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1 review
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So I went in with a certain dress in mind, upon arrival I was greeted by nice clerks. I was asked to pick 3 dresses to try on at a time and hated the way they all looked. My representative Ana found me a dress that I would normally never even see twice, hesitant I tried it on... I loved it! Thanks Ana for helping me find my wedding dress.

1 review
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I had no expectations going to David's with my daughter to look for a wedding dress. What we found at David's Bridal located in Blasdell was staff (Joanne) was so kind, patient ,motherly and dedicated with helping my daughter find the "perfect" wedding dress. She put her heart into it! What a memorable time we had. Thank you for such a positive experience!
Regards, Barbara Foy

1 review
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First off let's start by saying I called ahead. I ordered a prom dress from a website and received it in the mail and the top piece didn't fit. No big deal I was just gonna have it altered to fit. I called ahead to David's Bridal to ask first off if they would even work on it. The lady on the phone said yes. Then I asked if I could come in now by chance for someone to look at it and possibly start on it, she said yes come right in! I live an hour away from this place and I told her this and she still proceeded to say, "that's okay we're still open". So we get there and I ask to talk to the lady in alterations and get told that she left for the day. Right there pissed me off. Then I talk to another lady asking when she would be back and this lady proceeds to say I'm gonna have to make an appointment for next week. So as mad as I already am I'm almost ready to say yes when ANOTHER employee chimes in and asks where I got the dress from I told her from a website and both of these women give me the rudest look I have ever received, put their hands up and say we can't touch it you have to go else where. So then I'm arguing with them about how I talk to the alteration lady myself over the phone and she said they would work on it no matter where it's from and these two other employees proceed to tell me that "oh she must be the newer one, she probably didn't know". IF YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF A BUSINESS YOUR EMPLOYEES SHOULD KNOW WHAT TO TELL A CUSTOMER!!! If they do not know then they should talk to a manager and tell the correct information to the customer. David's Bridal has forever lost any future purchases from me which is a shame because I've bought a couple from the past and have seen a few wedding dresses that I really like. But with service like that and the fact that the 2 ladies I dealt with in the store were so rude about it as if it were my fault absolutely killed any liking I had left for the store. I will never again buy from there and I advise others not to have to deal with the people who hate their jobs and don't want to deal with a potential customer. Absolutely rude.

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I have shopped at several David's Bridal shop and was turned away by rude attendants. Being ignored and treated rudely. Having traveled to many different shops all over the state for months I was getting tired. While shopping at another venue I happened upon the David's Bridal in Manchester. I figured I'd give or one last shot. What a different experience! From the moment I arrived and was pleasantly greeted at the door to my actually making the purchase. Brittany B was amazing. She was courteous, sweet, patient. But most of all she was helpful. She answered every question I had, helped me find different sizes, colors etc. I truly appreciated her working with me. She is the epitome of excellent customer service. Should I need dresses for any occasion from now on I will shop this store first.

1 review
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I had a very nice experience customer service was excellent Nicole was very very helpful it was a very busy day yet they gave me attention that I needed I am the mother of the bride and I didnget my gown there and it fabulous price I was very please with the store it's in Jersey freehold New Jersey and I was very happy

1 review
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WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!! Called because I ordered a dress online it came in with security tags on it!!! Unfortunately I waited online an hour and 15 mins to be disrespected and told to bring the gown to a Walmart or Target to have ink tag removed because I don't live near a David's bridal. I asked for a manager and was refused by Sophie the rude lady who took my call to be connected to one!! She resorted to calling me customer!!! Vs my name. She yelled and spoke over me and said well what do you want us to do!!! I will NEVER ORDER FROM DAVIDS BRIDAL AGAIN!!!

