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I would like to file a Corporate- Presidential Complaint- ref- my experience with your HP PAVILION SLIMLINE 400-314-DESKTOP PC. I have dealt with every department -and after attempting to correct this matter-11 months later- I have dealt with ITT Tech - who basically tells me- that my operating system has to be taken out and placed back in. We have done numerous diagnostic tests- meanwhile- unbeknown to your ITT Staff I have had the PC examined by trained professionals who assure me that it is a hardware problem and not a software issue. It has been 11 months- 10 phone calls- 10 e-mails- total of 30 hours on the phone in the Maze of HP- and no one will assume ownership for this problem even while it is under warranty.
If you include the cost of the PC $300-plus add all the hours spent- times my hourly wage- Total=$900- if have invested $1200 in between cost for the device and time squandered and still no ownership by HP for the Lemon I have bought.
Case # *******672 complaint # *******627893.
When I spoke to your Technician I already knew the answers due to my Departments Computer Tech's assistance- yet the malarky that this technician dealt out- and I am only 1 customer out of thousands she has spoken too- only makes me aware that HP- is misguiding it's customers- and the warranty/product are awful.
For Goodness sake- I know I have a Lemon- why lie to me- and attempt to mislead me-all because I am a customer that apparently doesn't know what the problem is. Well folks I do know-and your Tech's have all stalled for 11 months- the replacement of this Lemon.
You folks now owe me $1200. 00- that is for the Lemon plus all the time I have wasted and been lied too- the time spent trying to repair this device-all to no avail.
HP maybe a great computer company-but in this case- you have sold me a Lemon-failed to accept it is a Lemon- taken no ownership for the problems- stalled- lied- and now 11 months later when I finally get someone to help me- I am being told a line of tales that don't even hold any water. It is not the operating system and has never been- it is the hardware. You folks owe me over $1,000.00 for all the time on this awful matter.
My Social Sites reviews- inclusive of documentation and names times phone #'s will show the world how bad this matter has been handled.


Bought a ZTE Firefox phone on E bay- payed for it. Well it came without any firmware-so the phone turned on/off. I have spoken via 25 customer service reps in China- all promising the firmware- of course none have done anything at all. E bay cares even less. Lately I have been in contact 5 months later with Lilly from ZTE in China- and still no phone that works. No any recourse in site.
People- please save your $$$$- buy something here in the USA. At least you won't have a bunch of people constantly lying to you-and you'll get your money's worth. This company is awful- it maybe a giant in China-but in the USA they are a dud. Bunch of cheaters and liars-why not- your here they are in China what can you do once they have your $$$-?


Approximately 1 year ago I bought a Alcatel Lucent One Touch Phone from Target. The price was great-unlocked- everything was a go for about 2 weeks. When the phone started acting up. Well folks I have now spent almost 1 year attempting to get a hold of someone from warranties-to support- to even filing a Presidential Complaint. I have composed over 20 e-mails into every facet of this company-that goes under the TCL Communications-and no one- I mean no one responds. I do get solicitations for their new phones constantly. But I doubt I would ever buy anything from them ever again. They took my $$$- never bothered to live up to their mission statement. So folks- buy anything-but stay away from this company. Crooks.


I joined Woot.com- was able to sign in. It is owned by Amazon. When I signed in- and attempted to place something in my cart-as to buy that item-it wouldn't let me. This site has no phone number-so I resorted to writing a total of 20 e-mails explaining that I could sign in-look at my account- but could not buy anything. Rather than fix the problem- they kept telling me to change browsers. So I tried that-and after 5 different browsers-the problem continued. Meanwhile I kept writing e-mails. Telling them that I had lost out on 4 beautiful Deals that were advertised on their pages. Again their response was something about my browswer. Come on folks- if it was my browswer-how could I sign into my account- and look at my profile etc. I then called Amazon owner's of this company- and was lied to by their customer representatives that there was a phone # there to call. Blatant lie- look for yourself-the best scenario is you have an account and you write the support department. They don't care. So folks-I have decided to cancel my account with Woot.com. Filed a complaint with Amazon for their customer rep's blatant lie. My advice- don't bother with this firm. Just buy your stuff from some other on site firm- as Amazon-Overstock-BestBuy- or the thousands of others.


