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69 reviews
270 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10017, US
Tel: 1-800-935-9935
2017 Customer choice award

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2 reviews
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Not only the website is friendly, easy to navigate and the voices on the other end of the phone are coherent, friendly and professional. When you walk into a branch, it is also a positive response. I needed something notarized today, Citibank does not do it anymore.Debra from the Chase branch on Columbus and west 72nd took care of me in a
courteous, professional and friendly manner. I promised her i will shout out for Chase and i am a man of my word!

2 reviews
0 helpful votes

Had no problem with this bank since I chose them! Its always easy to find a branch because they have a lot of it.

2 reviews
3 helpful votes

Chase Online Banking and Chase credit cards

I've been using Chase credit cards for many years along with
Chase Online Banking and been happy with it for years except for one error they
made on my credit rating a year ago. They made a negative posting in error when
my rating was 819 and they took it down to around 799 as I remember, because of
the error. I happened to catch it and called them up and explained it to them
and it was corrected. I've always considered a decent bank until about a month
ago when a fraud case developed between, and one of their sellers
who committed the fraud on me for the amount of $708.00 which was reported to
the sheriff's office where a case was filed on the entities. Amazon said they would
recover the money in 7 to 10 days which they never did. Chase was to recover
the full amount and reimburse me as well, but they only collected one part of
the amount, $249.61 and the rest was and is in limbo. Chase said they did what
they could and left me hanging saying that was all they could. That's when the
conversations started between me and Chase and Amazon, and every time you
talked to a different person and got a different story. Chase was to get a full
refund in 7 to 10 days as well, and it never happened. I kept getting the run
around from both firms, never getting the same answer twice. Chase became more
like Amazon and it was most frustrating thing I've ever dealt with in my life,
and still is not resolved. When there is a real problem, Chase doesn't have the
system or the people to handle a problem properly, and was as disappointing as
well as Amazon. After this experience which has gone on for almost two months,
I'm getting rid of four different Chase cards including my Blue Sapphire card
which is really a great card and I'm getting rid of my Chase online banking
account and going to Zion Bank which has a great online banking system as well
which I noticed is quicker and easier to use than Chase. Chase has turned out
to be a great disappoint especially when things get rough and they don't seem
to know what they are doing, except adding to the confusion and misinformation.

2 reviews
0 helpful votes

My Chase Ink credit card bill was due on Sunday 12/23/18 but due to the holiday season, I realized on that date that I had not paid it - & my credit score is high 800's so I really want to keep that situation. My husband used Chase's own online banking system to pay the balance on the due date. I just got a bill with a $15 late fee + interest, even though the payment was shown credited on 12/23 on the new statement.

Now, of course I am crazy busy like everyone else & extremely ANGRY at having to take TIME out of my schedule to make a very unpleasant call to their customer "service" line & go thru the hassle of reading off all my info (at least once!).

I called and said if they don't waive the fee & interest, I want the account closed immediately because this is not the way to treat a customer - especially since banks spend tons of money trying to obtain new customers in this very profitable area of their business!

So the curt impersonal rep, "Elizabeth", claims she is "helping" me by telling me how I can avert this problem by paying online early because CHASE'S OWN SYSTEM doesn't credit the same day (even though it could easily do so and has the use of our money). I said I didn't ask for ways that I could improve myself, I'm the customer, and Chase should not be charging a fee in that situation regardless. She used an official tone of voice on me and tried to quickly closed the conversation - very rude! I said, I am not done yet. Tell me exactly how much you have credited to my account. After she told me, I said, "NOW, we're done!"

1 review
1 helpful vote

I have been with Chase Bank for four years and have received so many fees that are unexceptionable. Over the past few months I have gotten over draft fees even though I had money in my accounts so I called to link my accounts and they told me this will fix the fees that have been applied and no more worries. Fast forward one month I received four more overdraft fees so I called and spoke with a manager and she said that if a check pulls from saving it will not draft from my checking's. I said great I am glad you told me this because the representative did not say that at all and I got more fees due to this. So she did reverse some but said that was the max she could fix at one time. She also had to call her manager to transfer funds to my other account because it said I did not have enough in my account when I clearly did as I and the manager saw that I did. So they had the higher manager manually transfer fund and during this it created another check to bounce and more fees. I called once again and spoke with a manager right away and he says that I have reached my max reversal for 12 months for curtsy reversals. I say but this was made due to there mistake. He said sorry nothing I can do about it. I do not recommend this bank at all! Customer service is horrible and they will charge so many unnecessary fees that a credit Union will not. Save your money and the headache and go with another financial institute!