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My friend (the bride) had booked me and the bridesmaids in for a dress fitting in the Stratford shop. They sized me and the other bridesmaid up and calculated on paper cm's to UK sizes, firstly if you want to feel crap about yourself go to Davids Bridal. Our stylist seemed nice, however, she sized me three times bigger than I am. I am a size 12, occasionally 14 and she sized me as a UK18. Firstly I felt as if I was going to cry in the shop there and then. Every dress I tried on in a size 18 swamped me and she had to pin back several times. I tried to collect a few 14's and put them outside my dressing room to try on and every time I went to the rail they had gone and been replaced with 18s and even size 22's. When I finally managed to try a 14 on after protesting so much, it was still too big and had to be pinned back. Do they make money on alterations?? I was not allowed to try on my size and was humiliated and infuriated. Also I recently got engaged, they have lost a customer as I will NEVER go back to David's Bridal.

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Myself and 5 other bridesmaids have purchased dresses from David's bridal in Scarborough, ON. When we tried on dresses I chose to purchase a dress smaller than my size at the time. I tried on the size that I wanted to order and it fit. Although it was tight, it still zipped all the way and fit. This was September. The wedding is in February. When I received the dress in December it did not fit. It is not the same size as the one I tried on in the store.
I went back on December 28 to address this issue. Before speaking to anyone, I tried on the black sample dress to make sure that I was not mistaken. After all it could have been that I gained weight. It fit. As it did when I chose to purchase that size. I tried on the one that I was given and it did not fit. We spent several hours trying to come to a solution but the staff was extremely rude. They basically told me I could steam it and try to stretch it out. The material the dress is made out of does not stretch. It is 100% Polyester. Their solution was to have it altered to add a corset. That would have been fine, however, they provided no assistance and wanted me to pay the full price for it ($100). The dress I was given IS NOT the same as the one I tried on. The excuse given to me is that the sample one is stretched. If that is the case it should be swapped out for one that fits properly.
The manager and store manager went on to state that it was my fault because my measurements read a different size. I was body shamed. I was belittled. I was bullied. I was ganged up on by staff. It made me feel extremely insecure and hurt. The fact that I did not lose the weight is none of their business and it has nothing to do with the issue. The issue is I did not receive what I purchased. Again, they blamed me for not having gone with the size they said, which, when I tried on suggested size they had to pin it everywhere because it was so big.

The store manager went on to state that she would try and contact corporate to see if they could do anything about the alterations. She did not want to do anything herself to reduce the price or comp it or meet us half way. I had my friend speak to everyone for me as I was extremely angry and hurt. I did not want to make a scene and felt my friend was extremely calm and tried to de-escalate the situation while DB employees were escalating it, being rude and raising their voice stating the dresses are made from a standard outline. I understand that. However, I did not receive what I purchased. The dress I purchased zipped up. The one I was given does not.

Before leaving, the store manager said she would contact my friend after the new year with an update. We asked for a date and was told by January 2nd. We never heard back from her. My friend called multiple times and left messages. She was finally contacted on January 9th at around 7pm and told there was nothing they could do.

I was able to locate an email for DB directly and informed them of what had occurred (exactly what I am posting here). I was contacted and it was reiterated that there was nothing they could do because the size I bought was not the size I was when I purchased the dress. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. They do not care about customers or customer satisfaction. This issue could have EASILY been resolved by helping me out with the alterations. Afterall, the seamstress is paid salary and it would have literally not costed them a cent.

1 review
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When I picked up my wedding gown, it was totally disappointed the service and the staff at Woodbridge location. The first time when I made full payment for the dress and tried the dress, the service was good, especially the Alterations Manager, she gave her professional advise and suggestion. A few weeks later, when I came back to pick up, I did not feel welcoming at all with the staff who helped me to get the dress out from their receiver department. When I asked about the garment bag for the dress, they require to pay $10 extra for just a garment bag, which the dress is over $1600, it's not a cheap dress, David's Bridal should be provide a garment bag for every purchase. I was very surprise that such a big bridal store and DO NOT provide the bag. The whole conversation from that staff was not nice, when she said ' you have to try it on, I said I have to come back for alterations anyway, I could just check if the dress has damage. She seems just want to get me out as quickly as possible, but the store was pretty empty at noon time during the week. But the way she talked was rude and not friendly or welcome at all. I forgot to ask her name, otherwise I would have to name it here. Very disappointed about the whole service from David's bridal, not a best place to get your wedding gown to be honest, you pay that amount of money, but you don't get the equal service. NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL.

