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1 review
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This the eighth time that I have received multiple messages from UPS for a package delivery schedule. First an email "You are scheduled for a delivery tomorrow." This followed by a four hour time frame. Without fail, then morning of delivery, I receive another email advising that the delivery time has been "Changed." This is always, of course, after I have already made plans to be available for the delivery. Then approximately 50% of the time, I get "Your Delivery is Delayed"..due to (Fill in the blank here with whatever excuse you'd like). The reliability rate for UPS in the last year has been absolutely 0%!!! Not once has a package been delivered on time, or at the designated time. This is contrasted with a few years ago when UPS was actually a much preferred package delivery resource over all other competitors. Whaaat Happened!!! But for now, my business goes elsewhere.

16 reviews
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I live at a business address and UPS as well as all mail services are terrible. Seems pretty D@@@ convenient that they say "oops" something went wrong and packages will be delayed. Yea every d@@@ time it seems to fall on a weekend but during the week I get packages early if not on time. This has happened to me more than once and the last time I am supposed to be getting vitamins, guess next time I will be getting them from Walmart at least then I get them early, because via FedEx, even though they used to deliver to the wrong address. Not to mention UPS can't even read and sometimes put packages in the wrong mail box. The box right outside the gate that is for after hour deliveries says FedEx, UPS, etc. for big packages put here.

1 review
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Several times, I've had packages delivered to access points because driver marked them as "no one at home". Twice, I have been sitting in the front yard at the same time as delivery was so-called "attempted". Other times, I would be sitting at my desk in front of a window that overlooks my front yard and road. Deliveries were not "attempted". I always call and talk to a supervisor to file a complaint. Every time, I'm told a local supervisor will call me back. That hardly ever happens and when it does, nothing is ever resolved. It always happens again!.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Don't even bother to send anything with UPS. I sent something with express delivery option and they forgot to scan it to the system so the item is stuck in the wearhouse. It contains very important documents so this is such an inconvenience for me. I should have read the reviews before using them. This is the worst shipping company ever.

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I know UPS deliveries always have customs charges and broker charges so I was expecting the bill when I got it.

What I wasn't expecting was that I would pay the customs charges when I got my delivery notification 24 hours in advance only to have the driver refuse to give the package without payment. I was away from the house and my mother paid the charges a second time not realizing I had already done so.

When I called UPS they said it can take up to 24 hours a driver to be made aware of a payment (which is ridiculous given they we only get notified of a delivery the day before it arrives!!!).

I asked to speak with a supervisor, Edward, who said he couldn't do anything either because they can't cancel the transaction even though I called them the same day and the driver hadn't even gotten back to the office with my mother's information. He said they had to charge the card and generate an invoice, which would take 7-10 business days, and then would refund me.

I called again asking to speak with their accounting department so that they could make sure not to process the card at all but they refused to forward me because Customer Service is the "right department to speak to on this issue".

I am EXTREMELY disappointed in how this was handled. Their company made a mistake and uses some sort of archaic notification system and would not fix the mistake before it could escalate.

From what I could gather this is not an isolated incident and happens fairly often. Which is even more disappointing that they are willing to take multiple payments for one transaction, just to sit on the money, gain some interest and then refund people.

My mother and I also tried to contact both credit card companies to have one of the transactions blocked or cancelled but they said we had to call UPS. I actually called a third time and the HUNG UP on me while I was on hold!

I also contact the supplier of my product and recommended they change carriers to avoid inconveniencing future clients.

As it stands it appears I have no choice but to wait for them to refund me but you can guarantee I will be following up regularly through social media and by phone because I have lost all trust in this company.

