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2025 Hamilton Avenue
San Jose, CA 95125, US
Tel: +1 208-203-9666

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6 reviews
5 helpful votes
I can say they deliver what they show on their site. need to improve their delivery time took over a week to deliver my parcel.
3 reviews
0 helpful votes
Why is eBay full of Chinese fakes these days? It's not as good as it used to be, and their customer service and refunds policy has really gone down hill. So disappointing
1 review
3 helpful votes
Don't be fooled by Hausrange 100% positive feedback. I knew i was fooled once and writing this for potential buyer out there.
I bought an item based on their 100% positive feedback and Uk based.Item did not arrived on estimated date and waited another 2 days but it did not arrive at all.
Contact seller and offer to resend i ve refused as this item for birthday present so no point.( it really cause inconvenience as i have to go looking for other item at last minute)

They state the reason is because their courier service damaged the item , and also other reason that are not add up the whole story.
Please do check on their natural feedback which reviewed on the same courier issues.
I've bought my item after reading this feedback(my bad) and they obviously done nothing to prevent this problem from occurring again.
For 100% positive feedback seller, this problem should not happen.

Another DISTURBING FACT- this seller have a habit of deleting their negative review.
I know that because i leave one, and as i check on their page every so often , they did the same with other people who leave negative review and they've done it pretty quickly.
Its like they re power seller in ebay and nobody can touch them.
If you do buy form them and leave a review- maybe leave neutral instead negative, at least your review wont get deleted.
Its an obvious seller that cheat buyer with their corrupt 100% positive feedback
2 reviews
1 helpful vote
I regularly look to renew my cars and used to use ebay UK to aid my search, as I live in france but prefer to drive right hand drive cars as I visit my family in the UK quite often mit is not easy for me to simply pop on to a forecourt to view possible choices.
I have found that almost every advertisement for a private sale is a dealer, every statement of service history is a lie and almost every car has at least one accident in its history. When I report the most egregious cases to ebay they do nothing and deny any responsibility to investigate or check the frequent fraudulent users and they money lost to them. Caveat emptor has never been more applicable. Don't use the site or if you must check the MOT history via the government web site and do a full HPI check even though this is expensive if you are just looking .
Also watch out for the stolen user id's. exellent feedback for selling anything other than cars or items below 10 pounds yet suddenly they are selling dozens of high priced cars.
I regularly find multiple instances of this and examples of phishing sites, so be very careful who and how you contact anyone. It is a great shame that ebay does not care to clean up this part of its on line empire, some of the other sections are excellent.
1 review
0 helpful votes
Clothes ridiculously small. Ask you to pay for returns then never refund you. Liars and cheats and time wasters. Avoid.
1 review
1 helpful vote
Men Western Indian Leather Jacket Beige, Fringe and Beads

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8 reviews
8 helpful votes
I bough phone accessories several times from them and the amazing thing about them is the customer service, they are fast, reliable and Original products.
Highly Recommended
4 reviews
7 helpful votes
I love Ebay, I spend hours on it almost every day. However, I am going to give my 2 cents worth on the downsides. Their website could be drastically improved. There are a lot of issues with searching for items.

For example I live in Ireland but when I search for items with shipping to Ireland items that won't ship come up in the search. This slows my search drastically. It is very easy to get caught out on shipping too. When you are doing your search items have a shipping cost at the bottom of the add. When you click into the ad this could change drastically. Also the shipping charges are very often excessively high. I can almost always beat there prices as a private consumer with a courier than they charge and by quite a margin.

When purchasing more than one item from a seller, the price for shipping often goes up at the same rate. This is sharp practice in my opinion. I also take issue with navigating the after sales/customer service side of things. It is very frustrating and you would need to go on a course to figure it all out.