Update: I got their response today, but they didnt do any compensate or just giveaway a garment bag.

Their response:
Hello, we are so sorry for the care and service you received during your in store experience. We value you as a customer and we are truly sorry that was not displayed during your visit to our store. We understand this is an exciting and special time for brides and families and do not take this feedback lightly. Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback, we appreciate you taking the time so we may grow, train, and become a better place for future brides and customers. Best Wishes, BrittianyD."

1 review
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I went to DB Stratford (London) in October with my mum and 2 BM's. We arrived onetime for our appointment and were told to go upstairs and look at dresses. 10 minutes passed and we had looked at all the dresses and were just standing around in the middle of the floor waiting to be called. 2 members of staff walked straight passed us and went to an older bridal party who were standing around asking if they were ok or needed any help-- they had already been seen. So annoying so I went downstairs to ask what's happening with our appointment. We were then finally called.

Israel looked after us very well and honestly if it wasn't for her I would absolutely hate this store. I wouldn't recommend bringing more than 3 people on a Saturday because it is busy. The set up is nice and still became a nice experience. She helped me try on about 6 dresses and gave me a wild card dress which I loved- and ended up buying. She worked out what I would like by talking to me and getting feedback on each dress from both myself and my party- really amazing skill! I couldn't decide between 2 dresses the manager came over and tried to sell me both- the same woman who cleanly ignored us in the first place when we were waiting. She tried to take over the sale. We left and said we'd book another appointment. I really didn't want to buy anything from her. In hindsight I wish I had just bought the dress from Israel.

Booked a second appointment for end of November called up, booking was easy and the lady was really nice.

On arrival I only wanted to try on 2 dresses- although I knew which one I wanted. I was served by Marssela she brought the dresses put them in the dressing room and left. The dresses are heavy with lace up backs- I didn't know what was happening. 5 minutes later she comes back and I ask her why she isn't helping to put the dresses on and she says that they are not allowed if we don't give permission! Why she just left and said nothing then gave me that lame excuse is beyond me. It was 6.30 so I imagine she was just being lazy after a long day. She puts the dresses on and I decide on a dress. I explain to her that I want a UK size 10 (I'm a 12 now due to some health issues) but am naturally an 8. My wedding is in 10 months so plenty of time to naturally go back to normal. Everything is good we go downstairs and I paid in full for the dress and dress bag (£5). I was told the dress would be here in 8 weeks plus.

Week before Xmas I get an email saying my dress is ready for collection and I must collect within 7 days. I'm shocked as its almost Xmas and the dress is at least a month early!!! Again called to make an appointment, great service on the phone. Asked if I could come after Xmas as Stratford is not close for me and well, it Xmas and I'm busy. Was told that's not possible and I need to collect the dress. I was fine with this and inconvenience but not an issue.

Attend an evening, after waiting for 20 minutes (they had issues finding my dress, despite me checking this with them on the phone because of how early its arrived) my dress comes out and I'm so excited. That ended when I saw that the dress is a UK size 12. So I explain to the lady on the desk that the size is wrong, it should be a UK 10. She says no check my receipt which has US sizes and says that I ordered a 12- SERIOUSLY. I refused to accept this as I know full well what I wanted and if the sales woman didn't listen and they are hiding behind US sizes that's not my fault. I was told that there is nothing I could do. They called Marssela and she kept insisting that I asked for a 12. She left no notes on the system so because of her laziness and incompetence I'm wrong. I spoke to Tanecna who I think is the downstair manager and showed her photos of my body size just a few months before and years going back explaining that there's no way I would ask for a 12 when it's not my normal size and I'm only this size due to health issues, which are now being managed. Tanecna seemed like she understood and was empathetic. She put the dress on me which fits really well now- BUT this won't fit me on my wedding day 10 months away. I've already gone down to a 10 naturally and I'm now less than 9 months from my big day. Tanecna said that they only exchange if I drop more than 2 dress sizes- there's no way I'm going to be a 6 (nor would I want to be) so I'm screwed. She offered me 50% off accessories and I left taking away a dress that will NOT fit. One of the reasons I chose the dress is because it didn't need any alterations. Well now I'm looking at serious alterations. Its a body fit mermaid dress with big tail so entire top to thigh will need to be taken in. The dress also arrived seriously creased so steaming costs too. They said that they would steam it for free if I get alterations- like I would seriously trust them with alterations when they couldn't even order the dress correctly.

