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Coursera has a consumer rating of 2.46 stars from 52 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Coursera ranks 127th among Education Other sites.

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Positive reviews (last 12 months): 18.2%
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Top Positive Review

“Love the courses!”

Niel M.

I took about 30 courses from this site and all of them were well made and educational. As they say - stay hungry, stay curious!

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Top Critical Review

“Total scam! Be Aware!”

Gabriela A.

Dont enrol with them and specially not For the free trials. I tried to cancel in my free trial period and is just imposible! Is writen there they will charge me after free trial is over 49 $, and if I want to cancel I simply cannot because is saying I do not have any subscriptions! What imposters! I see so many ppl complain, is there really nobody to check on them why they doing this?

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1 review
3 helpful votes
September 19th, 2020

Dont enrol with them and specially not
For the free trials. I tried to cancel in my free trial period and is just imposible! Is writen there they will charge me after free trial is over 49 $, and if I want to cancel I simply cannot because is saying I do not have any subscriptions!
What imposters!
I see so many ppl complain, is there really nobody to check on them why they doing this?

1 review
3 helpful votes
March 7th, 2021

I signed up for the It certificate program I completed the first one course and completed the 2nd course however, according to them it said I failed when I know I passed, I even took screenshots showing that I passed but on their end it automatically shows that you failed it's a major well known bug that prevents you from getting your certificate and their is no help, no email support and no chat support, only useless forums. Complete waste of time

1 review
1 helpful vote
February 26th, 2021

I have an unauthorized charge for $49 from Coursera on my credit card today (Feb-26,2021). I took a free trial of 7 days from Coursera but to my surprise they charged me hefty amount after the trial ended without giving any notification. Problem date: Feb-26,2021 Order Number: #118130134

They didn't texted, emailed nothing. Each and every individual holds a right to inform before such actions are being taken. This is just not the way of earning money.

I spent almost 1 hour to read through its help and would expect to find a way to contact them, but it appears they hide them very well. No hot line, no contact number, no place to submit ticket, no email to submit complaint...

Let's speak out this kind of hegemonism and Cheating!

Tip for consumers:
Coursera cheats you by 7 days trial, and then will charge you $49 after trial without any notification and your agreement!!!

Products used:
online course

2 reviews
0 helpful votes
March 11th, 2020

I took about 30 courses from this site and all of them were well made and educational. As they say - stay hungry, stay curious!

3 reviews
0 helpful votes
November 3rd, 2020

It's realy good service, lots of courses to choose from, some are free and the other are you have to paid even you can take it for free as i do, whitch you can find some course even without spending money which is really good

5 reviews
4 helpful votes
April 17th, 2019

I have taken 8 courses on this platform and learned quite a bit.
The courses I took were

The Beatles
History Of Rock 1 and 2
The Rolling Stones
University of Rochester

Introduction to
Genetics and Evolution
Duke University

Useful Genetics Part 1 & 2
The University of British Columbia

Marriage and the Movies: A History
Wesleyan University

Loved all these class and learned quite a bit.
Highly recommend this.

1 review
3 helpful votes
October 4th, 2020

I've been trying to use this site and there's no help from a human anywhere. Try posting the forum and they have installed some sort of uber-autocorrect that literally takes your plain english and turns it into garbage (kind of like their site!). If you have a problem with a course then there's no help from the teacher or TAs because this is a 12K person class haha. And no help from coursera. SCAM.

3 reviews
0 helpful votes
December 2nd, 2020

I really enjoyed two courses (management and business). But another (programming) course was very, very long. Overall a good experience!

1 review
3 helpful votes
March 15th, 2020

Advertisement claimed free month, nope free week and then BAM $50 charge. Certificates are a joke to potential employers.

2 reviews
14 helpful votes
April 15th, 2017

I am surprised no one mentions the fear of identity theft by Coursera. They want my government issued I.D. with photograph (drivers license or passport and date of birth, address). Heck they could possibly apply for credit cards in my name with all that information. How do I know Coursera is safe?
Also, I cannot find any courses that are FREE. 7 day trial period is free but all courses last more than 1 month. $79 a month is the rate I have been given.

