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About Me

I am an ordinary net consumer who has been on the internet a very long time. The net has gotten progressively worse over time. I have no conflicting commercial interests in any of my reviews. I am retired college educated and computer literate.

How I Can Help

I try to tell the truth as I see it in my reviews. There is way to much BS on the net mostly designed to sell you something and giving false positive info about it. "reviews" that are really advertisements. THis site so far comes closest to being an honest review site without blocking or censoring users.


computers first amendment rights internet dating sites

9 Reviews by consumr


Don't bother posting a review of the city you hated to live in because the corrupt moderators of this site will delete it. Just another corrupt internet website-there are SO MANY


It's the only site I know of that comes closest to a free speech platform. Many do not like it cuz it has many jew haters and racists among it's users. But you can express what you like there. The problem with gab is that the admins are technically challenged and cannot run a website without constant freezes, pages that do not load, redirects to pages u did not ask for to sell u something. There are some indications that posts are being delayed due to moderator approval which is not entirely consistent with the pledge of free speech. Also replies to posts are either inoperative or are not threaded properly. Their servers/connection/coding is SLOW and cumbersome.


Positive reviews must be from skype employees or those who use it on one device only and are technically ignorant.

Skype is basically spyware. It spies on your browser activity, recording and tracing it while u use skype instant messaging.

Run by microsuck they will delete your account for criticizing them in your private skype messages.

Slow to load and sign in. Frequent login problems. Cannot change devices or account will be blocked-another spyware feature.

Try line. It's better. In fact there are many IM programs that are better than skype.


Worst isp in the philippines, maybe the world. Hacking attempts probably from the globe staff/admins who use their firewalls as a DOS for paid users. $#*!ty router/modems that constantly are a problem with disconnects. Uses it's dns servers to block, censor and DOS your net activity. Try smart or pldt. Avoid globe at all costs unless you're hacking their $#*!ty isp for free. I have no commercial interest in this. Just as a user of globe and smart. Smart is 100 times better than globe.


Looks like DIA is on it's
Last legs and to die soon.
The email below was sent to
The losers who run Date
InAsia website. They are
Begging users to find them
Additional users with a
Message to all current users
Asking for their help in
Recruiting new users. From
The looks of things they
Have VERY FEW male users
Now, mostly Filipino guys.
The women on the site have
Really turned into not
Attractive and/or fat ladies
With bad attitudes. I have
Been member on and off for
About 10 years and the site
Has really deteriorated over
Time. Here is my reply and
Their email address in case
You want to join in. They
Have one of the lowest user
Rated websites on
sitejabber.com. Don't take
My word for it, go to
sitejabber.com for a
Multitude of complaints.

To: team, postmast
Spam folder
In reply to your online
Request for users to
Recommend your site, I have
This to say:
I have been a member of DIA
On and off for like over 10
In that time I watched your
Site go from a good site to
Meet women to a crap site
Filled with ugly and fat
Ladies most of whom have a
Bad attitude. Why?
Read your user reviews on
sitejabber.com. Instead of
Recommending sites I
Actively tell people not to
Waste their time with your
Site. Why?
1) you are anti-male and
Delete accounts based on
Spurious accusations and
Bull$#*! algorithms making
Former users angry at you.
You allow females to break
The TOS but you are very
Strict with males. You allow
Females to have duplicate
Accounts, to post pix that
Violate TOS.
2) you allow homosexual men
Pretending to be women lie
And put their profiles in
The womens sections.
3) You're prudes: You don't
Allow photos except from the
Waist up making it
Impossible to eliminate fat
Pigs pretending to be slim.
Get a CLUE. Guys don't like
FAT women. You don't allow
Any sexual talk or profiles
That suggest that user is
Interested in sex primarily.
Even the word sex can get
You banned. BULL$#*!.
4) You're signup process is
A joke, filled with traps to
Disallow registration. THen
You won't even tell us what
The exact requirements are.
Takes a computer expert to
Re register once you are
Banned. BULL$#*!.
5) It's true your site is
Free, but that's not enough.
Free and worthless is
You don't answer emails from
Users having problems.
Essentially you treat users
Like crap and then have the
Audacity to ask them to
Recommend you.
6) I advise users of DIA to
Use a good ad block to deny
You ad revenue because you
Are such a PITA to deal
With. If I was not so bored,
I would not bother with your
Site. The women are mostly
Ugly, fat and bad attitudes.
I am a male with sincere and
Legitimate intentions but I
Am not your site's whipping
7) The way it is going I
Predict DIA will be gone
Soon. It won't be missed
8)btw I am NOT going to put
My real photo on your crap
Site. THe internet is filled
With nasty and dishonorable
People, not to mention the
Government. Not going to
Give them my photo AND guess
What I do not need to with
Your site.


About 1 out of 20 posts on this forum is any good. Rest are either bs or just meaningless junk. Moderators are super paranoid and will censor and delete your posts for small reasons cuz they are scared of the reaction.
You cannot do much unless u pay first. Paying members can flame you and you cannot flame back cuz they need their money.


Run by elitists not for general user. May sites are blocked. Bugs in program. Too many updates. Not adequately tested. Cannot used most add-ons without outing your anonymity. Many free vpns are better but not as anonymous. Their browser is a memory hog that significantly slows down and often stalls your computer unless you have all the latest specs(again elitist and for linux nerds). "developers" at tor now admit it has a bug that allows sites to activate javascript even after you have deactivated it. I have used tor for over 8 years and it has gotten worse as far as it's ability to get around hackers, isp blocks and webpage blocks. My isp has figured out how to DOS tor connections and using their so called bridges doesn't help. So many websites block tor it is necessary to use a vpn and not rely on tor.


Professionals who write qualityprograms. VPN is good better than all the other free ones. AV program is too intrusive too many bells and whistles but generally works. Not sure their privacy policy? Their VPN does not play well with Opera. Opera first tries to dns the regular way and gets an error until avira connects which takes maybe 20-30 secs. Too long. My isp often blocks connections to their vpn rendering it useless. Takes too long to connect to their servers and even list them. Downgrading one star due to this.


To start average of less than 2 stars for all reviews-that should tell u something.
Webpage cannot give even estimate of delivery time during CV quarantine.
Webpage says refunds will take 30 days-unacceptable
Customer service may not be available-so how they going to process ur refund or return if they screw up, which according to reviews is not that infrequently.
Pass will not place several orders I had in mind until they get their act together.
Their replies here are automated and not real replies.Do not be kuripot-hire the staff to do the job u promise in your lofty words and automated computer generated replies (fake customer service)

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