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New member here, went private as I wanted to be the one to reach out first, received messages from a member (Scottsdale98) sent me his phone number (fake #) then when i contacted his via text he told me he didnt want white women that have been turned out by black co@k....and said that if he dated a white woman that was into black men he may as well date a black woman...who says that kind of sh$t????? In his profile he claims to be this rich perfect gentleman that would send Roses just because! He also doesnt have a preference as to ethnicity....I really dont know what hes doing on this site. He is most likely a scammer, I have reported him. But women be on the look out for members like you need to take action with people like this!

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Joined a few weeks ago and was looking for a sb/sd relatonship with a younger women. Was not really lucky on it. Still seems to be ok somehow but I'd rather go for or Just my two cents.

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It took me a great deal of my valuable time to construct my Profile and answer their childish, teeny boper questionnaire. What a waste of time! They have NO RIGHT to SPY on your Profile and jump to conclusions. millionairematch accused me of a joke Profile and a sugar daddy simultaneously!! I asked them if they even knew what a sugar daddy is. And, I asked what they thought was wrong with my good presentation, which I completed in a businesslike manner. I'm sure that the reason they kicked me off was that I know where the fraudulent e-mails are composed. The "brass" at millionairematch would not like that.
Soon, these and other peeping toms will be FORCED to become public utilities, and, if they continue to block people whom they decide that they do not like, they will be indicted, tried, and, if convicted have their assets confiscated and the "brass hats" will be imprisoned for a very, very long time. See further important exposes on my blog/future website:

2 reviews
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MillionaireMatch is by far the single most dangerous dating site I have encountered. One of their celebrity clients pursued me, flew in from another city, then sexually assaulted me. I was on the site all of two weeks when this occurred. If a man wants to meet you, place the burden of references on him -- celebrity or not. Better yet, stay off the dating sites -- they are full of predators.

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One e-mail I got, through a MillionaireMatch member refereed me to a person at another e-mail address. In a month, this second address asked me for $$$$$$$......Another event through MillionaireMatch was I got two EXACT e-mails, written the same words, from different members, both connecting me to another person. (Sounds like the same person, which will probably lead to a person asking me to give them money!)

1 review
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Almost all the matches I have met have been scammers. Others have had their accounts hacked. Low quality users. Total crap.

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They take your money. Then suspend your account. Try calling the "24/7 number" no answer. $240 lost. :/

1 review
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I participated in Millionaire as both a paying and free member. In the end as a paying member the results included being catfished by an individual who months later the site claimed the person presented a "fake profile". However, the guy who called himself "Helmi Xin Koh" was a paying member because he messaged me. There was no verification of his identity. He claimed to be from Toronto and of Azerbaijan heritage. The bottomline is that this individual begged me to stay in touch while he was abroad working as a subcontractor. I lost it when he indicated he was working in Kaechon, North Korea. His presence at an alleged concentration camp was the final straw. I confronted this person and the tenor of his communication became belligerent and cruel. Concurrently, I received letters from to two of my email addresses that were canned, referencing events that never transpired. This includes three months of erratic phone calls but no video contact. Even requests for a current picture were met with frustration. He ensured geotags were removed, all information he provided pointed to a completely fake persona. Even the phone number (647) 361-2892 is with a Toronto carrier but no real personal data. extols it's verification process in a July 2018 interview with Forbes. What a cruel joke for a subscription service that costs $100 per month.

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I have been scammed with a person who's name is Scott Moore, profile name blue_oceanlove. He said he is a American Sergeant who is in Syria and he has no money and asked me to send some to help him out with a package and I did. I already send him 25.500 euros but I regret this mistake.Please watch out people on the Millionaire Match website has more scammed person. The customerservice they didn't help me with this Issue. and I told them Iam going to put this on the reviews site and they threw me out of the website

1 review
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If I could give a 0, I would. Fake profiles, fake info, fake ages, liars, players, basically everything you are not looking for and at a very hefty price. Hope they shut down soon. Do yourself a favor and save your time and money, if you are looking for something serious and quality, you won't find it.

1 review
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I will begin by saying I first joined this site in 2012 and it was wonderful. Great technology, good active chat feature and reasonable fees ($35 a month?)

