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A small town girl with a love for traveling and exploring new sites and actual stores.

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I am as honest as they get, I don't like to leave bad reviews if I don't have to on literally anything unless it truly needs to be said. I will be upfront about everything I post and tell it like it is.


Shopping, Shows (ballets, musicals, monster jam, etc.), dogs <3

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I am constantly looking for new things/items/clothes to try and Chic Soul has popped up in my browser on several occasions. I finally decided to give them a try and purchased a top. Standard shipping for them is between 3-5 days but I received my shirt in two days! I would think if I had a huge order it may take longer but I believe 3-5 is pretty reasonable. They allow free shipping after you spend $100 or more, which is nice because they are not the cheapest clothes to purchase.

The quality of the clothes themselves was nice, very soft and I could have sized down I believe. I did not have to return my item but it should be noted that if you do have to return any items you only have 30 days to do so and they only give back store credit. So if your shirt costs $50 you can expect store credit to purchase another item(s) instead of a refund to your credit card or cashback. I don't think it is that big of a deal, but if someone doesn't read it online or the return label that they send with the clothes then I can see unhappy customers with that. It is also important to read the measurements and clothing descriptions as they will tell you if the material has any give or what material it is.

I would definitely recommend their clothes.


I absolutely love having Honey installed on my Chrome browser. I am huge on finding the best deals possible so oftentimes I already have a coupon for something before looking at honey. On more than one occasion Honey has gotten me an even bigger discount then what I had originally. I love it when it pops up at the time of checkout and I get to watch all the coupons be applied and see the different prices. I would recommend this to anyone.


Every year, around Christmas, my husband puts on his list Harry's razors. He loves them so much and uses them all the time. My experience with Harry' has been rather pleasant. They have wonderful deals, I find it's worth the price they are asking, and the shipping is rather fast. They make lady razors too, definitely worth a shot!

They make the perfect gift!


Rainbow is the type of store that you should shop in person for. Shipping the items is fine, I haven't had any issues there and the quality of the clothes is what you are paying for. However, it seems that the clothes themselves (size being) are all over the place. I ordered the same size I would normally wear and some are too big, some too small, and only 1-2 items were true to size. I don't like the fact that I can't tell you to size up or size down from your normal size because it truly ranges from outfit to outfit. Your best bet is to shop in store and try on the clothes to avoid any hassle of having to return items. I should also mention that if you buy bathing suits, underwear/bras, or a bodysuit the sale is final and they can not be returned (even more reason to just go to the store).

That being said, my overall opinion of rainbow is good when shopping in store but online not so much.


Nothing bad to say about the quality of the clothes, mainly because none of them could be worn anyway.

I suggest if you are going to buy from shein, size up or check the measurements, so you that you don't have to deal with the hassle of returning items and getting new ones.

molly m. – SHEIN Rep

Dear Caitlyn,

I have checked on the verified order number and there is one missing letter from this. Can you please send us an email to Dispute@Shein.Com with the title SITEJABBER so that we may assist you on this order. Optionally, we can also look up the order details with the email address that was used to place your order. I hope to hear from you soon.


The product itself is a nice concept, I don't necessarily think it is worth the price I spent on it. However, if you had a coupon or bought it during one of their deals, I say definitely try it. It definitely made me feel like I had a lot more energy but I had to force myself to drink the tea - I didn't like it at all. I was recently on their site and noticed they now have gummies, I have not personally tried the gummies, but I noticed they are a bit overpriced for my liking.


For me personally, I have never had an issue with PayPal. Though, I don't get a large sum of money put into it or taken out of it. It has been easy for me to use and navigate through their website and everything is pretty self explanatory.


If you are looking for a fun time with the family or you, yourself, are into medieval times/jousting, knights, kings/queens, etc. This is definitely something you should look into! offers 10 different locations, including one in Canada, that you can choose from. The website is easy to navigate and shows you and tells you exactly what it is all about. Once you purchase online once, sign up with your email and they send you AMAZING deals right to your email. I recommend this to anyone and everyone!


I have used Shutterfly for the last 6-7 years and have yet to be disappointed. I have customized my woven blankets, pillows, mugs, etc. and the product has always been exactly what I wanted. The shipping is pretty standard and the prices are reasonable. The website is easy to understand and navigate and their products make for great Christmas presents! I also love the coupons they send me right to my email that always me to get free shipping or x amount % off items. It is wonderful!


I love going to Michael's, so much variety and I could spend hours there. However, their site, not so much. For me, it was hard to navigate the website and find what I need. I actually ended up needing to go to the store and take a picture of what I needed and find it by the item code online (I needed to buy things in bulk and in the store, it was always out of stock or only 1-3 available). However, I did find everything I need and the check-out process was simple and easy and the shipping was pretty quick/average. I am satisfied but I would like to see some upgrades done to their website in the future to make it easier to navigate.


I love that it shows me the zestimate (Zillow estimate) of how much I would be paying a month and that it is easy to navigate and filter to what we need. My only complaint is that I have reached out in the past to agents and never got any responses except for one time and it wasn't the greatest interaction. Other than that it is easy and useful, I just recommend using a Realtor you know or local to that area.


