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1 review
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Besides the fact that my headline is true, they need to be investigated by the Federal Government and held to anti-discrimination standards.

16 reviews
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Twitter very unprofessional website and biased staff doesn't care about your thoughts or feelings. Don't use Twitter. It's not user friendly.

1 review
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Twitter operates on algorithms that are written by technology Neanderthals, leaving little in the way for users to offer feedback. As long as they're unable to accommodate frustrated users they'll be unlikely to see any growth in their user ceiling, assuring their internal revenue opportunities will be limited, as well as their stock price.

Furthermore, once President Trump leaves office, the surrounding politics that stimulates twittering interest will decline, making Twitter a declining investment vehicle & a stock shorting opportunity.

6 reviews
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Just painful and annoying.

Haven't logged in to company account for 4-5 weeks and when logging in - my account has been suspended.
Great! Verify with a phone number
- enter company phone - not supported
- enter my mobile - already linked to another account (my personal account)

What the f*&k am I suppsed to do now?
FFS this website is run by f*&king buffoons...

1 review
3 helpful votes

Its a site you cant voice your opinion unless you are democrap. I will never use this site again. This site is junk and stupid. I am conservative and have values this site does not. Twitter i hope you go bankrupted. You wont get a cent of my money or have me again Thanks for nothing, I love guns, God and the bible.

1 review
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This outfit, in my opinion us totally corrupt!

TWITTER thinks they can be the Complainant, prosecutor, Judge & Jury ALL at the SAME TIME.

One would almost think they are run by the Canadian Liberal Party of Canada in that THEY want to CONTROL what you Think Say & Post!TWITTER apparently, in my opinion, cannot Stomach the TRUTH!

For Example, I have tried to get Canadian Government Officials to answer questions about yet another tax. They do not respond after weeks. I then posted what Twitter considers a "HATEFUL POST" as follows:"So @HonAhmedHussen @cathmckenna @justintrudeau here we are, with no response from these three completely gutless, unaccountable wonders! And our Governor General @GGJuliePayette continues to ignore her Country as well! It is now 2 TWO WEEKS... "


In any event when I login I get this:

"We've temporarily limited some of your account featuresWhat happened?We have determined that this account violated the Twitter Rules. Specifically, for:Violating our rules against hateful conduct.You may not promote violence against, threaten, or harass other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease."

If telling the TRUTH hurts then they must be in awful pain. They DID NOT temporarily limited some of your account features. The limited all of them!If you hit hit button to Appeal, the site acts like it has no clue what you want to do.

Eventually they acknowledge, by email, you asked for an appeal but you NEVER hear from them! They do NOT reply to email, you cannot phone them, you can do NOTHING!


2 reviews
3 helpful votes

I became an avid user of Twitter for 4 years and thoroughly enjoyed my experience and met some new and interesting people along the way. My page was a lovely devoted and positive page . It was not politically driven . However over the years my account had been compromised on a few occasions. When this happened Twitter would ask me to type in my email address . I did so and was able to use my account. Recently a youtuber whom i subscribed to was falsely arrested and she attached a video footage . I - of course lent my support . Shortly after i received a notification from Twitter advising my account had been compromised from a user or someone not related to Twitter ( possibly the Tennessee Police or a celebrity. However recently my account was compromised again and a code was sent my email address which Microsoft refuse me to have access too. Twitter had been extremely unhelpful , just responded using re-generated emails . When i recieve a half decent one they referred me back to Microsoft who had been a $#*! at giving me back my hotmail account

1 review
2 helpful votes

If you are Conservative don't waste you time twitter will silence you and Suspend you account for No reason permanently and when you try to find out why they just won't respond lie say you are a Bot when clearly you not just a Excuse to silence Us ..I wanted to think it was just me but several of my friends accounts have been locked permanently as well I think it time for a class action law suit against these Forums

10 reviews
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social networking is still at an immature stage. this includes facebook, twitter, maybe others. maybe because they are run by silicon valley teenagers who are still stunned that they can make money from this s##t.

they are victims of their own success, and cannot provide customer service for their users. they mostly use software robots (bots) and AI to detect when you are doing "something wrong".

they all allow criticism of other platforms (facebook will allow criticism of twitter, and vise versa), so if you have a gripe, take to other platforms. This applies to other things as well - criticise the BBC from the dailymail's website, and so on.


twitter shadowbans. any statements that say otherwise, are talking semantics.

a shadowban is when your post is only visible to your account, and people who follow you. it is for 'subtley' silencing users. because if someone is aware that they're banned, they create another account. but if someone can see their posts, they aren't aware no one else can see them.

there is a website that can test for you.

my shadowban was caused by uploading the same image twice, to two posts, in quick succession. if you want to upload the same image to two posts, I'd advise leaving 10 minutes between posting.

there are some possible fallouts from a shadowban, after your account is re instated. I would recommend having a second account to test. When you reply to a comment made on a tweet (as opposed to commenting directly on the tweet itself), your comment might not be visible to other twitter accounts. Your comment will be visible to yourself, and may be visible when you log out of twitter, and the above website won't flag anything unusual. (and your reply will still be visible to the person who created the comment that you replied to, so they won't be aware of anything unusual).

update-if you get shadowbanned and un-banned, you might get some unreliable posting. tbh I'd recommend a new account. you can change all your name and @handle details to your old account (obv change your old account @handle to something else first).

twitter (as with facebook, possibly others) has been said to be liberal leaning. the twitter format can be quite 'effective' at silencing right wing or aggressive views. the way replies to comments are displayed on threads, it can be easy to miss certain replies. often you don't want to click a particular comment that has replies indicated (but not displayed) because your screen will be taken away from the entirety of the tweet thread you are viewing.

