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77 Reviews From Our Community


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76 reviews
79 helpful votes

Personally I really like skype but sometimes its really slow or I cant here what the person on the other end is saying. Sometimes it just cuts off the person but on rare occurrences does skype have issues.

7 reviews
10 helpful votes

I remember in the begining...
These Skype ONLY webcams...
boi oh boi did i get ripped of by Skype Hype
i never liked it and or the idea of it..
Now though, i can accept the idea,
but again.. it won't offer canadian numbers
and is an app only call thing.. so wifi needed..
Textnow does the same for free.. and offers Service providing for around 20~40$ so...
just sad they also are not in canada yet id pick it up over my landline
But skype to me.. remains just an overhyped brand like facebook..
it was indeed the one that launched the whole crave so ill give it credit to that

2 reviews
2 helpful votes

I use Skype pretty much every day. When I turn video on, sometimes the voice and movie doesnt come together. Its not always though its frustrating.but I like the message icon. Its so cute.

44 reviews
92 helpful votes

Signed up for Skype and used it for a few months and it worked well. The nightmare began when I tried to cancel my subscription. You may find this hard to believe but first I had to create an account to close an account. HUH? Anyway, after several attempts over several days I was finally able to chat with customer service. I explained that I wanted to cancel my subscription and guess what...SHE COULDN'T DO IT! She was however, able to direct me to a previously unknown page. I completed the process and now the coup de grace. On a virtually instantaneous internet service with electronic account maintenance it will take 30 DAYS! I guess they just want to get one more monthly payment? UPDATE:I waited the required month and would you believe I was still unable to figure out how to cancel the service. Solution: Cancelled auto-pay with my bank. To Skype I say "Nanny, Nanny Noo Noo!

61 reviews
185 helpful votes

Just like anything else Microsoft buys, when Microsoft buys it, it turns into absolute crap real quick. If you're gonna use this malware/spyware, I suspect using it on a mac so your chances of getting infected are much more slim.

Skype, you were doing just fine until you partnered up with Microsoft. Now my Skype account that I signed up with through facebook several years ago, no longer works and all my conversations with friends are gone because you require a Microsoft email to sign up. I had to sign up for one just to use Skype.
You're supposed to broaden your platform not narrow it down.

Aside from that, it gets 2 stars instead of 1 just because I been using it for years to keep in touch with family members and loved ones. Skype is a better alternative for this than Facebook because you're just talking to people. Not venting out all your life's problems in a public post. Skype works well with all that.

But now it's time to do away with you, Skype. This is goodbye.

92 reviews
159 helpful votes

Skype is one of those tech horror stories that you don't really believe until you have tried to use it yourself. Having used it for nearly 8 years, I have seen it go from a promising online communications platform to a platform that has nearly every conceivable problem one could possibly face when using it. The quality of video and audio is all over the place with some cases being a completely pleasant experience while a call with the same person can have major problems causing the call to drop.

The platform is ripe for abuse by spam bots interested in spreading their malicious links to any and all users they are able to find. The number of spam contact requests I get is increasing month after month, making it an unpleasant experience. I dislike getting a ton of requests from users that have images that minors should definitely not be seeing on a platform that doesn't require you to be 18 to use.

The customer service or lack thereof ensures that if you have an issue with billing that you'll be more likely just dealing with it at your bank rather than with their support since their support doesn't actually speak English as the primary language. I understand why companies would outsource a lot of their customer service, but when the agents that you're communicating with actually have no clue what you're talking about despite the fact that you're using their own terminology as found on the Skype website, it creates an incredibly unpleasant experience where you're pretty much guaranteed to not get what you need.

Skype has quite factually sold me a Skype phone number that they did not have the rights to sell me given that it was enabled in my account and I was able to make calls with that as my call back number, but when my aunt tried to call me back from her cell phone, she reached some Todd who had the number for two years through T-Mobile. Skype didn't even know which phone numbers they actually had access to and which ones they didn't.

Ever since Microsoft took over the Skype platform it has been getting worse and worse in almost every single conceivable way whether it be through the Skype application on Windows (I prefer to use the actual program rather than the hilariously unfocused and disorganized Windows app on Windows 10) or the Android application. Even the web-browser version when used on Chrome OS is just terrible in every single way. Adding contacts and not being able to actually explain to them who you are just makes for awkward additions if someone cannot remember who you are from the picture you used which is now low resolution because adding it in the web interface downgrades it for some reason.

Microsoft makes every single effort to make this an unpleasant experience. I wouldn't be surprised if they rebrand the entire thing over the next two years or so because performing even a small amount of research online will show you two things:

1) They are bleeding users as many of their long-term users are switching to competing platforms like Discord

2) No one is having a positive experience.

3 reviews
1 helpful vote

I~m using the Skype mobile version for a long time already and completely satisfied with it no matter at work or home conversations. A good app for various needs.

