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3 reviews
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Bad service. This site can hold orders for many hours before releasing the product. I think I won't buy from them anymore.

2 reviews
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This is the best of the best i ever seen. The site make it easy to shop online and very easy to access.

1 review
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I bought an Apple cord for my computer. It was the wrong cord. I went to return it and cause it was after 14 days- they only gave me store credit. I NEVER shop at Best Buy so $100 of store credit is me being out of $100. I just didn't have time to return it sooner cause of work. Honestly I should have gone to the Apple store which was a huge mistake. The woman who helped me said sorry and shoved the receipt back. Just rude.
This is my 2nd bad time dealing with Best Buy. I should have just learned. I bought a dishwasher and had them install it. The installer was 5 hours late. I had to take the day off from work waiting for the installer. I kept calling and they said they were on their way. Each hour they were coming until it was 5 hours later. When I called to complain to Best Buy they sent me a measly $25 gift card. With Amazon, Costco and other places that having better customer service- I dont imagine Best Buy can compete for long treating customers like this. I wont buy from them again.

52 reviews
55 helpful votes

Chatted with a handful of "so called" phone specialists at BB about porting the landline number I have over to a smartphone. I get all kinds of different answers from "NO PROBLEM" to "Can't be done" and even "you can only do it with this phone."

So. I had enough of their fly by night Mickey Mouse answers and headed to a Tracfone outlet and they ported the landline to a Tracfone I already had same day, while I waited.

Oh, I hate it when those BB sales people always PUSHES the EXTENDED WARRANTY PLANS like a used car salesman.

I hope they go the way of Circuit City....

2 reviews
3 helpful votes

Folks before you purchase anything from Best -Buy think about this
They have the worst customer service
We have purchased almost every appliance and all our laptops from them
Our LG refrigerator broke down, it took them a week to fix, we have a protection agreement and extended warranty they send us to LG .Best -Buy never bothered to follow up.
Now we filed for food loss compensation and I emailed them the claim form together with allthe documents and they requested us to send the documents in PDF file which we did.
I called to follow up and was transfered 5 times by rude agents
first by an agent called Kathleen who put me hold for no reason and when I asked her why she put me on hold she rudely said ( i was pulling up your account)
Really it takes 8 minutes to pull up an account ??
She rudely transfered me to thier special force team / escalation team per my request a female agent called Jose who was of no help ,I asked her to assist and to not cold transfer me to the right dept but she just did that!!to geek squad agent Joe who put me on hold and disconnected the call, I called and got routed to billing and PA dept abd spoke to a rude agent called Casey who spent her time telling me not to be upset for being transfered 5 times and that she will also transfere me as this is the way they assist thier customers !! she was so rude I could could not belief my ears!!!
she transfered me to an agent called Charity who could not assit either
So that is it for me !!! I will never purchase anything from best- buy
folks be aware !!before you do please think twice
We were actually going to purchase a new washer and dryer and oven again from best buy but we will purchase at Homedepot intead .
The rudest customer servcie team!!!!!!!!!

1 review
0 helpful votes

DON'T I repeat DON'T buy anything from Best Buys using their CREDIT CARD and whatever you do, DON'T LOOSE the card. They sell their debts to Portfolio Recovery Associates, the most unprofessional collection service who will not substantiate your debt, go to a court, Levy your bank account, garnish your wages, and MORE. The associates from the collection company will call you from their personal cell phone, call you a looser and deadbeat, and threaten to light your home on fire - NO KIDDING.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Terrible Experience! If you want "free" installation be prepared for a bait and switch. I went to Best Buy to purchase a dryer and discussed with the sales person that I needed the dryer to vent to the bottom and wanted to purchase the kit to convert it from standard rear venting to bottom venting. Best Buy's sales person indicated that they would order the kit and that they would be able to install the bottom vent dryer. Fast-forward to the delivery date and the installers tell me they don't have the necessary kit, even though i was charged for a kit. Best Buy then calls and tells me they cannot install the dryer. No explanation was provided, but they referred me to their third party installer. After emailing the third party installer about a quote, Best Buy calls the following day and tells me that the their third party installer won't install the dryer either. The manager explains that something about the addition to my house requires a contractor to install it. My house doesn't have an addition and I have an existing dryer in the same spot! Best Buy also informs me that the free installation I was promised was only for "standard" installation, which does not include bottom vent dryers which are an additional charge. Also, the kit that I purchased was the wrong kit and not the type required for a bottom vent even though I discussed this issue at length with the sales person.

