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I joined this forum in 2016 and back then it was alright with some helpful members to help my mental health. Last summer I started a thread to get help about these funny feelings I had about a family member in their People section. The post got a couple of fairly unhelpful replies but then died off. Just this month though these idiots decided to bring the thread up again and began making very unpleasant comments about me and then calling me a paedophile which was really hurting for me. After over a dozen posts I snapped back at them and BANG! Straight in came a moderator and they removed my thread and punished me. They said that the forum isn't the place to post a thread like that which is rubbish because it says so. First I thought that it was only a warning. They didn't say that now they've put my account on moderation meaning I cannot make any posts unless the moderators are happy which they are not with the posts I make. Following the incident I've really fallen out with the website. There is this other user that's frequently posting false Covid-19 information on there and they never get any punishment for that. Even in frustration after that by letting off anger I reported their posts and guess what? Staff were not bothered with those posts. Get real life support if you need help with problems.


I can remember joining this website as a young college student back in 2009. Then it was very good. I'd ask many questions and get plenty of good answers and some bad ones too. Now I'm lucky if I get 1 answer and whenever I do it's normally not very informative. Fortunately I have started using internet forums more over the years to get help. Yahoo Answers has become so ancient.


Wikipedia has just about everything such as information about my favourite music artists and a timeline that keeps you updated about Covid-19. Who needs to watch the news when it's all in 1 simple place?


Although there are a few good subreddits still around, on the majority of them subreddits your posts are automatically removed by a bot for no reason. Tonight I was trying to ask a question about Pokémon and I used 2 subreddits for the right topic where they had a bot instantly remove my post. I then tried askreddit where their bot accepted my post only to have a human moderator delete it about 10 minutes later. I honestly can't understand why these moderators hate something so basic and simple.


This dating site by far is even worse than POF which I thought was bad enough, especially after the Covid-19 outbreak. First of all like someone else put here, there's hardly any women around my age group. The few younger ones that are on are ugly, bad tempered, single mums who block you just for sending a simple message. There are quite a few good looking older women so I tried messaging one of them. Not for a relationship, only to try and get someone nice to talk to. Same old thing! She blocked me too, obviously because women that age are not interested in men my age. Honestly? These websites are getting to the point where guys will be going on medication for women giving them mental health issues.


Badoo was the first dating website I ever joined at only 19 years old back in 2009. I'm now 30 and have just come back to see what's changed and Badoo only got worse. In earlier days although a huge number of women still didn't reply I'd always get a few reply. Now though I never get a single one. The old messages from the women that use to talk with me there are still in the inbox but those women have long left the site. It's not just this dating website. It's every dating website. Women seem to get more smart and cleaver, having more reasons not to respond. Covid-19 has only made it even more worsen. Women know there's more men looking for a date with all the social distancing that's going on throughout the world so they are only upping their antics online. And it doesn't stop there. Some women on Badoo are ones I knew at school and college and I have them added on Facebook. Still no replies from someone who I actually know! Once the restrictions are lifted I'm thinking of joining a proper real life dating agency where professionals go through the whole country, finding people someone good like Channel 4's Undateables as I've tried internet dating for about 11 years and hardly had any luck.

And the bad luck hasn't stopped from when I last wrote this review. One woman visited my profile about 3 times. Saw she liked country music which I've been listening to every Saturday night, so I sent her a nice short little message asking if she knew this certain song(nothing bad, sexual or demanding), only for her to immediately block me. Don't know why she would get offended over a small thing like that but Badoo is really becoming a joke.

Badoo H. – Badoo Rep

Hi Jonathan!

Thank you for your review.

We're really sorry to hear that you've struggled to make meaningful conversations and connections on Badoo recently.

If you're not sure why people aren't getting back to you, it could be due to the content of your message and it may be beneficial to try another approach. To potentially increase your reply rate, we recommend that you try to be more creative and use something that will catch a user's attention. For example, rather than copying and pasting the same message to everyone you like, read their profile first, see what they're into and send an appropriate message.

Additionally, don't forget to add pictures of yourself with of the best possible quality. This way, we are pretty sure you should get more replies. If you'd like to get in touch with us and make sure everything is working properly on your profile, just drop us a private message any time and we'll help you out.

- BadooHelp


I joined OSA in March 2011 and have made lots of good friends over the years and enjoy the music that their DJs offer and I've even DJed myself for them. However I'd have given OSA a full 5 if only it wasn't for the fact that many listeners didn't appear to like my music when I did sets there. OSA tends to cater more for 1991ish Piano House where I tend to play later 1990s Eurodance. OSA doesn't deserve any low dissing ratings though as staff are very friendly and love a laugh and joke in shoutbox.