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Alldaymall.com - False Advertising

Review by captainamerica21442 on 2015-05-01
Rating: StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty Star
I bought a tablet from this firm via Amazon- the tablet is ultra fast- the camera is like a child's-but what really concerned me was it was to gave 8GB's of memory. I contacted the firm and spoke to Emma- their representative- as to be constructive in my criticism and to obtain any insight as to how to fully use the 8Gb's versus the 2Gb's I was getting. Below please find Emma's response- sounds reasonable and nice- yet after doing what she said- I wrote her back- guess what- she never responded- nor does anyone from this company care. Please refer to Emma's e-mail to me- you be the judge- still no 8Gb's as advertised.

Hi Mr. Leon Mauer

Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us.
From your comments, we really understand that you are an honest guy and glad that you give us neutral comments.

For the storage problem,
Kindly note that the tablet storage divided into two parts, the 0.91 GB is the default path for software installation and the other bigger part is to copy the documents from the computer.
You may try to download App onto the computer firstly, then copy the files into the 5GB bigger space of the tablet, then start the installation.
If still doesn't work, please feel free to contact us.
Have a wonderful day.

BTW, may I know your order number, so we can check more details for you.

We appreciate your business. Any question or help, please feel free to contact us via email or Live Chat. We are here 7/24 to assist you.

Have a nice day!

Best regards,
Alldaymall Customer Service Representative
Skype: www.alldaymall.com


I have written about this firm before-and my on going fight with them over $65 USD. Now folks believe me-after 1 year I really doubted that I would ever see the money. But then their representative Sharon wrote me-stating they were going to process the the money back-what a surprise. Little did I know that they contacted PayPal-and lied and made up stories- in so limiting my account. Still no payment and probably never will. I have attached correspondence between I and Dealmachine to validate that they are as fradulent now as they were 1 year ago- but to contact PayPal and lie-wow-that's a new low!-You be the judge-read the attached and decide for yourself.
Dealsmachine Customer Support At: 05/08/2015 01:45:35 AM
Dear Leon,

Thanks for your message.

The refund application is under the processing, so you cna not check it. Please wait around one week to get it in your account.

Any more questions, please let us know.

Best wishes,

Leon Mauer At: 05/10/2015 09:32:38 PM
One week it is- in lieu of the above e-mail.
By 05/15/15- I anticapte my $65 USD in my PayPal account as a credit.
Thank you Sharon.
Dealsmachine Customer Support At: 05/12/2015 05:35:06 PM
Dear Leon,

So sorry for the late reply.

The finance department responsed me that for your origial order, you opened case with Paypal for the package you did not get, we refunded you the money you paid and resent the items to you again. So it means that you got the items free, now for the problem of the item, we can not refund you the money, as there is no money paid for the item. Please think about it, we beg your understanding about the refuse of the refund.

Any more questions, please let us know.

Best wishes,



After buying 3 devices at 3 different vendors- and then having to return all 3 devices-due to each one having a different issue-example-firmware- constant auto photo taking- wi-fi issues. I then attempted to contact this firm in Doral Florida. The corporate number that is plainly listed- is answered by someone that cares nothing-and rather than transfering the call to someone that could have resolved the issues. Told me to go on line. I did- all that occurred was a drop down box- that I submitted about 10 times- and no one ever responded to.
After 2 months- as a fluke- I sent an e-mail to their HR Department- some lady did respond. First she was abrasive-rude- and accused me of fabricating things. I finally realized that after I filed a BBB complaint-I was beating my head a wall.
The phones are beautifully made- the pro's are gorgeous creations. The cons memory 4gb- now they have a new one 16gb- but in lieu of the way this firm does business- for the same $200-$300 I can buy a Motorola or an Asus phone with 16gb- and better spec's and nit have to be called names- and subjected to unruly staff. Call them-average wait time 1 hour before someone answers- guess when you make your money in South America- and then run a 2 person operation here in the USA - I probably wouldn't care either.
Folks- don't take my word for it. Research this firm- the complaints are numerous- and the spec's for the cost and memory base isn't worth your time.
You heard it here- but do what you wish- you may get lucky and get a decent device or the customary lemon.
Disgusted- and furious- but ultimately a waste of energy- time- and really was not worth it. So much for principle. Guess Blu has none.


I bought a wet/dry shaver- 3 head- when you open it it has 2 heads. I bought this on Amazon- returned it and obtained replacements. The product still stinks-works terribly- when I contacted Panasonic in the USA- no one called- no one cared- and Amazon-stated they obtained it from Panasonic- and to contact them.
Well who to you contact-customer service reads a script-will not deviate- and the products are garbage.

