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Amazon.de has a consumer rating of 2.59 stars from 27 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Amazon.de ranks 138th among Marketplace sites.

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Positive reviews (last 12 months): 20%
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Top Positive Review

“Very popular online shop”

Robert S.

Amazon is a very popular online shop and for a good reason. It has all of the best things that anyone could neeed. I have been shopping on amazon for years and I have never been dissapointed. You should however note that there are some fake products in the store but you can always identify them if you are keen.

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Top Critical Review


Harris A.

Worst shopping site ever! Three orders in a row that they dispatch my items after 17 days. Totally unprofessionals! Costumer service sucks, everytime i talk with different person and everytime no one gave me a solution. Back to amazon.uk and i prefer to pay a little more for costume taxes but they are professionals and ship maximum in 3 days. Order numbers: **************520 (15 January 2021) / **************340 (27 January 2021)

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2 reviews
8 helpful votes
February 5th, 2021

Worst shopping site ever! Three orders in a row that they dispatch my items after 17 days. Totally unprofessionals! Costumer service sucks, everytime i talk with different person and everytime no one gave me a solution. Back to amazon.uk and i prefer to pay a little more for costume taxes but they are professionals and ship maximum in 3 days.
Order numbers: **************520 (15 January 2021) / **************340 (27 January 2021)

Products used:

1 review
0 helpful votes
February 9th, 2021

I ordered an iPhone for 930 €, on the day of delivery the parcel was delivered to someone else's name and I could not find the parcel! Amazon support staff promised to return my money, but after long waits, calls, letters, visits to the police to lawyers and attorneys, they didnt return my money! Still! Worst experience of my life

1 review
18 helpful votes
April 7th, 2020

I am so fed up with Amazon.de. I've never had any issues with Amazon.com, in all the years I've used it and trying to make my first order with its German counterpart, I am repeatedly locked out of my account, orders canceled and now charged a fee, even though I've been in constant contact with their "account specialists" to try resolving this problem. I was told it was only a verification issue, yet after verifying myself at least 8 times over the phone and email and via website, I still can't place the basic order I was trying to make. And Now they have the gall to charge me too? What kind of business is this? I live and work in Germany. I'm shipping from Germany to a German address. I've verified my payment, email, phone number, bank, etc. and now I'm charged a fee I have to go through my bank to rectify? Not because the order was canceled mind you, because they've seen this "fraudulent order go through too many times" yet they will not authorize a refund. How is that even a thing? I've tried following the conflicting guidance from their "specialists" and have been getting no where. And yet I can't talk to anyone else?

1 review
10 helpful votes
March 22nd, 2020

Buyer beware - amazon.de is not safe to buy expensive items at!
I ordered a 700 sony camera lens, and when the box arrived, there was a rock inside it, no lens. I contacted customer support, and they said that I needed to go to the police, and I will get a refund if I give them the police report, so I did. Months have passed, and they are refusing to give me a refund, and finally today they have decided to close the case and said they would not give me a refund or send a replacement. No reason given. I'm at a complete loss, I thought amazon was safe, but they scammed me out of 700.

6 reviews
7 helpful votes
August 1st, 2020

This online shop used to be good but now it is just bad I mean like there are so many fake products beig sold on amazonand no one is doing anything about it. It is very frustrating and I hate it. You have to be keen all the time or you wll end up buying fake things. Always chekc the price because a huge disount has a reason behind it.

3 reviews
0 helpful votes
January 6th, 2021

Scammers. By far the worst of all the amazons I have to deal with (. Uk,. Fr,. It,. Com). The business model is TO MAKE THE CLIENT WORK for them. Horrible experience, worst than Chinese shopping websites!

1 review
0 helpful votes
February 13th, 2020

I reported a fraudulent seller: RMCOMPUTER and amazon.de did not resolve the case.
Amazon.de allows SCAMS to sell in the Marketplace to deceive customers.

1 review
0 helpful votes
December 5th, 2020

Very poor Service. I wait for order another week without any information about it.Do not recomend this company.

1 review
0 helpful votes
December 25th, 2020

I tried to buy a microphone +cable on amazon on December 25th, using my EU credit card. It kept saying 'revise payment method', I tried about 6 times. I called my bank, they were very confused by it and started an investigation. In the evening, I added my EU bank account and continued to try to buy the mic/cable but kept getting the same vague message to 'revise my payment method'. At the same time, my bank account kept getting very weird messages in my list of recent transactions, that I've never seen before, every time I tried to make a purchase on amazon.de. Something about my payment method having been altered (by whom?). Amazon.de support was completely useless - didn't know what was happening. Agent 2, Milica, thought this is a part of a routine check. (Right: If routine fails all of your payment methods 12 times in a row). MShe said to try the card, even though my EU bank should have been accepted. The card, of course, still kept failing. Milica refused to pass me through to her supervisor when I asked, and said he will tell me the same thing she is.
I don't know what amazon.de is doing but they are completely incompetent (at best, possibly something fraudulent is going on). I don't want them having access to my data, so I will be deleting my account on amazon.de.
Amazon.de is the biggest joke of an online store I've ever seen. Be VERY careful when dealing with them.

