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The women on pof are 99.9% very average looking or even worse. That wouldn't bother me if they had a nice personality, a gsoh and were friendly but they're not. They're bitter, nasty, rude and big headed. Plain types on a dating site thinking they are some great catch.

They expect a guy to jump thru 50 hoops and have a checklist of a dozen things you have to tick before you can even message them. No wonder they're single. I swear they're trying to do their best to deter anyone from messaging them. Don't they realise you're meant to be pleasant in your profile ? Not complain, throw shade and generally come across as picky nasty and unstable? If they like this now imagine how bad if you met them? I've seen friendlier guard dogs

Everyone has flaws but the severely flawed women on there want a guy that has no flaws. It's utterly ridiculous behaviour

If you saw a girl in the real world and she said sorry you're only 5 foot 10 & I only date guys 6 foot and over despite the fact I'm 5'1 and chubby. You'd laugh at her and walk away

Or if a girl starting snarling at you while asking what job do you have it better be a good one? Do you drive cos I'm not gonna be your taxi then you would point and laugh at her.
But that's how these women are on pof. I don't know how they dare act like they do. I guess it's cos they are in an online bubble and not outside with real people. What kind of men message these women??

Average looking deluded and unpleasant is not a good trifecta

Don't feed their egos by messaging them. The bottom line is there are definitely much better looking and more friendly happy women in the real world in the local bar or even in the supermarket. Anywhere is better than online

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- Naive and fickle-minded morons. Women view and ignore men who are on the same level looks-wise, or the men are actually better looking than these women themselves.
In their defence, they would claim that they don't see the point in striking up a conversation with a guy they don't find attractive enough, especially when they get so many messages. You could say that's fine, BUT... Here's the joke of it all... They, then end up if they're lucky (like probably in their past relationships, too), in a relationship with an average looking man/men (or worse), than the ones they previously ignored during all their time on POF. Ironic, eh?? Then again, most women online will hopefully end up all alone anyway, for most parts of their life if not period. Or constantly hurt. Serves them right!
It's like turning down jobs because you deem them crap or don't want to do that kind of work, but then you end up doing it, anyway. And, you actually enjoy it!

- Women also have the audacity to view and ignore a guy's message because they obviously don't deem the guy as attractive enough (he might actually be better looking in person, and just not as good in a photo!). Yet, they hide behind these stupid filters (some use filters in EVERY photo of themselves, including those pathetic dog ears and noses), giving a false impression of what they actually look like, hence being WORSE in reality... Hypocrisy at it's finest. Filters should be banned, period. You're basically lying about your looks. Sure, there's nothing wrong with a bit of 'cheating' or touching up, but not like that! A woman without makeup may look worse or not as attractive, but at least she still looks like life-life in person. Completely different, when you look nothing like, or no where near that in reality/person!

- Rude, ignorant and arrogant... In their profile, it states that they're kind and caring etc, yet ignore you like you're the worst looking bloke on the planet! They don't even give you a chance, period. You send a nice complimentary message to a woman, and she just views your message and sees your profile and abruptly ignores it. Avoids you like the plague! No reply, nothing. Not even a, "Thanks" most of the time. At least reply back a few times, then ignore! Even once!
Women are there most of the time just to fuel their own ego. You even get average looking women with a $#*! load of messages and they think they're God's gift to men! What they don't realise is, is a lot of blokes have no standards and will literally shag anything and say anything nice when it isn't sincere.
Some women even BLOCK you after a first message. Sheer $#*!ing arrogance, when they aren't even all that themselves. Why even block someone, unless they continue to message and harass you?? I've had women who have been far from attractive, message me in the past. Due to my nature, I always reply back a few times. Why? Well, that's the kind of person I am. I'm not a ignorant, self-centred person. I'm nice like that.
It's like the same if you pass someone in the street. You don't know them, they say, "Hello..." to you. You do the same back. It's called being polite. Manners cost nothing.

- Women who are only 5 and 6s, can get a couple of hundred messages or something in the space of a few days! It's so hard for a guy. In parts, you can argue it's a surprise that any reply back at all! Maybe these ones who ignore you, do reply back to men on their level, and me and others are the unfortunate ones who get dismissed... But, they're still ignorant and arrogant arseholes! Especially, when you say something nice to them.
As for the real stunners who are online, they clearly must have problems (more than just being fussy!) to still be single. If an average looking woman gets a heck of a lot of messages, Christ knows how many the real lookers get!! It must go through the roof! They're more losers than the ones who don't get many messages. Purely because they can get any man they want, fact! Especially when they're on multiple dating apps/sites as well! All the great looking men and messages they surely get, and still can't find a bloke! Surely all those men and messages aren't that bad or off putting! And if they are, it goes back to the point I've always made... Reply back to the decent messages and men, give them a chance!

