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I tell it like it is. If your site/service/company is trash, I will say so. If it's the greatest thing ever, I will also say so.

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I have an extreme urge to tell the truth. If I don't like something, I'm gonna make sure everyone knows it. If I love something, I will make that known too. I'll tell you my experiences with certain websites. What you choose to do with that information is entirely up to you. ;)


I love everything. Except raisins. I hate raisins.

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Oh and to make matters worse, their ads make my browsing experience terribly slow. If you like your ad blocker, this site is a waste of time. Avoid at all costs.


Reddit is a nice place to grab memes and look at funny pictures of cats. But, if you want to be a part of the community, please be advised that there's almost a subreddit for everything. If you post to the right subreddits, you should be fine.
Some users will get what is called "reddit gold" if someone likes their content enough. I've seen people get reddit gold for both good and bad things. As for bad things, (since this is sitejabber not sitepraiser) I've unfortunately seen people get Reddit Gold for ratting on a guy whose wife passed away. Yes, it was a dark joke and having a dark sense of humor myself, I kind of understood. But it was directed at another user who was going through a tragedy.
Also, there are some subreddits that you can be yourself on if it's relevant to the particular subreddit you're opening up on.

But beware that just like any other place in the world, there's rude people galore...

The truth is, you can be anything you want on the internet. Most people, especially on the internet, choose not to be themselves but rather fit in with a particular community because they are afraid of the ridicule they *could* get for being their authentic selves. Others will choose to be themselves and express their true emotions nakedly wherever they go. And if you tell your life story, even if it's completely harmless, there's always someone in the corner who doesn't respect it.
The fact is, most of these people are kids. And by kids I mean ages 9-17. Children love places like reddit because it's just one of many places where they can feel and act edgy without their parents spanking them and/or taking their fidget spinners away. So do not be discouraged if you see a few of these on Reddit. It wouldn't be the internet without them, after all.

My advice to you is just post to the right subreddits and you will most likely be fine. Once you can learn where to post certain things, you will most likely enjoy reddit, too!


The service is a nice alternative to photobucket. But the community is plagued with closed minded trolls. I never got involved with it but I have literally seen entire threads dedicated to ridiculing a person with Autism just because they are different, and that person wasn't around to defend themselves. The thing was not one person stepped in to defend that person and the post went on about 8 pages and you can actually still reply to it now despite it being around for a couple of years now. Having friends with autism (and even being on the higher functioning end myself), that really makes me sad to see that their community staff allows that to go on for so long.
That's just one example of it being extremely toxic. Most of social media is toxic but Imgur can be next-level toxic. If you want to use it just for a photobucket alternative, or to upload something like a screenshot just so you can have a link to post on your favorite forums, make sure you change your settings to "unlisted" otherwise people will not understand what you're posting there for. Because technically speaking, it's like reddit except just for pictures.
Be advised of the toxicity of that community though. If you want a friendly social interaction, go elsewhere.


Site Jabber user Lesly M. Had requested a review of this site. So I decided to investigate. Here is what I found.

Lunss appears to be fully legit. I have seen plenty of users who loved their dresses bought from Lunss. They offer a variety of payment options, and also have a customer service line that is easily accessible. Their trustpilot score is 7.1/10 (one unhappy customer can be seen complaining that the dress was too small while the other reviewers gave 5 stars). Even a reddit user has shown pictures of her wearing her dress and how excited she was.
The prices also don't look "too good to be true". They are within reason. They do take a while to ship. Even if you pay an extra $70 or so to rush it, it will still take nearly 3 weeks to arrive at your location. So if you're going to order it, make sure your prom/wedding/pageant/etc is at least 8-10 weeks from now. Don't wait until the event is like 2 weeks from now before you buy from here. It will take almost a month before it even gets to you. But that's because each product is apparently handmade. They need time to make your item and also process it and make sure it's ready just the way you want it. So it is extremely important to be careful with timing!