5 reviews
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Just had a bad experience with UPS. First of all they told my husband and I it would cost $20.00 for a package that we know would only be half that at the post office. Then they told us it would actually be a dollar more to send through the post office. We finally agreed to this because we were trying to save ourselves some embarrassment because the next package we had they claimed would be $30.00 dollars to send (again from past experience at post offices we knew this was not true. When we asked them the post office price they claimed it would be $38.00 !!!! This one we hauled back out of there. One other package (even though larger) was a much better price and they said even though it was 3 times as big as the (so called 30 d0llar package) it was because of shorter distance. Anyway back to the $30 - $38 dollar box it actually was going to be $38.00 at the post office, but they offered a much lesser cost of $16.70 (just longer to get it at it's destination) When I asked UPS about that feature or what the cost at the post office would be at a longer delivery time they mumbled something about mailing it the next day (not what we meant about it taking longer!!!) Crazy answer. So, we paid for the huge box at a not so bad price mainly because we did not want the recipient to know what we paid for the postage, overpaid on the one box (our stupidity for not wanting to be more embarrassed) and hauled back home to our local post office with the other box and paid the more normal $16.70. What a pain it all was and did not appreciate the lying!.This place is only good if you want to hide postage from someone.

Tip for consumers: Use your post office unless you want to hide your postage from the recipient.

13 reviews
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Placed an order on Thursday night 8th.It's shows delayed so if I do not get by the 2 days who should refund me?

3 reviews
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Well here's one I don't like..

A few years back I had bought a used fish tank light on eBay.. had the guy put extra insurances on the shipping because of its fragile nature. Even paid for the packaging even had a picture of the receipt.. ( or at least a quote for shipping packaging and insurance)

Long story short the light was late and damaged.. got ahold of ups and the shipper.. turns out they didn't put the extra insurance on. Buddy had a friend in the ups store I'm guessing.

I phoned ups store manager and explained the situation.. they felt bad and offered to pay the shipping back.. not the insurance cause it was never paid he said.. even though I paid extra for it.. so after a few months and various long didstabnce phone calls he tells me he's issued a cheque and it's in the mail.. waited a couple more weeks no cheque.. called back they said it has been received and cashed.....

They sent out a cheque to the original guy that shipped it.. after all the calls we were on a first name basis..

So now not only did I get screwed on the shipping and extra insurance.. I've just spent a couple of months to give the ass that did this more money..

Called ups again.. they said to get ahold of the original shipper.. did that he said thanks for the extra money and that he was broke so would not be writing a cheque to me ever.

Called ups again they said sorry..

Anyhow I never ever use ups ever I go out of my way to not use them..they take to long gouge on duty.. once you go brown you can't get the taste of out of your mouth..

1 review
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This is my second recent nightmare delivery experience UPS. Info Notice 9444 5102 568 5. Delivery attempted but I was not home. Called and then later recieved a call back and was told that I could pick up my package same day at distribution center on Jeff Adams Drive @ 6:30 pm. Fought traffic up I-77 to I-85 reaching the center @ 6:33. Waited about 40 minuets and was told "no one told the diver" ( A 2:30 hour wild goose chase) I then was instructed to sign slip and tape it to my front door, and it would be delivered the next day. No attempted delivery happened the next day. Called again @ 7 pm that day and was told I would get a call within 2 hours, call was not returned til next day. At that time I was told it was there at the distribution center and I could come pick it up. Telling me when I requested a same day pick up that it did not go back out - as if this was all my doing. I refused since I did as exactly as instructed yet did not recieved my package after making the journey.

Previous experience was driver made one attempt to deliver even though notice said to sign back of slip which I did and they would make another attempt. My package sat for two weeks and was then returned to the shipper. When I called I was told the driver had the autonomy not to make another attempt and disregard his own slip instructions, without notifying the recipient.

1 review
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My package was supposed to be delivered by 3pm; it got delivered at 5:18pm. The tracking # was able to follow the driver and see where s/he was; around 3:30pm-4pm, s/he came near my house, but then turned around and went back down the main road. Not sure where s/he went after that because I had to leave for work. So much for guaranteed delivery.....