- You don't get any replies by being nice, but sure as $#*! bet, that if you send messages saying how horrible they were, or nasty messages, you'd get a response from them, then! In fact, I got more messages 'first' with a rant profile like this, than I did with my own 'proper' one! Says it all. Women actually agreeing with me, too!

- Women will argue, too... That they can't reply to everyone just to appease them and keep them happy. I get that. But that rule only really applies to the more better looking women. Most these women as I said, aren't all that themselves, and ignore men on the same level (or they're better looking than the woman), and will end up if they do, with the same level guys or worst, they ignore online in reality. Fickle-mindedness.

- The ones that do reply back, all eventually stop responding, whether it's on WhatsApp or POF, etc. Despite them saying how much they like chatting and all that crap. Saying how nice looking you are and that, slagging off POF, then ignoring you and going straight back on there in this little merry-go-round...! What's even more pathetic and ironic, is they're the ones most of the time who actually ask you for your number, and insist it's better and easier to talk off the dating site. Then they continue to ignore and even block you for no reason! They have the cheek to also complain initially, and moan and say how blokes do the same things to them, then do the exact same thing themselves, and wonder why they're single! When they're actually a lot worse! How on Earth do they expect to be in a $#*!ing relationship, when they constantly ignore someone?? No doubt a lot of the time, they get chatting to a really nice looking man (and ignore other guys they were getting on with previously) who ends up using them and treating them like $#*!... Then they get all pissed and start again on POF... They really do deserve everything they get thrown at!

- Women who take hours to reply back, or even days, perhaps weeks, when in the middle of a conversation!

- Women who say things like, "I'm actually 42, not 38!" in their profiles. Why not change it, then?? Or, you're chatting to someone, and they tell you're they're older than their profile suggests they are. Why lie??

- Women talk about how $#*! and awful POF is etc on their profile, and say things in their headline of like, "Deleting This Soon...", or, "Please Take Me Off Of Here!!" Garbage like that. Or, "Online Dating Isn't For Me." Why the hell you still on it, then??
Women get awful messages, sure. But then ignore the more normal and polite/complimentary messages from half-decent to decent looking men at least, hence again, not even giving themselves a chance, and the guy messaging. Surely, you'd take a chance after constant failures and negative experiences?? But obviously not, when you see the same old faces on there time after time down the years, and they're still single. The law of averages doesn't apply to online dating.

- Women who say things in their headlines and description about how you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover or be so shallow etc, and they do just that!

- Women who say nothing in their profile, other than things like, "Ask.." to, "Fill this in later..." Or kisses... So a guy can't even message anything to her related to her description, and has to result to the generic, "Hey, how are you?"

- Saying how important a personality is, and how they like a man to make them laugh and is funny. And looks aren't important, when clearly they $#*!ing are!

- And here's the real kicker of it all... Using a male model's pics sums up virtually EVERY woman on POF. It's funny how a male model (at least a VERY good looking man), is suddenly every woman's 'type' on there. They're all holding out for their hero, and end up with nothing like that eventually. Even the really good looking women most of the time.
'He', doesn't even have to put in a decent description of himself to get a LOT of messages. Even without having to message women first, compared to a less attractive man who puts up a really nice and sincere account of himself... He gets nothing. Yet, he could be the most sweetest, caring and loyalist guy in the world!
Average looking women messaging a stunning man, when they literally have no chance with a guy with those set of looks... Again, they ignore men better looking than themselves, or at least on the same level, to then go message the typical male stereotype.

- 99.9 per cent of the time (at least!), I never get messaged first. Completely different when you're a 'model'. The only reason the ones who do reply no doubt, is probably because I complimented them, anyway.

- It can vary. But a lot of the time, I can create a new account and use up the daily 24-hour limit to message women, and get nothing back the majority of the time. One time, I surprisingly had three message me first! Apart from the ones I messaged once before under another account, who briefly replied back, I messaged almost 70 women (some I had messaged before though, and still never replied then) from a new account, and literally no replies! Except from like two who said I was too far and one didn't want children etc. Or three, if you include a one message reply and that was it. Astonishing. Virtually not a single response! Some didn't even bother to view your profile, neither. Unless, they had the option turned off to see who viewed you.