I have moved 4 times in the last 4 years and every time it was a smooth transition, thanks to! We have not purchased a home yet (we almost did, but it just was not the right time for us) so I can only review them for my experience with renting.

It was easy to find homes for rent for what we were looking for and it was great being able to put in what we were looking for (apartment, townhouse, etc) in the price range we could afford. I also loved that it was easy to filter anything we wanted to be included. For example, we had two dogs so we were able to filter "pets allowed", etc. It was very helpful.

Contacting agents was super easy, just fill out the information box and how you would like to be contacted and hit submit. The agents always got back to me in a timely manner. I would recommend this to anyone.


I love, love, love this website.
Easy to navigate, easy to filter, easy to apply.
I have found a job off of this website with the last 3-4 jobs I have had.
I would definitely recommend using this site to anyone.

Indeed-Support S. – Indeed Rep

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us some feedback, Caitlyn! We're so glad you found success on our site! If you ever need additional assistance, feel free to reach out to us at


Who knew writing reviews would make you feel so much better! I love being able to tell people about the best experiences I have had and some of the horror stories to warn others. <3 good job Sitejabber!


I had several horrible experiences in the actual stores, so when my bridesmaids found their dress, I helped two of my girls out by getting them online and shipped to my mom (I live in a different state now than my hometown friends). The purchasing process online was easy. I found the dress by the item number on the tag and ordered the dresses. What was NOT clear is that once the dress arrives you only get 14 days to return it if there is an issue (sizing, color, rips, etc). I had an issue, my one bridesmaid couldn't get the dress because they said it would take 2-3 months to get in and she was in Florida for a wedding when it arrived. By the time she got back and was able to get the dress and try it on it had been 30 days. I tried to take the dress back to the store and exchange the size. Unfortunately, because I purchased it online it could ONLY be returned to them and refunded by them. I asked her if it was going to be a problem and she said no just say it was a sizing issue. After calling one of the representatives, who was very rude, I was able to resolve the problem and they sent me a size bigger. My second issue with ordering online is that the second dress we had sent to the store to pick up. Once again, no issues with the process, however, once it arrived in the store they called my bridesmaid and told her that she only had SEVEN days to pick it up or it would be placed on the sales rack and be made available for someone else to purchase. I don't know about you guys but that's pretty messed up to me. She purchased that dress, she should be able to pick it up when she can without the worry of it being sold to someone else or loss of money.

I won't ever be using them again.


I lost my baby two months ago exactly, and it has been super hard on me. I didn't know it until she passed how much I relied on her for emotional support sometimes from the issues I have. That being said I want to adopt a new dog soon so I have been going to local shelters and looking on Petfinder.


It helps show you all the available dogs (and cats, etc.) near you
Easy to navigate and filter to what you are looking for
Gives backgrounds on the animals
Explains if the animals would be good around other animals/children


It is almost impossible to meet every single criteria they want
If you do make the criteria, the dog is probably already adopted, in the process, or on hold.
Some of them seem like scams - as I have seen the same dog photo on a few different listings with the same name
The range is small on a lot of them which is difficult when you live in the middle of nowhere.


I only used this a few times and when I say a few times it was only for looking. I attempted to rent a place from them, to find out later it was a huge scam - thankfully I did not give any money or information to this person and I alerted the realtor's right away. I haven't used it since because it lost my trust. I can't give it a one star though since it does seem to have useful information and it's easy to navigate. I would personally recommend or, but if you do decide to use this site, be careful with your information.


I disliked this site at first because I thought it was full of tools and rude guys who just want in your pants instead of a relationship/future. However, I can't say I hate this site because I met the love of my life on it. 4 years later, looking back on the experience, I can't complain. Even in life, you always have to go through people to find the best ones. The only difference is you have to do that online. I think it is worth it, but try subscribing when there are deals!


I stopped shopping with Lane Bryant and have moved onto Torrid instead. I think that the clothes are more styled for a business outing or a formal event instead of everyday wear. Don't get me wrong they have plenty of clothes on there that could be considered "everyday wear", but I feel older while wearing those. I like that torrid makes me feel younger and more stylish and is a tiny bit cheaper.

I do absolutely believe that Lane Bryant is worth the money if you are looking for a dress or a work outfit.


I would have given the full 5 stars but I do believe that they need to adjust a few areas.

Their customer service is superb. I have a slight issue (not even an issue, it was more of a concern/question) after I purchased my groceries from them the first time. I had a total amount spent, let's just say $150, which I saw come off my card but then the next few days I was seeing $10, $3, $26, etc. So I contacted them, as nobody wants to be double - triple charged for anything. The customer service representative fully explained the situation to me and then kept in touch with me through email the days following until everything evened out.

When the products came, and it was fast, all the cold items were packaged nicely and kept chilled. I also have no issues with the boxed items/cans because they were packed nicely. My one complaint and the reason why they received a four-star is that I ordered a case of water (which I figured would come in its own box) but unfortunately, it came in a huge box with a case of soda and on top of those two items a bunch of cans and other pantry items that made the box extremely heavy. It was so heavy that the delivery driver left it at the end of the driveway instead of the door this time. My then boyfriend (now fiance) was upset and told me to never order drinks from them again, which I haven't, and I haven't had any other issues with them since.

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