All in all, I am happy with Ebay. I cannot wait until they extend the full buyer protection beyond Pay Pal. A very welcome development indeed.
3 reviews
3 helpful votes
Despite the fact that EBAY were informed that I didn't receive the item I have paid for, the tracking number supplied by the vendor is not recognised by the carrier, and the item is not where the vendor claims it is,their customer services decided I was not due a refund, robbed by these scam artists
6 reviews
8 helpful votes
EBay are a law unto themselves they totally back buyers and do not care about the sellers who pay huge fees to fund their lifestyles. Ebay have policies in place but totally ignore them to keep buyers happy. Its kind of strange as its the sellers that pay the huge fees, not the buyers so why punish honest sellers? This week alone I have lost over £50 to a buyer who purchased an item, used it and said they did not like it and returned it. Its a vaping tank and is classed as a personal item so cannot be returned if used, this is an eBay policy but they totally ignored it. The same buyer purchased another item, to get around the personal item rule they said it was faulty even though I know its not they have left negative feedback on my account. I had 100% positive feedback until this happened but eBay ignore that and believe the buyer despite my over 3000 positive reviews one buyer can ruin that. Surely anyone with a brain cell can work out if a seller has over 3000 positive feedback reviews and then one buyer complains in a week about two items there is something wrong with the buyer. They dont care so avoid them if you can. Trouble is and they know this sadly people want to help eBay by buying through it and not websites. Use your loaf, find your item in ebay, search the sellers name online and find their company as its usually cheaper and your not making eBay fatter wallets
4 reviews
4 helpful votes
Keep away do not ever buy from ebay seller -super-mxw. You will never get your items and its hell to try get a refund. He will answer your messages but you will get the same message over and over again he doesnt understand english or pretends not too when it comes to paying back what is yours. 11 months i ve waited for my parcel to this day still not arrived and for 8months im trying to get a refund. He will that the mickey out of you sending you back messages with nothing more than a sad face very unprofessional and rude for a seller towards his customers. Please stay away the stress is not worth it. This seller shouldnt even be allowed to sell. Beware stay away.
3 reviews
4 helpful votes
Ebay almost always favors the buyer in case of any disputes or problems, so have that in mind if you'd like to start selling your stuff there.
1 review
4 helpful votes

Despite the fact that EBAY where informed that I didn't receive the item I have paid for, the tracking number supplied by the vendor is not recognised by the carrier, and the item is not where the vendor claims it is, EBAY DECIDED I AM NOT DUE A REFUND .
7 reviews
10 helpful votes
• Updated review
Update to this review about ebay. I successfully received my full refund from PAYPAL. Ebay sees much less of my money.
• Previous review
Below you will see my ebay correspondence after purchasing items from a seller. The seller it seems posted a package to the wrong address and had the package returned to him/her. The seller then used this tracking number to inform ebay that he/she did post the item and had a tracking number. When I contacted the courier I was given a reference number for the case showing that the package was returned to the seller and signed as having been received by the seller and not me (the recipient). I provided all of this information to ebay who ruled in favour of the seller, ignored repeatedly the evidence I provided to them, and added insult to injury by removing my negative feedback from the sellers Ebay page. To date I am out of my money , with no product and no access to the money back guarantee EBAY advertises on their site. Further they have even removed the transaction from my account HISTORY. Thank goodness I have screen shots of it. EBAY IS ENABLING BANDITS AND ENGAGING IN UNLAWFUL ACTIVITY TOWARD CUSTOMERS. Below is the most recent correspondence from them:

Not only have you (EBAY):
1. Enabled a thief on your market place by refusing to refund me my money on your money back guarantee policy since I provided proof to you that the seller has the goods in his possession and also refused to refund or reship the goods but you
2. Removed my negative customer feedback without just cause and thus muted me as a customer with the right to give feedback on my experience and further
3. You removed the purchase transaction from my EBAY purchase history located in my 'private ' account

All of the above is tantamount to unlawful and unfair trade practices. As a result I have put my review including all details and copies of ebay documents on a global review page so that the world can see what EBAY.UK 's policy is to customers and EBAYS FALSE ADVERTISING OF THE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE to lure unsuspecting customers into a feeling of trust.


Previous Message Follows


I tried again to contact ebay to right their wrong via messages from my account page and via telephone - they ran me around from one operator to the next until the final one hung up the phone. It seems to me that ebay's policy is to protect the sellers who bring them business thus the 'money back policy' they advertise is just there to entice customers into a false sense of safety. I told them that I would blog them - it didn't seem to bother them much.

So I took it a step further by putting in a complaint on my PAYPAL and escalated the matter immediately since I had tried communicating with the seller and ebay. The evidence is clear that the ebay seller is a thief and has probably scammed various people with this same tactic. I also learned that a number of them post empty boxes to your home so that they can show a tracking number and delivery + receipt by the customer. Bunch of scam artist they are. Nevertheless my claim with paypal went through and i PROVIDED ALL THE EVIDENCE TO PROVE MY CASE which was also sent to ebay- who ignored it. PAYPAL RULED IN MY FAVOUR. Will update when I actually receive the funds in my account.