- Immature women who use headlines like, "Looking for my Tom Hardy look-a-like..." When again, they'll end up with nothing like 'him', that's if they're lucky. They won't even get 'Laurel or Hardy'! Same mindset as most women these days.

- Using a model's pics, you even get women message when they're miles away, and a relationship would never work, anyway. Usually, distance would be a major factor.It's amazing what a great looking bloke does though, eh? Probably because they'd happily 'put out' and travel the extra mileage for 'Mr. Hero'! I bet the guy could get laid that night, after only talking for a few hours. Especially if he put on the charm!

- Women willing to meet a hot guy and invite them to their own home (even when they have children), or to go to the guy's house, even after chatting for literally a few minutes! The guy could be anyone! Quick turnaround in messages as well.

- Women saying things like, "Why do you have to be so far away!" Or, "Shame you aren't nearer :("... Joke, considering these women are average looking, and what makes them even think a 'model' would be interested in them, anyway?!!

- More women (even average ones) message me as a 'model' first, more than any have done probably, in the years I've been on POF on and off. Could only dream of even half the messages being sent as 'me'! It's just so easy when you're good looking!

- Women who have 'morals' and don't do one night stands or send naked pictures of themselves etc, yet those 'moral's get thrown out of the window when a hero comes along. Liars and hypocrites. What's worse, is the way they even play the moral high ground by putting that they don't in their description! Saying that, you don't have to be particularly good looking to get those sent, anyway.

- Women claim they don't have time to reply to all messages, yet they can view your profile almost straight away after you first send. Even if you sound really nice and put things like you work with children with disabilities and animals etc, literally no reply back the majority of the time. Not even as little has having one or two messages back and forth and then they stop. Nothing, period.

- Women who show off their cleavage and tits almost, especially in almost every photo... Then have the audacity to moan and get annoyed when guys online talk about them and asking them for a $#*!, etc... You know by now what men are like online, so why persist in those types of pics, giving off the wrong impression, even if you're not like that?! I guess they don't have much else going for them looks-wise, and think it's the only way to attract a bloke. I guess it is for them on POF et al!

- Do you honestly think, that women who show off these provocative pics like with tits and body etc, most men online are thinking, "Oh, she seems like a nice girl to be in a relationship with..."?? Most blokes would only be thinking of one thing. Fact! And women moan about it!!

- Women who clearly state in their profiles, that they don't like men's profiles who have them shirtless and posing with a six-pack. Yeah, right. I bet most these of these women (especially if the man is very attractive) still message back or message them first, regardless.

- Women who say 'no pic, no chat..." In other words, unless you're a really good looking guy, don't bother messaging. They don't even chat if you HAVE pics up!

- Women complain about men online, saying how rude and abrupt they are. At least they're to the point and don't bull$#*!! A man might message a woman because of the size of her tits alone. You can argue that's shallow, but surely it's more shallow and ignorant to ignore a guy completely?! At least a guy who messages because of a woman's tits likes something about said person! Even if it was just for sex.

- Messaging women with my own proper pics... View and ignore me. Then a day or few days/hours after, after I've changed to a model, I miraculously get replies. And things like, "Sorry for the delay..." etc. When they never replied because of the way you looked initially. They're so thick, they don't even realise. This from average looking women, as well. Complete bull$#*!.

- If women complain they get too many messages and can't respond to all, etc. Then there's a solution... Hide your profile temporarily, so you don't keep getting messaged! Then you can reply to who you like, and give guys a chance more.

- I even have women stop replying as a 'model'. Not being interested. Though that's rare! This could be down to them being suspicious, but they don't give it the benefit of the doubt. They probably just can't be bothered to make an effort, then wonder why they have no luck etc on online dating sites.

- Isn't just about being attracted to someone, neither. But also companionship etc. If someone looks decent and sounds nice, why not reply and see where it goes??

