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I love everything. Except raisins. I hate raisins.

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I was gonna buy an RV for my family and travel the country in it. But I'm sure they will be a lot happier if I buy a Gibson guitar.
They (Gibson) need to understand that musicians are poor people. So them thousands of dollars for one guitar is pretty counterproductive, if you ask me.
Gibson has also seemed to focus less on quality and more on money. They poop out a lot of guitars but they're not making much quality of guitars. They have shifted to quantity, while sacrificing quality. They have shifted to profits, while sacrificing the robustness in their guitars. For the most famous guitar company, Gibson is going far downhill.
I had a Gibson. I fetched up the money to get myself a nice Gibson guitar. But boy, was I disappointed. The fretwork was terrible. Let me just say I bought a used Danelectro that came in better shape than my brand new Gibson. Oh, and the Danelectro was only $430. This Gibson was tenfold that.


If you're like me and you have severe social anxiety, you've probably tried Tinder or some other online dating app.
Hey look, Tinder is good for hookup culture. If you wanna find a guy/girl to hookup with and then forget about, this is the app for you. BUT... if you're on Tinder looking for true love, or looking for that soulmate, I would highly recommend looking for that elsewhere. You're essentially... erm... looking for love in all the wrong places. It's amazing what you can find when you approach people in person. The initial attraction is authentic.

And even if you do find romance on Tinder, it's not the good kind. It's the dead end kind. In most cases (And I said most, not all, before you get offended) of couples/matches who are made on Tinder, one of you usually ends up having some kind of emotional baggage that will one day rear its ugly head somewhere down the road. The result is seldom "happy ever after".

If you're afraid to meet people in person, I suggest talking to friends more often. Letting yourself go around people you feel comfortable with. Start by saying hello to someone you walk by on the street. You don't have to have a casual conversation, just say hello and smile. Preferably not someone you find attractive. This will increase your anxiety. Start by this and feeling more confident in yourself. But you won't find real love on Tinder or any online dating app. If anything, this will make things worse for your lonesome.

I just thought I'd put this out there for anyone who feels insecure or has anxiety, looking for REAL love, and is thinking of using Tinder. Plenty of people on Tinder anxious to find a real romance but I hate to break it to you, it's a false promise. Your chances of finding this on any online dating app are extremely slim.


Look, I don't have a problem turning off my adblocker for sites - as long as the ads don't make my computer run slower. But the reason I use an adblocker is because it makes sites cleaner and faster. I'm a clean freak at heart. I don't wanna see a big diarrhea fest of ads when I just wanna read an article. But some ads can be harmless and the site still runs fine on its own. Then there's the Chive. Yeah the ads make the site almost completely unusable. It runs smoothly until I turn off my adblocker as it requests.

Leave adblocker alone. We don't care if you make money from ads. You can find some more CPU-friendly ads that don't hog up my CPU and make the page unreadable. If you can't do that, find another way to invest in your site. It's the 2018 not 1995. Get creative. But forcing us to turn off our adblockers? Not good. That's how you REALLY lose visitors.
More and more people are using adblockers and are passionate about such. I'm not advocate for the global population but I'm pretty sure most people who unpack a new computer aren't opening their browser and racing over to log onto to see what's new there. But I'm sure a lot of people will go right on over to install adblocker. That's the first thing I do in my web browser when I get a new computer.

To the people at - you can make us dismantle our adblockers. But we will find another site to go to. Ad-block will be a thing whether you go out of business or not, and whether you wage war on it or not.

I suggest letting the user visit it for 30 seconds to see if it's worth whitelisting it or not. After 30 seconds of being on the site, ask us to whitelist it. But don't force it. This turns off more visitors than you think.

Just my 2 cents.


Just like anything else Microsoft buys, when Microsoft buys it, it turns into absolute crap real quick. If you're gonna use this malware/spyware, I suspect using it on a mac so your chances of getting infected are much more slim.