Sad to say, that I rejoined this year, and given the advances in technology, its amazing to me how this website has actually DECLINED

a) profiles take up to a minute to load
b) search feature DOESNT WORK (a search for new members or recently active will exclude about half those who fall into this category)
c) The biggest issue I have is they have a very confusing interface for messages versus emails. Unless you are a member, who will not get an email notification if someone messages you. I rejoined the site this year, and had over 600 messages from 2016-2017 that I was never notified of
d) Because of the high fees, the ratio of members to actual profiles is likely well under 25% - my guess is closer to 10%. And the # of female members versus profiles posted in DEFINITELY LOWER, which means unless one person is an actual member, winks and interests will go NOWHERE, as there is no way to make contact with the other person

Finally, and this is a big deal - THE SITE SPECIFICALLY WARNS ABOUT CREATING A SUGAR DADDY PROFILE , which I can respect, except, when they give you a number to call for customer service, guess what. IT'S A NUMBER FOR SUGAR DADDY MEET and SUGAR DADDY FREE in addition to other Sugar Daddy sites... Customer Service is absolutely clueless about the issues going on in their website and frequently deletes profiles for no reason


Tip for consumers:

Simply google their customer service number and this comes up. When I questioned them, they completely denied it, and said they were not associated with any sugar daddy sites

1 review
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Very bad site. I signed up for one month for $70.00. What they don't tell you is you can't respond to members who contact you unless you upgrade and give them another $70.00. That's $140.00 for one month. They don't tell you when you create your profile that you need to pay more to actually use the service. MONEY GRAB!!!!

4 reviews
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This site has removed my profile moments after it was created! I did not even have time to use the service!

1 review
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There are more scammers than not. Admin does nothing to protect against. I provided so much written documentation to get a scammer off and they literally didnt care. He paid his monthly fees and changed his location and identity but used same user name and pics. They do not care about real people, real clientele. Heartbroken and disgusted!

1 review
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Paid for a month on LOTS of emails/messages/winks--found only 1/3 were "READ". Found out that if you are on PC sending emails, etc, app users can't receive your emails, etc and Vice-Versa--which makes NO SENSE if you're a PAID Member! Big Time "RIP OFF", if you PAY!

1 review
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This site demands you jump through hoops by suspending your account. Some little twerp on a power trip trying to weed out undesirable new members

1 review
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I am currently a member of MM, and have been off and on for the last 10 years. I have had no problems with the site until now. 2 weeks ago, I was working on my profile when all of a sudden every last one of my photos were deleted....for no reason at all. Of course I was furious. I wrote a scathing complaint and expressed my displeasure. I also asked them is this how you treat someone who has been a loyal member of the site for 10 years? I received a response later that evening by email from their customer support team. They apologized for the inconvenience and asked me to try uploading the deleted photos again, and then support would re-review them and try to approve them for re-upload. Well, I waited for a few days, but finally re-uploaded a few of the deleted photos a couple of days ago. But as I was waiting for their approval of my photos I suddenly got kicked out of my account without warning. So I attempted to log back into my account, but I was unable to do so because it said that my user id/email did not correspond with my password. This made no sense because I had changed absolutely nothing and had been logged into my account earlier that same day. So I tried to reset my password multiple times..probably over 50 attempts. But when attempting to do so, I would never receive the email containing the password reset link, so I could never reset my password. Again I was furious. So I proceeded to contact customer support again to file a complaint and get assistance with getting back into my account. I also called customer service, but no one would ever answer. So I left them a message with all of the relevant info (name,user id,email, website, complaint, and my contact phone number). I did this twice, but to this day, I have received absolutely no response, by email or by phone. I have continued to attempt re-entry back into my account but it continues to tell me my user id/email and password do not match. In addition, I still have not received any email containing the password re-set link I need to reset my password and regain entry into my account. At this point, I am wondering if my account has been deleted, and if that is the real reason that I am getting no response. The bottom line for me is that if you are truly a reputable site, you would have the decency to respond, to either assist with my complaint, or if you have deleted my account to respond to let me know. To just not respond at all is totally and completely unacceptable, especially to a member who has been loyal to you for over 10 years. My advice to anyone who will listen is DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR YOUR MONEY ON THIS SITE. IF I COULD GIVE A REVIEW OF ZERO STARS, THAT IS THE REVIEW THAT I WOULD GIVE. I can only hope that my profile and pics are not being used to defraud others into joining their site.


