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I technician For Discovery and we have last Service Now, on board, we have more of 10.000 users, so imagine that. A lot of Groups, and huge Database.
Beside the product, there is a noticeable slow response. I do notice that on the old version and also on the new version. I know some annoying features as (forced Worknotes, etc) are corporate request setup. But still is quite slow on response if i compare with my work on other companies under similar cir$#*!ances. Still is OK product.


There is plenty of courses, and options, sometimes you can found good stuff
And easy. But one think dont like is that as they are not certified.

Still good.


There is not Fee to learn. That is awesome, So you can after pay if you want it.
So you can basically go learn, and them evaluate if you want to do or not the certification that is totally awesome.
Love the way looks, and also you have language options, as spanish, french, so you can also learn on your own language.
Amazing. Love it.


I buy myself a Xiaomi Redmi A2 Lite. Less of 150 Dollars. And honestly i was so happy that i strong recommend to any person around. So far 2 persons buy under my advise and both of them are also grateful of my advise.
So far There is nothing bad to say about my phone. Xiaomi is just the next top Phone. Say good by to Samsung and Iphone for good. Excellent phone. (check the reviews)


I found it easy, you can also use your mobile phone for it!
I really enjoy my course and is an good option, also some certification go into your Link din so is good!


I open my account around 2007 after a lot going on (hidden charges, extremely expensive European Bank Transactions etc) so last 2 months I start to use Monzo account (moving money from Lloyds to there) and they dont charge me if i use the card overseas and i can also take money without fee under 200 euros, (Lloyds always charge you around 0.50 pence plus conversion plus a lot if you take money from cash points about 5 or more) That was my first "open your eyes". Them after i get scammed (truly scammed) and they refuse to help me because was "long time", i do also open a claim for scam and they take the money back after a month without a reason. So as because i hate drama, I just move for good to another bank (1st Direct). My experience was honestly just mediocre Bank with degraded lost of service and lost of other users (I speak myself with 3 persons on my job and all of them are on same circumstances of me). I wait so much but i will never come back.


I get Monzo by a recommendation of a friend (golden ticket, yup i jump the queue!) and i so happy, the card is on Neon, they do not charge you on international usage! (lloyds my bank charge me about a dollar for transaction, plus more stuff) and also the app are rocks give you easy to manage your money and understand on real time the value and also some overdraft (is just similar to any bank the rate) The only down i think is the fact that dosnt have a telephone to reach support, or easy support, But as per second card to use abroad for avoid pay bank fees, works awesome! The bad think is probably if you have any issue, that is just "good luck with that" Support are extremely slow, (my issue get a reply after 3 weeks!) I will recommend but be aware, never as primary account! Is still good luck if you have any issue.


I work for Discovery we have around 1000 machines, i have so many issues to just get in touch with Dell on UK, We already move to Lenovo, they lost a good contract with us, just because they just make our life complicated on each request. We are a dynamic company and we need quick response.


Customer service was just great, they send me another in case copy of my cards as i make a small mistake on the order. They reviewed and send me another copy without any charge. Also, the quality of my prints is just awesome.
So happy i will buy again.


I get as many users scammed, we claim and complain to Kickstarter several times. Customer Support do not give us refunds as gofundme that protect users and refund users if you get scammed. We ended up sad and after a year a lot of banks refuse to give us refund so we lost our money and also any hope to get help from this guys.
Stay away from Kickstarter they are OK with scams.


For me all was great. Never miss an order or something.
One star down due an issue once with a faulty item.


I live on UK, but on each time i travel to America, is a must to check the deals on Best Buy, on my trips always i found a good deals on the stores and great help from the people there. My experience was good and i recommend always Best Buy as retailers.


I notice something that call my attention's lately, i used to love IMDB but became totally unreliable with Votes. Some movies have a top REVIEW, but i cannot found positive reviews, so is likely managed by payments or arrangements by Studios?
Still is a good option for checking some Trailers.


Love Youtube, you found anything so easy, create your playlist of videos, i watch live games, live stuff, laugh a lot and learn. Love Youtube also on my XBOX.


Why they offer a lot on the website as discounts, and them you click happy your size and them the disappointing part, Just availble XXXXXXXL or XXXXXSSSSS
That make you nuts. As your expectation was positive as you see all the stuff, after a while you ended buying just something that was not that your desire on the page.
Honestly they should remove items by the filters, so if i made a search example SIZE M. Why they should still appear on results stuff XXXXXL? No sense.


All seem to be good with Amazon after i made a change on the delivery options, as i was tired to disturb neighbors about my thinks get send there without my approval.
So far the average of purchases, offers and customer service are quite OK.
Leave my review. Is 10 better than Ebay.


So, you found a good voucher and your daydreaming dancing around with birds as snow white on drugs. But NO... No no... You ended up on average places sometimes and probably adding money to your features, or worst as my experience. Scammed twice. One on a photo session (the trick was giving you a taste of they are good them you was kind of agree to pay for your life) my other 2 experiences was also bad one with a recording studio (expensive by the way) and after booking and paying they was not having availability so i reach they and basically get my refund after waiting for more of half a month. YEAH... HALF A DAMN MONTH. So by the end of that 2 experiences i give a last try. And was ok. On a restaurant until we get extra drinks... They basically made a human sacrifice and eat one of my friends to cover the expenses.
After this 3 thinks i remove my account and prefer to "google" the reviews of places, buy cheap travels around and do everything my own. And you know? Is 10 times better. So F********************* Groupon.
Ahh 1 star more because the customer service was kind of OK. And i was having a good deal with Chiropractor. Just that.


The idea, service and my experience as service is ok.
But sadly the app, have thousand of errors, small issues
And not as good. I put down 2 stars as the app works just
On google maps for me.


Audible improves a lot from my previous reviews. I bought myself about 10 books and they put around some promotions as well, the trial give you 2 free books, but still a bit pricey.

Social S. – Audible Rep

Hi Max,

We are sorry to hear that you have not enjoyed our service. Regardless of your membership status or device, you should be able to access any audiobooks that were in your library. Please be sure you are signing into the correct account on your new device, and that you are in the Cloud section of the library. If you are still unable to locate your audiobooks after trying this, please email us at social-support@audible.com^DB


No 1 time, 4 times, i has been charged months ahead of the booking. (i try to be organized) but Booking do this over and over. Promess that is not charge before hands and them you will found a bad surprise. YOU WILL PAY ALL THE TOTAL AHEAD.
They change the thinks there. So looks like you are "FREE TO CANCEL" or YOU PAY LATER. But i found out that is a LIE in some cases. The company can CHARGE YOU at any point and that will be fine for booking.


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