Skype, you were doing just fine until you partnered up with Microsoft. Now my Skype account that I signed up with through facebook several years ago, no longer works and all my conversations with friends are gone because you require a Microsoft email to sign up. I had to sign up for one just to use Skype.
You're supposed to broaden your platform not narrow it down.

Aside from that, it gets 2 stars instead of 1 just because I been using it for years to keep in touch with family members and loved ones. Skype is a better alternative for this than Facebook because you're just talking to people. Not venting out all your life's problems in a public post. Skype works well with all that.

But now it's time to do away with you, Skype. This is goodbye.


I bought 2 things from this site for a total of just under $65. But then I read the reviews of this site. I turned to paypal to get my order disputed and they did so. I ended up winning the case and got my money back.
I purchased the items on October 5th, 2017. Only recently (March 9th, 2018), my leather jacket came in the mail. I got my money back for it already though, so free leather jacket! LOL
But that's not as good as it sounds. It was barely even a leather jacket. It was cheap. I paid like $30-$40 for it if I remember correctly (it's been so long). But it wasn't even worth that.

My best advice if you're gonna ignore the negative reviews of this site and bite the bullet anyways, I would buy with Paypal. Only because when (I say "when" not "if" because you will almost guaranteed not get your item), you're gonna throw a fit when you realize your item is never gonna show up and you just gave up your money to some fraudster in Hong Kong. Paypal will get you your money back. That's a promise. However, I'm not sure if this site still has a paypal account after I got done with them.

Not only did I dispute the charge via paypal, I spoke to Paypal's administration of what a fraud this site is and to keep a close eye on them.

People who got their items were lucky. I got one item 5 months later, but I've yet to receive the other.


Obviously it's not gonna be cheap. It's not Wal-Mart. Menswear/suits are obviously not gonna cost you $20. I've bought a couple of suits here for various occasions between Job Interviews, graduations, weddings, funerals, proms (way back in the day lol), etc.
Obviously you can find better deals on these same suits elsewhere but I'm sure there are coupon codes floating around the internet for Men's Wearhouse that can assist you with that.
Checkout process was pretty simple. Again, really nothing that isn't completely average and isn't expected of them.
They try to keep all sizes available. I'm a relatively small guy, I'm a US size 36. I do notice they, like many other menswear sites/stores, run out of this size pretty rapidly.
My advice is if you see something you like on this site, shop around for the same one and see if you can find it cheaper elsewhere. When spending that kind of money on suits, you're gonna wanna save every dollar you can. Pay attention to the shipping costs on other sites too. A suit on Menswear can be $280 with free shipping but you may find it elsewhere for $250 but for $30 shipping. As an online salesman myself, I am aware that a lot of sites/sellers do this as an illusion so you'll buy from them.
Make sure you know what size you are (a lot of people do not know what size suit they need and this can be a big deal). If you do not know, there are size charts and (I think, but I'm not positive) Men's Wearhouse has one available to you.

Hope this helps


Heavy delays. I bought something for $4.99 on 4/09/17. I didn't get it until 4/30/17... 3 weeks later. It was a downloadable product. I only got it because I hounded them on the status of my order. It was supposed to be immediate download delivery via email. Yeah I highly advise against it.


I don't like how you are limited to 140 characters in a tweet. I also don't like how people flood to this site after every terrorist attack or natural disaster. Like it's gonna help the people affected by the tragedies. Gimme a break.


Yeah there's some things they say they don't have in stock but they do. Also, most Wal-Mart stores are pretty whack. It's all the same tired scene - rude customers, even ruder associates (for example, the door greeters don't even greet you they just give you evil looks), poorly arranged products, lack of variety in merchandise, etc. As someone who worked for 2 different Wal-Marts in 4 different positions, I hated every moment of it. I probably have PTSD flashbacks from the rude customers and rude associates.
But this is unrelated to the website. The website is ok, but it needs work.
Those who say their customer service tries their best to help them is very fortunate. Most people don't get that from certain wal-marts. Tell me where your wal-mart is. I'm coming to your town lol.


