and enjoy how it has changed our lives. Where was this thing 15+ years ago when I started driving? It helped me learn the area well.


Enjoy the show but I can't bring my self back to religion. While it's nice to know Jesus is in my heart I can't bring my self to go back to religion after how its brain washed my family. While it set them on the right path of good moral ethics and values it caused a lot of generational damage both physically but mostly mentally. It did so much damage that the current generation wants nothing to do with religion all together. My family has suffered a lot of physical health issues that otherwise could have been without if they accepted doctors and medicine. We've suffered with these scars for several generations. We've tried prayer healing and never received healing. We've tried everything the bible said and then some and never received our prayer healing. I tried tithing to them and only found that the spam donation letters increased. No way to stop it. I've written to them and asked them to remove me from their system but I still get three to five letters a week from them requesting donations. I tried tithing 10% of my monthly income and found my self strapped for rainy days. Heck I even found my self in a situation where I couldn't pay a bill for the first time ever. While some testimonies state this and that I'm beginning to doubt it all. Jesus does exist don't get me wrong as I've seen him or at least felt him in the same room as me.

As a personal opinion I'm disgusted at how the Christian community supports Trump. It's nauseating and difficult to stomach. How can they support such a child? Do they have blinders on their eyes so thick they can't mentally challenge any thing?

There is no way to remove your self from their mailing list. I've tried contacting all their contacts and they refuse to remove my personal information from their mailing address. Thank you I revive too much spam mail from you guys for a few donations and there is no way to change the address even if you move. I keep getting the reply you need to support god's domain. Thanks for the half assed answer that has no customer service.

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