8 reviews
15 helpful votes

WePay/GoFundMe Deleted my account with no answer

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and created this fundraiser, this is the second time GoFundMe deleted this account along with by WePay owned Chase. They did not give me an answer this is disgusting and disgraceful. I might potentially contact an attorney about this. If I can give 0 stars I would. This was my link

1 review
0 helpful votes

By far the worst bank ever. Worst customer service. They keep their clients waiting just to give them incorrect information. Wait time is ridiculous and no one really knows what's going on. I had a roth Ira with them which I wanted transferred to another bank. They transferred it as a Traditional IRA. Now I have to deal with tax payment on an Ira that I had already paid tax on. And there's no way of fixing it says Ahmad at the Venice location chase. Truly incompetent!!!

2 reviews
1 helpful vote

Came in to withdraw 250 from their ATM inside the lobby next to the tellers. After retrieving money which came mostly in 20's I went to the teller to request a 4 fifty dollar Bill's. Teller wouldn't do it without seeing my I'd and debit card. He saw me retrieve the money from the atm. Couldn't understand why he requested my debit card.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I financed my home in 2006 with Chase Bank and I never had a problem with them so I opened a personal and business checking account as well as two credit cards. Everything was as expected until this year when I decided to refinance our home. I made an application with Chase to refi and after 30 days John Gay , their home mortgage expert, advised me that he could not refi our home. I have never been late on a payment. Never bounce the check. Possess an excellent credit score. I feel as if they are biased against us as we are a same-sex married couple. I contacted Quicken Loans Rocket Mortgage the same day and closed successfully within two weeks. I moved my business checking to another bank due to the dissatisfaction and closed business checking account. Chase continues to hold that account open as there is a reoccurring monthly charge that Chase nor I can identify and now they're charging me late fees, overdraft fees, other fees, and refuses to close the account. What do I need to do to close the Chase account permanently? One by one I am slowly removing all of my accounts from this Bank and fear for the worst outcome. Chase Banks is extremely unprofessional in the way they manage their accounts.

39 reviews
40 helpful votes

Never had a problem. There are a lot of branch locations, so it is always easy to find somewhere to withdraw money from the ATM without needing to pay a fee. Good website too, very user friendly.

2 reviews
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Good bank like them for my business account and that they have branches all over. Really like the $3600.00 atm

11 reviews
6 helpful votes

On-line I've been able to easily navigate their website and accomplish much. But beware of doing business in person the training is so inconsistent. I've waisted time and money meeting the requirements given to me from a bank official only to find out from another bank official ALL of the additional work (I paid an attorney to do) was not needed. I was doing regular business at a branch location where they didn't want my check to pay a Chase credit card payment instead they payed the bill from the checking account causing me an accounting nightmare. When I asked other bank associates about this type of transaction they said we do not recommend that type of payment. Good luck working with this company.

1 review
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Explain how real estate taxes were paid out of my escrow account to a different county and pin. It has been over a month and it has still not been resolved. The correct information was on my closing documents. my taxes will be due soon and my money is still not in my account. I called on March 23rd when I saw the error and I was told it would be corrected with in 7 days. Called again April 9th, 12th, and 25th. STILL NOT DONE AND NO ONE CAN TELL ME HOW THIS HAPPENED AND WHERE MY MONEY IS!!!!!!!

2 reviews
0 helpful votes

The Chase app made transaction more easier and convenient when placing orders online and exeptional customer service.

3 reviews
22 helpful votes

They need to put out more updates. Used to be ok, now it is constantly glitchy. Also their rates aren't very competitive. I need to move banks.

73 reviews
67 helpful votes

I've been a customer since WaMu went out of business and my account got transferred into a Chase account. The service is excellent and the mobile apps work great. I can deposit checks via the app and so save many trips to the bank. One thing I don't like that much are the fees for incoming wire fees. WaMu didn't charge and outgoing wire fees were very low, even for foreign wires.

Tip for consumers: Use the Chase app for banking, it's fast and very convenient.