If you do get banned or suspended, a quick web search will show that it's not an uncommon occurrence. Apparently Republicans tend to get silenced (no matter how nuts you may think they are)

Personally, I spent some of my shadowban time reporting the cr@p out of offensive tweets.

Interestingly, the recent Syrian Begum story, the trends kept 'disappearing'. not that I'd ever suggest twitter can silence contentious issues. Still, it's their house, as they say. the important thing is to be aware of it.

4 reviews
3 helpful votes

I can no more imagine a world without Twitter!
The only way to make your voice heard to lots of people and hear them.

5 reviews
5 helpful votes

For some reason, none given to me, this web-site suspended my account. I only went onto the site one time to read something & was suspended. Well, twitter can stick their site you know where. My use of E-Bay was also suspended because they said I committed fraud. Thats hard to do when you only buy & not sell, but I could care less. Several other accounts have also been suspended, ones that I never use. I don't need any of these accounts & I have suspended them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 reviews
30 helpful votes
12/19/18 as well as facebook ban conservatives and let liberals say anything that they want. If you are a supporter of President Trump it gets much worse. I have made comments on both using the exact words of previous liberals commenting on the same subject and my comments are considered hate speech while liberals get a pass and can express themselves however they choose. Our FAKE NEWS media, la la land Hollywood buffons, and now social media is becoming a haven for liberal views and conservatives are locked out. Twitter and facebook both are trying to do away with free speech.

1 review
4 helpful votes

My son tried 2 sign me up 4 twitter and after reading and following a couple minutes I was blocked 4 no reason! Said I cant unlock without phone number, im not giving those scumbags my number. Bad company!

1 review
3 helpful votes

I simply posted a picture of my son in the service and was banned. I guess they are not military friendly. Very Horrible Anti American People. It makes me wonder where I am living.

1 review
3 helpful votes

The president of the United States can say whatever he wants on Twitter including putting down a woman's looks calling out people as Liars when he has no proof of that trying to start nuclear war and I get banned for life because I said Lindsey Graham needs to go lay on a fainting couch

8 reviews
36 helpful votes

Their most insidious method of censorship is the shadow ban. Basically you can tweet all you want, no one can see it. If I didn't have a lot of time and effort on the platform, I would dump it. Unless you are a decadent, depraved Marxist pervert, don't get started on twatter. You won't be welcomed and you can expect censorship.

1 review
2 helpful votes

Tried to log on one morning and found my iPhone app couldn't bring up my account. Tried various methods to reconnect over a few days with Twitter's roboHelp and finally came to the realization that I had better things to do. I will miss some of the sharp/funny/insightful posts. I won't miss the noise. Good riddance! Goodbye.

Chris A.
3 reviews
4 helpful votes

i mean when you make an account it somehow just locks you out of your account and now makes your account suspended or locked for no reason and i think that should stop (and people should stop blocking or muting or harrassing others for no reason and just try and understand others) or etc..... just please make this app better

3 reviews
16 helpful votes

I made ONE perfectly legal comment against lesbians & they banned me INSTANTLY! =)) They beg 4 a phone number 2 'verify' me, like I even give a fuk! Twitter is run by RACISTS who want white nations destroyed. This is proven by how they only support 'free' speech if it is anti-white, etc.

2 reviews
3 helpful votes

I wish twitter got a good COO like FB did so they can find ways to develop monetising strategies that can keep the company alive.

2 reviews
3 helpful votes

So many opportunities become real with this amazing social network. I would like to Thank all who were working on this project!

76 reviews
61 helpful votes

Twitter isn't my 'go to' when I'm on social media but a lot of celebrities are on twitter so I follow them and that's about it. Twitter gets boring I guess.

39 reviews
45 helpful votes

Other than making adolescents stressed, I am not sure what Twitter is useful for. It made more sense to me when I was in college and it was being used more informally. I had a Twitter for about a year, and decided it was not really worthwhile. My thoughts can't be confined by a limited number of characters, and I know that people don't care about what I have to post and I don't care about what they have to post.

3 reviews
7 helpful votes

Twitter is beginning to lose control of the millions and millions of users it has. Complaints abound on every issue, from unwarranted blocking of accounts, to lack of proper checks for fake news.

1 review
0 helpful votes

It all came and looks good.... Haven't tried it on yet.
It feels good to the touch,and the quality seems real nice!

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Twitter, as well as facebook, is a biased liberal organization and if you make conservative comments they will ban/suspend you. If you are a President Trump supporter they will scrutinize your comments sometimes months in the past in order to find something that they can consider 'hate speech'.

By Craig C.
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Not unless you are very very careful about what you say because you can be banned without provocation and that could be hurtful to your business. I would see what other platforms are available first that would be beneficial to you

By Deborah H.
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