- I had a female friend once, choose some pics for me. From a female perspective. She encouraged me to use more 'smiley' photos. She said she'd be amazed if I didn't get more luck. Well, I think I messaged around 160/170 (shouldn't even have to message half of that number!) women during the course of a couple of weeks or something. Virtually none of them were interested! I may of got 20 or so messages (appalling ratio, like 12 per cent or something), but I was never attracted to them, anyway. But the thing is, is that most of them stopped replying regardless, or a couple/few messaged back saying they wasn't interested. Besides, just because you get replies, it doesn't mean they're interested!
My friend, asked what I was doing messaging so many women... But that's what you have to do as a guy! You have to message a $#*!e load in the hope that you get replies! Believe me, if I had ten or less message me and be interested after messaging a fair few, I'd stop messaging more women, and see how those current ones would go. You have to message a lot at times, to even hope of getting a response.

-I even joked to a girl once, on a night out I was a model. She kind of thought I could of been! I then asked her how many women she thought would reply back online if I messaged them... She said, "All of them?" Ha! If only!

- Went on again, stupidly. Messaged 193 women. All distances, includng some in America. Got around 15 give or take, replies. Even they wern't interested, apart from two, who were a 'bit more' interested in chatting. Generally speaking, out of all that lot, none were properly interested in chatting! Some would only reply if I messaged them initially first, too. If someone likes you, it's a two-way street, where they would/should initiate contact at times as well. Appalling. Even if all 15 or so of them WERE interested in me in a big way, that's still an awful return to say the least!!

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The first profile I came to was a 43 year old woman and the headline read 'if all your (sic) going to say hi then don't bot'
I'm guessing it meant don't bother but she didn't realise you don't get 500 characters for your header
This wasn't the last profile I saw with woman with an attitude/ chip on the shoulder either. And we're not talking high class ladies here either.

I came to the conclusion that in order to get away with being so rude to people you're meant to be trying to impress then the site must be overrun with guys desperate for a date. I can only imagine the ratio men to women, I'm guessing 15:1 if not more.

What kind of guy would message a woman that is rude and picky before you've even spoken to her? I think the women must get so many messages from men that they seriously believe they're a real great catch. I noticed a lot in profiles the women demanding things and being aggressive. You'd need a screw loose to have to want to message them. I saw very few warm and friendly profiles, just snarling bitter ones

For the calibre of women on the site it's not worth the hassle. Easier to find a female in the real world

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I have been a POF user for several months and aside from the need to recognize and avoid the numerous fake profiles, the service has been adequate until a few days ago. Mid session, I was logged out and unable to get back in. I contacted customer service via email and received a reply: my email address was no longer associated with my account. I have been using this email address with POF and did not forget my password. Followup questions to CSR went unanswered. I recreated my account using my same user name and email address. Things were fine for an hour, then I was no longer able to login. I created an account using a new user name and a new email address. It lasted an hour, then it too was disabled. My photos and profile are all within the TOS. I see from many other reviews posted in the last few days that other customers have had the same experience. I contacted CSR for an explanation. I was informed that the problem had been resolved and I should try again. I created a new profile, uploaded photos, setup my search criteria and was promptly disabled once again. The issue is not resolved. They have clearly implemented an automated profile review that is overly aggressive in deleting profiles without explanation or warning. If you are considering joining POF, don't bother. You won't stay connected long enough for it to be worth your time.

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What I liked - it was not expensive. What I disliked - if a girl looked good - 99% it was a fake scammer profile. I got tired of wasting time checking and trying out these fakes. I searched for a site that would have better women profiles` verification and found
it`s a bit more expensive but at least I can always be sure in the ladies I talk to.

7 reviews
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The objective of dating sites is to make money, and dating sites are data driven decision-making scams, specifically, is the leader of the group.

1. Excessive number of scammers on POF, and based on the trends of scammers that I experienced, I have a good reason to believe that they were POF induced scammers.

2. The purpose of using an online dating site to be exposed to people outside of your circle, BUT POF determines who sees your profile and which profiles that you see. I view hundreds of profiles profiles, but the only women who viewed mine were athletically-challenged women and I hadn't viewed any of them. Using a photo of me dancing would attract women because most women like to dance therefore a photo of a male dancing would certainly attract their curiosity.

3. I have sent emails within POF, and POF blocked the emails, preventing people from receiving them . . . I know because of tests that we conducted. POF manipulates your communications.

4. POF's "Meet Me" displayed 4 people selecting me, and minutes later, it indicated 3 people (there were no scammers at this time). As a result, you don't know how people are interested in you.

5. During research, two profiles in the same geographic area and age (different ethnicity), did not have access to the same set of profiles to view.