Tip for consumers:
Go To Best Buy- Get It Now- Now Scripts-Empty Promises and You Get A Great Product-


I have used Amazon for 10 years- they were great. In the last 2 years- they have out-sourced their customer service to third world countries- though polite-read a script-and can't help you at all. The products change prices daily up-down -up-down. When you get someone in USA for every 10 you speak to 1 knows what their doing-and actually helps-the rest can't deviate from the script and do nothing.
Go to Best Buy- they shall match the price- and you get immediately or free shipping.

Tip for consumers:
Go To Best Buy


Approximately 6 weeks ago they were having a huge 40-60% off sale. I found 4 great unlocked phones that normally cost $600-as the highest and $200 the lowest- they were 40-50% off. I attempted to finalize my purchase 4 times for 3 of the 4 devices I found- all to no avail.
I then wrote customer service and e-mail explaining what occurred-and asking their assistance as not to lose out these great opportunities. I received an e-mail for me to contact them. So I called 4-5 times- each time I was transferred by their customer service people to other departments- until I was disconnected. This happened not once but 4 times. So I wrote them again- well the time expited and though I did receive an e-mail stating someone would contact me with 24 hrs- that time frame came and went. Now they are stating that I failed to call them and attempting to place their incompetence onto me and blaming me for failing to act as instructed. False- this has happened before-whereas I had to contact their Executive Department in Corporate-and someone with a title did call me and assisted me in resolving an on going problem. I resent- that their incompetence-with their computer glitch- their failure to transfer and disconnect me-and finally their audacity in attempting to blame me for their mistakes disallowed me an incredible opportunity to buy a great phone for an incredible price.
So the 3 times I have used Overstock- twice I had to contact Executive to resolve my issue- and this time their audacity it turning facts around to blame me for their errors-Folks I don't think I would use Overstock again- never had such problems with Amazon-Best Buy-Tiger Direct etc. and if there was an error someone from their corporate office's called me promptly to resolve the issue usually as a good business does to their patrons.
Overstock has proven again and again- that they care very little about their customers-unless Corporate is involved.
So avoid the headaches-the computer glitches- the false accusations- go elsewhere you work for your money- when you want to buy something you shouldn't have to work at spending it too.
A very un happy soon to be ex patron.


In 2014- based on the advertisement-and my conversation with their customer service representative- I bought from Amazon- a 10 inch foam mattress- made by Sleep Well.
I was deployed for active military duty-and upon my return- I attempted to buy a frame.
I was now told that any frame I bought-would require a wooden plywood-to be placed between the frame and mattress- to ensure the warranty- and not injure the sleeper. I contacted Amazon- and after they read the advertisement- we filed an A-Z Complaint. I never heard from anyone- besides my refund was denied. Meanwhile I spoke to Sleep Well-and under the circumstances they were sending me a replacement mattress. Amazon wrote me a thank you letter- and was sending it up via Corporate- because any frame sold by Amazon-made by Olee-Zanus etc- approximately 100 frames- are all falsely advertised- and all require that plywood board to be paced on the frame- this is no-where mentioned in any of their ads- so all 100 advertisements for these frames would have to be revised.
Meanwhile A-Z without talking to me about anything denied my claim- even though Sleep Well was willing to replace the damaged mattress. At no charge.
I asked Amazon to compensate me-for all the time-aggravation-and work that I performed- that permitted their organization to send this information up the ladder to Corporate-so that all these bed frames would have to be revised and corrected.
I asked for compensation-for all my time and work- in the form of a metal frame-that holds a box spring- as to ensure the 10 year warranty of the mattress. After being put on hold for over 1 hour- so Indian Supervisor came back- and was rather rude- and objected in doing anything besides denying my claim.
I have forwarded all these letters to Mr. Bezos- of course I don't expect him to respond- but possibly one of his subordinates after reading this fiasco- would make things right.
In the last year- the Amazon catch phrase has become- if your not happy- return the product-and we shall provide you with a full refund. Great business practice. Must be nice when you are a monopoly.