1 review
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I have been waiting for my package since 2-1-19 to be delivered but the UPS in Rockdale IL does not hire enough people to unload trucks so that packages can be delivered. When calling to complain the topper is you are talking to people in Thailand or Philippines. If you have ever called anyone there everyone sounds the same and no one has any care in the world. They just read off a screen of answers and no one cares. It is impossible to get someone from the USA. When I finally did the supervisor at Rockdale UPS also could careless and I should be happy I am even getting it 4 days late since we had a some cold weather. I am amazed how much people these days or company's just don't have any customer service. Its a joke to even call to check on your package. Just be greatful they made the time to maybe get it to me by 8 pm tonight over 4 days late. Even thought others who got the same package as I did. Sent out from same shipper on same time and day just other UPS locations All got there packages 2-1-19 just my location is behind because they are working too hard and wont hire more people. UPS Sucks !!!!!

1 review
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my package is sitting somewhere at pick up point for a week now, driver is not picking it up after several phone calls to UPS, requests..., after 1 attempt package dumped at pick up point, I didn't want to drive somewhere to spend lot of money, I purchased item on Amazon like always to have it delivered to my home in timely manner like Amazon drivers do, Why is Amazon using this terrible company in the first place? I don't even want my purchase anymore, It took 1 week to send it and now it's 2 weeks and I still don't have it after sitting and waiting at home for a week I have to sit at home again tomorrow.
Never again.

1 review
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I wouldn't even give a star if I didn't have to, but it makes me. We live out in the country and our package was put into a clear plastic bag (not tied) and thrown across the street in the ditch by our mailbox. Our house is set back off the road 250+ feet and I would have never seen it if the wind wasn't blowing the plastic like crazy. The customer service informed me it was their drivers call to make. Yet my 2006 honda crv made it up the driveway fine, so I call bull$#*!. And Fedex never had any issues.

2 reviews
5 helpful votes

NOT USE THIS STORE! I spent over $1900 to mail my boxes out of state
and 3 of them did not make it. I filed complaints with UPS and have
since been trying to get the insurance on the 3 boxes but this store
will not help at all! I have had to replace all my items that went
missing. It started with this worthless UPS store. DO NOT USE THIS
PLACE. Sonny in the Concord MASS is not a good manager - he completely lied to me the entire time. Overpriced and you will not get all of your belongings! I reported them to the BBB and they did not respond, however it will remain online/file for 36 months!

2 reviews
1 helpful vote

Sir, Dec 13: we sent two large packages via UPS to Miami, from Illinois.
They were delivered but we did not know, we made several calls e mails no answer .
Would be good if the delivery guy can inform us....package delivered, Received by John,
We paid over $176.00 delivery charges.
A phone call or e mail will do.
The receiver eventually notified us after 16 days,

1 review
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They don't know what they are doing! Appalling, were meant to pick a parcel up, we have been in all day and they were meant to uplift between 12 and 5. No show. My husband spoke to someone who said we didn't have a delivery arranged despite a printed delivery label, a notification saying when uplift would be and a payment made by PayPal! He then wanted to refund and my husband said no way, you are picking our parcel up and we have to pay an extra £3 cash to the driver, if he shows up of course. So another half day in. Absolutely rubbish, rubbish, rubbish, please do not use.

1 review
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i was told package that i was sending to an apartment would have a card left if no one home - that did not happen - they left at the door! Fortunately no one stole it but definately what i paid for!

1 review
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One of their drivers screamed and cussed at my mom and called her all sorts of horrible names. Her boss called in to complain and defend her and they didnt even apologize! Completely unacceptable! Currently working on getting that driver fired

1 review
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I paid $300 for Expedited International Service that said I would receive my goods in 3 days. It has been over 2 weeks and still no package. I have tried to track the package through online service and phone calls and e-mails and it now looks like I won't get my package for another 5 days. What do you think the rating should be. I wouldn't even give it one star!