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The real women
-Average at best, at worst unattractive
-Offer very little but expect the world
-Overweight but only put a few extra pounds
-Tons of baggage but demand men have none
-Love to go on road trips to coast despite no car and 500km from nearest beach
-Photos from 1998
-Live in a fantasy world expecting some guy on white knight to save them

The fake
-Add you as a favourite
-Send you messages saying hey there :)
-Pof seem either unwilling or unable to cope with it. Maybe the other has made his money and doesn't care

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It's just like any other site of its kind. You get what you put in. Went on a couple of dates. One didn't look at all like her profile. The other did but we just did not click.

Don't bother with upgrading though, it's the same features.

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Hardly worth a review, but I must say this site is just as bad as everyone says it is lol. While I didn't approach this platform in the hopes of 'meeting someone' (I was simply doing research), I did create a genuine profile and was open to having some real conversations (spoiler alert - that never happened). Instead, I was flooded (immediately) with sexually threatening messages. I also got repeatedly accused (in very hostile fashion) of being a 'scammer' (just like on nll (niche dating site), zoosk etc.) - super offensive btw. My first POF account actually got deleted after I was reported for being fake. No questions asked (they could have at least asked me to verify my identity...ridiculous, but still). Nice. I didn't know that being in shape or looking 'too young' for your age was a bad thing, but apparently it is now (on the internet anyway), because it means you're a shady character. I get the paranoia to a degree -there are real scammers out there after all, but to criminalize ~and sully the reputation of~ every halfway decent looking person you see online is not the solution.

The relatively 'normal' messages I received were, for the most part, rather forced (e.g. cringe attempts at 'poetry', which amounted to nothing more than word salad (well, 'graphorrhea' - if you want to get technical), and some copy paste pick-up line drivel. Not impressed).

I notice there's a lot of bitter reviewers here bashing women for not answering their messages. More often than not, we're bombarded with too many (duh) - it gets overwhelming. It may not be about you personally (or maybe it is, oh well). Oh and our standards are too high, because we have *gasp* certain preferences, ok...LOL like you all don't? A lot of picking apart women's looks too, which says A LOT about your character (or lack of). Talk about shallow (sounds like sour grapes tbh). LOL do you guys really think you're all that? You're not entitled to Helen of Troy, sry. Maybe you scare (bully) the women you perceive as conventionally 'hot' off sites like these by constantly accusing them of being 'bots'. It's interesting. If we're not attractive enough - you dehumanize us. If we're too attractive - you (quite literally) dehumanize us. It's almost like we can't win ;)

All in all, a horrid experience. Thankfully I didn't invest any real time or energy into it, but a lot of women do and get abused in the process. Online dating is just so disheartening...

* Edit - How could I forget? You're a fool if you think POF needs to know your birth order, parent's marital status and annual income (not even a prefer not to say' option) etc. in order to 'find the best matches' for you. Talk about invasive. How does anyone get past the initial questionnaire? It's blatant data collection (there's the real shadiness - they need to harvest all the data they can for the AI overlords...nefarious aims much?), just like OkCupid etc. Icky.

Tip for consumers: While I did appreciate the ability to communicate freely without a paywall, the seedy guys weren't worth my time (outside of being good for a laugh/experimenting with). The interface is cluttered and fugly. Zero customer service. Don't waste your time here.

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Rubbish same people everytime always get abuse by same people i report them nothing done these real people or is it robots
And 24 hrs till deletion
Cant tell u how many times got that email sorry were experience high volume

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The women are either fat, ugly, stupid, have a ton of baggage or just really unpleasant
No wonder they're single
Yet they act like they're a really good catch. I've never seen so many narcissistic ego driven deluded women in my life.i am amazed they get any responses

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If you're a guy I wouldn't waste your time. From what I can tell the women get bombarded with hundreds of messages from desperate men every day and I'm going to be totally honest they aren't that great in the first place
So what happens is a woman who is at best average gets 100s of messages and thinks she's better than she really is and starts acting like a diva. In reality the men are to blame for being so needy and messaging women that aren't that hot in the 1st place
I wouldn't bother signing up unless you're a woman then you'll get loads of men desperate for your attention

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The women are rude and when you're rude back you get banned. I'm sick of reading saying "make me laugh" "Where's my Prince Charming?" or other stupid demands/requests

Don't worry there are that many fake profiles on here that soon pof will be rendered useless and no men will go near it
Then all the ludicrously picky bitter women with the tattoos and attitude problem will find themselves single in the real world not online fantasy and no man will go near them

Also it'll happen to all the deluded diva types who only reply if you are a 10 on the looks scale. When they're offline and no man wants them they'll realise how stupidly picky they were but will be too late by then.