Despite discussing at length with the sales person that there would need to be a bottom vent conversion and installation, they never informed me of the additional charge to install it. Instead, Best Buy ordered the wrong part, failed to disclose the additional charge, refused to install the Dryer using its own people (without regard to the price), and provided information to their third party installer that resulted in them also refusing to install the dryer.

The moral of the story is, Best Buy provides terrible service and will not be helpful once they have your money. If you cannot install it yourself, don't bother buying it from Best Buy. They either will not help you at all or will hit you with hidden charges that should have been disclosed up front. There is zero accountability or effort to make good on the representations and services promised. Shameful!

3 reviews
6 helpful votes

I just got the new Samsung phone for my father at Best Buy in Burnsville, MN. I spoke with Tyler (a supervisor) over the phone before purchasing it, to make sure I could bring in my Dad's old phone and have them transfer everything. Tyler was amazing and answered all my questions and assured me they would take care of it. There was a problem with stock and finding the phone I wanted, but Tyler was creative and made it happen:-)

When I arrived in the store, Tyler passed me over to Alex to care of everything and I'm glad he did. Alex had to jump through a bunch of hoops starting with the fact that we couldn't get the sim card out of the old phone. Then we had problems with old passwords and logging into accounts. I know these are details that most people wouldn't care about, but the bottom line was the outstanding customer service I received! Alex was patient giving me one on one attention until we resolved the problems. Because of these two terrific employees, I will definitely go to Best Buy again when I'm ready for my next mobile phone!

3 reviews
1 helpful vote

Fast and efficient delivery. Love they use express post as standard.
Happy with my iPad cover. They offer easy returns and are quick to respond to any questions. Can't fault this company and would highly recommend based on my experience.

2 reviews
8 helpful votes

I purchased a Hamilton Beach-Artisan Bread Maker a week before Christmas as a gift to a friend. Unfortunately she was in the hospital only only recently was able to try it. The thing is garbage. It doesn't mix properly and the bread comes apart like string cheese. So I printed the only available return label they had and packaged it back up. I had my husband drop it off at UPS.
$60.00 it cost. My husband was under the assumption I was being reimbursed so he went ahead and sent it. When I found out the price I called Best Buy asking to be reimbursed for the shipping. I was told not only would I NOT be reimbursed for the shipping but that even though the defective product was only just recently used for the first time they will not accept it back and it would be returned to me.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I frequently order and receive packages from online companies so I decided to test ordering from Best Buy online. It was a huge disapointment!

I ordered a $50 device with 2-day shipping. On the day the package was supposed to arrive I receive a notification from them saying it would be delayed. The next day they mark the package as delivered. Unable to find the package, I check the tracking number and it specifies as awaiting pick up! I soon discover that they ship packages with the "signature required" option and that cannot be changed. After speaking with their customer support twice and not having anything resolved (except for false promises) they shipped a new item which again will require signature (despite them saying it would not). So I already know I won't get the package and will have to wait for a refund which might only come 2 months from now...

In summary, do not order from Best Buy online if you are not home the entire day for when your packages are expected to be delivered.

1 review
0 helpful votes

Bought a high end Viking range from King Of Prussia Pa Best Buy Pacific Kitchen, and It was a huge mistake.
Total incompetence and all nothing but false lip service.

3 reviews
2 helpful votes

Always enjoyed shopping here I find what I need and customer service are always helpful. I like to know I can have extended warranty and it gives me the peace of mind.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I was scheduled to have an appliance installed on a certain date, I found out that for "whatever" reason, Best Buy opted to change the delivery date for the next day, I took a vacation day from work, solely for the purpose of this delivery Yes, I AM a bit ticked off, After about 30 minutes of waiting on the phone ( I was hung up on twice) I finally got to talk to a REAL person, and maybe the NEXT delivery date will NOT be goofed up!