My advice if you go here double check the UK/US size conversions yourself and ensure that they have listened to what you have asked for. Do not pay in full- if they screw it up then you'll be out a deposit but at least you won't have a dress that will cost £100's more to alter to fit when if they had just ordered the correct size alterations wouldn't be needed at all.

What started off as a really good experience with Israel, who was absolutely amazing so helpful and really helped find the perfect dress turned into a horrible and very expensive experience.

I am utterly disappointed the correct solution should have been to apologise for the misunderstanding and reorder the correct size- I have so much time before the weeding - But no, it made more sense to argue with me the paying customer take my money and say theres nothing that can be done. I think they do this so you have to get alterations to increase their revenue and profit margins.

It's understandable why they have so many issues- the service is inconsistent. Tanecna tried to resolve the issue and was lovely really empathetic but only after I had to prove my normal size. Sad that they have a few good people clearly wasting their talents with this company and being let down by lazy, unethical staff.

If you go there, I highly recommend asking for Israel- she is a true talent and has great service.

Such a shame as I had wanted to order 6 BM's dresses and my mum and MiL's dress here but no way I would trust them now. Their failure to rectify a simple issue loss them revenue greater than the cost of my dress- quite stupid really

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I loved living this experience with the people at this shop. The ladies are so nice and they make you feel so comfortable. They make you feel like you're trying on dresses with friends. My friends were there too, so it was like having a big group helping me!

1 review
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Priceless priceless princess experiences every time I go into Saginaw mi David's Bridal is the absolute best

29 reviews
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I had several horrible experiences in the actual stores, so when my bridesmaids found their dress, I helped two of my girls out by getting them online and shipped to my mom (I live in a different state now than my hometown friends). The purchasing process online was easy. I found the dress by the item number on the tag and ordered the dresses. What was NOT clear is that once the dress arrives you only get 14 days to return it if there is an issue (sizing, color, rips, etc). I had an issue, my one bridesmaid couldn't get the dress because they said it would take 2-3 months to get in and she was in Florida for a wedding when it arrived. By the time she got back and was able to get the dress and try it on it had been 30 days. I tried to take the dress back to the store and exchange the size. Unfortunately, because I purchased it online it could ONLY be returned to them and refunded by them. I asked her if it was going to be a problem and she said no just say it was a sizing issue. After calling one of the representatives, who was very rude, I was able to resolve the problem and they sent me a size bigger. My second issue with ordering online is that the second dress we had sent to the store to pick up. Once again, no issues with the process, however, once it arrived in the store they called my bridesmaid and told her that she only had SEVEN days to pick it up or it would be placed on the sales rack and be made available for someone else to purchase. I don't know about you guys but that's pretty messed up to me. She purchased that dress, she should be able to pick it up when she can without the worry of it being sold to someone else or loss of money.

I won't ever be using them again.

3 reviews
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i have bought a flower girl dress a month ago, but when i received it, it was very bad quality and the color didn't look like the picture online

1 review
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I paid 1250 dollars for my wedding dress and 350 dollars for alterations. In return I got a wedding dress that was made too short because the skirt was torn and an e-mail saying that they are sorry which I of course do not believe since they did not do anything about it. Here is in short: David's Bridal is into your money ( make no mistake they will charge you with extreme amounts for anything no matter how small it is, even for the bag they put the dress in) but they DON'T care about your happiness or satisfaction whatsoever!!!

1 review
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Melanie was amazing, great customer service. I look forward in booking with Melanie again.

Thanks again Mel.

1 review
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I would like to thank Timothy,katherine,Rebecca,bonnie, they all helped me to get the perfect dress for me on my special day ...i would say you have the perfect staff working there .... I will always be very grateful ..