Tip for consumers:
Don't use this site. Use amazon.co.uk. Never a problem with a payment method there. The same card that was repeatedly rejected (for unknown reasons, to me or my bank) was accepted there 2 days earlier, with a choice of currency (I chose EU).
Amazon.de don't have their ducks in a row, and when it comes to a business dealing with your money - that is dangerous. I spent 4+ hours dealing with amazon.de and my bank about the issues on their site. Do you have that kind of time??

Products used:
None, I couldn't make a single purchase, not for a lack of trying.
My bank is investigating amazon.de right now.

4 reviews
11 helpful votes
August 2nd, 2020

Amazon is a very popular online shop and for a good reason. It has all of the best things that anyone could neeed. I have been shopping on amazon for years and I have never been dissapointed. You should however note that there are some fake products in the store but you can always identify them if you are keen.

1 review
0 helpful votes
November 18th, 2019

This was the last time I have ordered on amazon.de. I use their website in other countries but in Germany it seems to be a total mess.

Just to summarize the situation, almost every order I made this year was handed over to neighbours, because the delivery company couldn't be bothered walking up the stairs.

Amazon has assured it would never happen again and guess what? It did!
I mentioned various times that the items are being delivered to my elderly and sick mother but yet again items were given to wrong neighbours or not being delivered at all which caused my mother so much stress.

Horrible service!

2 reviews
27 helpful votes
June 10th, 2019

I was actually happy with the product (Jabra Move wireless headphones), but after 6 months one of the ear pieces broke from the frame, the connections are very tiny. I contacted amazon for a replacement and they refused despite the product being in stock. It was and is the exact same product but with a different stocking code (ASIN) but now a different price, as I bought it during a discounted period and now the price is back to the original.
Amazon refused to replace it because of this ASIN code (despite the customer service team member confirming it was the same product), apparently it's impossible, but no reason was given as to why. If I wanted to replace them I would have pay for my return packaging, and then get my refund and pay the difference to replace them. Even though it's the same product I can't even write a review on that product to warn people about potentially not being entitled to a replacement for a faulty product. It's very very sneaky behaviour and becoming more and more common.
Amazon is all good when you get your little discount but my experiences when something goes wrong now are that's it's not worth the hassle.

1 review
12 helpful votes
June 6th, 2019

The last thing I recommend you is to choose this site. The product you want to buy is the most exorbitant product of the market, moreover for months to wait, as well as the vendor to see if you want to see the discretion. It's a disgraceful site to make all of this happen to you. If you do not want to experience infamy when there are hundreds of companies in the market who sell the products you want, stay away from here. I think it's a friendly recommendation.

2 reviews
21 helpful votes
February 1st, 2014

My top website for online shopping, cheap, fast and a great service.

1 review
28 helpful votes
November 29th, 2017

Most horrible service ever experienced. Ordered 2 items 18th november that would be delivered 22th november. Contacted amazon 22th november that we did not receive anything and that the tracking status did not change from "Package left the facility". Their response: wait till 30th november and contact us back. As to be expected, again nothing received any tracking status did not change anymore. Will never order here again. An order placed the 18th november and almost 2 weeks later no update, no goods received.

8 reviews
10 helpful votes
August 1st, 2020

Amazo is a very good online shop. I have bought so many things at very discounted prices. The best hing is that I am always guaranteed of delivery. I have never faced any problems while shoping on amazon. You just have to make sure that you know what you want.

3 reviews
12 helpful votes
October 21st, 2019

I ordered few products for furnishing my new house when I moved to a new city. The prices and products are good but deliveries were mostly messed up. Either they arrive earlier than expected when I am not home or later when I waited at home. Should have some sort of exact timings to hand in the heavy deliveries

37 reviews
64 helpful votes
June 30th, 2019

I have bought an item some months ago. Now it does not work properly. I don´t have the option for return, I just have two options: Call and chant with support.
They are both in German, even though I am located in Finland and Amazon.de is the site that sells to Finland.
I am extremely disappointend.
From now on, just gearbest!

I have bought an Cordless Hammer Drill, listed indeed as ¨Hammer drill¨, I get a drill without hammer function.
I write a review about this issue leaving one star, my review is refused:
¨your review could not be posted to the website. While we appreciate your time and comments, reviews must adhere to the following guidelines:
Of course amazon whats just five stars reviews and doesn´t accept critics.
I will open a claim with customers associations.

The shipping system to Finland is messy and confusing.

I have bought four articles at a really good price on Amazon.de. After two days, I get emails telling me that my purchases have been canceled by the sellers.
So, when you make a deal the seller cancels.
Better Gearbest.

Many articles show a lower price first, after checkout they are increased in the price without notice

I have bought a couple of article in promotion, I have checked out and after that, they have blocked my account and I lost the deal, so the price increased.

3 reviews
26 helpful votes
July 14th, 2017

I tried to do some shopping there, but they couldn't accept my payment, had to wire the money directly to them. At least it was worth it.

1 review
11 helpful votes
January 21st, 2020

Amazon.de is a great place to find all kinds of items at good prices. Shipping usually takes shorter than estimated. Will buy again

3 reviews
21 helpful votes
October 23rd, 2018

I love amazon... you get almost everything within just 2-3 Days if you have Amazon Prime. The prices are also very good. Never had any problems with Amazon (:

1 review
20 helpful votes
November 10th, 2018

Happy with my purchase! Monitor arrived from Berlin to my town in a matter of a few days! Thanks for a good service.

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