I got an unlocked iPhone 5S for my 24th birthday. So I went with tracfone to save some money. I saved some money alright. I also got no bars when they gave me T-Mobile as my Tracfone carrier. When I called up tech service, of course, I got the usual indiots who suggest turning it off and turning it back on again 850 times before they realize that may not be the solution. Then I got disconnected.
When I called them back, I got some lady who spoke no english whatsoever. I was in a loud room on top of it. I had to politely ask the lady to repeat what she said because I couldn't understand. She flipped out at me and started hollering at me. Well put me on the phone with someone who speaks english then. So I hung up on her. Then the same lady left 4 voice messages in 10 minutes asking to call them back because "we must have got disconnected". Yeah let me know when you get someone who speaks my language. Until then, I can figure this out myself. I had someone else deal with them for me and got me an AT&T card. I can actually use my iPhone as a phone now. But of course, like everything with tech support these days, it takes multiple attempts to get what you ask for. So not before the 7th attempt, I finally got an AT&T card. Yes, I have 6 T-Mobile cards. I wanna use the packaging as toilet paper but it's a little too hard to be toilet paper. It would probably hurt my bum.


Google. The only people who use bing are ones who log into their work computer, perform a web search and then realize they forgot that bing is their default search engine. I typed "Google" into bing so many times it's not even funny. When that many people are going to you to find out where your competitors are, that's when you know your product is terrible. I'd say that is epic failure in itself.
Bing has a terrible safe search toggle. If you toggle it off, it brings up porn. With safe search off, you can search for "bananas" and it will bring up some, you know... you use your imagination for that. If you search for "printer paper" you'll probably find some guy putting something into a printer that's not in the slightest bit paper. Toggling off safe search in bing shows the strong truth to rule 34. If you don't know what rule 34 is, look it up. Just make sure you don't look it up with bing.
My deaf dog can answer my questions better than Bing can.


If you wanna take a trip back to 2007, just use Unfortunately, I still use it as my primary email only because I been using the same email with 40,900+ unread emails in it for 12 years. Would be a pain to change everything over now.
Here is my issues - they filter certain things that aren't spam. But then some stuff that is actual spam ends up in my inbox. Example: "Hey cutie... wanna have a little fun?" passes the filters. Yeah umm... no. I don't wanna have fun. I look like a drunken Irish troll. But thanks anyway. But "Your receipt for your purchase to" ends up in the spam folder. Why... just why? Lol.
Oh and don't get me started on the "We're experiencing Technical difficulties. Error -14". Yeah I can't load my inbox because of that. I went 5 whole days without being able to check my email because of these "technical difficulties". Yeah I think their brains are having technical difficulties.
There are also a lot of snotty commenters on the news section. A lot of the people are very ignorant. The place is infested with trolls. If you view the news section, I'd advise against commenting on anything. You will get 50 trolls tell you to drink bleach or something. Pretty bad. You can go view the comments... because some are pretty entertaining. You may even learn a few new jokes from it. But don't get involved. Stay out of it. It's a firestorm.
The search engine is obviously not great. Google is and always will be the best.


Got 10 free photos from them. I love some of the content I got thru here. I made some fantastic head-turning art in my group using the stock photos I bought via adobe stock. I hope you choose adobe stock today!


They're one of the cheapest stock photo sites out there, but if you want quality stuff, visit adobe stock, Shutterstock or iStock - that is where you will receive the best stock photos available. Matter of fact, there are free stock photo sites that offer amazingly beautiful stock photos for FREE & still can be used for commercial use. Just look up "free stock photo sites" via google. You'll find them.;)
If your project is not that important, I suggest looking at free ones. 123rf has some ok photos but if you look at the big picture (pun intended), they're not that good.