Hope this helps, Lesly! :)


Site Jabber user Subal S. Has requested a review of his site Feetcrown. I am happy to do that.
My main feedback on your site would be that you should offer currency conversions for your products. I'm assuming that's the conversion in India but when Americans or people in other countries wish to use your shop, they wanna see the prices in their currency. So you should add options to view prices in USD, GBP, EUR, etc. Also your site is kind of buggy. When I click on a product, it starts showing me locations but it looks weird and also lags. My suggestion would be to figure out what this is and try and fix it. It's not a big deal. It could be a problem on my end, too. But if other users have the same problem, they could be turned off by it. The last thing you want is your customers to go elsewhere.
I did not buy anything so I can't necessarily dictate the quality of the products I got from there. I'm just looking at the security of your site and the initial appearance of it. Because this is what attracts your customers. If your site is too hard to use, you will lose the customers and they will go find another place to shop. So be mindful of this.

Hope this helps, Subal!:-)


A user recently requested a review of this site. So here is what I got from it:

The site itself looks very unsecured. In Safari when you go to pay, there is no "padlock" icon in the address bar showing that it is a secure payment site. This is a warning sign, for sure. In Firefox, it also states the site may be fraudulent.
And that's not all.
The other (even worse) warning sign I've noticed is that it does not offer paypal as a payment option. Only credit card. This raises a red flag because Paypal is a secure payment option and sites that do not have it as a payment option it are often trying to cover their own rear ends.
The site in general just looks kind of suspicious overall. The layout, the way checkout is set up, etc. Looks like a scam to me. I advise being extremely careful buying from this site.

Hope this helps, Sara. :)


You requested a review of this site... you got it.

If I were you, I'd be extra cautious of this. In fact, please avoid. The dress prices are astonishingly low - to the point of "too good to be true". And you know what they say about something being too good to be true... "it probably is".
Be careful. If you're gonna bite the bullet, make sure the service you pay with (ie: Paypal, the bank, etc) has your back in case you get scammed.
Here is a guideline that pointed me to some other suspicious things about this site:

Read this when it comes to figuring out how to protect yourself from scams. Notice the warning signs (ie: "too good to be true"), and know your schedule and budget. The last thing you want is for a wedding to be 45 days down the road and then you get scammed and now have to fight to get your money back when you could be planning for that very special event of a lifetime.
Two other peculiar things I noticed about this site are in the following sentence taken from their FAQ section: "We have a responsible and dynamic representative team to help you. Whenever you have any problem, you could send us an email or give us a call."
A. In this sentence they say "give us a call" but... there's no phone number on the site.
B. They tell you that they have responsible people on the other end. Personally what I notice is that if they have to assure you verbally that they are legit, then there is something they are trying to hide. If anything, this is their job. They should not have to tell you in words that they are gonna do what they are supposed to do. This statement can only be assured through demonstration. Unless they are hiding something... like the fact that they do not know what to do.

Lots of people are looking for love. And with the growing number of people tying the knot together and the rapidly increasing prices of everything nowadays, tight-budgeted lovers looking to tie the knot are a popular target for scammers. What they need is A). People who are in dire search of saving some money (ie: young couples getting ready to tie the know). B). An industry where everything is ridiculously expensive (like wedding dresses) and C). A platform to do it on (ie: an internet site where they need to tell you how responsible they are).
The sad truth is, wedding dresses are expensive. All things wedding-related are obviously highly expensive. So please bare in mind that dresses for under $200 is especially shady and definitely "too good to be true" at times.
Look, I'm no wedding dress expert. I'm just a young family man who uses sitejabber to help other people know where to shop and where not to shop, as I finish my 5th plate of Mozzarella sticks. But I have relatives who were scammed on these sites before thinking they would get a bargain but instead they got scammed. This site shares similar traits to the ones my friends and relatives were scammed on. I would avoid this particular site just because the prices are alarmingly low.

My final advice for you: If the site you wanna buy your dress on has no customer reviews, please treat it as "no news = bad news" and avoid it. Please don't risk it.

Hope this helps :)


Someone here requested a review of this site. So sitejabber member to the rescue here...
Yes, this site is legit. Yes, you can buy your items here. If you wish to buy an item here, please be sure to google the title of the item to make sure it is not available cheaper elsewhere (while also keeping in mind the shipping costs if you do find it cheaper elsewhere. Some places will show a lower price but the shipping/processing charges will cover the amount you were supposedly "saving". This is a sneaky thing online sellers do. Also make sure it is not coming from China. Most sites that scam are based in Hong Kong or whatever).
As always when you buy from pricey clothing sites, be sure to pay with paypal. Just so you can rest assured that you will not get scammed. But I'm 99% sure this site is for real and you will not get scammed.

