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I was given a quote for books. Other buyback companies take less than week. I didn't receive a payment. I send them message and no response. Company is a ripoff that steals book and doesn't pay. Better off selling them or donating yourself.


I paid account balance in full. The company is charging me interest. Its a ripoff card with high apr interest. Reps are clueless.

When paying whole balance, there shouldn't be no interest period. I payoff full balance on other credit cards companies and never had any interest. Chase is getting worst by overcharging on interest.


I signed up to be a shopper. I received a payment card, but no lanyard or name tag badge.

When select hours come out, waitlist is only option. There wasn't hours to select in your zone or close to it. It was the same for this week and next week.

This app sucks and waste of time. Uninstalling it the sorry excuse of an app.

Its oversaturated with too many shoppers.


This site is filled with broke men and scam artists. Men are looking for sex. Profiles aren't background verified on some profiles. Some of these men have arrest records. Men doesn't want to chat on phones, but rather text. Men rather use their phones to get photos from text messages. Men are vulgar with no manners.

This site is a joke and doesn't ban vulgar men.

Profiles are fake. Men lie about their age,photos, job, and location. Men use outdated photos over 10 years ago. Men shaved years off their age, when they are really old(48-70s age).


Selling on Amazon is a waste of time. Amazon charges 15% of commission. Buyers lie, cheat and steal money from sellers. Amazon side with buyers. Buyers pocket the sellers' money and selling their product online.

Buyers used up product and wants refunds.

FBA got tax nexus and high fees.

There is writing on the wall. Many sellers are quitting Amazon daily.

Amazon just screw over sellers by getting greedy on fees. Get your website and build your brand

Buyers buy books and return them a month for a refund. If buyers don't attend to keep books, then rent books instead. Buyers treat used books as rentals. FBA attracts broke buyers that wants refunds.


They rip off people by lowballing stuff dirt cheap which is worth more. They resell those items for more money online on Amazon/eBay. You have to sell too much to get certain amount. This company is a scam and waste of time.

It helps to use FREE5 promotional code to get that 5 bucks added on.
Ii was suppose to get 24 bucks in buyback. They shorten me by $4. I only got 20 bucks.

If the items you have are worth more, then resell it yourself elsewhere. Don't even give them your high value cell phones, books, video game systems, and video games. -Resell them yourself online.

If your books are new, sell them on Amazon for better value. An book worth over 20 bucks sell them online.

Ebay is reasonable when trying to sell them in a lot.

Cell phones is better to sell on offerup, social media marketplace, amazon(if ungated, depends on phones), or eBay.

Only send low value/worthless cheap crap to them - Don't give them high value stuff


eBay is getting worst. Wishywash buyers out of the wood works. Some buyers send messages about an item being shipped. They couldn't picked it up. Its been over a month. The site is getting washed up. Not worth it anymore. I closed my lisitings and pay fees. Thanks for nothing ebay. It attracts Fleabay.


Customer service is non-existent for newspaper delivery problems. Newspaper never deliver paper on the porch. It was noted many times to deliver on porch and never one driveway. Paper was wet. Calls take over near hour. They take money out of account. Don't give them your bank account. Use a prepaid credit card or get newspaper from store. Phone number sucked, because of dialing options changed. Back then, they have dialing options to help report delivery problems. Now all calls are done by operators instead of number options.

Don't bother sending a email to cancel, because they require you to call them,
Never again will subscribe to their newspaper service.


Its a waste of time filling out surveys. They pay peanuts. Sometimes you don't always qualified on studies. I submit payout. It takes 6 weeks to get a $2.00 check. They don't have PayPal. They need PayPal. They don't have delete account, but need one. All they have is unsubscribe on not receiving email.
Citigroup Private Bank

Citigroup Private Bank

They have the worst credit cards with high apr. I normally pay bills online. Next thing, I cannot login. I used the correct password. They did this for days. Phone support is garbage. Never will I use their service again. Worst service ever. Credit cards are garbage to screw over someone's credit.


It is a waste of time. The site constantly crashes daily. It takes forever to reach $10 payout. If you reach $10, cashout quickly instead of waiting later. Humanatic are known for creating audits taking double the money away. They even take money away, when the audit is correct. They don't want anyone to hardly earn anything.

I used to make great money with the company. The company frozen my account. I unsubscribe from them. They can keep their crappy no good change.

Stop cheating money out of hard workers. This is why people avoid crappy sites like this. This company is garbage for cheap work. Up to $1 hourly to earn is a joke.

Humanatic will go under, when people in US stop doing that work. Worst part is they logged you out. When you logged, they say password is incorrect. Other case scenario when you logged on, site goes unavailable.


Memberships are overpriced. You can cannot get past the first search page without upgrading. Search filters can use work. I didn't have a photos and some scammers send first messages right away. They constantly autobilled your account monthly. Check your statements or get a prepaid credit card.


I setup an account. Then I get this annoying error that email not valid after verifying it. It is useless.


Not a site for good women to use. The site is filled with frauds, players, and scammers. Most of good men left that site years ago.

Men on this site browse through profiles. They don't even read profile, but only look at photos. Men post photos that are over 10 years old. Their profiles seems picture perfect, when its crap. Men lie about their age. Tired of being hit on by creepy men who are old enough to be someone's father or grandpa. These creepy men are looking for trophy type girlfriends. Even men my own age in their 30s have huge chips on their shoulders.

Less search quality of locals or members in the United States. It has mostly international members on it. They are passport seekers, especially men from Africa.

Desperate men on this site want sex and play games.

Men use the site for boredom. Most of them rather text than talk on phone or Skype. Men who does text wants more photos and it allows them to play games. . Men who say they are looking for long-term , which isn't true. Who has pen pal option on a dating site, what a joke. Most people have profiles on it that haven't logged in months.

Too many Separated(married) men on their profile. Site need better filter mail option where no mail go through the preferences.


This site has turn to s***. I have looking for long-term relationship on my profile. Half the men have "casual sex" on profiles send messages.

Men if you have casual sex on profiles - don't message a person looking for long-term relationship. You are wasting their time and risk being blocked.

Men with casual sex on profiles should only chat with women who have casual sex on their profiles.

Like me feature should be remove. Too many men using the lazy like me. I am not a paid to view like me. People should send messages. Some men profiles have blanks on it. Search matches is lacking. Questionnaires about sex should be removed.

Avoid ClassyCupid, because he is crazy.

. Okcupid is slowing turning into Blackplanet with scam artists and social network.


I had luck meeting a man from Pof in 2009. Relationship last for yrs until it recently ended. I thought try again in 2018 finding luck on Pof. Now Pof is becoming plenty of trash.Some of the member quality is slipping. Too many men uses lazy meet me, instead of writing a message. Meet me is useless, unless you pay to view meet me. Men are after sex or want women to give them money. Some of the good men left.

Half the men have a nothing on profile or writing "just ask." Half the men lie about their age. Some men are actually in late 40s-50s lying about their age from photos. There are same members with same photos. Even members uses cut and copy messages of tired lines.

The same day I created an account, Pof deletes the account hours later. You cannot sign in, because PoF block email emails-- no one couldn't re-create another account. Good part is that I'm glad that I didn't paid to upgrade my account.

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