1 review
2 helpful votes
September 7th, 2020

They took $400 from me and I got nothing. No course, no opportunity for a refund.
They are bandits and have no conscious about there actions. Don't enroll with them.
I say this with all sincerity and I never do complaint reviews. The are bad.

2 reviews
3 helpful votes
September 13th, 2017

Choose at least 1 new course each three months. To save, I prefer free online courses. I do not need actually any certificates. Knowledge is what means the most for me.

Recommend using this place if you want to upgrade your knowledge in any of the spheres, do it for free, and also to find friends from all over the world.

Tip for consumers:
Do the tasls regularly. Otherwise you procrastination will let you down and you can give up the course forever.

15 reviews
51 helpful votes
January 2nd, 2018

I got two courses from them and the third one was fiasco. The first two were OK but the third one which was Python for beginners and was supposed to be free for one week I wasn't able to take due to some circumstances. However, when the free access expired they charged me without any notice, even after I intentionally asked them to cancel it. According to them the cancellation didn't work because I miss the exact timing with half an hour. Well guys I am on the other side of the planet, I've been your customer for more than an year and you are not able to make an exemption. Already spend several hundred dollars on your courses and for appreciation you busting me with another 70 bucks? Thanks! This of course made me regret using their services and automatically made me flee of them.

1 review
4 helpful votes
January 5th, 2020

I'm a verified user on Coursera and have been paying the monthly subscription fee. I've used Coursera for years, since it's inception. It was not bad at first, pretty good really. But, the changes implemented to the platform over 2018/2019 are turning it into a profit driven scam machine. A couple of months ago they sent me a classic bait and switch survey email that is common to Craigslist scams; you answer some questions to see if you "qualify" to take the survey for some reward, but the questions you're answering ARE the FU@$! NG survey. And then, a couple days ago Coursera puts up a stonewall front page to their site with new "privacy" terms whereby you can either agree to allow them to sell your info to third parties, or you can delete your account completely losing all work that you've paid for in time and money. It's extortion. They're holding your work and records for ransom until you pay through personal exploitation. Their customer service exists, and eventually may respond by email, but it's slow and curt if they ever get back to you. As to the quality of the platform, the interface for the platform has become more streamlined, while the content has become more watered down. Better off going to Edx, or some other platform that hasn't been transformed to a scam.

1 review
1 helpful vote
February 25th, 2020

This a waste of time and money in using this "Trump University" type education site. They offer you a "free" trial, that is billed after 7 days, and is continued to be billed monthly, unless you cancel your subscription.

I took a course in "Memoir Writing" that consisted on watching a Wesleyan University visiting professor give somewhat useful advice, along with weekly assignments. The assignments were somewhat useful and supposed to be "peer reviewed." I received zero feedback the entire course on my submitted assignments that I put time and effort into! This site somehow cons Universities into participating. I would only recommend this site if you want to learn some skills for an inexpensive fee, but keep track of your subscription status! You will be automatically be billed unless you cancel! Confirm the cancelation! Good luck.

To their credit, they gave me a refund, in spite of the refund deadline being passed! I wasn't expecting one but already got the refund.

1 review
0 helpful votes
May 29th, 2021

This company is a joke. I contacted support right away when my mouse accidentally clicked on the subscribe button. But they told me "Be advised that you can try it and come back before 14days and they will unenroll me and return the enrollment". So I tried and find out the course is just under 20 lines of codes session for total complete newbie which i can find thousand better on the internet. And then when I contacted support again for unenrollment they said " We can not do that because you completed the course" Wow! Totally bulls***. The support really "Understand your concern"

Tip for consumers:
Why do you use it? The platform is a joke. Support is racist but they "Understand your concern". Their lobby video is stupid and their virtual machine view take 10seconds to respond to your mouse scroll. Courses took 10 mins to complete and you are still a complete newbie. Waste of time and money and a lot more time. Try Udemy or YouTube which is FREE

Products used:
Course and support

4 reviews
4 helpful votes
May 28th, 2020

Thanks Coursera for lots of free courses, You helped to not waste quarantine entirely. Please, we need more free courses

1 review
2 helpful votes
January 21st, 2020

I am sorry to observe that the Coursera program is not user friendly. I find that I must go through 6 to 8 Recaptcha questions to access my account. If I want to log into a class four to five time a day to study, I'll be wasting too much time.