Hope this helps and happy shopping :)


Someone here requested this site be reviewed so here is my speculation -
The site is powered by shopify - so it's a custom made store. The shirts are all hand made from a guy named Ken in Ontario, Canada. It looks to be all one guy running the whole site. I did not buy anything from this site but if I had to speculate, I would say it is legit. If you do buy something from this site, make sure you pay via PayPal. Because just in case you DO get scammed, you will be able to file a PayPal dispute and most likely you will get your money back (and/or the product you purchased).

Good luck! :)


It's yet another site waging war on Adblocker. I found plenty of useful information on this site so it was worth turning off my adblocker for it. It also gave me about 10 seconds to view the site before it asked me to turn off the adblocker. Normally this drives me away very quickly but because the site had some useful information I didn't mind whitelisting this website in my adblocker.
Business insider has some cool information. I use it for some of my college research papers (it is a credible source of information). I learned a lot of things from BI. Hopefully they'll learn to find another way to make money off their site instead of advertisements though.


The search engine could really use some work. Searching for information on here can be difficult for people who aren't as computer-savyy.


The search within lyrics feature is always very helpful when you only know a few lines to the song but don't know who it's by or what the name of the song is. It's pretty cool. And it doesn't necessarily search for "big" artists' songs. It searches for underground artists too. Pretty large database of songs to search from and 99% of the time you will probably find the song you are looking for by searching this site.


Look, you're paying $20 a year to have your albums published. Seems a little too good to be true, right? Yeah well that's because it is.

You will have a tough time making a lot of money through this service. I would highly recommend sticking with CD baby.


I can talk to my friends who live overseas. This is growing as a popular social media app. One of the best alternatives to Facebook Messenger and Skype. You can keep in touch with your friends worldwide and not have to worry about being spied on as much.
If you are tired of Facebook Messenger and Skype, I highly recommend trying out WhatsApp.


Charging money for a service that you can do for free on a windows PC? Not good, people, not good.
Avoid like the plague.


Flexible payment plans, and friendly customer service. I would highly recommend this site for any musician with a tight budget and who doesn't wanna deal with any rude employees (ie: Guitar Center lol).
Shop here. You'll thank me later. I promise.


I love this site! It has a lot of very interesting knowledge and pictures. Really an intriguing site.


Too much censorship. I think it was laid out better by other users here. But I'm just backing up what sitejabber users james p. And Jenna J. Stated. Censorship is not good. It dictates against open mindedness. I understand you have youtubers who are little (I seen kids as young as age 7 use youtube). But promoting left wing political values and censoring right wing political values is only gonna create a generation of kids who all like the same things, believe in the same things, wear the same things, etc. A world where everyone is exactly alike is a boring place. The opposite of love is not hate, it's indifference. When everyone is exactly the same and afraid to hold different values simply out of fear of being accosted for it, that's a scary reality. But youtube censorship is only feeding into that.



-It signs you out out of nowhere. When you sign in, sometimes it signs you out. It's weird.
-If there is an error in sending the email, you will not get a notification about it. So if you send someone an email they may not get it. Especially emails that have attachments.
-Emails that you have already read may still come up highlighted in blue as if you have not read them yet. For someone with OCD, this can be really annoying.
-If you use it as part of an organization (ie: college), then once you sign in on outlook. Office, you have to sign in on your organization's website too. So you're signing in twice just to check your email.


I honestly can't think of any. It's just another faulty project by Microsoft.


I really enjoy my wolf hoodie I got from them. Really nice quality prints. Although I am aware that these guys are frauds. Because my item didn't arrive for almost a month. There was no tracking number whatsoever. I wasn't even sure if I was gonna receive my item, but I did. I love it.

Despite this positive experience, there are plenty of other negative experiences. Please if you're gonna use this site and disregard the negative reviews, at least use caution when using this site. Don't spend a ton of money. A buy with paypal. This way you can dispute the case and get your money back in the (likely) event that you get duped.

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