I stopped using Skype a few years ago and this is why. I was getting one friend request after another from these so called women that kept sending me links to join porn websites. Blocking and reporting was not working as they just kept on coming. Read the Skype forum and other people were having these same issues but staff weren't listening and only closed the threads. In the end I got so annoyed and fed up with it, I quit Skype.


The forum is good for if I want to get the latest information on Irish radio but there is a section that's a bit rough. After Hours has lots of hungry powered, judgmental moderators that always edit, move, remove or close my posts. Enter at your own risk.


Since joining in last August 2019 I've really enjoyed using and found out so much about my family that they'd have never known. It even let's you print out different sections of your family tree in 3 modes. There's Landscape which prints out information on 4 family generations, Portrait which prints out photographs you've uploaded of 5 family generations and Fan Chart which prints out the names of up to 7 family generations.

Been a member for over a year now and there are things people must be aware of before joining the forum. For a start regular members and staff will just curse you out and bully about what you write. Yes they can insult you but you cannot retaliate. Retaliation will only get you a permanent ban as people have experienced the hard way. Many people get accused of spamming there too. The only reason I've survived is that I experienced a lot of hate talk during my school and college years so with a website like that I'm letting everything go over me.


Back in 2012 when I joined Xat it was this very good website with chatrooms where you could make friends from all over the world. It has got worse over the years though. These days the only people I tend to find are either low life fakes, trolls, bullies or even hackers trying to get user's IPs. However the Spanish version is still very busy if you speak the language. Fortunately I know a little bit.


I'm a big fan of radio so I registered to Digital Spy back in 2013. When I joined there were plenty of good discussions about radio stations and every time I posted a new topic at least a couple of people found my posts very interesting. Now though it's all oldish folk talking about BBC Radio 2. If I start a new thread about what I like they may find it pointless and sometimes even start arguments. Still I can have OK conversations over in the general discussion section and an argument rarely happens there.


Besides been OK when I really want to contact someone for something urgent Facebook is the place where everyone exposes their personal life. Apart from my mum and grandparents all my other family members including my Dad are on there every single day posting about what they're doing right now. What annoys me more about the site is that I made one post about DJs I like and straight away my uncle complained about how private it was. My cousin however has put his home address down which with me in my opinion is worse. Then some relatives don't even friend accept me.


So many reasons why I dislike POF so much that I'm only going on when bored to send silly, pointless messages. Tried every type of message in the book but no women ever reply. I did however get a few replies but that was when I removed my picture. It makes me feel like I'm a monster. The women on there are so dam hard to get. They hate just simple hi messages, if I send them a longer message saying how nice they look or their clothes are they instantly block me (even one woman on reddit a member admitted she'd do the same thing if I sent her messages like that too) although my post was aimed at men so what the hell do I say? All the women there are mainly single moms that show off their bodies by showing their tattoos all while their kids are with their fathers plus others even showing their children in photo. Some think their dogs, cats or rabbits as they use some mobile phone app to give themselves animal ears and whiskers. Then there's other women who are already taken who put photographs on with their boyfriends. Finally not forgetting those fake scammers linking you onto porn websites.


I've been on lots of forums but this must be the worst forum I have ever joined. There's a certain administrator on here I won't name and he's just dam right awkward. 99% of what I post he doesn't like it and keeps punishing me. I post no different on other forums and never have the problems that I do here on Rail UK. When first joining the forum about 3 years ago after making my first post straight away he had a go at me saying that 5 things I'd wrote were wrong and removed my thread along with giving me a warning when I'd only been a member for about an hour. He also got annoyed as another member had just joined the forum with a similar username as mine and thought I was stealing it. I then tried just replying to other posts and not start my own threads only for that same grumpy old administrator to punish me yet again claiming the forum had no place for fantasy posts when I was only having a laugh and joke about if a certain train service ever ran into my town. The grumpy administrator clearly has no sense of humour there. I then got fed up and created a protest thread saying how ridiculous their rules and staff are. That did indeed get me the infraction after then. About 6 months later thinking everything had cooled down I came back to make a post asking about a disabled rail card. Within 30 minutes after posting it along came Mr Grumpy once again to punish me again claiming I had posted in the wrong context. Before I had a chance to edit the post to suit his liking he put my account on moderation meaning from that day forward anything I post now must be accepted by a moderator. Even today if some of their lower rank moderators are happy with my posts that administrator will still come along and punish me. What I can guess is that he must have mental issues to keep harassing someone the way he harasses me. Thousands of other people post there every single week without any problem. He's probably even just a grumpy retired 80 year old station master that's got nothing better than to upset the vulnerable.

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