9 reviews
34 helpful votes

When I was traveling in South America earlier this year, I attempted to send a small international wire transfer online from my Chase account. Despite the fact that I have been a Chase customer for nearly 10 years and spent most of that time abroad, Chase flagged the transfer as suspicious and blocked me from all online and phone account access. I was told numerous times I would need to come into a branch in person if I wanted to restore access to my account. They did not care that I was out of the country.

Nine months later when I was back in the USA, I went to restore my online access at a Chase branch and discovered that a service provider I had canceled my recurring payments with a year earlier had started fraudulently billing my while I was unable to monitor my own account because of Chase's ludicrous policies. I attempted to file chargebacks for $1200 in stolen funds and bring this security breach to Chase's attention.

For months, I have been told someone would take care of the issue because they take this matter very seriously. Nothing has been done and I have spent hours on the phone with them and providing documentation to prove my story. My account is now in a deficit and they are threatening to close it because of their security breaches. If you value having control over your own money, stay far away from Chase.

21 reviews
13 helpful votes

I have no complaints when it comes to Chase Bank and their employees. Really pleased with the atmosphere and the courtesy shown by the employees.

1 review
0 helpful votes

I recently dropped my debit card at a gas station. I called the gas station and they had no one turn in a debit card. So, I then called chase and reported it lost and the representative I spoke to stated that I needed to go into a branch because I had a recent address change, but that he could report it lost and that if I found it that day I could call back and re-activate. I went into a branch and spoke to a Personal Banker and he stated the same thing 'I will order you a new one but if you find your lost one today (the day I lost it) it could be re-activated.' An employee from the gas station called me back and said someone turned in my debt card (about an hour after I had reported it lost). I called chase back and the gentleman I spoke to told me my card could not be re-activated because they had already processed a new card for me (on a Saturday afternoon) I said 'so I already have new debit card number and its already mailed out.' His response 'yes ma'am this is why I cannot reactivate your old card that was reported lost.' This is unacceptable. Thank you for moving so quickly, but I'm fairly certain nothing moves that quickly on a Saturday afternoon at a bank and even more certain that I'm extremely frustrated with chase as a whole since I did everything they said to do and now have to wait 5-7 BUSINESS days to receive a new card when my one reported lost was found an hour later.

2 reviews
2 helpful votes

The bank truly takes care of their clients' needs, cautioning them as necessary. And their bankers are extremely helpful.

6 reviews
2 helpful votes

they sent a text about a $2.95 charge on my account...
not authorized by me
card destroyed...account closed
new card / account handled...

13 reviews
12 helpful votes

Clean, uncluttered site that is easy to navigate. I wish for the extra cash back emails they would use their own URL instead of that of the cheap mailing company they use because I always have to navigate to the site and find the activation link rather than just click a trusted address in the email.

1 review
2 helpful votes

I've been a Chase card customer for 20 years and have been paperless for 6 years, doing everything online. Trying to pay my bill online now in early August 2016, I find that has a newly renovated website and it's poorly designed, hard to navigate, and WORST OF ALL with my Windows 8.1 software (or perhaps for everyone) I have to click on the "Pay This Bill" button several times before the button registers and payment is made! Do you know how risky it is to click a button like this more than once? A customer could make the same payment several times, in effect inadvertently draining their checking account of funds and causing all their other payments to become NSF, creating a terrible financial mess for the customer. I've been on hold for 35 minutes so far waiting to register a complaint with Chase about the new website, and no doubt on hold for so long because thousands of other customers are calling in to complain as well.

18 reviews
41 helpful votes

I have been a Chase card holder for several years. I currently have 2 credit cards with them.
Each year I call to speak with their non existent retention department,or so called "Loyalty Department".
And each year I am read a script that informs me just how fortunate I am to have their benefit rich cards.
Speaking to a supervisor this last time was an exercise in frustration. This man was none too happy to close my accounts explaining that this is a business and he couldn't waive or credit the $190 in fees these 2 cards carry.
I explained that Citi is very accommodating and creative when it comes to keeping its customers satisfied.
I am very happy w/ the way I am treated as a consumer at Citi and I've been with them for far less time.
Chase is not consumer friendly.It clearly comes down to $$$ with them. Too bad they can't understand that people share their experiences and if enough people walk then it will have an affect on their precious bottom line.
I'll be leaving Chase because of this.

6 reviews
1 helpful vote

Helpfull and easy to use app allows me to do all my banking online...

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