Hi folks-captainamerica214- just following up. I am convinced after researching that this firm is owned by one compnay or person who owns 5 other firms of different names but use the same m. O. Based out of China- below I shall post 11 different complaints by 11 people I never met from all over the world that have had horrible experiences with Gearbest. So all those te are great profiles- are definitely written by their staff-or writers they employ to embelish them. Anyway-please read the below to validate my claims.
11 Responses to "Gearbest.com: Must-reads about the Chinese Online Gadget Store"
Tom Says:
December 4th, 2014 at 5:23 am
I am in the US. I placed my first (and last) order and selected the slowest shipping option as I regularly do with Amazon. I did not realize that this meant that the order would be "mailed" from China. After waiting a month, I submitted a trouble ticket. They promptly informed me that no action would be taken until 45 days had passed. After 45 days, I still had not received my order and added to my ticket. I am now waiting for a refund.

Dustin Says:
December 21st, 2014 at 8:19 pm
They canceled over 2000 orders due to an error on their end while having an 85% off sale they decided not to honor that sale canceled all the orders and returned the money without an explanation neadless to say i will never shop there again nor will i recomend it ti anyone

Chris Says:
December 23rd, 2014 at 12:52 am
I placed an order with Gear-best since 10th December and made payment through PayPal. Even though PayPal is a secured payment site, they still ask that I send proof of my id and card details to prove I am the true owner of the payment before they will ship my goods. I refused at first but eventually sent this info. They have been promising to ship my goods since, spending time on their online chatting site, because no one would answer their phones, which I also found to be fruitless. I raised a claim with PayPal, and now they're threatening not to ship goods till I remove the claim. I will not because it's my only chance I have of getting my money back. They are not reliable and cannot be trusted. I question how authentic they are. Customer service extremely poor.

29ayush Says:
December 26th, 2014 at 2:11 pm
Guys This Is The Worst Site ever made for online shopping as i think.
At least i had the worst shopping experience with it.

Its Been 25 days and i have still not received my order.
First They Don't Reply To Tickets
And If They Do They Have Just One Thing "Keep Patience"
They Offer GB Points For Your Wait ( As i come to know by my experience and other reviews) but guys its waste coz what will you do of them if you dont receive your orders
You Will Just Be Giving Them More Of Your Money To Steal
So I Came To Warn And Share My Experience
Whatever The Case Maybe However Cheap You Find The Product on this website just dont shop from it
Safe Shopping
Ayush Mittal
Order No.: WW*******347526

Jim D Says:
January 6th, 2015 at 9:33 am
You might save a few bucks with GearBest, but if you expect to receive your order in a reasonable time-frame, or you prefer some minimum level of customer service, you're wasting your time!

I placed an order on January 1 and paid with PayPal. On January 6, my order status was still showing as "Processing." I tried several times to call their "24/7 Super Support Center," but they didn't answer their phone. After 25-30 minutes, a "Live Chat" rep (Larry) finally came online. After chatting back and forth for a while, he admitted that it could take 7-25 more business days for me to receive my order.

I requested that GearBest cancel my order and give me a full refund ASAP. Larry agreed. I'll have to wait and see what happens next.

Very disappointing transaction!

USAbuyer1 Says:
January 13th, 2015 at 1:20 pm
"On 12/2/14 I had placed the order and asked if I needed to upgrade shipping to get the package before 12/24/14. Their site says 14days business days from processing and ship date.
2.On 12/3/14 the replied stating that it is in stock and is ready for shipping. They did not reply to the question of if it will get to me in time.
3. On 12/3/14 I replied to them again and asked the same question and asked do I need to change shipping methods to get the package by 12/24/14
4. On 12/12/14 (9 days later) they send me a message stating that the package has finally shipped.
5. On 12/24/14 I sent them a message and said that their package must be lost and their tracking system does not work very well and that I would like to cancel the order.
6. On 12/25/14 They just suggested that I check the post office.
7. On 1/2/15 The package has still not been received. Package finally showed up on 1/7/2015.

I will never shop overseas again Expect over a months wait if not longer!

Tina Says:
January 17th, 2015 at 4:53 am
People should know that GearBest is a fraudulent company based in China with any order taking over a month to get to you (in US). On top of that, the tablet I received was USED and BROKEN–no wi-fi service. Wanted me to pay $25 to return a $60 product for a refund. What utterly criminal and deceitful behavior. Shame on you!