I was warned before about Best Buy, and I didn't listen!. FYI the store in question is the Best Buy in Avon Indiana.

2 reviews
0 helpful votes

I had to return a wifi camera that stopped working. I was glad that I bought the protection plan. Went in. Returned the camera without ANY hassle. They shipped out a new one to me within days.

1 review
1 helpful vote

I have made many purchases thru bestbuy and always been pleased. Communication is great, timely delivery, and the prices very good. Thank you!

1 review
1 helpful vote

We had the WORST experience buying our stackable washer/dryer at Best Buy. They were late delivering it today (Monday) and wore their snowy/dirty boots inside our house and on the carpet. Not only that, when they took out our old washer/dryer, they set it on our carpet and now it is stained, where is a protective tarp? Only gets worse...they installers left because they were behind schedule and as my husband ran the initial cycle, the washer began leaking all over the carpet. He called customer service immediately (now 5pm) and they said they couldn't schedule a return/replace until the truck returned to the warehouse tonight. I called the customer service line and the store which we bought it from and they are not unable to come to replace the unit until Friday. There is no urgency or desire for them to help us get this defective piece of equipment out of our house. I even said I just wanted to return it if this is the best they can do for us and they still can't get out to our house to remove it until Friday. I can't believe how poor their customer service is and the poor quality of machinery they deliver. I will NEVER buy anything from Best Buy again. Worst experience, they clearly don't give a crap that their product is defective nor about their customer's experience.

3 reviews
1 helpful vote

For this Holiday Season, I ordered big screen TV and sound box. I found better price with other web site. But as I read the reviews, the sites were claimed broken screens at the time of arrivals. I did know I didn't want to waste my time to return bringing back the large screens around. However I found few reviews on Best Buy, saying well packaged shipments with double boxes. The review was true. I was very amazed to see delivered large box, which didn't have store name. Even from the size of box, you could guess it is a large screen TV. And it was double boxed. I was very pleased .
I always have good experience with Best Buy, either with home delivered or store pick ups. I also like the choices I have on the products. They also have good sales on major holidays.

2 reviews
1 helpful vote

The only site which cannot be beaten on a electronic purchase due to its lowest price offered. In case if you find a better price somewhere else which I bet you cannot unless you are a Costco/Sams/BJ member like me, still bestbuy does a price match for you which no other retailer does!!

1 review
1 helpful vote

When I made purchase ($1500) with store card, they included the reward points to a wrong account and I asked for the correction. Then it took them forever to fix the mistakes they made, I have called four times already, Best Buy still keeps the mistakes they made. Best Buy deserves zero star, the worst company in the world! It should be renamed as "Worst Buy".

2 reviews
1 helpful vote

Don't buy appliances from Best Buy - it's a minefield of issues

I ordered a dishwasher online, being careful to choose to get an installed one, even paying extra for the hardware kit ($32 extra) and hauling away my old dishwasher ($20). I checked my order over several times to be sure I had it right. When the people came to deliver it they told me they couldn't install it because they thought I didn't choose that option (wrong!) and a separate group of people could do it, they couldn't.

We called customer "service" & spoke to a rep who was argumentative, told me I had to call ANOTHER customer "service" number to schedule delivery, & kept demanding that I tell her whether I wanted to accept delivery RIGHT NOW. I told her if I needed a separate appointment & had no idea when I could get installation (I already waited 2 months for this one - ordered 11/8/18 & the first available date was New Year's Eve, so I had to go with the 2nd available date, 1/4/19) so how could I know when THEIR COMPANY could get here to install their product? I said I needed to get that info first, I wasn't going to have my partially working dishwasher removed and left without a dishwasher indefinitely. I needed to have the basic facts before I made that decision. The rude woman kept demanding I answer, saying their people couldn't wait a few minutes while I found out the necessary info from Best Buy. I said this is your fault the situation was created because I ordered delivery AND if your customer service line is prompt it wouldn't take long anyway.