6 reviews
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Too many fake profiles and scammers wanting my e-mail address all refuse to skype so
I can see if they are real. Not worth the effort and not many millionaire on there one less now lol.

3 reviews
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Out of no where while browsing for photos BAM:

Account Suspended

It has been suspended due to possible violations of our Service Agreement or account irregularities. Possible reasons include:

Creating fake / low quality profile
Uploading unacceptable content
Sending spam or other "junk" email to other members
Suspicious account activity(registration, login, etc...)
Advertising other websites on our service

If you believe that you have received this message in error, please contact us.

Contacted support and guess what they said???? Answer "_____"

Thats it right there no respone. I think it was because was on to there scam so they try and shut me out real quick before I dig any deeper ;)

Tip for consumers: If it really was a millionaire site the poor guys like me would not need to pay. Obvious scam for your money. Some people out here are desperate for your money and will do some real pathetic things to get it but in return you get what you deserved in life. Do bad and that it what you will get in return.

1 review
10 helpful votes

I sometimes have the feeling that there are more millionaire dating sites than millionaires, LOL:) Most of the guys I met on Millionairematch were far away from being wealthy...sad enough they were even cheap. Ladies, in my opinion your chances of finding someone who takes care of you are better on sugar daddy dating sites like or Just my two cents but in the end everyones different and may have different experiences.

1 review
12 helpful votes

I seem to be quite invisible on this site as NO ONE is even viewing my profile let alone contacting me in any form. I am a Canadian and have said that I would relocate but still no responses from anyone!! Oh well lesson learned.....Onward and upward.....Next!!!

1 review
6 helpful votes

I have never written a review for anything ever but i just had to this time. I am a sucessful house flipper here in Seattle, very handsome and tall, black guy and i have never had a problem meeting women. It's just here in Seattle they're are not many good looking girls here. Long story short, I tried MM and the amount of sexy girls that i met was just nuts. If you can't find a hot chick on this site, something is seriously wrong with you. Granted i am way above avg looks wise and i have great convo, but this site is,like camdy to a kid. Post good pics and don't be a weirdo and you'll have hot girls swarming. Ofcourse there are a few fake profiles that you'll have to sift thru, all dating sites have that. Again, i met some hot fitness models, a ton of Eastwrn European girls here in Arizona and L.A. and just some really sexy girls. Yes, they are mostly golddiggars but heck, i ain't looking for love. Man up guys and havr fun.

1 review
16 helpful votes

Really? Most of these millionaires are one brain cell short of axe-murderers. I'm sure there are genuinely decent men on there somewhere, but who cares? My one and only date, after playing me so sweetly, clearly wanted me to drop my panties because he made the effort to set up a nice "romantic" meal and first date. I'm not necessarily interested in a millionaire, but I thought I'd take the chance to see what might transpire. Save your your money. Money does not make the man.... but these men seem to think they have an inalienable right to your body...and I suspect most are cheating on their wives too. Sheesh.

1 review
15 helpful votes

Marsha P is EXACTLY 100% right on! But after doing a little research I think I know why some of us are suspended (even though we've done absolutely nothing wrong). The reason is that we upset one of their precious millionaires. We wouldn't give them the time of day. Or a slimy millionaire somehow tricked you into coming to see them (saying they had surgery and needed help) and then tried everything to get under your skirt until you took off. All that desperate millionaire had to do was to make a phone call. The next morning.......suspended for no reason.........and it's been months! MM administration refuses to reply to me, can't get them on the phone.

5 reviews
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I've been on this site for about a year now: Most men are broke. The real millionaires are so f..... up and extremely picky: they want a 20 year-old Barbie who is mature ( wtf!), who has a great body and brains, who is interested in a much much older man, but who shouldn't be interested in their money!!!! ROTFL!!! Who wants a daddy (or granddaddy) because he is smart only??? The ones who are " Certified millionaires"are also CHEAP!!!
BTW, It seems this site DOES MAGIC: most men claim to be 10 , 15 and even 20 years younger than their real age: don't you think we notice you guys look like our father or grandfather??? Do you old men think that your money will buy your lost youth, and make you look much younger?
One more and last thing: If a man was a millionaire and well-balanced, would he be on a site to get a date?
To sum it up: this site is a JOKE!


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