Eddie Says:
January 28th, 2015 at 4:56 am
I ordered a rather expensive item that did not ship for 1 week. A week later tracking says "alert" I contacted them via online chat the agent told me I had an incorrect tracking number and he gave a new tracking number, when I tracked it this package was going to france not the US where I live! When I told him this and asked why he was lying he replied "no" and ended the chat. I have since opened 3 tickets and they ignore my concern with the lying agent, blame customs and close the ticket. DO NOT BUY HERE! Customer service is the worst

Dissappointed Says:
February 3rd, 2015 at 8:06 pm
I purchased an item from this store through my credit card and have been waiting a month. Eventually i logged into my account to see what happened and they're asking me for a scan of my personal ID and my credit card? Who asks for that and why? I told them i am not comfortable scanning my ID and credit card for them and that they shouldn't have charged my credit card if they were not going to ship out the item i purchased. Im really disappointed this seems to be a fraudulent site.

Robert Says:
February 21st, 2015 at 5:26 am
I have been working as affiliate with the most of chinese wholesalers since 1995, and as for me gear best is one of the best company currently on the market, that for their prices, ultra competitive, and their shipments (very fast).
I'm sorry to hear that other people have had problems with GB, because till now with my custommers it was always all OK.

Its interesting and a must read. Totally honest. Says:
February 26th, 2015 at 12:45 pm
I ordered a smartwatch from gearbest and first when i paid for it, kit said ‘error, go back and check the shipping address.' and when i did everything was correct. But at that moment i had to go out with my brother so i decided to just pay when i came back. The amazing thing is after 10-15 minutes later, i got an email from my bank stating that i paid 83 dollars for a smartwatch from gearbest, and i saw that 83 dollars was deducted from my account. So i was confused but decided to let it go. After 5 days or so i got an email saying that i had an order waiting to be paid from gearbest. I called my bank i was registered in and they said that i didnt get a refund and that i still had to pay inorder to get my package. What surprised me was that the 83 dollars was deducted email……. No longer was there even though i paid and i know i paid because i didnt use my credit card for a while so the amount was the same as after i paid! I dont think i will be getting my order as im getting the impression that this site is fake.

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Tip for consumers:
Read the reviews- the same pattern-of tickets to customer service- the losing of data from computer orders- the loss of money-the loss of goods- defective or phony products. The writing is there. Si Lily-or Gina or whatever name you use from that warehouse in China-the result is the same.
Save your money-
Do Not Do Not buy from these firms- Everything buy-Gearbest -both have Lily answering your questions-incredible coincidence????

Lily L. – Gearbest Rep

Dear Leon,
We are sorry for all the inconvenience.
Could you please tell us the order number? We are willing to deal with it for you again to your satisfaction.
We had sent an e-mail to you already, please check it and reply, hope we can solve this issue soon
Thank you again for bringing these matters to our attention. You can also contact our support center again, we are sure that you will be satisfied this time.
Best Regards
Customer Service


Unhappy Patron- writing again- well folks interesting just discovered that ahappydeal.com that scamming Chinese web seller- also sells and advertises under the above name www.everbuying.com.
Well now we have gone from 1 scammer to 2 that just changed their names- but have the same m. O. Buy cheap phones- and then never get what you bought- nor in the prescribed time frame- the product is switched and you get S____d!
Please avoid these sites they are duplicates and both take yor money and provide nothing but headaches.
So Lucy if your monitoring this- I am still awaiting your responses.

Mira L. – Everbuying.net Rep

Dear Leon M.,

Thank you for taking your time to write your review. We regret any inconvenience or frustration that your experience has caused you.

We would grateful if you could contact our support center when you have any problem. We will do our best to help you. I would appreciate if you could tell me the order number. I will check the problem and help you to fix it. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Everbuying Customer Service Manager


Awful-ordered something that looked great - for Christmas- well firm in China and looks like stocking shall be empty.
Avoid this at all costs and tell your friends unless you want to be disappointed.


Well it's Christmas Time- so I order a phablet at 50% off- a free case included great price-delighted. Then the drama- the phablet won't arrive for 3-4 months- I guess to save money the have a swimmer delivering it. Next the xase for the phablet- is wrong its a iphone5 case-what the heck. That's like putting a cadillac into a pinto.
So erroneous information- false advertising- numerous promises- exhausting e mails- and then still no Christmas present. Save your time and avoid headaches-don't-don't waste your time.

Ahappydeal R. – aHappyDeal Rep

Dear Leon M.

Thank you so much for your important feedback. We are always very grateful to hear... from our customers.

Please contact us, we will help to solve the problem.

We will be in touch with the customer to personally apologize and offer special consideration for what was clearly an unacceptable level of service. We can and will do better in the future.

Ahappydeal Service

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