After I got off the phone the delivery guys (very nice guys, subcontractors, who said they see this all the time) said they could leave the new dishwasher on the truck & I wouldn't get charged "today" (a word that leads me to believe there will be more fighting to come soon with Best Buy! By the way, when I called my husband immediately after they left he said there was a $20 charge from Best Buy that posted today - & I've bought nothing else from them lately!)

I called the Westbury Best Buy and was on hold for 30 minutes - including the 1st call that abruptly disconnected on me! Then, I reached a rep named Christian, who was very nice & understanding, who told me THEY COULDN'T EVEN SCHEDULE A DELIVERY because the item was still on the truck! REALLY? REALLY???!!!!

This blew my whole morning, and another errand I was supposed to get done, & my installation still is left unfinished. Now I have to wait until at least tmrw (Saturday, their busiest day!) to call again when I should have been helped today. I don't know about you, but my life is crazy busy & I don't need this!

I chose Best Buy because I thought I could count on them for a routine purchase of an installed appliance without being tortured and having my time wasted. I was wrong to pick Best Buy.

I can still get a full refund, still deciding whether to do so.

Tip for consumers: Don't even use it, if you find a store with an employee you trust to tell you what you need to know (& wouldn't know to ask if you didn't work there!) then perhaps it would work but even then be warned

1 review
2 helpful votes

I ordered two laptops for my kids for Christmas. They told me I'm have them in two days. I received a notice several hours after the order that my order was delayed. I called to cancel my order so I could get different items. I was assured by the representative that I would have them before Christmas and not to worry about it. One of the items arrived as promised two days later. I assume the other one was on the way. I had check tracking and it said a label had been issued. 4 days later I called to find out the tracking status. they said they weren't sure it when it would be there in maybe I should call the shipper. I called Federal Express Federal Express said that the store never called them to pick up the item. I called them back they told me that they were doing The intercept in measured me it would be there for Christmas. it is now December 27th and the item still has not been picked up and they will not let me cancel the item. I have to wait till it arrives and then return it at the store. Don't waste your time with you're better off dealing with other people.

1 review
1 helpful vote

Had MAJOR problems with Best Buy today. I attempted to order a tablet (IPad). When I reached the order screen and prepared to make payment, I received an error stating the item was no longer available. I chatted with a BB rep, who said I should try again because he showed it to still be available. If that did not work, try again and call BestBuy I was still not able to order , so I called BB and was informed that the item was not available. Thereafter, the item was no longer available on the website at that price (listed for $80 more), and other options were also increased in price by over 10%. Ordered an alternate option. Subsequently received a voice message from BestBuy needing info. I returned the call and spent 45 minutes on the phone attempting to determine what the issue was. I was bounced between 3 different reps, all of whom said they could not help (despite the fact that I provided order # and the BestBuy reference #). I then attempted to chat with BestBuy, and the response I received was "I see that the case is open they are still working on this issue I request you to wait for a couple of days."

Wow - really great and effective service. This should tell you all you need to know about BB and their customer serice.....

1 review
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Happy Holidays!

I am writing to you today in regards to the recent
experience my son and I had at the Best Buy, Rockville, MD location store while
having installation of the rear and side view cameras done along with the
remote start.

First of all, after having the cameras and remote start
installation done last Friday in November this year (my car was at the shop for
seven hours), I had to come back to the store the very next day as my son and I
realized the next morning that the front passenger seat door cannot be open
from inside. We knew right away that it was obviously an issue with
installation as we had no such problem with the car in the past.

So, we came back to the store on Saturday morning where we
were greeted by the person standing in the middle of the doors chewing the food
with his mouse open. We found it to be very offensive and an inappropriate. The
first thought comes to mind - is this how employees at that store are trained
to greet the costumers? Are not they allowed to have break and lunch?

Second, that same person, who had no name tag (at least it
was not visible to us) asked us if we need help and we asked to talk to the
manager. It took a while before Joe Baez came to greet us. We had explained
that we came back after realizing that installation was not done properly and
we are not able to open the door from inside. He told us that Nate Metcalf, the
person who had done the work had family emergency and did not come to work. He
suggested we come back and I gave him my number asking to pass onto Nate that I
need to bring my car back.