Same applies to the women who have been on pof for years and years constantly turning down men because they're not perfect

Still they'll have their dogs, the ones you must love or they won't reply lol


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For anyone thinking of joining don't. Here is a bit from a profile I saw. She was average looking and was a single mum YET has the nerve to make these demands... Freaking ridiculous that a single mum can make such outrageous demands from men

* If you're not hilarious and intelligent;
it won't work
*Not attracted to skinny men nor am I attracted to Skinny but fat men (very strange combo)

I would say my 'type' is dark hair (Not shaved), tall- at least 5'11" , muscles but not silly muscles just a nod towards the fact that a gym or exercise features somewhere, good dress sense (Not trendy necessarily), smells nice, looks after themselves.

Obviously, none of the above matters if the chemisty is there. Though, it's more likely to be there with someone as described above haha :)

I'm really not into men with zero upper body strength.

I don't read all my messages, nothing to be offended by, if I don't think our profiles match then no point in wasting anyone's time.

Please don't contact me if you smoke, do drugs, don't have a car or job.

1 review
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I can only guess the site got lots of 5* good reviews from 10 years ago because it doesn't even warrant 2* now

Biggest problem ( apart from the thousands of fake profiles ) is the women simply aren't attractive enough yet think they are Gods gifts to men. You have short women 5 foot 2 tall saying you must be tall over 6 foot, you have fat women wanting an slim have ugly women wanting an adonis. They're not in touch with reality. They put profession as being awesome, being me or secret
They have a 20 point checklist
I'm really gonna go thru that for someone who has no personality and looks like the back of a horse.
And don't get me started on the divorced women in their late 30s acting like they're some great wonderful catch. This is just a site full of rejects no man offline wants

I have to laugh when the single mums talk about how they have morals and standards. Yeah that's why you've got 3 kids with 2 different guys. Gimme a break

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• Updated review

Although I've not been on this site for well over a year, it still has the same problems - scammers, fake pictures permitted for women and not for men, and little-to-no-support.

They introduced a "verification" method that sends a text to a cell phone, but as we all know, scammers have phones too, so... what's the point?

“Should be called POS.”
• Previous review

This site has officially become too big for itself. Instead of Plenty of Fish, it should be renamed to Piece of Sh&*.

ISSUE 1- Extremely poor policies.
Example 1: Your account can be deleted for a variety of reasons, whether you paid or not, and you have no chance to recover it. It's just deleted. Period. No notification, no reason, just deleted.

Example 2: Reporting users or images. This only works for women, not men. As a man, if you report images or profiles, they stay posted on the site for weeks or months (forever in some cases). For women, images that are fake or perceived as fake are deleted within SECONDS (along with your account).

ISSUE 2- No response from customer service.
Example 1: Reporting users yields NO response.
Example 2: Using the "contact us" yields NO response.
Example 3: Request a review of your account in any way yields NO response.

ISSUE 3- Failure to provide the service they advertise.
As of this writing, In Canada alone, POF has HUNDREDS of complaints against them at the BBB for the category "Problem with Product/Service". They are also under investigation by Federal authorities (CRTC).

They have even tried changing their review status (allegedly) by having multiple addresses to split the negative reviews (the complaints however, appear to have been merged).

Tip for consumers: DON'T.

It's free.
It's tempting.
It's filled with scammer.
You won't get your money back.

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Here's how it works:

1) You create a profile on the site.

2) The very instant you click the submit button (even if you did not post a photo or any detail) you have emails in your inbox of people "interested" in you. It's typical for these "people" (fake "robots") to be in their 20's while their profiles reflect 50's or so.

3) This automatic system that sends you fake profiles can be nothing BUT an inside job; in other words, the site is programmed to work this way.

The POF site is not founded on integrity whatsoever.

Authorities should really investigate this online scam.

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It is a very bad site. First, they will put you on automatic payment, and there are no way to turn it off. Trust me I tried, or they purposefully made it impossible to be found, so they can ripoff more money from you. I called them, and they told me the money they took is not refundable? Where is the law in this country? Where are the FBI and the consumer protectors? If any lawyer would take this case I am all in and there are millions others.
Automatic payments with one option should be illegal because it is super easy to sign in if anyone wants to renew, and it should not be hard for users to sign out from.
Second, I would say from my experience with that site, at least 80% of profiles are fake. Maybe fake profiles get created by pof to gain members, and there are many Nigerian and all other spams and scammers crooks trying to take your money and waste your time.
My advice, almost all sites do this trick because it is a loop hole in the American legal system. I hope you all who get my money to spent it on your kids health.