3 reviews
2 helpful votes

I have been using skype to keep in touch with many of my family members and loved ones this is an easy way to add us all to video chat and keep communication going and watching in real time our family growing together. Even being so far apart:)

2 reviews
23 helpful votes

My Skype account was hacked. (I since learned there is a way to do that and I dont want to give too much information as to how that was done. It was very obvious as to what they did when I looked at my account.) Through the auto recharge set up with my PayPal and then with my bank account the hackers managed to take hundreds of euro from me. They ran through my Skype credit and straight into the auto recharge which is linked with my PayPal account. Multiple repeat takings emptied my PayPal balance inside a minute. Then in a domino effect they used the same method with the auto recharge function to get into my bank account. By the time more than 400 euro was taken my banks fraud detection shut it down. In the end the hackers cleaned me out of more than 600 euro. My Bank paid me back as did PayPal. The scam and hack is/was very obvious. Could not be calls as autorecharge went through consequetively within seconds running into hundreds of euro. Skype did not and have not been co operative at all with this. Disgusted with Skype and strongly recommend everyone to not have auto recharge set up with Skype. You are open to the same hacking and scam I was and your bank may not be as supportive as mine was. Skype certainly wont be.

3 reviews
0 helpful votes

I really love this, I can call and chat with my friends and family..

3 reviews
13 helpful votes

Skype is a very useful tool to stay in touch with people from all over the world. I don't see any reason not to give Skype a five star review!

7 reviews
21 helpful votes

I use Skype for many of my bussines meetings since I have staff all over the world. I also use it often to see what my family is doing. It's a great way to reconnect or stay connected. AND IT'S FREE!

3 reviews
2 helpful votes

works ok on my desktop, but the mobile app is terrible

3 reviews
3 helpful votes

Like, my skype app is so glitchy, I have to constantly get out of it and go back into it just to talk to someone. Also, the CAPS is broke cause I've got to constantly insert the caps function every time, after I enter my text. It's annoying to do and wastes time. Another thing is that some of my messages don't send over skype mobile. Not only that, it happens a lot to my friends trying to respond to me. I don't get calls either when I'm called upon.

The buttons are probably broken too, because ever since the latest update, I'm barely able to send a thing. I can barely press the send button without pressing the emoji one. That's very annoying as well. And when I do press onto the send button, it doesn't even send most of the time. Like, I have to press it a few times to actually get it and avoid the emoji button, but not to miss the send button.

Everything is just so glitchy and stuffed into each other.

69 reviews
413 helpful votes

Very useful...

2 reviews
0 helpful votes

I downloaded this app because I wanted to stay in touch with my mom and close family. It was the best thing I ever did! Now, my kids can stay in touch with there Grandma. No need to rack up your phone bill nor your precious cell phone minutes. It's so easy to use my Grandma uses it a lot! Thanks Skype for making it possible. When you need it the most, communicate with Skype! Download it today! Works well with any tablet!!!

3 reviews
3 helpful votes

Skype is such a cornerstone of online communication nowadays that it's almost entirely useless to write a review for it. Everyone knows about it. That is why it's completely buffling that for the last several months Skype completely neglected the ever-worsening problem with its mobile app for Android. Put it simply - it doesn't work. Constantly crashing mid action, drops calls, and randomly shuts down. Worst of all, the issue is not being publically adressed by the company on the forums. Whatsapp's announced video calling feature can't get here soon enough.

3 reviews
1 helpful vote

I got my new Kindle HD 7" yesterday. I downloaded the SKYPE app. This was the main reason that I upgraded from the original Kindle Fire. I did a Skype session this afternoon with my daughter-in-law and grandbaby this afternoon. Worked wonderful! I had no problems whatsoever getting it working. I already had a Skype account that I used on my desktop computer.

5 reviews
6 helpful votes

Good quality Video & Audio call. I like the messaging also.

3 reviews
14 helpful votes

High quality video & audio call, impressive chatting service, better for file sharing & easy to use, that's why I love Skype so much.

4 reviews
14 helpful votes

I've stayed connected with a couple people though skype and made some really good friends. Has a very easy to understand interface and doesn't take too long to start up.

Don't like having to link my accounts though.

4 reviews
13 helpful votes

They provide amazing service. I can't live without skype.

4 reviews
57 helpful votes

I use Skype for instant messaging, call, and chat everyday. I use it for personal use and for my work. It's the best means to get in touch with friends, family and workmates.

3 reviews
8 helpful votes

I have the Samsung Epic Galaxy 4G and it works just fine on my phone. You just gotta remember that just like with any phone you're using a program and if you're in a bad area with spotty reception it's going to be laggy just like anything else would be.

Chat works fantastic, Calling does what its supposed to do albeit a little laggy sometimes with the newer updates. Much better than my experiences with Tango or Oovoo!

2 reviews
3 helpful votes

I have a 7" EMATIC e-Glide Steal that comes with a forward facing camera. This is what I tried to download and use SKYPE on. For some reason SKYPE works great on my laptop and it worked great on my old desktop, but the tablet is another story. It seems to see the tablet as a telephone and refuses to access the camera. I tried to use my current account, which it could not recognize on the tablet; I tried to set up a new account, which it refused to see as anything except a telephone, so I gave up and deleted it. Maybe it is the hardware that poses a problem, I don't know, but in my opinion SKYPE is not the same on a tablet as it is on your PC. Be warned to avoid the frustration I went through.

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