1 review
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I have received such terrible service, that I intentionally looked up where I could leave a negative review in the hope to influence change. This last time I was left a notification sticker that on my $68 order there was a $24 delivery fee...okay. I signed up to have it redirected to the UPS store while i was at work. Instead they tried to delivery it again. I called the UPS store and also double checked that I signed up for that it was supposed to be delivered there. They said it was listed as incoming but they outsourced to a third party courier. I called for a week, finally I was told to call the UPS contact center. After waiting a half hour on hold they couldn't tell me where it is and suggested to call the sender to issue a refund. That is why I have things delivered regular post and insure it, so much for the Christmas presents; thanks for nothing UPS.

13 reviews
10 helpful votes

I have a few packages that I for the life of me just can't receive from this postal company. I am seeing the status saying these items are delivered to the POST OFFICE yet when go to pick up item, ITEMS are NOT in the mail box & NEITHER WAS IT GIVEN AT THE DESK!!!!


I tried calling their phone number and not a $#*! am I getting through! Emailing is another big problem cause I can't get an email address to contact company!!

I messaged them on facebook, however, got a response and I felt like I was actually getting somewhere, BUT when went and picked up item, 2 items was found and 3 are still MISSING!!!!

Tried messaging them yet again on facebook, and I yet to get a response!!


1 review
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UPS has had a habit of delivering packages not belonging to us to our address. First of all, it's not exactly intuitive when trying to contact them on the phone of how this is supposed to be addressed. You have to enter the tracking number and after a series of prompts you are eventually connected to a customer service representative. The representatives are helpful and you do get a phone call from the local depot, however, trying to get them to retrieve the misdelivered package proves to be challenging. In the latest round, it took 3 days and they delivered packages properly addressed to us. Their excuse is that it's the holidays and they hire lots of temporary employees. Sounds like the temporary employees are not receiving proper training.

1 review
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Wow! I am impressed by what UPS and their employees will do to deliver packages to their customers! Thank you! Great job! Keep up the good work. UPS is my first choice in sending packages!

1 review
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Everytime they deliver my stuff they ALWAYS send it to the wrong address and blame me because the driver won't take their time to read the addresses right

1 review
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#ups #UPS #deliveryfromhell
I ordered a bed frame from Wayfair which is great! Unfortunately they use UPS as their shipping company. I was told my package would be delivered on November 27 .. My sisters death anniversary falls on the same day. I called UPS and asked if it could be pushed back to the 28th of Nov... they SAID NO it had to be the 27. They also couldn't provide a three or four hour window in which the delivery would take place. They said between 9am to 8pm because of this i didn't get a chance to visit my brother or even go visit the accident site on that day. By the time 9 pm rolled around NO delivery!!! A lady from the local shipping facility (steeles location toronto Canada) Who had (had a Caribbean accent didn't get her name) called the morning of the 28th. She was EXTREMELY RUDE!!! Which to me is Disgusting considering the situation.... I was told by this lady the bed was never on the truck the day before!! WHAT??? I was told four times by UPS the day before this was out for delivery? Of course I was SOOOO MADDD to say the least and she hung up on me. You cant call the office back so at this point I don't know where the bed is. I call Wayfar, I spoke with a very nice lady who refunded me 50% of my order (which was nice) she also called UPS and they confirmed my bed would be delivered between 3pm and 7 pm... well 7pm rolled around and guess what NO BED!!! I call wayfair back and the man who answers this time calls UPS himself while im on hold and guess what? he comes back and tells me that UPS wouldn't be delivering this for another 2 days!!!!!! WTH!!!! and while i am having this conversation the UPS man shows up at my door with my bed!!! SO there seems to be ZERO communication between the local shipping office and the clients. The way I was treated the last few days was disgusting and I WOULD NEVER use UPS again nor will I buy anything from any company who is using UPS as their shipping company.. I am considering looking into legal action for this experience, and hoping for compensation. What I wrote here was ONLY HALF of the issues I had with this delivery.

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