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I'm tired of the scammers preying on women. Men too I hear. Stinks. I can almost tell you by the first message if they are and most definitely the second. Those that make it to three are damn good but I catch them. Such liars, the reasons they need money from you and such.

I swear I should write a book on the ones I've come across. Good laughs. They usually disappear fast when I tell them my son is a deputy sheriff and I have their IP addy. One guy wanted money and after refusing, blocking and such he finally admitted he was in Africa and how else could he get money. One wanted $10,000 not to kill my family and such. He was begging for $50 by the time he quit. One pretended he was his son and needed money to find his dad. Gotta love the I'm working out of country and need to buy a BD gift for son so buy a new iPhone on your account and after I get it I'll attach my CC to your account to pay it off. Hey if you can pay my bill with your CC buy the phone with it also.

The stories are getting bigger andore demanding so ladies keep your backbone. You don't need a man to abuse you that way.

To the men on here who crab about women. What about the men with tats, no clothes, overweight, sagging everywhere, triple necks, etc. You're not perfect either. Men are just as bad when they state how they want a woman to look. I'm doing pretty good and I've had three kids, what's your excuse?

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The POF profiles are a bunch of spam accounts. Biggest con on men everywhere. You chat with one profile they respond with one liners, and you don't hear from them again. Waste of time and money

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As a user in London I thought I would chip in. I agree with those that say POF is reliable and a dating site you can trust. But there are others like that (e.g and you don't have to limit yourself and your potential to find dates, especially in a populated place like this. Better yet, do what I do and join three sites at once, that keeps the weekends busy, believe me!

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Scammers and bots are rife on this site. There are some genuine women, but most of what you get are bots and scammers asking you to go on a different site to meet. They will say it's a safety site. I get 15+ messages from such profiles in less than 6 hours. If you can handle sifting through that filth then go for it. Right now it's a waste of time.

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Pof pure scum. All the woman are professional liars great actor's . No intention of meeting any one . One way to deal with this get POF hacked wiped out. Not POF plenty of $#*!ed up people

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Always wondered why so many unattractive women had such an unpleasant chip on the shoulder
I saw a profile from a female 28 nothing special
She seemed pleasant enough but she said she was getting tired of men telling her she was stunning
She wasn't. At Best she was average
That made me think if desperate men are messaging ordinary women saying they are stunning then how many messages will the actual good looking women get?
This is most definitely a site for women. The numbers not in your favor if you're a man especially not if men are mailing everything on there saying they are stunning
Get some damn self respect guys ffs

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Don't waste your money or your time! Go outside and play. Meet someone the old fashion way. Too many fake/scammers on this sight. And those paying sights aren't any better! Spending money isn't going to make a difference. All the best!

By Becky C.
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I just deactivated my account. This site is a sewer. Do not pay anything for this site or any site. I searched for free on other site( even paid ones you can search for free) and I saw the same guys on most of the other sites as well. I'm gonna grow old alone unless luck steps in and maybe I'll meet my guy IRL.

By ann b.
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Yes its possible

By tacha t.
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POF is not free at all, you have to upgrade; become a paying member to be able to do anything interesting.

By Sugar S.
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Fake doesn't really describe them... more like downright liars!!!

By Carolyn H.
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STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCAMMING SITE!!!! any good you hear from or about it... DUH ITS THE SCAMMERS THAT WORK FOR EM. i been booted so many times due to unpopularity cuz i wont date trash so i get booted they keep your money they are garbage

By jon d.
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You cannot do it from the mobile site . You need to use your search , example safari and look up pof desktop version and go to the help in the top left. It will walk you thru it , if I remember correctly . Good luck

By Lara S.
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First, write to POF and explain. Now, and I mean NOW call up your credit card company and tell them what happened. I am sure POF will not contact you. Make sure to use the word "unacceptable" when describing the consumer service to the CC company about POF. Keep all emails too.Please keep me posted. Thanks Ann B.

By ann b.
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I've set several messages to women who supposedly were interested. No response. Is this because I haven't upgraded?

By mike n.
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Account. Delete profile. You have to look at all options.

By Rachel C.
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