I am surprised that as an educational institution, the company does not evaluated the effects that Recaptcha and its process has on people, their time, and their intellect. Take a look at what other website are using. Goodreads for example, asks people to select all "cookbooks" from a variety of books. A simple, non-insulting, one-page solution with a sense of humor.

In addition, Coursera doesn't have a help line or way to contact the organization.

Offering online classes at a reasonable price is a great service. I'll revisit the site again in the future to see if I find improvements.

Thank you

1 review
0 helpful votes
June 21st, 2020

I enrolled in their 'free' trials for 7 days because my stupid company wanted us to take the 'writing emails in English professionally' and already canceled right after I finished the course, which is in 2 days. I even saw an advertisement of 50% discount if I was to continue anyway. But still a month later I was charged 49$ for the 'monthly fee' to which I'm 100% sure that I've already canceled.

I tried to go to their Help center and as you know, they weren't really helpful and it only got more frustrating as they say that any subscription made after the free trials is 'non-refundable'. I was stressed out so I don't really remember how many links I had to click to get to the chat box, in which I typed in my problem and asked for my refund. I was sent an email from their help desk, which even had a name and seemed the most likely to be a real person. In the email this person said that they've already issued a refund for my case and that my refund will be returned in the original form of payment in 3-5 days depending on my bank.

Just to make sure, I logged in to my Coursera account on laptop and try to cancel any 'subscription' that is still active, I found none. So I just deleted my credit card to stop them from ever charging me again. I'm still waiting for my refund tho.

2 reviews
14 helpful votes
December 27th, 2018

Very good service, lots of courses to choose from, some are even free so you can find something even without spending money which is really good when looking for new job.

1 review
8 helpful votes
January 26th, 2020

Complete fraud. Just enrolled to free python course from google, after some time they just cut from my paypal 37£

1 review
2 helpful votes
October 26th, 2017

I tested Coursera by enrolling in two financial courses. It's including video lectures, discussion forums, machine-graded multiple-choice assessments, rubric-guided peer assessments, which are sufficient for a better understanding of new subject.

Additional: you can get verified certificate.

1 review
4 helpful votes
May 2nd, 2020

Was charged £64 for a supposedly free course that I didnt even take.
They say Enroll for free but in reality charge you

1 review
7 helpful votes
July 25th, 2019

I realized that Coursera has been charging me for 2 months a subscription I NEVER did. So, I guess it was one of those "free trial"things. The problem is that they do not avail on their website a place to cancel. They forward you to a page that tells you to go to "My Purchases" and "under Subscription tag" ask to cancel subscription. When I hit it, it says "No purchases found in your history". Nevertheless, they've just charged $ 49.00 for the THIRD TIME! And don't try to call. They don't answer.

4 reviews
7 helpful votes
May 1st, 2015

I like Coursera but I feel it would be fair to warn people of my mistake and that was to pay for a signature track in full in advance months ahead.

Problem 1.
Didn't like 3 of 4 of the professors for the course. They were dull and stood in front of Powerpoint presentation blue screen with white letters and talked in the most monotone voice: |. I tried to suffered through it for a week but then removed myself from that course session. I was like maybe its just that one nope the following two were the same. So I was like I can't take this I would rather move over to another track then deal with this. Simple right? Wrong. Being that I paid in advance I couldn't get a refund. But I didn't want a refund I just wanted to move over to a different signature track even if I had to pay for the additional courses of the track. Mind you the average signature track is about $250 for four courses and the capstone project. All $49 each. 1 thing I hate is there is no phone number to talk to someone because clearly understanding what your saying in a support email doesn't work. So 1 out of the 4 courses I liked because the professor was more engaging then the others. For my $250 I got a voucher for 1 specialization course (valued@ $49) to replace the three I didn't want and the capstone (Valued@ $200). That was suppose to be acceptable because I was past the refund stage because I paied 6 months before the course even started. So best word of advance don't pay in advance register for free evaluate for a week then if you feeling the course pay for it. No matter how much they say this price won't last do not I mean do not pay in advance. Because also they say you get 2 years to take the course over if you pass the first time only problem is the clock starts when you pay not when the course starts.

But besides that you can find so interesting courses.

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