THE EBAY BANDIT listed as living in Blackpool UK - a depressed seaside town - saw this review and attempted to spam my facebook business page with unintelligible and offensive language. Its amazing the extent people will go to steal other people's money. To you BURNSFESTIVALFUNFAIR - ( and you are lucky I haven't put your real name because I have that too) these are my final words :-


No Subject SR# *******2381

Hello Tricia, Thank you for writing back to eBay Customer Service in relation to the bag (item *******89973) you bought from “burnsfestivalfunfair" . I am sorry to hear that the seller refused to refund you for this transaction though the item was returned back to them. Let me assist you with this. I have thoroughly reviewed all of the details of your case again today but please understand that, as previously explained, we cannot overturn our original decision, and we cannot grant your appeal because seller provided tracking showing that the item was delivered to your address. If you are wondering what your next steps should be in relation to this transaction, please refer to our previous emails on the matter. Remember you are covered with eBay’s Money Back Guarantee programme once you meet our terms and conditions, for more information please see our page below; I understand this isnt the answer you were hoping for but I know Ive explained our decision clearly. I wish you all the best on eBay in the future. Kind regards, Mica D. eBay Customer Service

Sent: 7/11/2016 7:14:25 PM
Subject: Viewing your eBay seller invoice

Viewing your eBay seller invoice

[THREAD ID: 1-10NCET27]eBay Document ID: *******5001

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Don't depend on Ebay's money back guarantee. Its a scam.

Do not depend on Ebays review policy for sellers - also a scam as sellers can ask to have negative reviews removed and ebay complies.

6 reviews
10 helpful votes
With 'customer service' this bad, I wonder why serious businesses even bother with the hassle of selling on eBay any more. I know I had to stop for the sake of my mental health.

The danger for sellers is that, because of eBay's vast reach and the millions of part-time, non VAT-registered sellers, many businesses are often selling at lower prices than on their own website, despite eBay's ever-increasing charges (remember when they were about 5% and no fees on postage?).

The consequence could be that in another decade or two, nearly all internet sales are handled through third party sites like eBay and Amazon. Businesses will basically no longer be independent, increasing merchandise will be banned as they are deemed politically incorrect (such as all Confederate flag items, as just one example).

They will be able to set prices by setting their fees (why stop at 10% plus rip-off PayPal fees?) and we will only have easy access to the books they think we ought to read and the music and films we should own and the food we should eat.

Join me in boycotting eBay, as a seller and as a buyer, otherwise we will be at the mercy of these kind of companies and in my experience, they don't do much inn the way of mercy.
40 reviews
16 helpful votes
Have bought some great products off the site. Never had problems with the sellers or the buyers. I guess that's why the competition never lasted a long time.
3 reviews
5 helpful votes
One thing best about eBay is they always care for their customers and always respond them on time. Although I trust on their products quality but I am even sure if I ever get any problem they will sort it out.
5 reviews
1 helpful vote
I loved the idea and the concept of ebay but their customer service is very bad.
I would recommend to pay via your credit card and not use pay pal.
1 review
1 helpful vote
Have deleted my account had a few bad experiences,even delivery is ridiculous and when you ask ebay to get involved they dont want to know,even when i phoned ebay,they said not to use the automated service,ive been with amazon for a while never had an issue with products/sellers and delivery is spot on
3 reviews
3 helpful votes
I hate to admit it i use ebay at least 3/4 times a month, never had a bad experience so far, i've had some good deals, and have found even the brand new stuff is cheaper to buy here than online.
1 review
1 helpful vote
Obstructive and inpenetrable rules. Restricted my account saying I was trying to sell off ebay when I wasn't (apparently using their own messaging system to answer questions about the item you're selling is against their rules?!) Their 'seller protection' has previously been completely useless and their fees are massively disproportionate to what they're doing. I'm off to Schpock/Gumtree.

Tip for consumers: Don't

9 reviews
31 helpful votes
They suspended me for no reason. Didn't give me a logical explanation. Just kicked me to the curb and forced me to pay fees from a fraudulent dispute. eBay sets it up where buyers game the system and leaves the sellers hanging dry. Had my 2 year account suspended because of them. Does eBay care? Why should they. They take your money and kick you in the groin so you live with the consequences.

After endless months of trying to get it reinstated, I just gave up. They didn't budge at all. Had to enlist Auction Essistance to help me create a stealth account just to start selling again.

Does eBay like it? Who cares, they created this environment so they need to deal with it.
1 review
2 helpful votes
Make sure you use a reputable seller because the eBay guarantee is worthless, you'll get very little help from them if you have a problem with one of their sellers. I bought a caravan awning for £449, when it arrived it was damaged, it had a hole in the roof panel and a corresponding hole in the bag in which it came. I've been trying to return it since 19 Jun (15 days), I've offered 5 days when it could be collected. I've stayed in for these 5 days just in case. The seller is trying to get the manufacturer to pick it up, the manufacturer has made no contact whatsoever. Ebay are supposed to be sorting it out for me but are just making the situation worse.
3 reviews
1 helpful vote
Iv always used eBay, find the right buyer one with experience and plenty of reviews and no issues. Ebay idea for anything your looking for, its important you research the buyer before your purchase, give them a call send them an email ask any questions you might have. For any complications or issues ebay is always there to help
51 reviews
60 helpful votes
really nice and i love that you can find one of kind things there...!!! and they are really fast and always the ready to help and do anything for you, if you ask. :) I'm really happy with them....!!!!
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