I love your deals. I got so many no-brainer deals thru your site & use the products I got every day. And then you have a rewards program on top of it! It's amazing & very convenient for the casual poor musician. Because of you I got some very high class audio software now that I love using every day. Seriously. Thank you, & good karma to you. :)


That was a bonehead move to discontinue bitstrips. You should have never done that. And now I can't use bitmoji on my RCA tablet? You guys are on the road to failure/foreclosure.


We have a monopoly of these guys in our area. They charge us $280 per month for cable, internet, & phone. Lovely isn't it? Yeah because we really don't need to put food on the table, when we can pay for someone's 6th vacation home. I hope these guys go out of business soon. They're a disaster. Especially in my area, where everyone is extremely impoverished. 92% of the people in my county are below the poverty line & are on food stamps & other gov't assistance. So when these guys come & charge us thru their corporate greed, I can't help but say they are the worst ISP/cable/phone company in the world.


That new Colonel Sanders' voice is cancer to my ears. Please make it stop. It's driving me insane.
Your popcorn chicken should also not shatter my teeth. But hey, next time a terrorist breaks into my house I can just throw one of those skull shattering pieces of chicken at their heads & Boom! I win & can live to tell!


It's nice for the consumer but if you're a musician selling your music on spotify, you know they don't pay you s**t. You get 0.7 cents on there. No, that's not 7 cents. That is seven tenths of a penny. Which means you don't even get paid one penny per play. Not a very efficient source of income, I'd say. Spotify is putting musicians out of business because of this. They are running the site, making money from consumers, while the people who REALLY run it - the musicians/songwriters - are getting duped. If you want proof of this, then do the research.
By the way, I see people who use spotify for the same 8 songs... nothing else. If you wanna listen to the same 8 songs via spotify, just go buy the 8 songs on itunes. It's cheaper & it's a one time cost. This way you're not paying $10 per month for something you could pay $8 for one time & be all set.
As a musician, I am among the several people who stopped selling my music on spotify. I don't support this kind of business practices. So I took my music back... MY music. The stuff I put my blood sweat & tears into producing.
This is just my opinion. No offense to people who use it.


I am an author for these guys. I sell stock music thru them. Here's my problem - these guys have a rejection system set in place that goes as the following when you submit a song:
Soft rejected: This is when your track has minor flaws & they will suggest you how to improve it... therefore it is temporarily rejected until you fix the errors.
Hard rejected: This is when your track has many critical errors or there is simply not a market for it. If your track is hard rejected you cannot resubmit it.

The problem I have is that they tend to hard reject songs simply because they are too lazy to figure out the minor problems with it. Matter of fact, some of my tracks were amazing, but still got hard rejected without explanation. They will hard reject it but say they don't have an explanation. If it was rejected, then there must have been a reason for it... but how was it not stated? This is very questionable & therefore makes me wonder if these guys are just being pricks. I try to produce something different but they somehow wanna stick to the same old crap. You notice this because most of the songs on their site, sound the same. It's the same old sounds: ukulele & whistles & glockenspiels with a piano overlay, with some claps. Or it's guitar harmonics music (like in corporate commercials). Yeah it's what sells but allowing new trends to be followed is not always a bad idea.
Then when I wanna go back to try & find a song I once found on there in 2014 but I never purchased, there is a 60 page limit for searches. What is the last item on the 60th page in your search, is the farthest back it will go. So it only went back to 2015 because of such broad search functions. This is a shame because that means they're not showing you everything when you're searching for the perfect track.
I wouldn't recommend this site. Matter of fact, I'd highly advise staying away. Try They have a smaller catalog but they have some NICE tracks for your commercials. You'll be in heaven... because they know quality is better than quantity. Audiojungle tries to emulate that but in turn just shows tunnel vision ignorance. Trying to sway you in their own direction. Yeah that's business but over time they hurt themselves with this.
So yeah... is where I'd visit if you want stock music that doesn't stink.

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