1 review
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Ordered a wedding dress 'special order', so 3 month delivery. Dress arrived after 2 months, with hole in bodice; second dress arrived after a further three months in the wrong size. Rejected the goods as per English law, and therefore entitled to a refund. The company accept the first dress was defective and the second was the wrong size, but they state that the CONSUMER RIGHTS ACT gives THEM the right to keep trying to produce the dress as ordered. What rubbish!!! They are in breach of contract, and they have consistently failed to reply to correspondence until I have used Twitter. Brides - do not choose to use Davids Bridal until you have googled 'Davids Bridal complaints' and read the awful reviews on their products and customer service!!

11 reviews
63 helpful votes

Could not return dress to store. I took dress to store to return and was told they are a separate company. What? I can return Arie to American Eagle, I can return Lands End to Sears and in some Kohls stores I can return Amazon orders. I was told by store manager to hurry and CALL because I only had 14 days to request a return authorization. Again, what? I could not start a return online. I should mention that the dress was well made, sized accurately and a good value. But since this is SITEjabber you get 1 star. Your online process is antiquated.

2 reviews
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I am glad i found this service. Last month i bought brider dress for my sister. It was so beautiful and elegant! Thank you David!!

1 review
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I have been at the Edmonton Store and found a very helpful group of ladies helping me chose the right outfit for me. Great customer service!

1 review
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buyer beware: when you order online, not only can you NOT return items in store, you also cannot exchange items OR request a return shipping slip. Literally the customer service and shipping process of a mom and pop's so absurd! I had ordered my bridesmaid dress online with a coupon code that by the time I received the dress I ordered was no longer available (which was measured in store and was told what size to order). I ended up having to pay $10 to ship it back and also had to re-order at the full retail price since they do not accept exchanges and wouldn't honor the lower price I paid originall with the coupon code. This company is scum and they sell a $#*! polyester product. You are better off going elsewhere and if I had the choice I would NOT be spending my money here. If you want a classic and well-dressed wedding party please do not subject your bridesmaids to wear this overpriced garbage.

1 review
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was suppose to get my dress at the beginning of the month and still haven't recieved it. Hasn't even shipped out yet! 3 months is a little ridiculous to ship a dress.

1 review
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I went to the Springfield location to try on wedding dresses and had an appointment mind you, the store was crowded and I felt like the consultant working with me wasn't actually focused on the appointment. There was three other ladies she was pulling dresses for and I was looking for an era specific dress to fit my wedding theme. She pulled this Melissa Sweet dress for me told me it was the last one and that it would fit my theme perfectly, now I didn't have anyone with me so I was relying on the consultant for honest feedback about what the dress looked like on me. Her exact words were " that dress is so you, it fits perfectly and looks amazing on you" I was unsure about buying the dress and told her that she told me it was the only one and they couldn't hold it for me. Worried I would miss out I asked her about returns she told me I could return it for store credit if I didn't like it. Ok fast forward to now I am completely unhappy in the dress it doesn't feel like the dress I'm supposed to have which makes me uncomfortable and I definitely don't feel beautiful in it so I call to find out about exchanging it for something else only to find out I can't return it because it's past the 90 policy. My wedding is in 5 weeks and I'm stuck with a dress I don't want to wear because the consultant wasn't forthcoming with the information about the return policy at the appointment. The customer service lady today didn't seem to care her solution was oh well you could always sell the dress and come in to purchase a different one. Are you bat$#*! crazy lady I spent 1600.00 on a wedding gown I'm now stuck with plus all the jewelry to go with shoes, and over $500 on dresses for my daughters who are in the wedding oh and plus shoes for them as well. Davids bridal doesn't care one bit for their customer, their experience, or their big day all they care about is lining their pockets. The fact that they don't stand behind their product or admit that consultants lie to get the sale because surprise they work off commissions. Will never go here EVER again, and everyone else should run the other way.

1 review
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I received my dress from the Monroeville store and I had a wonderful experience from my sales associate Kara Joe to the seamstress who did the alterations I don't remember her name but she was great and also a great thanks to Darlene,I would recommend this store to anyone who is seeking to get a wedding dress and have a wonderful experience while doing it.

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