I got a call from Nate on Sunday (yesterday) morning. He
asked me if I can come at 7:00 pm. I explained to him that I cannot come at
that time as my son and I already had plans for that evening. This year is especially difficult to us as I
lost my husband to ALS last year and am a widow and a single mother now.

Nate then suggested 12:00 pm.

When I had entered the store little bit after 12:00 pm
yesterday I was greeted by the same person, chewing with his mouse wide open
asking if I need help. At that time I had the car fixed by Nate and had decided
to take upon Joe's offer to ask for a discount for inconvenience which he had
mentioned on Saturday he will be able to grand after Nate is done with
correcting the mistake. It made sense to me, so I came back to the store.

When Joe saw me, he acted as he had never seen me before. He
was acting unprofessional, inappropriate and disrespectful. I asked him if the
reason he is treating me that way is because I am a woman he replied he feels I
am harassing him. I cannot understand why he would get such impression. I came
back to take upon his offer and he acted as he never heard of it and does not
understand what I want from him. Then he went to Nate. I came from the customer
side and had witnessed him whispering with Nate after which he reluctantly gave
me $53.00 discount which I felt was not enough to justify the treatment I had
received at the store along with the service. In addition, he asked why I chose
this particular store and wished I never came.

I also noticed that Nate's license, which is displayed by
the window at costumer's side in the shop had expired in 2017. When I asked him
if he has a current license, I had received a very unclear answer which sounded
as he has it, but he had not received it yet. It sounded very strange as we are
entering 2019 and the expiration date was listed as in the middle of 2017. I
wish I had noticed it earlier. How is it possible that Nate allowed to work
under expired license?

One thing I have to say is though Nate did a mistake, he
obviously is a hard worker who knows his stuff, but clearly overworked and
needs at least another person at the shop. I had noticed that he did not even
had a chance to eat which made me feel very sorry for him as a human been.

This was a very disturbing experience. I was living in this
area for over 21 years and though I was aware of the Best Buy's reputation I
thought I should give this chain a benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, it was
big mistake on my part.

1 review
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If you need an appliance, save your time and don't go through Best Buy. I got a microwave and stove through them a few months ago. They showed up 2 hours after our time frame making us late for work. We decided to give them another chance since Home Depot did not prove to be any better when it came to getting a washer and dryer. They came out 2 weeks after buying the systems and within days the dryer was not working. We waited a few more days for a tech to come back out and he said the unit was defective. We called customer service waited on hold for an hour finally scheduled someone to come replace it. The guys never showed and never called. We called customer service and 2 hours on the phone fighting with reps (being called a $#*! by one of them) and speaking to a supervisor, they refused to come back out. They kept saying we missed our appt. It was a rainy day we were home and have 2 dogs we did not miss it, they skipped us. Now they are coming back out tomorrow to install the new one. This place is full of idiots who are disgustingly terrible to their customers! I will NEVER go through Best Buy again. We are elite members, you would think they cared what we had to say when we have spent thousands every year there!!

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I am sure there is a catch-like a 2 year contract. No one gives you a phone for $1

By Leon M.
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I would write a letter to your state's attorney general. There are laws regarding taking advantage of senior citizens. I would specifically ask for documentation from Best Buy in which your grandmother gave them permission to recycle her 18 month old computer. If they cannot produce that document they may be in very big trouble with the state's attorney general. I would also write the BBB and contact your public officials. This I think would be paramount to theft if your grandmother did not give them permission to recycle her computer. On the flip side of things, ASUS is a very good machine. My son is a computer scientist and swears by ASUS. I have three ASUS machines one of which is over 5 years old and it is a workhorse. Unless something significant happens in the ASUS business world, I will continue to buy ASUS!

By Anna K.
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All I can say is that you obviously have been very lucky. I was a dedicated customer for 25 years, however, I would do without before I ever spent another dime in a Best Buy!!!!

By Anna K.
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write a genuine review for a product you buy from there, get upto $25 gift certificate

By Dinesh K.
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